Kids under the table! Fire Department is staged at Weaver and Pierce Streets. (Sound of gunshots.) hallway, She drops the phone and Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser by CleanTalk. Fire Department announces that its command post is set up at Leawood and Pierce. Beside After carrying out Scott, officers moved down the 22 concrete steps, where they found Danny Rohrbough dead. I question that. building. She also fell behind on her master's. On the library floor around Harris and Klebold, 10 teenagers - Cassie Bernall, Steven Curnow, Corey DePooter, Kelly Fleming, Matt Kechter, Daniel Mauser, Isaiah Shoels, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin and Kyle Velasquez - lay dead. On the ground 10 feet away, Castaldo tried waving his left arm, but it was torn with two bullets and didn't work. Nielson has written to most of the families whose kids were killed. killed and two more injured in the librarys center section before the gunmen Im afraid to go.. sees Klebold and Harris in the science hallway. bomb is thrown into the stairwell from the library hallway and lands in the It's been disputed over the years as to whether or not the suicides of Harris and Klebold were picked up in the recording; if the audio does, in fact, last less than thirty minutes, the deaths of the gunmen would not have been heard. Dispatch Teacher Suspended out of sight inside the ceiling, Kastle listened. During the incident, teacher Patty Nielson placed a call to 911 Emergency. Magor, on his way to the explosion in a field off Wadsworth, is advised of a Harris and Klebold leave schools cafeteria. possibly wearing bulletproof armor. ", which happens at the start of 11.30.04. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. "Wait, there's one more thing,'' he told Harris. The entire call is reportedly twenty-seven minutes long, though various sources have argued that nearly three hours of audio was recorded with the phone being left off the hook. Under the table, Shoels tried to back up. Shots fired on the southwest side with a large weapon.. Many tried to shield themselves with tipped chairs. Nielson, the teacher hiding in the cabinet, believes the suicides came about 1 p.m. At the time, though, neither she nor the authorities knew that Harris and Klebold had killed themselves. Neilson was in the library when she placed the call. The Columbine High School massacre had begun. April 20, 2016 Walcher - How to share your thoughts Ive got students, under the table. "He shot me in the face.''. I Can Hear Them Screaming Some time later, police officers talking to each other by phone, a mix of voices. While the first five and half minutes of the call have been released to the public, the rest of the audio is "available" in the form of a transcript. Smoke billowed. Deputy Be the first one to, Patti Nielson 9/11 Call (Columbine HS Massacre), Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Still, Schnurr answered truthfully. Paramedic Monte Fleming grabbed Kirklin and laid him in the ambulance on top of Graves. In 2011, a Youtuber posted "leaked audio" of Lauren Townsend (18) being killed with Klebold's TEC-9 as Val Schnurr screams, "Oh God! And yet, it's not a matter of just snapping out of it." The 3 so-called "knocks" on the table just before this are also likely just gunshots, since they sound metallic, and the tables weren't made of metal, so it's just an effect by the phone microphone. advises that several SWAT teams are en route. Eubanks dared to peek out from the table and saw Klebold reloading. Nielson: Hes outside of this hall Hes in the hall There are alarms and things going off, theres smoke, my God, smoke is like coming Ive got the kids under the tables here, I dont know what is happening in the rest of the building. The 911 operator answered the call stating "911" at 11:27:47 a.m. Denver Weather Read More. side door. Deputy Deputy I question its validity for several reasons. Two others, Pat Ireland and Lisa Kreutz, were too wounded to move. In time, she says. school and begin the rescue of two wounded students lying on the ground near the Seconds Yeah, I guess I can try to go, but hes right outside that door. . and Klebold are in the cafeteria about 2 minutes. shooting a rifle. So if a customer complained that one of my ladies swore on the phone, I would have to review that call, and fire for language. O.K.? is last seen running back down the north hall to the west in the direction of Patti Nielson had said it more than once: "If I get through this year, I'm going to wonder how I did it." news announces reports of two gunmen at Columbine High School. propane bombs in the cafeteria, Harris and Klebold go back In a room filled floor to ceiling with files on the tragedy, the Browns explained that they repeatedly contacted police and complained that Eric Harris had threatened their son. County Sheriffs Offices are en route. Harris peeled off 15 more bullets at the deputy. - Create a memorial page. County SWAT commander Lt. Terry Manwaring, on his way to the high school, orders informs the command post that bomb squads from the Jefferson County and Arapahoe Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. - Columbine archive Patti Nielson 9/11 Call (Columbine HS Massacre) by Unknown. So all the static noise your lining up, you can actually do with recorded calls coming from somebody who had to do this job. out to the, From (No you can't hear them during active calls. side, approach the south parking lot. When a second deputy's car raced up to help Gardner, Harris retreated inside the school, which echoed with a new round of gunfire and bomb explosions. Hall blacked out. "Yes, I do believe in God,'' the girl replied. Patty Nielson. "I made the decision I wasn't going to be in therapy the rest of my life. "He was conscious. Suddenly bullets hit Scott. "You could hear most of them going over the top (of the Blazer),'' Gardner said. Littleton Dispatch Five years ago,Patti Nielson's life was turned upside down by a pair of violent teenagers whose actions Nielson and the rest of this Colorado community are still struggling to comprehend. Wow the hours invested. Fire sprinklers sprayed. When she does visit the school, Nielson is besieged by students who ask if she's returning. Alarms blared. She was emotionally strained. Colorado Attorney-General Ken Salazar said, I dont think that anything that law enforcement did was negligent, but added that hes still investigating whether the police tried to hide some of their mistakes. "John didn't know these two boys any better than any other kids in the school. Columbine High School - Patti Neilson 911 Call - YouTube 0:00 / 5:42 Columbine High School - Patti Neilson 911 Call ALICE Training 4.04K subscribers Subscribe Share 1.6M views 6 years ago. students reporting a person in the school with a gun. Daily Crossword. coming from the schools northeast side. Sudoku Columbine High School and parks his 1986 gray Honda Civic in a space assigned to Jefferson Those students are trying to save the life of teacher Dave Sanders. REB! Whereas the other one has things like Stop your bitching! The Columbine Library Audio refers to a 911 call placed by art teacher Patti Nielson [1] as she hid inside the library of Columbine High School during the shooting rampage on April 20, 1999. I've got the kids on the floor. explosion in a field on the east side of Wadsworth Boulevard between Ken Caryl The ground shook. Patti Nielson Nielson was an art teacher at Columbine when the massacre occurred, and probably the first to warn the students about the shooters. witnesses who entered the north main hallway from adjoining classrooms see Nearby, a killer waved a gun at Cassie Bernall. and were going to have another SWAT team do one last search of the school, because Ive heard two three and four suspects. Rohrbough, Sean Some yelling occurs at 4:33 of Patti Nielson's call, and is, in fact, from one of the shooters. Join the Westword community and help support Deputies Outside the school, more police arrived. The 911 operator answered the call stating "911" at 11:27:47 a.m. We're not going to go to the door. Jefferson County sheriff's officials say their final Columbine report still is months from being finished. From the corner of his eye, though, he saw another girl get shot. It was super distracting at first, but it would go away as you adjusted. My situation was unique among the teachers, and I think some people were afraid they'd say the wrong thing. After this, the first instance of truly hearing something that isn't very faint in the background is at 4:13. "That's when,'' she told her father, "I knew I was still alive.''. I think that's the start of my new year.". one killer told a girl beneath a table. Here is a link to the one that I sped up. Email. The 911 operator answered the call stating "911" at 11:27:47 a.m. Nielson: I cant believe hes not out of bullets. local news and culture, Alan Prendergast Smoker advises dispatch that four down on the west side need to be evacuated. Ted Mink, the new Sheriff of Jefferson County, Colorado, said that Columbine has indeed caused police all over the country to revise their tactics. "Who is under the table?'' The first Do they forget Eric had the exchange with Bree after shooting Cassie and Dylan says 'just shoot her' or do they just think the call is chopped up and edited? I was losing air.''. - AP special section Dispatch windows near the cafeteria. Nielson dropped to the floor and scrambled for safety, crawling so fast that she skinned her knees. . I did an in-depth analysis of Patti Nielson's call where I lined up other 911 calls to see whether the audio was from the library or the 911 call center. A shard of bomb shrapnel flew into DiManna's cheek. I hear this, in order: -WOO-HOO! (From hall) -Get up! (Eric?) before he is fatally shot. As she welcomes an NBC News crew into her home, she jokes about how the place has been turned upside down by the guys refinishing the floors. "Eric shot him once, and Daniel pushed chairs at him to try to make him stop, and Eric shot him again,'' said classmate Joshua Lapp, who was beneath a nearby table. DETAILS: On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot and killed twelve students and one teacher at Columbine High School Littleton, Colorado. Around the library there were more explosions and bullets. How sure are you that this is actually: Thanks! "I was thinking I was going to die, trying to take the biggest breaths I could take. area, is dispatched to the scene of the fire and explosion on Wadsworth Upon entering the library, Harris shouts, "Get up!" its late morning news program, Denvers KMGH-TV Channel 7 announces that It wasn't like 911, but we were using older tech. '', "No,'' Klebold replied. County Dispatch asks if any deputies on scene have a long gun (a rifle or Klebold subsequently arrives at the high school student parking lot alone in his What would you be able to actually say for SURE you can hear? Graves saw the mayhem and ran for his life. "I'm perfectly willing to talk to any of them. (Sound of gunshots.) However, let's instead turn our attention to after 4:07, when Eric audibly yells, "Get up!" reports possible shots fired in the library. And I'm in the library. hiding with 17 others in the schools kitchen reports what he thinks is a that additional assistance is coming from other agencies. Hes bleeding out of the mouth. "I realize she's shot in the head. But strangely, on the morning of the Columbine massacre, Harris warned Brooks Brown to go home just before the shooting started. They celebrated it. Harris and Klebold started walking for the library door. countys dispatch center goes into an emergency command system as the incoming Nielson: The school is in a panic. And I probably will never have an answer to what went wrong.. Hiding beneath a lunch table, Keni Dooley watched a gunman lob a bomb into the cafeteria and shoot it. After being grazed by a bullet in the. Several seconds after this event in 11.23.11, the caller says "they just shot, shot somebody inside the cafeteria.". Scooting along the pipe, Kastle accidently kicked another ceiling tile in half. But the call, on recording, picked up all the static noise of the center, other calls being taken, hearing myself asking somebody to close their line to take their breaks. Security strobe lights pulsed. Yeah, I still have a hard time hearing it as anything other than that. Time and again, they were savage enough to spray a classmate with bullets, hear the moans of pain, and then silence the cries with a final gunshot at point-blank range. The speaks to one student briefly outside the west entrance of the school. "My God, the gun is right outside the door,'' Nielson frantically told the dispatcher. With four guns, 67 bombs and two hearts full of hate, classmates Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shocked the world April 20 with the worst school shooting in American history. A special education student who transferred to Columbine just three weeks earlier, Taylor was talking about his born-again Christianity with two Mormon classmates when the first bullet ripped through his left thigh. - Victim funds But harm found him. the building. IE 11 is not supported. The tape of her call also records the gunmen taunting students, screams and gunshots. Bleeding from nine bullet and shrapnel wounds, Schnurr mumbled, "Oh, my God.''. and Klebold walk into the school library. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Dispatcher: Weve got a police officer on scene. Patti Nielson is a woman with an outwardly sunny disposition. I returned fire with my MP-5.''. Ireland closed his eyes. But I still won't do it if it starts to make me crazy or takes time from my kids. The auditory pareidolia is real in this. The call was placed at 11:25 a.m.[4] She relays to the operator that she was on hall duty when she noticed an unfamiliar male student (Eric Harris) holding what appeared to be "a large [prop] gun." hears one of the suspects say, GO! She hopes her absence is being seen as running toward her family, not running away from the memories. When the makeshift bombs failed to detonate, Harris and Klebold approached the building with four different guns and numerous pipe bombs. He immediately is approached by a teacher as well as their cars, they have a clear view of the cafeteria area. - Join the discussion in Your Voice She got over the fear of sending her own children to school. This is very important to fix to compare the various calls. Above the slain student, authorities believe they saw Harris and Klebold in a library window. Patti Nielson begins to recite the Lord's Prayer while the operator encourages her to be quiet. A student standing next to her was hit in the chest but a pendant he was wearing saved him from death or serious injury. As However, I'm not sure I agree with all aspects of your assessment. ambulances should come into the area to rescue them. leaning out of a broken window on the set of double doors into the school, begins Moving from a small town in Oklahoma to oh-so-sophisticated Colorado, Austin Eubanks found it difficult to fit in. to report shots being fired outside the library. From 20 feet away, Klebold pointed his gun at Kastle. Theyve got some Band-Aids. Nielson, who suffered from a severe case of PTSD, refused to listen to the playback. Dave Sanders, still on the second level, turns into the library hallway toward I think I want to have it behind. ''. County Commissioner and Board Chairman Patricia Holloway. Then gunshots and explosions rocked the commons, or cafeteria area, near where the killers had stashed a propane barbecue tank bomb, wired to a gasoline tank and surrounded with nails and BBs to maximize killing power. "Oh, I'm killing people. units. Jeffco duffel bags conceal 20-pound propane bombs timed to explode at 11:17 a.m. chool Since the shooting, families of the injured and deceased have strongly protested the release of the entire 911 call, fearing that it would inspire future copycats. How Should RTD Deal With the Drug Problem on Trains? side. "And boom,'' Kirklin recalls. O.K.? He fled through the door with a few scrapes, bruises and a belief that Klebold had spared his life. 5/19/2022 8:38 PM. In the documentary Zero Hour: Massacre at Columbine High, Brown is quoted as saying: "During the shooting, you can hear [Klebold] saying all kinds of things to people before he kills them. - through the lobby. This page has been accessed 20,739 times. Outside the school's west exit, where Rachel Scott lay dead and Richard Castaldo was crippled, Eric Harris spotted Jefferson County sheriff's Deputy Neil Gardner, the school resource officer, in the Columbine parking lot. Creepy huh?). Unless Eric is talking to Bree and Isaiah says "mom" simultaneously, catching Dylan's attention. Harris had taken off his trench coat sometime earlier, and was wearing a white T-shirt. Its merely a flesh wound! and the peekaboo thing and do you believe in God?. Dispatch Harris shouted. Harris two-hour 911 phone call (from 11:29 a.m. to 1:24 p.m.) from a school secretary Between Graves, and Lance Kirklin, Klebold The 911 Wadsworth. But friends and classmates scattered throughout the library did see and hear what happened around them. Just before he reached the cafeteria door, a gunman aimed at the fleeing boy's back and dropped him with a 9mm bullet along the spine. In shock, Munson lost all feeling in her foot, but a friend kept pushing her to the safety of the nearest door. She was in the midst of work on a master's degree. But because I'm so trained to drain out the background noise, I could never get a good time line to see if I could debunk or prove this theory. Nielson is student Brian Anderson. Uploaded by Several the library hallway. As far as the peakaboo/mom thing, I think you are correct. Some say Eric was the quiet one, Athena says Dylan did much less speaking. "They said they waited their whole lives for this,'' Woodman said. Gruffer voice) -HEEYYY! -the leaked bit: oh my god help me help me! and shut the fuck up!. and help keep the future of Westword, Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. Kastle stood on a toilet, pushed up a ceiling tile and hoisted himself onto a heating pipe. The gunman turned towards her and fired without warning, causing bits of glass and shrapnel to slice into Nielson's shoulder. We need police here. The seven other phone calls I used are, in the chronological order that they show up (I'm going to start referring to each of these by the underlined times): 11.23.57 Lindsay Macey's call (first minute of this is cut out), 11.23.11 Karen Nielson and Sue Caruther's call, 11.27.04 "Guns and Grenades" call (the one that I split), 11.29.25 "Suspects Near Custodial Closet" call, 11.30.13 "Assistant Principal at Columbine" call. In 7 minutes, 10 people But Ireland couldn't bear watching his buddy just lie there and bleed. Everyone who could run did. They may be thinking the same thing. "I can see light at the end of the tunnel. weekly ad specials from the denver post voices of columbine PATTI NIELSON Mother, Columbine teacher, library survivor By Susan Besze Wallace Denver Post Staff Writer Apr. The recordings, were impossible some times to hear. to the student, Harris tells him to leave the school because he likes him. We went to the police twice.". If it is separate from FBI-If the FBI cant hear it with all their resources, how can you? Law Teacher Harris, One girl, facedown, was warm. He picked up a chair and smashed it on the table. Teachers Is there anyway you can block the door so no one can get in? Paralyzed on one side with two bullets in his head, Ireland dropped through a shattered library window into the arms of waiting officers. At about 4:14 in Patti Nielson's call, someone distinctly says "okay." reports that one shooter is in the food preparation area and that the shooter has 17 up on the roof.. "I was so flat on my stomach, they must have been pretty good shots,'' Taylor said. A YouTube video shows a reconstruction[7] of how the 911 call transpired. "I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Behind her, the gunmen rattled off six shots. Let's get out of here!''. Were waiting to clear those . Twenty-two steps above them, at the top of an outdoor concrete stairway, someone laughed. So he ducked into the cafeteria's faculty lounge. Im not ready to reach a conclusion today that there was a cover-up, Salazar said. Student pipe bomb is thrown over the railing from the hallway above and into the Survivors believe it all took less than 20 minutes. from the window. I decided to use the extremely loud ringing of the phones in the 911 call center, which are so loud that some people mistook them to be fire alarms. The deputy ducked back inside his marked Chevrolet Blazer. above. For some reason, the gunmen spared them. They laughed about it. Bookshelves and cabinets and tables blocked sight lines and made it impossible for any one student to recount the exact sequence of what Harris and Klebold did next. If you listen to the side-by-side audio, the sounds match perfectly, and the timing of the calls match as well. Shot twice in the left side of his head, Ireland dropped.