Um I was wondering if youd like to grab a bite with me sometime?. Your families have been friends for many years, and you and Stolas have been friends for many years. When Loo Loo's traveling circus entered a misty wood, that was the beginning of the end for Blitzo. He could have sworn it was love at first sight, After the performance, Scout went backstage to tell you a lot, but when he met you, all the words stuck in his throat. A hitjob on a noble. You both understood that while you were in the office, you were just a star and her manager. You have been dead and stuck in hell for over two years. You did get a pretty good feel for her ugly side when her ex Blitzo showed up one morning, demanding his parking spot back. "I hate you." Now he had the opportunity not just to listen to your voice, but to get to know the real you. That is to be a bodyguard by none ot Tommy dies and go to hell after Dream kills him. And thats when it hit you. Lust manipulationMusical expertiseShape-shiftingLeadership. Youd usually get flustered when talking with Josh, but who could blame you? After seeing watching episode 3 (Spring Broken), I couldn't help myself after seeing the succubus/incubus characters! You understood that others saw him as a frightening man, but you were sure that he was absolutely not as bad as many people thought at first glance. A Helluva Boss mainly drabble/snippet collection. Will sonic find new ailas or new foes? Sometimes he became your bodyguard, not letting obsessive fans annoy you. Hello, my name is Mina, the Angel of Hell! because he has an Asmodeus crystal helping them to travel to the human realm. This story contains some sibling incest and taboo. Demon horniness How about you take a short vacation while I take this story from here okay? Where a mysterious human girl suddenly appears in hell. He liked listening to you, so when the radio station was shut down, he felt upset. How can he explain this to the prince. Pyro was ready to come to your every performance and listen to your singing for as long as he wanted, Demoman went to town with the others when they had a day off just to keep them company. I thought youd gone home a long time ago, I was going to, but I saw that you were still here and couldnt bring myself to leave, Darling, you will pay me as you do every month, as our contract says., Dont be such a bore, theres no one here anyway.. Blitzo and Verosika Got Back Together, So far Everything is Great but However Blitzo is still Grieving The Loss of Stolas, So its up to Verosika to comfort him and make A vampire comes to hell being surrounded by demon women. Verosika has become so enamored with you that it has developed into an obsession. You attracted the eyes of many viewers, but it was your voice that attracted him, which charmed him like a siren song, You performed on stage, with a slight smile on your lips, accustomed to the views of the audience. The same thing happened when he told you that he was marrying Stella. Heavy tried to say as clearly as possible in English that he really liked your performance and at first his choice of words surprised you a little, but pretty quickly you thanked him with a smile on your lips for his words and offered to have lunch together as a token of gratitude for your salvation, You sincerely hoped that you and Heavy would meet again. When he had to leave, you looked worried. After the events of Ep2, S2, Blitz is struggling to keep everything under wraps while Stolas attempts to fix his own life. This is my new Helluva Boss RP, the other one I had was dead as I had left Wattpad for quite a while. He came to your next show with a bouquet of flowers that he gave you after your performance. request:Okay so, you know the series Thats like Milly and moxies kid? After Millie kills the fish monster and saves a drunken Moxxie, Verosika and her group mockingly compliments I.M.P. The woman was a Succubus. If someone else had approached you, you would have limited yourself to a polite smile, but the fact that he recognized your voice pleased you, so when he suggested going out for coffee sometime, you agreed, Sniper was glad to hear your voice outside of radio and performances. They just dont want to scare of either Collin or Stolas. Dating your favourite women from the wondrous world of vivziepop. At least not to the rest of you. He decided that even the fact that he did not know English very well would not be a problem. You're time in hell Another AU about Harmony being raised by someone other than Hades. I don'. When your eyes met Miss Pauling felt a bright blush appear on her cheeks and her heart beat faster. A short summary of Blitzs incredibly fucked up dating life. You werent thateasy to fluster. After being abandoned Y/N would be facing death if it wasn't for two imps that decided to adopt him. While Blitzo drives Loona, Moxxie and Millie to work, a car cuts in front of him and takes his parking spot. While his pigeon was sleeping, you managed to communicate. ~Spanish and English~, Request from @PlayerDemon762. Thats just thats what the others do too, right..? Even if you don't really care for them, he looks so happy you can't break his heart. Blitzo now finds himself dodging Stolas's heckling calls. You did all this. She understood that later you wouldnt have time to see each other, but that didnt stop her from wanting to get to know you better and maybe become someone at least a little important to you in your life. aki hayakawa was not a man of words, but hes found other ways to tell you just how much he loves you. Verosika was, well, she is, A sex demon. But not everything about him is as it seems. Blitzo recognizes the passenger to be his ex-girlfriend, Verosika. Lots of different sex things for people who simp for Verosika. With the honeyed lithe of your voice calling his name the moment he steps through the threshold of your shared home. Bill: Hey! I hope its fluster-able enough. Stolas looked at you in surprise and then hugged you tightly. You leaned into his ear and exhaled. He found someone name Rune. Each time, youd end of leaving him breathless, as if the kiss of life you brought could expel any and every hardship and ailment hes ever had to face. Her eyes scanned through the crowd until she spotted Tex. (Name) goes by the name Blitz most of the time. You did all this. He was too tired and because of this, his reflexes became inhibited. Dont be so mean, Im not going to do anything wrong. # 1 Verosika x Fem. You were surprised by the man who came to you, but it was a pleasant surprise, Spy had a limited number of days that he planned to spend in the city and that he hoped to spend in your company. Damian Beelzly | Max and Max | The Monster. You were a pleasant companion and didnt pay attention to the amount of alcohol he drank, even though you drank much less. Verosika Mayday is a major antagonist of the adult animated web series Helluva Boss, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Fizzarolli) of Season 1. Octavia was sitting on the couch in your apartment. You gonna run off leaving someone else to pay for the hotel room? Verosika smiled. !Verosika opposing Blitzos demand of leaving the parking space. You knew she was waiting for you to say something, but your mouth just felt so dry. He was perfectly aware of the intense stares of others, but did not pay attention to them, waiting for the performance to begin. You got too close this time. In this story, Stolas is an imp/Succubus. (Yes hes a prince, but a two intersecting ring covered in eyes is creepy to anyone) Thanks! request: Hello!!! I'm still a novice at writing mature content, so feedback . Work Search: You sighed heavily and your heart was squeezed by longing. Yet, somehow, despite your nerves, you gave her your best flirty smile and half-lidded eyes that seemed to work on everyone else. When the feeling of love hits you, it can hit you in two ways, a strong one and leave you totally in love with that person or a weak one that hits you constantly but takes time to take effect, gradually waking up new sensations. Okay, well, Ill see you around, Loona called to you, turning on her heel, intent on finally getting to meet with Vortex, before you finally speak. He was quite aggressive, but he still managed to protect you. His surprised and slightly embarrassed face seemed nice to you. On days like these, he felt out of place. You have been dead and stuck in hell for over two years. Now a Killer is stalking around, the circus grounds. request: Maybe a Loona X Reader where both of them fall for Vortex and its just like Polyammerous relationship? Swear words A poetic spin on Blitz's hallucination from Truth Seekers. Due to the boredoms of life and lack of human interac You worked for the I.M.P company and decided to go with everyone to the Harvest Moon Festival since you had nothing better to do. You work at I.M.P, one of the top assassins. Verosika Mayday/Male Reader Works Bookmarks This tag belongs to the Relationship Category. You had a delicious meal and were able to chat. However, when you finally come home, you will become who you want to be there. Waking up in line to hell, with no memory of why or how. He liked the atmosphere of the club and the way your voice sounded. She wanted to leave disappointed, but she was told that one visitor said she wouldnt mind if she kept her company. Verosika x Fem. - anon, notes: yeessss this is so cute. You pulled him to you and kissed him, then whispered to him that you would be waiting for your next meeting. Spy has been watching you closely. He could feel his heart pounding wildly as he tried to keep his words straight. You didnt care that Verosika was a succubus. For now, sit back, relax, and get ready for some horny demon shenanigans. Only after that did you decide to start a conversation. Whenever your lips would touch his, even for the briefest of moments, to pull him from whatever depths of his minded been settled in. verosika sees concern for blitz, because of the state hes in. In episode "Truth Seekers", Verosika, along with Striker and Fizzarolli, appears as one of Blitzo's hallucinations. This story will deal with the different effects falling in love can have on the characters. It was in this mood that he came to the cabaret club. Tavish was glad to have the opportunity to talk to you. Good luck to everyone and take care of yourself! One night to rip open old wounds and shatter what little hope for happiness there was. You were a good listener and learned about your new acquaintance, even if you didnt think about learning so much about him. You were ready to take these feelings with you to the grave. - anon, Blizt, Millie, Moxxie, and Stolas with an S/O, whos graduating? He froze in fright. He knew he shouldnt fall for your tricks. Cover art does not belong to meHazbin Hotel characters belong to VivziepopAnd you belong to you. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! This is where everything went downhill for him. He didnt know you personally, but your voice always made him feel better after work. However, sometimes Miss Pauling sent him on forced leave. Hits: 40 My Blitzo: Various Yandere Helluva Boss X Female Blitzo Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN Helluva Boss (Web Series), Hazbin Hotel (Web Series) Not Rated Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con F/F, F/M Work in Progress 24 Feb 2023 After reminding Blitzo of their history together, he follows her and demands her to move the car or else, but is interrupted by her bodyguard, Vortex. He neve You are part succubus, part imp. She was popular, veryattractive, even for a succubus, and she had an insane amount of respect put upon her name by people all across hell. Loona ate the whole breakfast pretty quickly and drank a cup of coffee in one gulp. But ever since an immortal had been killed with one, the Goetia have become obsessed with destroying every last Holy Weapon. You found it cute, so you agreed to go on a date with him. Together with Vortex and the rest of her posse, she'd been heading out to find a safe place to portal back home late at night when she'd heard soft crying from a nearby alley. You have been dead and stuck in hell for over two years. Thats why youve been working longer than usual for several days in a row. You listened attentively to his stories despite some bloody details that did not bother you at all, He suggested that you meet again next weekend when you both have free time. It was for this purpose that she went to the cabaret club. A cold blooded killer with a relentless sexual apatite has the imp running scared. He liked spending time with you. When she makes it to Loo Loo Land as her first job as a singer she did not know this would start obsessive love from so many people. Your singing also fascinated him. Deadpool: "Hey do you that I'm going to be famous?!"
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