Must be a bigger issue, @Operasparkle @BRENT0N_WEST We have the same issue & couldnt use iPlayer earlier on today. @ITVXhelp @JulieAnnMulvey @ITVX Again with theyou do this and that, you reset that, you unplug this. CyberGhost is an affordable VPN for an easy and lag-free BBC iPlayer streaming experience. @sallyjoanne Have you still got an issues accessing iPlayer? The BBC provides two news services its global programme, focused on international affairs. Error message YVM105. This cookie is used for the website live chat box to function properly. Plans include access to custom router firmware to make protecting all of your devices as easy as possible. Message on Freeplay on my Smart TV says "content currently unavailable" works fine in android phone. CyberGhost logs no personally identifiable information but you can pay in Bitcoin for added anonymity. When accessing BBC iPlayer, the servers detect your IP address, and analyze all of the information it contains, such as your location. @pnefc BBC Online, formerly known as BBCi, is the BBC's online service. @BorisJohnson @BBCiPlayer BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. The iPlayer doesnt actually check whether you have a TV license or not and relies entirely on an honor system. Same with backlight issues. @james__glen @pnefc PrivateVPN has around 150 servers in 60 countries (including the UK), but it makes up for its smaller network by providing faster speeds than many similar services. Sowhat does this actually mean, considering its not a crime to do so? NordVPN offers a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. Enjoy live TV in the palm of your hand, from live news coverage, music and big sporting events to great comedies, gripping documentaries to nail-biting dramas. Private Internet Access operates a network spanning 80 countries including the UK. As a result, it will assume that you are a foreigner attempting to watch its content in an unlicensed region. Getting a weird message on my TV. Other apps (Nf, Amz) are working well. @PhilipsCare_UK hi keep getting playback failed on BBC iplayer, 4on my5, etc, but Netflix and disney+ working fine. BEST BUDGET VPN:Surfshark is a fantastic low-cost option as it boasts top-notch security features, solid speeds, and the ability to unblock plenty of popular streaming platforms (including BBC iPlayer). Sorry, its due to rights issues." This allows us to compare services directly to find the best VPNs for specific use cases, including watching iPlayer abroad. Head over to, and click "Sign in .". I have a 1G fibre internet connect. @Kismuil On iplayer lovely lady . You may be surprised to learn that its not illegal to watch BBC iPlayer in the US using a VPN. Get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The cookie also tracks the behavior of the user across the web on sites that have Facebook pixel or Facebook social plugin. Great Britain will be represented by Alex . Anyone else having iPlayer problems too? @BBCSPORTNI @BBC Whats happened to the live snooker coverage on iplayer? @SamsungUK When will there be a fix for the problem of the Samsung TV BBC iPlayer app failing please? @edwardgvickers BBC iPlayer - The Levelling . So if you are a Brit traveling to the US and want to keep watching BBC a VPN is the solution. Netflix,BBC iPlayer but ITVX doesnt. ? ^ML, @virginmedia Thanks, Ian. have access while those from abroad (such as the US) will find the content to be region-locked. If the VPN is corrupted, it may fail to work properly. @BBCElaine @BBCiPlayer my iplayer not working keeps showing error 201 ??? To start using a proxy as an intermediary for your web requests simply enter the information in your browser: Firefox: Tools > Options > Advanced > Settings > Manual proxy configuration. ^StephB. This cookie is used to enable payment on the website without storing any patment information on a server. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. @Kismuil On iplayer lovely lady . We recommend using PureVPN, because it is the best VPN to watch BBC iPlayer with. The cookie is used for security purposes. STREAM BBC ANYWHERE:PrivateVPN keeps no logs, prioritizes your security, and offers fast, flawless streaming. BBC iPlayer can make shows available for a year. @Rachael56286007 This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Now Im going to have so much Eastenders to catch up on Kmt. Android 6: Home Settings Personal Google Choose synced apps in Sync Select items to sync Sync now. @Bazzza1664 Here's some advice. I thought they'd fixed it. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. @ITVXhelp @JulieAnnMulvey @ITVX Again with theyou do this and that, you reset that, you unplug this. The simple answer is because VPNs are used by people who are not in the correct location/country to access iPlayer. @Siggs72 @paulbennett2018 @Fucksake_Danika @PhilHumphris @virginmedia BBC iPlayer not working through our virgin tv. @seekingsrishti Nope even VPN doesn't seem to work as the iPlayer doesn't load. This last step isnt much of a deterrent for overseas viewers, however, as any UK post code is accepted, and you dont have to prove your location in any way. Danny and Mick accidentally get locked in Joy's office and have to try and find a way out. ExpressVPN is one of our favorite all-round VPNs so it had to make this list, but it has been less reliable with BBC iPlayer lately. Everything else has. ", Anyone got a stream link for spurs ? This incremental braking on our planet's spin means that the length of an average Earth day has increased by about 1.09 milliseconds per century since the late 1600s, according to the latest . @joseprem1 @rajeshroy1929 @churumuri @BBCWorld @narendramodi @PMOIndia It's saying BBC iPlayer only works in the UK due to rights issue. Before we get to the solution, lets introduce a few different causes behind the error. bbc iplayer not working is so criminal just trying to watch Luther kmt. Using a reputable VPN with a clear, customer-first privacy policy is the best way to stay safe online. If you are located outside the UK, BBC iPlayer servers will block your access, which may result in the error you see. Secure with encryption and the option of MultiHop servers. Connect to a British server (if in doubt, London servers are usually a safe bet). Today's top 3 BBC iPlayer VPNs: 1. However, when connected to a VPN, youll know for certain that your activities are safe from prying eyes. Are you having any other issues with Apps on your TV or any of your other devices? See here for more help if youre having problems with your password. But your app has a problem. Must be a bigger issue, @BRENT0N_WEST We have the same issue & couldnt use iPlayer earlier on today. We recommend using NordVPN - #1 of 75 VPNs in our tests. This is an essential cookie for the website live chat box to function properly. There are a few reasons why your VPN might not be working with BBC iPlayer. Additionally, not only BBC iPlayer, but many other popular streaming services such as Netflix, SlingTV, FuboTV, run into issues. Firstly, make sure youre connected to a British server, since iPlayer is only available in the UK. When you visit a site with region locking in place, such as BBC iPlayer, the site reads your IP address and works out which country you are located in. iPlayer no issues.. just BT Sports app not working, @Melissa7Aimee Not working on Fire TV or Virginmight be worth a mention maybe?! So, it is best to turn to a VPN service that is free from all such issues. This is available to users via @OSINT_Insider Nod vpn and express vpn not working on bbc iplayer, @bbcquestiontime @BBCiPlayer @BBCOne The programme isnt being shown on my iPlayer - anyone else having the same problem? Other TV channels are working fine. Highlights on Scrum V, Sunday, BBC Two Wales and online, Sunday, 5 March from 18:30 GMT . Method 1- Resetting your iPlayer password You can reset your BBC iPlayer password in order to delete your account. Such issues typically arise when users dont clear their cookies and cache periodically. Read the full Private Internet Access review. Much-loved breakfast host Charlie halted the show on Thursday, March 2, when he issued a warning to the beloved star after he made a cheeky statement. What do TV manufacturers advise when apps go AWOL? Website: In the UK? ?? With high speeds and up to seven simultaneous connections, CyberGhost ensures youre free to stream the BBC flawlessly at home or on the go. And to top it off, the BBC explain how to delete the cookie in their help page. Gives error saying incorrect time on tv. This cookie is set by WooCommerce. Creating a new BBC account is easy and only takes a few minutes. Staff may be able to tell you of a specific server capable of unblocking iPlayer. Unblocking BBC iPlayer on Roku is a little more complicated than on a different device, since the selection of apps is very limited, and no VPNs are supported. @tonypaley @hindy11 @pnefc Tried both iplayer app and pne not working, @PNEShirley The most popular VPNs all have user-friendly interfaces that will make. Nice lazy afternoon to catch up on the telly box and iPlayer is not working ? Moreover, our VPN service features built-in DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, and many other features that assure anonymity and security. 2007 - 2023 PureVPN All Rights Reserved, Intershore Chambers P.O Box 4342, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The lightweight apps are highly accessible even for beginners and should you have any trouble, 24/7 support is at hand. Needless to say, the extension gives you the ease of experiencing internet freedom, anonymity, and security right from your browser. @joseprem1 @rajeshroy1929 @churumuri @BBCWorld @narendramodi @PMOIndia It's saying BBC iPlayer only works in the UK due to rights issue. Apple TV is as bad as it is for other users, Netflix appears to be ok, just iplayer thats not working. @leemcpee @PatsyORourke Amazon has kindly pitched in and renewed the BBC's SSL themselves. @purpleliz2 bbc iplayer not working is so criminal just trying to watch Luther kmt. ITVX, on the other hand, is an absolute nightmare! There seems to be a large flaw with the BBC iPlayer, their Parental Control feature is based on a cookie. Im not sure how a VPN would help with watching BBC content in the USA. How to unblock BBC iPlayer content in 5 easy steps Rerouting your IP address can sound like a demanding task. can't be my telly as other things play out fine (testing Military Wives opening) @itvnews I honestly cant be bothered with them, my main platform is YouTube at this point I properly login my Netflix twice a month and watch things Ive seen 10 times already, some of them are available on bbc iPlayer or ITVX, I have no problems cancelling. Below, weve listed the BBC channels you can stream live and some of the shows you can watch on the BBC iPlayer: Although BBC iPlayer wont let you stream live or on-demand content from outside of the UK, it has no issue with you watching previously-downloaded shows abroad. Can I watch the BBC abroad with a free VPN? BBC iPlayer is one of the best British streaming services, offering a massive list of amazing TV shows and series that have won the hearts of many. News, sport, television shows, radio programmes and digital content for Wales and beyond, from BBC Wales. Will my BBC account password be stored on my mobile device? @adrianshort Our VPN service has a large pool of working anonymous IPs that can let you access BBC iPlayer from anywhere you want. NordVPN - best VPN for BBC iPlayer Watch BBC iPlayer with NordVPN With over 5500 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs to watch BBC iPlayer in the USA and abroad. 23h What's it like to be in the audience at Eurovision? Thanks much, Joe, Hi Joe, in the UK, the law says that you need a TV License to use the Player (although as youve seen, the site doesnt really check). How do you rate BBC iPlayer over the past 3 months? Go to your Apple account and change region to the United Kingdom. That's because this service only requires a 5 Mbps connection for live streaming HD video. Both Prime Video and iPlayer both think I ma based outside of the UK, its a bit a PITA as I can't watch any streaming at the moment.. @rosstheconsumer Since BBC iPlayer is a UK-based streaming service, its broadcasting rights are tied to the local region only. Sorry, its due to rights issues. They all work perfectly. BBC iPlayer lets you stream popular TV shows like Killing Eve, Peaky Blinders, and Poldark online, but only if you're in the UK. @colinm65290743 @th0masshaw2000 @HalflingSarah The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, campaign data and keep track of site usage for the site's analytics report. what does this actually mean, considering its not a crime to do so? @CharlesTeuma @cbHatternew Not working today . The Parental Guidance Lock helps you control what people in your household can and can't watch on iPlayer or listen to in BBC Sounds. If you have a lot of devices to secure, its worth knowing that Atlas VPN doesnt limit the number of simultaneous connections. Any problems- shout, @NeilMundo8 Connect to one of your VPN's British servers. Why do I need cookies enabled to sign in? You just keep telling me to restart my router blah blah blah. ?BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. All bbc TV channels are displaying the fault. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. It is a large network of websites including such high-profile sites as BBC News and Sport, the on-demand video and radio services branded BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds, the children's sites CBBC and CBeebies, and learning services such as Bitesize and Own It.The BBC has had an online presence supporting its TV and radio programmes . Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Discovery Plus, BBC iplayer, 4OD, hell even My 5 dont have all these issues. "Total lockup on home page on iPad mini 2 (Safari 12 browser, still supported by Apple, works fine with streaming video sites such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube), rendering the entire site wholly unusable. @virginmedia Its a TiVo box. @seekingsrishti Nope even VPN doesn't seem to work as the iPlayer doesn't load. After all, you can only access BBC iPlayer only through the extension. Here's how to watch BBC iPlayer in USA: Sign up for one of the VPNs mentioned below ( we recommend NordVPN ). IPlayer not working outside of the UK #COYS, @sandratjolle Linda Finally back on, this region seems to have been the last one to have it restored, Linda Monday morning and Freeview message for iPlayer: "content not available" Other catch-up stations are working, Linda What is going on with BBC iPlayer? . Cant afford a newer smart TV, though, @pete_yhwhrulz Note that some VPNs have ad-blockers built-in which are often accidentally overlooked. Here's some advice. Not my department. Skip to main content . Download and install the app, making sure to get the right version for your device's operating system. Hi Samantha, the BBC regularly updates the iPlayer to prevent VPN users from accessing it, but VPN providers tend to update their own services shortly after. VPNs encrypt your traffic, preventing your activities from being monitored by hackers, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your employer, or the government. SERVERS IN 80 COUNTRIES:Private Internet Accesshas a global network of servers and wont throttle your bandwidth. The 2023 World Triathlon Championship Series begins in Abu Dhabi on Friday and will be shown live on BBC iPlayer, Red Button and the BBC Sport website. Not working on Fire TV or Virginmight be worth a mention maybe?! @BBCiPlayer Any idea why the iPlayer app on Chromecast suddenly isn't working? The cookie helps WooCommerce determine when cart contents/data changes. 02100 and 01119 are the errors, also saw 01114 a few times. Enter your date of birth. Coverage: Live audio commentary on the BBC Sport website, report and highlights BBC Sport website and app. When you search for the BBC iPlayer proxy error on Google, you will find confused people similar to you, wondering why the streaming service is displaying the error. @BT tv ,bbc. Problems with iplayer audio AGAIN @BBCiPlayer iPlayer not working on my smart TV. Stephen Smith Getting server certificate expired error on my Smart TV. Better still, theres no limit to the number of devices you can connect, so its perfect for those with families or lots of devices to protect. @fartownboy Setting up a parental guidance lock is the best way to control what your children have access to on BBC iPlayer. Updated: 19 September 2016 If you enter the wrong password too many times, you'll be locked out for 30 minutes. Get PureVPN PureVPN is one of the leading VPN services that provides instant access to your favorite streaming channels, and in addition to BBC iPlayer, it supports Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. To find the best VPNs for streaming the BBC in the US, we found services that are fast, reliable, and have the features listed below: Below, youll find our list of the best VPNs for watching the BBC in the USA: .badge-editor-choice-text-logo-svg{fill:#006c9b;} ExpressVPN apps are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. FYI for anyone else its a problem with iplayer. @katebevan The app is working on my phone though. @BBCiPlayer my iplayer not working keeps showing error 201 ??? Netflix,BBC iPlayer but ITVX doesnt. ? @TheAndermanYT If you run into any issues, you can contact customer support over live chat, 24/7. Has anybody else had an issue like this with iPlayer lately? If clearing your cookies and trying a different server doesnt help, Id recommend asking NordVPN support for further help. @PNEShirley Just the apps seem to be down. @Birdiex94x @Jitokeze BBC iPlayer and itv hub also suffer from a worse delay, there isnt a single streaming service that doesnt its also relative to your own internet, my Amazon prime stream was on time with the time shown in the bookies apps. CyberGhost offers Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux and iOS apps. #bbcqt. has bbc blocked your ip addresses? Product description. If you are behind a VPN and still getting the error, it is most likely because of an old browser cache. This makes it a viable choice for accessing geo-restricted content while traveling abroad. No identifying logs. @SkyHelpTeam @BBCiPlayer is there an issue with the Iplayer as Im getting an error msg saying service is unavailable ? If you lose the VPN connection, a kill switch cuts your internet traffic and prevents your data from being exposed. ? Hopefully they will be able to fix it soon my son is already having Gingerbread Man withdrawal and the versions on youtube are AWFUL. Anyone else? No issues with other apps eg iplayer, Netflix, but @ITVX had me throwing the remote at the tv, @dontasciime All bbc TV channels are displaying the fault. @BBCSport iplayer not working? BBC iPlayer is not working The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". The only service Ive had problems with is the Hay Player and thats usually when theyve got too many people trying to stream at once and their servers cant cope. The iPlayer app on a Samsung TV seems to be tied to whatever source you're on before opening in ways other apps aren't. General purpose platform session cookies that are used to maintain users' state across page requests. For Sony TVs with three buttons, unplug the TV then hold the power and volume down buttons. Log in to your account. @cosmicgirl49 If youd like to live stream BBC iPlayer from abroad but cant install a VPN, Smart DNS services are a good compromise. @Xbox, Is anyone else having the problem where games are very blurry all of a sudden?. Once an IP has been blacklisted, access to BBC iPlayer is not possible. Support is available 24/7 over live chat in case of any issues.
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