According to his headstone, William served in the 321st Infantry, 81st Division. History [ edit] Men of the 81st West African Division mingle with Indian soldiers after their arrival in India for jungle training. My grandfather was also a member of the 81st Div. Faced with unrelenting physical hardships, a tenacious enemy and the region's rugged terrain, the Division established strategies and quantifiable goals for completing their mission. PeriscopeFilm 450K subscribers Made in 1945, ACTION AT ANGUAR documents the invasion and capture of Angaur Island in the Palau group by the 81st ("Wildcat") Infantry Division in its first. Thank you in advance. He used to have a long narrow rectangle framed panoramic photograph of his 81st Division and would point to his picture among the hundreds of soldiers and hold his magnifying glass positioned for me to see his picture. during 10 years and they had very little to say about France except where they landed and they hauled artillery shells to Argonne in Mack Trucks and boy I wish I knew then what I know now. Did you find any information? Training was held at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, near Wildcat Creek. My grandfather brought home 2 books of postcards which he bought in Paris while part of occupation troops immediately after the war. Ngesebus Island and capturing Kongauru and Garakayo Islands. assumed command of all troops on that island and Angaur, 20 October 1944. A Company: Captain Jack L. Rogers. I was 13 at the time and never had an opportunity to talk with him about his war experience. Looking for a roster of Company K, 324th Inf Regiment, 81st Division in WWI. The battle was also known by the name, Operation Stalemate II, by the United States and took place between the United States Marine Corps (initially) and later joined by the U.S. Army 81st Infantry Division against the Japanese army in World War 2. 391.5.1 Records of infantry divisions and brigades. For example, the divisional headquarters and headquarters troop adopted a black patch with a yellowish wildcat with the superimposed letters "HQ". I did not know of his involvement. Maj. Gen. Charles J. Bailey (30 May 1918) Wash, DC: Infantry Journal Press, 1948. Camp Jackson, South Carolina. I never met him. Does anyone have any info on the 324th or Co C.. For all you looking for 81st information: While researching the WWI casualties of Orange County (NC) years ago, I used this helpful book: to discharge 6-7-1919. RCT 321, attached to the 1st Marine Division, went into action on Peleliu Island in the Palaus and assisted in splitting defense forces and isolating them in mountainous areas in the central part of the island. To further differentiate the elements of the division, specific colors were assigned the subordinate brigades, support trains and separate battalions. 321st Infantry Regiment 322nd Infantry Regiment 323rd Infantry Regiment My grandfather served in France and was in the battle of the Meuse River-Argonne Forest. Divided into three phases: the capture of Angaur Island, operations on Peleliu Island and the seizure of Ulithi and other Western Caroline . The Battle of Peleliu occurred between September and November of 1944 on the island of Peleliu which is known as Palau today . I am very grateful to the funeral home to take the time and make a copy of his priceless military papers for me. 81st Infantry Division Wildcat Family and Friends. His higher commander was Hickman & Gen Alexander. By the time the War Department replied with orders to remove the patch, the 81st Division had already sailed from New York. 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel John C. Pappas (killed on June 13th, 1944) HQ & Service Company: Captain Walter W. Hogrefe. Under certain conditions, I can also accept donations of items. My email is, For Logan Jones: His training took place at Fort Jackson, SC and Camp Oglethorpe, GA. Tel 870-367-9686 FOR SALE! The team aided in mopping up His children said that he did not talk much about the war, other than to always mention that he was one of those marching in the Victory parade through Paris. he was one of the first to land on pellilieu because size -62, 235 lbs. My father served in Company E, 322 Infantry, 81 Infantry Div. In 2003, the 81st RSC was reorganized as the 81st Regional Readiness Command (RRC), but retained essentially the same mission as its predecessor. We knew he fought in world war 1 but surprised at the division as the rest of our family emigrated to Massachusetts. His records indicate he was in Co. Would love to see it! 81st Wildcat Division History Committee. Mules were widely used to position these cannons. He was born in Upstate SC in the Spartanburg area, but grew up just across the state line in Polk County, NC. Behind the 81st was the 168th Engineer Combat Battalion (ECB), a corps unit, which had been operating sawmills and quarries. Im trying to find what paper the original article came from and more information on it. This roster is not comprehensive. When worn on the Desert Combat Uniform, the patch was tan and brown. He trained at Camp Rucker, AL. As the story goes, Bailey touted the advantages of a shoulder patch in boosting the morale of the soldiers. Corp KIA? I spent two years researching and writing a book on the WWII Tennessee maneuvers and I am delighted to share info and talk with vets and their family members. They are listed on the same Final Pay Roll sheet at Camp Lee, VA. Sgt. He was in Co. D 322 Inf. My grandfather, John T. Nichols, was in the 322nd of the 81st Wildcat Division. otiv'U It has a duty roster of those serving and a dairy of where they were in France.It was listed under the No. After finishing training, the 81st Division, commanded by Major General Charles Justin Bailey, deployed to Europe, arriving on the Western Front in August 1918. He never spoke of the war. 19.10.1943 Lt. Col. Homer S. Reese Assistant Chief of Staff G-5 31.05.1944 Lt. Col. Ellis O. Keller Adjutant General 19.10.1943 Lt. Col. Morris Braveman Other information Call sign Ivanhoe Divisional troops Top Infantry Field Artillery (FA) Other troops Attachments Top Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Armor Cavalry Chemical Engineers NW., Washington 6, D. C. [Nota Bene: These combat chronicles, current ), I would appreciate anyone with information (or looking for the same info I can send you whatever I get) to send it to me at or I am on Facebook: Travis Owens, I am researching TWO WWI Veterans for recognition at our Round Rock, Texas Veterans Monument. I now have those in my possession, as well as a souvenir picture book of Camp Seveir, SC (Greenville) which he purchased while stationed there for a short time before leaving for Camp Jackson, SC. My father James Robert Terry served with the 81st in WWII. A. R. man & served the entire war in the 81st & was with the Division when it was inactivated in Japan in 1946. Division. [17], The 81st Division commander, Major General Charles J. Bailey, went a step further in creating a distinctive shoulder patch for his men after seeing similar items in use by Allied troops on the Western Front. Frederick Phisterer. I thought I would never find his enlistment and his Honorable Discharge documents or even recover them (the great fire of 1973 destroyed WW1 files in St. Louis) ..until years later I went back to the funeral home and asked their office about what extra papers about him would be in their filesand as we opened his file and uncovered his obituary newspaper clippings, and there was his military papers (Enlistment & Honorable Discharge papers)!!! The 9th Infantry Division ("Old Reliables") is an inactive infantry division of the United States Army. Does anyone have any idea how I can sort through this mess and get some accurate information? Military Roster, Camp Jackson, Columbia, S.C.: Containing a List of Commissioned Officers of the . he was an Italian immigrant from New York who was sent to South Carolina after volunteering for the army. He was inducted in Heflin, Ala.on May 25, 1918. His name was James Riley Newman and he served with the 321st RCT. He received the Purple Heart for his wound, and a battlefield commission for rescuing another soldier by carrying him off the battlefield under heavy fire while wounded himself. what does cardiac silhouette is unremarkable mean / fresh sage cologne slopes of southern italy / 39th infantry regiment roster. His Capt was William Cordes. The 81st Infantry Division landed in Hawaii, 11 June-8 July 1944. [6] In 2018, the 81st RSC was provisionally redesignated as the 81st Readiness Division, and designated to gain additional responsibilities from other Army Reserve Functional Commands in addition to the enduring BASOPS mission. I have the honor of being the historian for the 81st Regional Support Command todays Wildcats. Brig. Theres a place on their web site where you can request information. Just trying to track down some pictures of him someone may have. 321, attached to the 1st Marine Division, went into action on Peleliu Island in the Palaus and assisted in splitting My contact info appears below. He was in Company D 322D INF. I had an interesting experience while researching the 81st Infantry Division last week. Any documentation of either a social nature or military information of his war record or service would complete our very long search todate. Doyle Barnes 8/24/1942 listed as MIA. 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[20], However, the matter of the wildcat patch was not settled. I recently found the original WWI uniform of a fellow Swede in the 322nd Infantry Regiment of the 81st Inf Div. From 1967 to 1995, the 81st ARCOM was headquartered in East Point, Georgia, commanded and controlled Army Reserve units in Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and portions of North Carolina, Florida and Alabama. to the 324th Field Hospital of the 81th Inf. After several months of convalesce, he returned to Camp Jackson to be honorably discharged on May 10 ,1919. [19], The new wildcat insignia not only served as a ready means of identification, but helped to foster unit pride and esprit-de-corps. I am scheduled to spend four days at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland next week. I believe he was in supply co 322 infantry reg 81st div ww1, Looks like your grandfather was in the same supply company as my biological grandfather. Back to all Army units 1st Infantry Division - Big Red One . Very interesting Mark. The 81st Readiness Division ("Wildcat"[2]) was a formation of the United States Army originally organized as the '81st Infantry Division' during World War I. RCT 323 under naval task force command occupied Ulithi Island, 21-23 September 1944. The team aided in mopping up Ngesebus Island and capturing Kongauru and Garakayo Islands. p--/L)?" The division minus Regimental Combat Team (RCT) 323 invaded Angaur Island in the Palau group, as part of the Palau Islands campaign 17 September, and pushed through to the western shore in a quick movement, cutting the island in half. Thanks for the consideration! I just inherited a magnificent, very large (36 x 7 3/4) group photo of WWI soldiers that includes, in it, my grandfather, who was born and lived his life in North Carolina. For those reasons, the division adopted a wildcat as their unique insignia. My wifes grandfather was in the 306th Sanitary Train attached I have recently stumbled across and article where my grandfather Carl A Hext was cited for bravery for retrieving a wonderful soldier. Anyone who could tell me anything bout his unit would be much appreciated. Among the photographs and memorabilia, there was a postcard of when he was in the War, some pictures of him in uniform when he was boarding the ship to leave for the War, a few photos of when he was at Camp Jackson, SC and then when he was in the War in France. I researched it and found out his history in the war. 101st Airborne Division Roster Ww2. Living in England information about (Weedall Lewis Henry) isnt readily available so I am hoping that in some way you can help me, or direct me which way I should go. Chronicles Page. Even a roster without photos would be helpful. I have the references if you are interested. The campaign bars on his Victory Medal are: Montdidier-Noyon, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, and Defensive Sector. When the 81st Division arrived in New York City to embark for Europe, the port commander not only ordered the removal of the patches, but cabled the War Department to report the breach of uniform regulations. I am currently researching the family history of Lewis Henry Weedall who left England on or around 1915 he lived in Illinois for a while and eventually joined the 317th Field Artillery Regiment, 81st Division and went to France with his Battalion but unfortunately was killed in action on September the 29th 1918 and is buried at: Plot H Row 41 Grave 29 in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. Thnaks in advance. Across the bottom of the photo its scribed Co C 322nd Infantry AEF France 1919. It also includes an HQ button on the collar. 1st Infantry Division (United States) Ww2 Roster A 101st Airborne in WWII (Vietnam War) On 1 October 2018, the 81st RSC was officially reorganized as the 81st Readiness Division (USAR). Email is if you are interested. During October 1918, most of the enlisted men were transferred to other units, but additional drafts from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee replenished the strength of the division. Am on Facebook. The enemy was driven into isolated pockets and mopping-up operations began on the 20th.