Its a great tool for combating the procrastination-inducing sloth. Comparatives (elephants are bigger than lions) pre-intermediate. Honesty is the attribute of being honest. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting our kids needs met on an IEP, we forget to address their strengths. Check out this guide to see the top 13 student strengths and student weaknesses contributing to academic success! Discipline: 3. This student always takes pride in his/her work when Try Being More Specific About Student Strengths Strengths are unique aspects of a students character. Its important to remember that nobody wants to be told their opinions dont matter because theyre just kids, but at the same time, everyone has to go through this at some point or another. 30 Students strengths and weaknesses list and Meaning: Academic Strengths and weaknesses: What are Academic Weaknesses? This list of student strengths and weaknesses for IEP contains a wide variety of examples. With some focus on improved handwriting, Sam can write faster, cleaner, and more effectively to improve her communication skills., Missing the Mark Unfortunately Sam has been missing the mark with her tasks. In the context of medical evaluation, this is figuring out the important or urgent actions that need to be taken to keep a client or patient safe. Then, help others become more confident by doing the same thing with them. Students do not perceive a helpful classroom climate. The student will make an effort to go above and beyond what is presented in textbooks and will refrain from cramming. When adding your student strengths in an IEP, a team should approach this much like any other section of the IEP. However, dealing with shame and its boundaries becomes a continual aspect of a childs socialization, as norms and rules are everywhere. A pattern Ive noticed throughout my career is that I often feel I could have done more, even if objectively, Ive done well. WebMy Strengths And Weaknesses As A Student Learner Sample details Category: Life, Education Subcategory: Myself, Learning Topic: Strengths, Student Download Pages: 2 Words: 1045 In this essay, I will write self-reflection piece in which I will discuss my strengths and weaknesses as a learner. A team can also add strengths to an IEP by area or discipline. All rights reserved. Being open-minded entails being responsive to various concepts, arguments, and facts. Here are some weaknesses that you might select from for your response: Self-critical Insecure Disorganized Prone to procrastination Uncomfortable with public speaking Uncomfortable with delegating tasks Risk-averse Competitive Sensitive/emotional Extreme introversion or extroversion Limited experience in a particular skill or software You might also want to add any other goals or achievements you may have achieved too, as this can inspire when times get tough. Take the HIGH5 strengths test to discover yours! Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Shipping Policy | Contact Info, Join +3 million people from leading companies in discovering what they are naturally great at. It removes the problem of you overestimating or underestimating yourself. Language: 15. Impatience is the sensation of being irritated by someone elses errors or by the necessity of waiting. beginner. So, the best way to deal with this is to determine which of your abilities are most important to you and focus on them. If you build your language and communication skills properly, you will be valued, and everyone will love to hear you speak. There are many implications for how your brain works in different contexts, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you have strengths. These list items are grouped into six different categories: Attitude, Academic Skills, Executive Function Skills, Social Skills, Motor Skills, and Sensory Processing Skills. Creativity is defined as the tendency to develop or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be beneficial in resolving issues, interacting with others, or entertaining ourselves and others. Student weaknesses are what prevent students from being their best. THE STRENGTH THATS ACTUALLY A WEAKNESS ANSWER Im a total workaholic. Give back by offering to assist them in keeping tabs on their development aspirations. (Career Path, FAQs) | 2023, Is A Psychology Degree Useless? Cite this Article in your Essay (APA Style), Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsDisclaimerAccessibility StatementVideo Transcripts. A students strengths can fit into different categories or domains. The term academic refers to work done in schools, colleges, and universities, particularly work that includes learning and reasoning rather than practical or technical abilities. Get a Mentor in the field of your weakness. This student is highly interested in 9. A students weakness is not always a bad thing, and there are always ways around it. Some of my favorite words to describe a student include: MotivatedStudiousAnalyticalProactiveFocused If the student is performing poorly, some adjectives could be: UnfocusedDistractedUnderachievingMissing the mark Below is a long list of adjectives to describe students and Webacademic adaptable adventurous alert ambitious amicable analytical animated appreciative assiduous astute awesome bold bright brilliant bubbly busy capable careful clever collaborative committed competent confident conscientious considerate consistent cooperative coordinated cordial courageous courteous creative dedicated delightful Numerous causes might contribute to a lack of interest, including concentration challenges, family issues, emotional difficulties, and learning disabilities. Just like we are not perfect as human beings, we have weaknesses. 2023 A Day In Our Shoes with Lisa Lightner, Your Childs Strengths | 127 Student Strength Examples to Swipe for your IEP, willingness to forgive and give people second chances, Persistent in reaching his desired outcome, He has an excellent memory and excels in completing tasks when given clear lists or flowcharts, Is curious about the world around him/her, Fun fashion sense as a means of expression, Sensory/tactile learner, multi-sensory learner, able to recognize when work is truly necessary, Eager to learn when refocused consistently, When regulated M is a sweet considerate child, Thinks out-of-the-box to find unconventional and creative solutions, exercises great emotional restraint when pushed to his limits, Is empathetic toward the needs of others even if he cannot express, Consistently processes information and responds, even though it is a delayed response, ability to verbalize when he is upset or dysregulated, may appear disinterested in class or not paying attention, but when questioned can regurgitate back the information that was just presented, May be impulsive, but once regulated can usually identify the situation and trigger with great accuracy, Can solve equations in his head, but may show frustration at having to show work, Can adapt to changes in daily schedule with proper warning and notification and explanation, strong desire to do well and please others, is able to set realistic, achievable goals for herself, Is able to and will ask for help when needed, will raise a hand and wait patiently to be called on, recognizes and respects the personal space of others, can do 4/5/6 volleys in a 2-way conversation, can verbalize when being teased/bullied and respond appropriately, will accept unsolicited adult assistance/help without resistance, Learns material best when moving around, gross motor movement, Likes to ride his/her bike, skateboard, and/or other self-powered personal vehicles, Likes to exercise and will initiate independently, Can follow instructions/rules for games such as (give examples), participates in (community activity/sports) and elaborate, Is aware and will be safe in the following setting (elaborate) and will respond appropriately, Can act appropriately around a baby or younger child, Enjoys working independently or in groups, is persistent in carrying out assignments or activities, Understands sarcasm, enjoys telling jokes, Possesses a sense of personal responsibility, Has strong opinions about controversial topics and is able to verbalize them, Marches to the beat of a different drummer, Handles stressful events well (e.g. By talking to someone who can give you the right unbiased, non-judgmental advice and support, you can find yourself going to the next level as a student, without much difficulty. I listed examples below. In addition, it may guide your efforts by showing you where to put your time and effort to get the best results. Fear of Failure 2. The most significant obstacle to effective learning is procrastination. One of the most important things for a student to keep in mind is their strengths. Avoid daydreaming and concentrate on what is occurring in class. Observe students in class, individually and in groups, to gather more specific data. Used to, be used to, get used to (I'm getting used to living in Spain) Upper-intermediate. She will be able to report on her own progress and identify when she needs additional help. beginner. Home Positive Words 180+ Words To Describe Students Adjectives For Students. This crucial chemical plays a role in many important processes, including cognition, emotion, sleep, and even digestion and health. Remembering these things will help you stay humble while you work towards your goals of becoming successful and achieving student success with student strength. Kindness: 8. Be willing to learn from others. However, disobedience to established rules and standards is considered indiscreet. Here's a list of additional academic strengths to consider adding to your college application: Non-verbal communication Civility Emotional intelligence Debate Candor Honesty and integrity Self-assurance Independent learning Consensus building within a group Handling constructive criticism Reading comprehension Artistic abilities Athletic Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? The form and distribution of rewards discourage student motivation. In todays society, students are often labeled as being either smart or not. While her study skills are excellent, it would be good to see her working on group work skills to build more confidence in groups., Inspired Sam is an inspired learner. (Maximum, Loading, Limits), Colleges that dont require Supplemental Essays | 2023, Should I bring my console to College? If you experience some academic writing weaknesses in your papers, dont hesitate to contact anessay writing service CustomWritings. Candidates sometimes struggle with this because they are either overly modest in their responses or fail to highlight the qualities that are most closely aligned with the jobs criteria. If you manage your time well, youll have time to find information or seek for assistance before diving in headfirst. Example weakness 1: self-critical I can be too critical of myself. Many students are unwilling to ask their peers or family members for assistance, therefore a private tutor may be the solution. They may still perform poorly on tests even though they put forth a lot of effort because they eventually give in to their nervousness. Its good to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can know where to improve or even work on them. Academic skills refer to the abilities, strategies, and habits that enable students to succeed academically. Discipline: 3. If I set her a task, she goes about not only completing it, but doing the extra research to make sure she impresses me with her knowledge!, Smashing Success Sam is a smashing success! Along with developing their student strength, there are ways students could also develop skills relevant to careers such as teamwork and communication while working on projects together as opposed to students working by themselves. This student is highly interested in 9. These are the top strengths and weaknesses of a student: This has to do with the ability to accept mistakes when corrected. If Im on a project, Im going to make sure to stick with it to the bitter, bloody end. Although this might sound like a strength, its actually a weakness in disguise! WebUse this list to help identify a childs strengths. It will help you open up and learn how to present yourself as an intelligent person. Easily Distracted 14. Attentive Sam is attentive in class, showing her interest in self-improvement and getting the most out of each class., Collaborative Sams collaborative mindset makes her a good team member. Everyone has a weakness, but you can work every day to improve yourself and work on your weakness. Indiscipline 15. This will help both her academically and socially., Unsettled Due to a tough year, Sam has been somewhat unsettled which has negatively impacted her learning and development., Talkative Sam is a very talkative and sociable student. She will support her fellow students when they need peer support, and will always volunteer to help adults and teachers in an activity., Independent Worker Sam is an independent worker who is happy to get on with her work alone. They will also listen and provide feedback on any problems you have with your schoolwork. A person is deemed inconsiderate if, in order to make a point, he tramples over the feelings of others and makes them feel worthless, whereas bluntness refers to being abrupt and to the point without hurting anyones feelings. She loves to engage in inquiry based learning projects and thinks about big picture questions., Kinesthetic As a kinesthetic learner, Sam excels at hands-on activities and using her hands to complete tasks., Musical Sams musical talent has given her added confidence this year. Relationships (classmates, have something in common, get in touch, get engaged) pre-intermediate. Leadership skills: 5. Days of the week. There are also other resources available for student success that may not exist on campus such as counseling centers, friends houses, extended family members homes, etc. Keeping Up Sam is keeping up with all her classmates and easily passing all assessment tasks she has been assigned. Ability to sit down and read: 11. Get help from someone who has been there before so that you can be successful now and in the future. Dealing with criticism: 13. Dealing with criticism: 13. You can use the following steps to identify your strengths and weaknesses: Before seeking opinions from people, spend some time alone evaluating yourself. She regularly passes the exams with ease and is progressing nicely., Sufficient Sams work is sufficient to pass on to the next course. A students academic learning time (ALT) is the total amount of time they spend actively, successfully, and profitably learning relevant academic material. Some of my favorite words to describe a student include: MotivatedStudiousAnalyticalProactiveFocused If the student is performing poorly, some adjectives could be: UnfocusedDistractedUnderachievingMissing the mark Below is a long list of adjectives to describe students and Creativity: 9. In this article, we will examine student strengths, what they are, how you know which ones you have, and finally how you can make the most out of your student strengths. What tasks can I perform for hours on end without feeling exhausted? This can aid students in having open and honest conversations, establishing healthy boundaries, and forming lasting friendships. Used to, be used to, get used to (I'm getting used to living in Spain) Upper-intermediate. This student always takes pride in his/her work when Try Being More Specific About Student Strengths Yea, I know that Humility alone is a strength on its own so if you want to boost your academic strengths and reduce your weaknesses list, make up your mind to be willing to learn. Competent Sam is a competent learner who can address all the required tasks at her year level. Individualist 13. Frequently Asked Questions on Academic Strengths and Weaknesses: Conclusion on the academic strengths and weaknesses: Academic Interests: How to quickly develop one (Fast), Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path? It is time to stop focusing on the negative things about ourselves and instead find our true selves by taking a closer look at what makes us who we are. Theacademic strengthsare inbound in you and are shown when you are in competition or when you have to show how good you are in a particular learning field. Shell never take anything on face value, but instead uses her logic and critical thinking to come to a conclusion on her own., Read Also: 13+ Examples Of The Word Academic In A Sentence, Knowledgeable Sam is an incredibly knowledgeable student. Words to Describe a Students Learning Style, What do Portuguese People Look Like? A students strengths can fit into different categories or domains. About The Helpful Professor She turns up on time, is always prepared, and keen to contribute her ideas to class discussions., Exceptional Sam has been exceptional student which is reflected in her top grades that she earned throughout the year. The lack of practice and review is one of the primary causes of lower grades. Apathy 4. Ask around and see if anybody would be willing to spend some time helping you succeed at school. Used to, be used to, get used to (I'm getting used to living in Spain) Upper-intermediate. The world has turned around, with basically everything online. Planning is the process of considering the activities necessary to accomplish a goal. Apathy 4. is resilient), Has good character (e.g. This student is highly motivated by 10. Ambitious Sam is an ambitious student who will push herself to meet her personal best at all times. (see also: examples of ambition). With some effort and focus, we can turn this around before the end of the year., Substandard Sams work has been substandard and less than I know she is capable of. Days of the week. You can do anything as long as you never stop believing in yourself and showing dedication by practicing each skill over time until it becomes second nature. Here are some weaknesses that you might select from for your response: Self-critical Insecure Disorganized Prone to procrastination Uncomfortable with public speaking Uncomfortable with delegating tasks Risk-averse Competitive Sensitive/emotional Extreme introversion or extroversion Limited experience in a particular skill or software Learn more about our academic and editorial standards. Being aware of these weaknesses allows us to find solutions that work best for each student rather than relying on one-size-fits-all approaches. Thus if you can code software to solve a definite problem, it can be one of youracademic Strengthsthat sets you aside from others. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Im sure there are many more adjectives you could use, and often times its best to simply genuinely reflect on how you would describe the student youre thinking about. Some pupils inability to perform well can be attributed to their irrational fear of failing. Open-mindedness: 12. Read more: 10 Most Popular Jobs that pay $100 an Hour (How-to, FAQs). The mistake can be from you or someone else; all that matters or follows is that you took correction from a mistake. Socialization is the process that begins in childhood and continues throughout life in which individuals learn a societys values, habits, and attitudes. Academic Skills or Strengths: reading skills, writing skills, math or science skills, preferred subject area excellence, or study habits. When asked, What is your biggest strength? it may seem like one of the more straightforward questions youll be asked during a job interview. Taking Corrections: 2. Take the time to record your accomplishments and plan out your next moves at each milestone along the way. By surveying all of your students and taking into account their individual strengths and weaknesses, you can create a personalized learning environment that will help them succeed in school. Another suggestion is being mindful of any compliments people have given when they say nice things about you- its always a great feeling being appreciated. If you find the whole process somewhat tricky, you can ask yourself questions like: You can also state your learning style; how best you learn and understand the information passed on.
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