Ive also tried a .41 Mag version but that ammo is more expensive. Ralph, you def didnt dissapoint. My first shot was a ranging shot to get the feel of the pistol and locate its true point of impact relative to point of aim. my daddy always says, son the more lead the more dead! Purportedly, quality went into the crapper about the time that production was switched stateside from the land of Canaan. Cleaning, scope mounting, and bore sighting. Mark XIX Titanium Gold with Tiger Stripes, Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE/44 Mag Combo Caliber Package, Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 A.E. In my humble opinion the Eagles are no different then buying a Corvette when a Toyota will do. Your probably pushing that pill around 1550 fps, unless youve got a really long barrel. I also carry it when I hunt, just in case of big animals which are NOT deer. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Embarrassing. I accidentally found your review after I purchasing a Deagle 50 and I wanted to see what others were saying. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX MK19 Pistol 44 Mag, 6", Titanium Gold Finish, Tiger Stripes. Ammo had to be HOT. A great pistol should assist the shooter by being accurate, safe and easy to shoot well. Mark XIX Titanium Gold, Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50 A.E. Neo won. 6 Barrels, scarcely exceeded 1475 fps and 1450 ft lbs. I love your writing skills and hilarious sense of humor! I really injoyed your report Ralph, you were right on target. And even MORE FUN to watch other people shoot, especially for the first time. Full Size - Custom; Compact - Pro; Subcompact - Ultra; Pocket - Micro; EVO SP Pistols; Laser Equipped Pistols; 45 ACP Pistols; Most everything can be easily bought online these days. Shop our curated selection of decoys, feeders, game calls, hunting scents and repellents. They are awesome revolvers. Added a .357 conversion which We have a And if you compare DE 50AE with SW 500 for the power of the blast, how about the handling, recoil and accuracy? (.357 Mag), 7 rounds (.50 A.E. The velocity was slightly higher than the S&W .500 and it WAS by a VERY credible source testing them both with a Chronograph and I saw everything on video first hand with NO edits. Action: Hammer fired, single action I dont particularly like the pistol, but Ive never had any problem sending seven down range with reasonable accuracy and follow-up speed similar to a 1911. (.44 Mag), 3 lbs. All rights reserved. I just HOPE to GOD that I do not get buyers remorse. Gun Review: Magnum Research IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE, Quote of the Day: Government Thugs Heart Gun Control Edition, You Gotta Fight. Thanks for The 429 DE (Desert Eagle) was designed to enhance the famous and powerful Desert Eagle platform. Ok so I am thinking about a 44 mag in the DE and I come across this article because I am searching to learn about the rumors of jamming that every person I talk to about a DE seems to be an expert on. If you compare it with normal handguns for the weight, size, recoil, etc. Magnum Research. Magazine insertion required a degree of force. Get your facts straight. I have the first gen 50AE . Try a little experiment. I was told that it was becuase it was new and it had to be properly lubed up and that should solve the problem. Apocalyptic Mark XIX, Magnum Research Desert Eagle .357 Mag Stainless with Integral Muzzle Brake. Overall length is 10.75, height is 6.25, and the slide width is 1.25. The search for your new Deagle pistol is over, as you have landed on the most extensive selection at the lowest prices right here at Omaha Outdoors. Yes, its a small canon! Where did the bear get a .454? I think what you can see clearly here is that a Desert Eagle is a military pistol, plain and simple. K-Mart Classics: Remingtons Nylon Rimfires Engineered To Last. I have an old Mark Caliber.44 Mag. The grip is anatomically formed and provides an ideal hand seating angle for two-handed shooting allowing for comfortable, rapid and accurate firing. Period. 3. is remarkably mild: my kids like shooting this gun better than most 2. Alloy Frame; . I suspect you and your friends inability to handle the DE 50 properly lead to the conclusion that the gun is useless. But being as this is a .50 Action Express, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, youve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Slide Assembly, the slide is physically larger in size higher to accommodate the barrels with the . We get the FFL from your store others make you find it, copy it, and fax it. And when you take youngsters into the wilderness on over night camp outs. locked breech?) I was shooting my .45 ACP clip loaded revolver while the local rent-a-cops were shooting their qualification with .38 Specials. Barrels will be available in the following options: carbon steel with Black finish (BAR4296); carbonsteel with Burnt Bronze Cerakote (BAR4296BB); carbon steel with Brushed Chrome finish (BAR4296BC); carbon steel with Polished Chrome finish (BAR4296PC); stainless steel with integral muzzle brake (BAR4296SRMB). That shooter never did manage to dial-in his presentation, but subsequent shots by other operators went off without a hitch. Was it supposed to be a vehicle crew weapon or a backup main gun on the Isralei Merkava? service to the online gun buying experience that is unheard of. SOLD Manufacturer: IWI Magnum Research ( Israel ) Model: Desert Eagle Serial Number: 30202238 Caliber Info: .50AE Condition: Excellent Talk about a range attraction, talk about a intimidating, talk about a defensive round that will split your target in two, talk about the range of this round from a handgun. 11 oz. Judge it after 5 rounds in the shooting range, look at holes group in target. Empty .50 AE cases are scarcer than hens teeth. 15% discount on all customizing & elective gunsmith services and FREE shipping to The Gunsmith at Sportsman's Warehouse. Width is 1.25, height 6.25 and the weight with an empty magazine is approximately 72 ounces. Albinos (if such a thing exists) are exempt regardless. Shop our curated selection of decoys, feeders, game calls, hunting scents and repellents. In contrast to the theories, there are the rumors. Certain states have stricter laws regarding a firearm buyers age and Sportsman's Warehouse complies with such requirements. BuyDesert Eaglefor sale online at our Desert Eagle Firearms store. To put those numbers in perspective, .50AE bullets can travel twice as fast as.45s and hit with the force of a .308 Winchester. generous return policy, and handle everything you dont have to go back to Item Number: DE357L5BC. Do not forget one think. WARNING! Because indoor range lighting is no friend of mine, thats why. Price $1045.25. Paradoxically, its also, maybe, the most fun gun around, at least in .50AE. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX for sale . The Mark XIX Desert Eagle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7 round capacity in .50 AE and 8 round capacity in .44 Magnum. Cheaper then dirt has 50ae, 350gr jacketed for $26 a box or $1.30 each no worse then a rifle. A gas-operated semi-auto, however, does. Use max loads of slow powders like Acc #9 or H-110 and magnum primers. With the exception of Wild West Guns and the Cirque Du Soleil show my wife and I saw, everything I saw in Las Vegas was either sordid, overpriced, mediocre or all three. ??! From 10-13 feeth away with 300 grain hollowpoint hornady xtp ammunition? Certainly the 50 AE is impractical for many applications, but it isnt nearly the biggest or most powerful handgun out there. Ans. Once inserted, it seemed like the magazine fit a bit loosely in the well, but thats the way its supposed to fit. I dont bash pistols simply because I personally dont like them. NO gun is perfect. If you like it you are definitely a good shooter, If you dislike it, you can chance to be good shooter as well. And we also filmed it in slow motion! An error occurred processing your request. Yes its a whole of bling! As a result, no two firearms are exactly alike, and finish appearance may vary between individual pieces. I put quite a few pistol loads through a DE .44 and not a single problem. The Desert Eagle system was devised for the purpose of handling magnum loads, and is available chambered for the .357. Id even go so far to say its a practical choice since the ammo is cheaper and its possible to control the gun. Remington's Nylon 66 semi-automatic .22 LR rifles have grown from 1950s bargain buys to 21st century collectors darlings. Ergonomics (carry) * The DE magnum is the best handgun I have ever owned or handguns- I have a about 25 of them my last check. Get Guns.com offers and news!! Online pricing may vary from in-store pricing. I know how ya feel. If you are able to shoot DE 50AE, you will improve all other shooting with smaller guns. You have your energy wrong unless you are comparing the 50 at 10 feet and the 308 at 500 yards ..the 50 has nowhere near the energy. Theres no justification for it, except for having a raucous good time and burning through all those cash wedding gifts when your spouse isnt looking. To accommodate such big rounds, the handle needs to be extremely thick. Neo had guns. Caliber: .50AE Any defects in stance or grip will be penalized. And yes it will stop a running 350 Chevy motor too! My first shot was on target, but the pistol overwhelmed my stance. Ill do a fiction/study research because I asked myself off is it possible if someone would shoot me in the forehead with a 50AE Desert eagle with 350 Grain JHP that I come away with? Ill be at the Shot Show next year and Ill take you and the crew on a tour of the real LV. My S&W .500 is close but I just cant shoot it as well as the DE. Ive seen my aunt shoot mine very accurately with not a single jam. Theres no way Agent Smith shoots the Desert Eagle one handed accurately. Contact Us; My Account; Search Results for: "desert engle" Magnum Research Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Mark XIX Pistol Style: DE4410; Department: Firearms > Handgun Semi-Auto; Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE 7-Round Magazine . The safety was so hard to move and it such an awkward position that I couldnt do it with my firing had. The Mark XIX L5 in .50 AE, .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum are offered with an all 5-inch barrel length and feature hard-coat anodized black aluminum frame, black carbon steel slide and barrel, and Hogue finger groove rubber grip. The picatinny style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics and scope rings. common drumsticks work ever so well, are cheaper, cost virtually nothing to replace, are much faster to use and easier to conceal up a sleeve or down a leg if needs be and will never be questioned anywhere you carry them; Ive never once seen a DE .50 bounce around as much in the hands of people who are experienced marksmen. .45 ACP are anemic in comparison. Firearms dont get much more iconic than John Moses Brownings legendary Auto-5 semi-auto shotgun, affectionately called the Humpback for its distinctive drop at the rear of the receiver. I bought the gun cause I just had to add it to my collection . The Desert Eagle is also challenging to shoot. magnum 45:its still make damage. A good reason I bought a desert eagle and probably the only good reason Newer magazines for striker-fired "Fast . All models feature a full picatinny style accessory rail on the barrel from the end of the chamber to right behind the front sight and standard ambidextrous safeties. the 50ae does have a time and place, but how in the world can you dismiss the intimidation factor? The gas system would be fouled pretty well after about 75 rounds of Remington or Winchester ammo. Which have proved many movies. the muzzle blast is horrendous, but hey, when that 725 grain armor piercing round arrives on target a mile n 1/4 away with the punch of a .44 mag @ point blank range, who in the hell is gonna survive that? They also need some special attention such as a little polishing and fitting. While working with spring-loaded hand grips would be a cheaper way to develop forearm strength, racking the slide and working the controls of the Deagle will likewise turn the average Joe into Popeye with none of that messy spinach. Magnum Research. Magnum Research, the U.S. patent holder, subsequently transferred manufacture to the United States. After 2k rounds this is still a problem. But agree with everyone on the fun factor. It is not for wimps and as far as reliability all I can say is mine I would stake my life on it.just dont buy the cheap magazines,they are prone to feeding issues buy the factory mags they are worth price..and yes the gun is extremely fun to shoot.ammo is cheaper by hand loading.. The bolt rotates until its three heavy lugs reengage the barrel and lock into position, and the gun is ready once again to rock and roll. The Desert Eagle is gas operated, like grandpappy Mikhails AK-47. Mark I, Mark VII and Mark XIX DESERT EAGLE PISTOLS The Mark I Desert Eagle Pistols Barrel, all have a 3/8" dovetail on top. Vegas isnt any fun at all unless fun for you is getting soaringly drunk and burning through wads of cash. The big tyrannosaurus round was unbelieveable. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX 44 Magnum 6in Black Pistol - 8+1 Rounds - The Mark XIX Desert Eagle Tungsten pistol is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 8-round capacity in .44 Magnum. Its too heavy, I tried it. The Desert Eagle is known for its common appearance in media due to its large size, high caliber, and intimidating . The jam-o-matic reputation of the DE was earned because the early ones were fed with .44 Mag rounds loaded for revolvers. The author needs to look up the definition of gunsel. Last but not least, if you havent personally shot a Desert Eagle, throw out everything youve heard about the gun. By some accounts, it reduces the potential for barrel fouling. lol. However, Id prefer my Filipino wood fighting sticks for close quarters combat. Terrific review! The sights are very good and the long sight radius makes for accuracy. Haaaaaa! We will notify you when the product arrives back in stock. What? . Why One-handed shooting is something best reserved for a scene in Jackass 4.0. although i am only64, i installed the aftermarket grip and can still get a full purchase on the pistol.it helps and if youre a taller sort of fella try it.. When you have a pissed of predator charging you at an insane speed for whatever reason, you really want something that has enough stopping power, accuracy, agility, and ammo capacity to make a short work of a would be attacker, when mear seconds are in question between life and death hunting rifles just dont cut it. The Deagle is not recoil-operated like the locked breach and blowback designs that pistol shooters know and love. Unlimited professional scope mounting & bore sighting during coverage. in 44, and with the huge powder capacity it could be argued that it is the 1st magnum. The number of sales of the DE should tell you that many people agree with me. LOL. Best review of any gun in the history of ever. my glock,1911,s&wm&p,XD all jam!! Target practice? dc sundt gny sgt usmc. What would you want to use to protect yourself, children family and friends How do you think now to the survival chance i have you more information giving? Barrel Length: 6.0 Quite a while ago (3-4 years or so) I was at my local indoor range with several of my buddies doing the monthly create homer buckets full of empties so my thousands of dollars in turret presses can be put to good use again shoot-o-ramma. Lights the Go. I shoot a lot! So what makes the Desert Eagle a not-so-obscure object of desire? Its not a jam machine, but it can jam. They felt darned inadequate. Exclusive deals, discounts, new product launches, coupon codes and more. As for accuracy 100 yds 6 circle all day. A gas-operated,semi-auto pistol, the Desert Eagle is primarily used by hunters, target shooters and for silhouette shooting. America is free, and I am too. The Desert Eagle is chambered in many calibers, including .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .50 Action Express. My two DE XIX .50s are the most accurate handguns I own. Weight empty: 72.4 ounces DE is a kind of Hand Cannon, Sniper Pistol (especially if you used the 10 barrel), a monstrous power pistol. It seem like this is an extraordinarily accurate system. Loading up the magazine was easy. True, its a good clubber as handguns go. even if I miss, but within 6-8 inches the shock wave will tear them apart. The pistol also has . Company News; Magnum In Media; Product Reviews; Media Resources. Ralph: I have read tons of articles on guns and gun reviews and your article on the Desert Eagle 50 AE is one of the most insightful and humorous I have about ever read. Maybe its the fun, maybe the glamour, or maybe its the excitement of hanging out with a movie star. The reloaded ammo I got from a guy who works at Magnum out of the Twin Cities before I started reloading had 2,000/2,600 ballistics so no, Ralph is correct. Save big on a new desert eagle 44. ), .429 (.44 Magnum), .357 (.357 Magnum), Black Aluminum Frame & Stainless Steel Slide / Black Aluminum Frame, Black Carbon Steel Slide & Titanium Gold Barrel, 3 lbs.
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