[17] As of May 10, 2016, authorities have not ruled out the possibility that Barry was a self-radicalized "lone wolf". Jan. 10 (UPI) --The Justice Department announced federal charges Tuesday against a Maine teenager in the New Year's Eve machete attack on three New York police officers near Times Square.Trevor . The New York Police Department released an image of a knife they said had been recovered at the scene of an officer-involved shooting near Times Square on New Year's Eve. The attack took place in the security area at Times Square. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. "They're all telling us to go towards the viewing area for the ball drop and everybody's running, everybody's panicking," Lyugovski said. Jacquellena Carrero is a Desk Reporter at NBC News. In 2017, the White House said it was a terrorist attack. On February 11, 2016, Mohamed Barry, a native of Guinea who was a permanent resident in the United States and had been working in computer programming and information technology, entered the Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and began to attack customers with a machete, injuring four. not so much: Witness the tale of Deashe Calhoun. Should authorities determine the attack was motivated by an Islamist ideology, it would make it the first terror incident associated with New Years Eve in Times Square, authorities said. All three officers were released from the hospital on Sunday. One of the officer victims then shot Bickford in the shoulder, stopping his attack. And we have to think that a mental-health system that focused on helping the grievously ill, rather than processing them, would prove far more humane as well. Do you have the attitude, skills, and plan to engage a machete attack? You may not have the ability to draw a gun, but practicing Active Self Protection can help you if ever you need to fight this fight!If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like these armed robbers getting their just desserts? [1][4][8] Barry was shot repeatedly[11] and died of a bullet wound in his neck. [1] However, NBC News reported that Barry asked the employee where the restaurant's owner was from. About twenty people were inside the restaurant at the time of the attack. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, 42-year-old James Hall. Bickford has no prior arrests. All Rights Reserved. Trevor Bickford, a 19-year-old resident of Maine, also faces two counts of attempted assault for the violent attack in which three police officers were injured. [9], The officers tried to execute a PIT maneuver to force his Toyota off the road, but it was unsuccessful. On a later call, officials said all three officers had been released from Bellevue Hospital overnight. Protecting the civilians who attend the annual New Years Eve celebration in Times Square requires and involves the coordination, collaboration, and mutual assistance of multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and NYPD. He understood that his role saved lives of New Yorkers today, Adams said. Bickford decided not to travel overseas to wage jihad as originally planned, and instead to commit jihad in New York City. The complaint in part contends he intended to kill military-aged men working for the US government and NYPD officers working with the FBI to protect revelers. Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images, 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, I was paralyzed by my ex when he caught me in bed with a new man now Im a paralympian, Foreign adversaries not behind Havana syndrome: US intelligence agencies, 6 Ukrainian civilians killed by rockets as Putin speech attempts to justify war, Syria ambush that killed at least 53 people blamed on ISIS. Barry was killed as he attempted to attack police officers with his machete. [25][26] Baransi expected the restaurant to be fully back to normal operation by February 19. NEW YORK A man accused of attacking police with a machete near New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve is now facing federal terrorism charges after he became determined to wage jihad against. When authorities asked Bickford why he committed the attack, he said that "all men of military age were his targets; no one can work for the U.S. Government and be a true Muslim because the U.S. Government supports Israel; and he wanted to kill as many of these targets as he could. [14] He had worked in computer programming and information technology. ", Yale spokesman Thomas Conroy said the school does not comment on specific cases of student discipline "out of respect for the privacy and confidentiality of all students involved in a disciplinary process. Skills. Bickford decided that he wanted to stay in the United States and not travel to the Middle East in order to "wage jihad against the U.S. Government within the United States," authorities said in a press release. Neil McMeekin, at the 2nd table attacked, was able to get Barry off of Foley by hitting him with a chair. Ricky Morgan, 35, slashed and stabbed passenger James Porritt during an unprovoked . During this special event, the FBI and NYPD work together and assist each other in the performance of their respective duties, in a collective effort to ensure a safe Times Square New Years Eve celebration. The al-Maqdisi book encourages followers, among other things, to wage jihad against disbelievers and governments ruled by disbelievers, and to use swords on the heads of disbelievers. Barry first entered the restaurant at about 5:20p.m. and spoke to an employee. Jack Montague, the Yale basketball captain who was expelled near the end of the team's best season in a half-century, sued the university Thursday for breach of contract and defamation, a . While a motive remains under investigation, authorities are not ruling out the possibility that the suspect came to New York City specifically to attack police officers at the Times Square ball drop, law enforcement sources told ABC News. CNN Sans & 2016 Cable News Network. Three officers assigned to New Years Eve celebrations in New York City's Times Square area were injured by a machete-wielding teenager who expressed militant support for Islam, law enforcement officials said. Wells is a very small community and you think, Did this really just happen here?'" Plan.Copyright Disclaimer. He was charged with two counts . But Trevor Bickford allegedly targeted the iconic yearly celebration to carry out a brazen act of violence and hatred in the name of jihad., Times Square machete attack suspect indicted on terrorism charges. One of the officers received a fractured skull because of the incident while the other had a bad cut, but are expected to recover. Part of it, without question, is the no-bail law: The Brooklyn DAs Office says thats why she got sprung after two arrests in that borough, and while the Manhattan DAs Office declined comment, it surely faced the same barrier. Prosecutors detailed the father's grisly injuries Wednesday, saying the machete attack left him disfigured with a cut tongue, a lost eye and cuts to his nose, ear and lip. Adam Sabes is a writer for Fox News Digital. Neighbors told NBC affiliate WJAR of Providence, Rhode Island, that they were shocked by the attack. On February 11, 2016, Mohamed Barry, a native of Guinea who was a permanent resident in the United States and had been working in computer programming and information technology, entered the Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and began to attack customers with a machete, injuring four. Among the items recovered by law enforcement was a journal belonging to Bickford which had an entry from Dec. 31, 2022 stating that "this will likely be my last entry," and said that his brother has "joined the ranks of my enemy" after enlisting in the U.S. military, officials said. Islamic extremism. Trevor Bickford, 19, is charged with one count of attempted murder of officers and employees of the US government and three counts of attempted murder of officers and employees of the US government and persons assisting them, according to the complaint. Thanks for contacting us. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Bickford identified an NYPD officer who was isolated from civilians and other officers, took out the kukri from his backpack, declared Allahu Akbar, and attacked the officer. Updated NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Former Yale basketball captain Jack Montague has filed a lawsuit accusing the Ivy League university of wrongfully expelling him over a sexual assault allegation. Jack Montague attempts a shot during an NCAA college basketball game against SMU on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015, in Dallas. Three law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the investigation said late Sunday that authorities were looking into whether the suspect reached for one of the officers' service weapons during their takedown. [36], In February 2017, the White House listed the machete attack as a terrorist attack. [35], In November 2016, following a car-ramming and stabbing attack at Ohio State University, Columbus Police Deputy Chief Michael Woods compared it to the restaurant attack committed by Barry as also a potential act of terrorism. Incident now being treated by the government as a suspected terrorist . Another mass shooting.. He took an Amtrak train to New York City on Dec. 29, the sources said. The rookie officer was also struck in the head, resulting in a skull fracture and large laceration, officials said. The suspect is allegedly a 19-year-old man from Maine, whose online posts indicate recent Islamic radicalization, sources told ABC News. Trevor Thomas Bickford Traveled to Times Square for the Purpose of Killing U.S. Officials in the Name of Radical Islamic Jihad, and Used a Machete-Style Knife to Attack Three NYPD Officers Working in Coordination with the FBI to Protect the New Years Eve. ", Bickford also intended to die in the attack, authorities said, adding that he claimed that the attack was "unsuccessful" because he "did not kill any officers, and he did not die himself.". Investigators are also looking into whether Bickford may have stayed at a homeless shelter upon arrival, the four officials said. [8], Barry fled the scene in a white Toyota Corolla and collided shortly thereafter with a Mercedes. Officers attacked near Times Square on NYE: New details emerge. (NYPD Crime stoppers). Only the quick action of these brave officers prevented further harm. Incident. Fox News' Stephen Sorace, Anders Hagstrom, and Jake Gibson contributed to this report. The charges carry an aggregate potential sentence of 80 years in prison. Bickford was then shot in the shoulder and apprehended by police, Sewell said. Multiple law enforcement sources identified the suspect as Trevor Bickford, 19, of Wells, Maine. One of the officers involved in the incident had graduated from the police academy on Friday, Sewell said. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. We have strict orders from our lawyers, Jim Montague told the Register. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Mormon swinger charged with domestic violence, child abuse, Two more men wanted in $500K NYC jewelry heist that injured 79-year-old woman, Wild video shows NYC crooks attack elderly woman in $500K jewel heist, Man fatally beats coworker with baseball bat at Intel cafeteria: police. A high-level police source previously told Fox News Digital that he had recently converted to Islam and said that authorities received a tip saying that Bickford expressed interest in traveling to Afghanistan. He then struck two officers in the head with the blade before he was shot in the shoulder and apprehended by police, Sewell said. We've received your submission. IE 11 is not supported. Trevor Bickford, 19, suspected in the machete attack on three New York City police officers near Times Square on New Year's Eve, is pictured here in this undated photo. [32][33][34], The restaurant stayed open, although Barsani continued to assert that authorities in Columbus and the United States in general do not take the threat of terrorist sufficiently seriously. The attack happened shortly after 10 p.m. at West 52nd Street and 8th Avenue, just outside checkpoints for the high-security zone set up for celebrants, officials said at a news conference early Sunday. Bickford approached the NYPD officers, declared Allahu Akbaran Arabic phrase meaning God is great, which other radical Islamic extremists have similarly proclaimed while carrying out terrorist attacksand stabbed and struck the officers in the head with his kukri. The kukri that Bickford used in the attack, depicted below, was recovered by law enforcement from the scene of the attack: After being treated at a local hospital, during a subsequent Mirandized interview, Bickford stated, among other things, the following: Bickford is charged with four counts of attempted murder of officers and employees of the U.S. Government and persons assisting them, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Prosecutors in that case alleged that the suspect said that all government officials were his target, since they cannot be proper Muslims because the United States government supports Israel.. Fight against those who do not believe in Allah. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. His name is in a federal law enforcement database, they said, and he was known to investigators for his social media postings. Suspect in Times Square machete attack on New Year's Eve arrested and faces attempted murder charges. [37], "FBI Looked at Ohio Machete Attacker Four Years Ago", "Owner of Ohio Deli Targeted by Machete Terrorist: "We Are Israeli, We Fight Back", "Married Couple Injured in Machete Attack Call Survival a 'Miracle', "Witness Describes His Attempt To Stop Machete Attack Suspect", "Random act or Islamist terrorism? U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland said "We are deeply grateful for the bravery of the officers who were injured in this horrible attack and who put their lives on the line every day to serve their communities. [2] According to restaurant owner Hany Baransi, the employee told Barry that Barsani is from Israel. He said that the FBI believes the attacker was acting alone. The family from out of town was eating lunch on Dan Blocker Beach in Malibu Sunday when two homeless men approached, telling them they were not allowed there, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. ", He added, We thought someone is trying to shoot, you know, as many people as possible. Trevor Bickford, 19, allegedly. Officers were called to the Dollar Tree on reports that a man was in the store waving a machete and had attacked a worker. The suspect was taken into custody, she said. neighbor Steve Isles said. There are additional lessons available on our website: http://get-asp.com/zgrkAttitude. We are committed to holding those who would target law enforcement with violence fully accountable., As we allege today, Bickford deliberately planned and executed his violent attack against New York City Police Officers who were simply doing their job protecting the public, said Assistant Director Michael J. Driscoll of the FBI New York Field Office. Market data provided by Factset. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, ", Only one out of five formal sexual misconduct hearings ends without a finding against the accused, Conroy said in a statement, "and the decision to expel a student is made only after the most careful consideration, based on the facts and, when appropriate, disciplinary history.". Story tips can be sent to Adam.Sabes@fox.com and on Twitter @asabes10. On behalf of the City Council, I want to thank our local sheriffs deputies for their quick response to remove the suspects before they could harm anyone else, Grisanti said in a statement. 2. The attack came as the homelessness crisis in Malibu continues to deteriorate, with recent crimes and fires stemming from transients in the area.
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