Self-Contained Oil Planetary Bath. Leading manufacturer of Pump Hoists in North America Morris Industries, Inc. founded in 1958, is one of the largest privately held distributors and fabricators of steel pipe and water well casing. Stay in the loop with our newsletter. The R2 pump hoist (2,000 lbs pulling capacity) was designed with economy and versatility in mind. Naples FL 34120 Custom steel platform from rear of cab to. "With the plastic casing and stainless screen, the wells can last almost forever," he explains. HYDRAULIC GROUT PUMP (Ref#4620Tb) Armstrong 5 x 6 piston pump, designed to pump 60 gpm, all hydraulic, variable speed, 95 gpm fresh water pump, Manufactured 1977, mounted on GMC truck with 292 gas engine, PTO, mainline, sandline, pipe racks, remote control, ready to go Price: $29,500, Manufactured 1978, PTO, mounted on 1983 International with diesel engine, remote control, sandline, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, windmill extension, needs paint and new hoses, sitting a while but running when parked Price: $18,500, Built late 1970s, mounted on 1992 Ford single axle truck (2 wheel drive) with gas engine, PTO, no sandline, toolboxes, hoist is good, truck runs but it should be remounted, currently working Price: $26,500, SMEAL 5T PUMP HOIST (Ref#781T) Manufactured 1970s, mounted on 1999 Ford F450 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, 90,000 miles, manual transmission, new front tires Price: $32,000, Manufactured 1969, 2 speed mainline, sandline with 500+ feet of line, mounted on 1994 Chevrolet C3500 with 5.7L gas engine, toolboxes, 2 pipe racks, includes pipe fittings, spool wire, hand tools, everything on truck, 265,000 miles on truck (engine replaced at 228,000 miles) runs well Price: $35,500, Manufactured 1982, cathead, sandline, mounted on 1979 International Harvestor truck (truck is no good), rig has not run for 10 years Price: $12,500, SMEAL 5T (Ref#13911RB) PTO, mounted on Chevy 1 ton, remote control, sandline, toolboxes Price: $19,000, SMEAL 4T BT SERIES PUMP HOIST (Ref#445T) , 1990 International 4900 Series truck with mechanics body, air brakes, 466 IHC engine Price: $22,500, Manufactured 1985, mounted on 1999 Ford 350 truck with V10 engine, trucks needs new gas tank and fuel pump Price: $12,500, No sandline, no cathead, mounted on older Ford with gas engine, PTO, remote control, utility bed, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks Price: $18,000 - Michigan, Manufactured 2004, telescoping mast, remote, control, mounted on Ford F450 4-wheel drive with bad engine, hoist is in good shape, no sandline, no cathead, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks Price: $37,500, Mounted on 2007 Ford F450 4-wheel drive truck with diesel engine, 35 boom, no remote, sandreel and heavy duty spool, 2 rear outriggers Price: $27,500 - AVAILABLE SPRING 2023, SMEAL 3T PUMP HOIST (Ref#4491T) Manufactured 2003, new cable and hoses, no sandline, mounted on 2020 GMC 4 x 4 truck with 9 custom body, less than 1000 miles, pipe racks Price on Request, Mounted on 2001 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck, 274,000 miles, fiberglass service body Price: $36,500, Manufactured 1980s, mounted on 2000 Ford 550 2wd truck with 7.3 diesel engine, PTO, sandline, no cathead, plumbed for remote, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, running condition Price: $37,500, Manufactured 1997, no sandline windmill extension, mounted on 1997 Ford F350 single axle 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine, no cathead, 153,000 miles Price: $33,500, SMEAL 3T PUMP HOIST (Ref#6763T) Manufactured 1972, mounted on 2006 Ford dually 4WD with diesel engine, 5 speed transmission, remote control, 31 telescoping mast, 2 rear leveling jacks Price: $32,500, Mounted on 1993 GMC dually 4 wheel drive truck with 454 gas engine, remote control, sandline, telescoping mast, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks Price: $21,500, Manufactured 1989, extended mast, mounted on 1989 Chevrolet 1-ton dually truck, gas engine, sandline, corded remote, no cathead, 2 rear hydraulic jacks, stored inside Price: $17,500, SMEAL 3T (Ref#2351T) Unmounted, sandline (nop line), no cathead, remote (not wireless) Price: $10,500, Sandline, 40' mast, no cathead, mounted on 1988 Ford 350 with 7.3L diesel (truck engine does not run, needs to be overhauled) Price: $11,500, Manufactured 1994, no sandline, no cathead, 32' mast, mounted on 1994 Ford F350 4 x 4 truck, utiity boxes, 47,000 truck miles, located Canada, components were assembled in Canada Price: $24,500 PRICE REDUCED: $18,500 USD, Mounted on 1994 Chevy 3500 steel bed truck, 87,000 miles, high idle, main line, sandline, new cables, hydraulic outriggers Price: $30,000, Manufactured 2008, no sandline, mounted on 2008 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 6.4L Powerstroke diesel engine, 135,000 miles, 10 aluminum bed, aluminum toolboxes, remote, crane pedestal, hydraulic jacks Price: $85,000, Manufactured 2005, mounted on 2005 GMC 4 x 4 truck, 6000 lb mainline, 1200 lb sandline with 900 of cable, spool wire reeler, 3 jacks, pipe racks, wireless remote, hydraulic extendable boom, includes 200 amp Miller Bobcat welder, generator, engine and transmission have been replaced, aluminum utility box, 20 aluminum pipe storage racks, remote wireless control, gas and bottle storage rack, vertical exhaust Price: $72,500, STELLAR 6628 CRANE/PUMP HOIST (Ref#275T), Lifting capacities: 2925 lbs @ 13, 1350 lbs @ 28, mounted on single axle 2002 International truck, toolboxes Price: $52,500, SWINGER MODEL 45 PUMP HOIST (Ref#2245T), Mounted on 2009 Ford 750 extended cab, 325 hp Cummins, 31,000 GVW, locking rear end, manual transmission, air brakes, dual winches with 2 speed hydraulic motors, hydraulic wire winder, 4 leveling jacks, multiple toolboxes, 2 heavy duty pipe racks Price: $68,500, Built 1990, 3 ton, mounted on 1990 Ford F350 4WD truck, 4 speed with overdrive transmission, new clutch 2018, recently replaced 460 engine (low miles), 28 extended boom, 4000# winch on main line, 2500# sandline, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, pulling tools, 6 pipe with caps to carry drop pipe, 5500 Honeywell 220/110 generator wired into outlet on back of truck to test run pumps, starter box in wiring, holders for spools of wire and rope on back, 4 bailer, 2 bailer, well maintained, last worked 2020 but started occasionally Price: $31,500 Smeal; Model: 12T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2007 Freightliner 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Mercedes; Tools/Options: Smeal 12T (1980's?) We offer minor repair to complete rebuild of Bucyrus-Erie Well Drills and Smeal/Hunke Pump Hoists. See Our Process. The 12,000 lb. Operating controls are conveniently located at the left rear corner of the rig and are accessible from ground level. bare spool lifting capacity with a line speed of 325ft per minute. 300 hours, new DEF approx. Manufacturer of custom pump hoist units. Also available ton flat bed with toolboxes, Built 1998, mounted on 1998 Ford F800 truck, 60,000 miles, 6570 rig hours, (2) toolboxes, Price: $47,500, 2008 STERLING PUMP HOIST/WATER TRUCK (Ref#3571T), 40,000# capacity, 47 hydraulically raised boom rated at 20,000# static with Braden hydraulic winch, 8000 jib electric winch, mounted on 2008 Sterling LT9500 truck (20,000 kms), p/b Cat C13 diesel engine, 6 speed Allison automatic transmission, PTO, air ride suspension, steel flatbed with 1400 gallon water tank, 3 X 9H side rails, hydraulic pipe clamp, hydraulic outriggers, breakout and spinner controls, wireless remote Price: $115,000, 30,000# capacity, sandline, aux line, mounted on International 1600 4-wheel drive truck with gas engine, PTO, Smeal fail-safe brakes on both drums, 130' of new 5/8" line, no tools PRICE REDUCED: $33,500, 8,000# single line capacity, mast with 2' extension (37' total height), 130' of new 5/8" line, mounted on International 1600 4-wheel drive with gas engine, no tools Price: $37,500, Reworked 2005, 42 mast, PTO, munted on 1994 GMC 6500 truckwith Cat diesel engine, Allison transmission, 2hyd jacks, toolboxes, 1 winches Price: $29,500, Manufactured 1980's, mounted on 1990 GMC Topkick with gas engine, 2 wheel drive, no remote, no sandline or cathead, 2 rear hyd leveling jacks Price $27,500, MONITOR M33 (Ref#3693N) telescopic 33' mast with remote, mounted on 2000 Ford F250, located Canada PRICE: $30,000 CDN, Mounted on 1999 Ford F350 2-wheel drive truck, V10 gas engine, auto transmission Price: $26,500, 6T hoist completely rebuilt, new hydraulic hoses, pins and bushings. Mounted on 1997 Ford F450 2wd truck 7.3 diesel engine, 11' service body, 123k miles Price: $26,500, MONITOR PUMP HOIST (Ref#4329T) Unmounted, single line, can pull 25 without extending the mast, telescoping mast, remote control, no cathead, no sandline, 2 rear hydraulic jacks Price on Request, G & R 400 PUMP TRUCK (Ref#6504T) Mounted on 1986 International 1900 truck with 6.9L diesel engine, 24 cfm air compressor, walking beam, drive casing with 350# hammer, good for 2 4" well development, leak in hoist control valve Price: $22,000, G & R 1200 PUMP HOIST (Ref#11060T) Manufactured 1980, Mounted on 1984 Mack truck, Mack 300 hp diesel engine, new PTO, pump, cable, hyd valves, paint, pins, 5 speed, 167,000 miles, 36' mast, no sandline, no toolboxes, 2 rear jacks, pipe racks PRICE: $35,000, Unmounted, all standard features, sitting two years (running when parked) Price: $16,500, Mounted on 2000 Chevrolet 3500 4x4 truck with 454 gas engine, 159,000 miles, runs and drives, stored inside, last worked January 2022 Price on Request, CUSTOM BUILT PUMP HOIST TRUCK (Ref#1143T), Heavy duty steel construction, hydraulic powered with lifting hoists, full hydraulic individual lever base control valve, mounted on 1995 Ford L8000 single axle truck, Cummins 8.3L engine, 8 speed Eaton Fuller manual transmission, 77,500 miles, driver side fuel tank, air brakes, engine block heater Price: $27,500, Mounted on 984 Chevy C30 truck Price: $18,500, 1974, mounted on 1989 International truck, diesel DT360 International engine, spudder attachment, excellent condition PRICE REDUCED: $29,500, Mounted on 1973 Chevy 3/4 ton 4 x 4 truck, 350 Chevy engine, no sandline, no cathead, 30' mast, approx 52,500 miles Price: $17,500, Mounted on 1987 Chevy 1 ton truck, 350 cu in 4 bolt main, currently working Price: $14,000, Unmounted, manufactured 1972, hydraulic pump, no cathead, no sandline, no remote control Price: $10,500, WANTED: The Hunke Brand is known worldwide, for excellence in engineering and manufacturing quality water well service equipment. 84 cab axle with stainless stimulators. Approx. Hunke Manufacturing is a specialist in the manufacturing of water well servicing equipment, including custom designed pump hoist units. Pump Hoist - SRS #4170. . Models include: R2, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 8T, 10T, 11T, 12T, R12, R15, R20, R36 and 50T. Our rebuilt Bucyrus-Erie Well Drills are serving the needs of people all over the world. HUNKE 6T PUMP HOIST (Ref#1076T) Manufactured 2016, Kubota deck engine with 300 hours, no sandline, mounted on 2016 Ford F450 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, automatic transmission, 116,000 miles, 30' corded remote, pipe racks, toolboxes Price: $77,500. A large portion of the truck bed remains open and available for storage and hauling of equipment. Site design by, We offer professional rebuilding for Bucyrus-Erie Well Drill Machines, Weve been a Smeal/Hunke pump hoist distributor since 1967 with the most, We offer minor repair to complete rebuild of Bucyrus-Erie Well Drills, We offer factory spec replacement parts for Bucyrus-Erie Well Drills, along with clutch parts, new Perkins Diesel Engines, and complete, Our sister company, Buckeye Supply Company, has been a Smeal/Hunke distributor since 1967. Truck has a 6-Speed Transmission, New PTO & Hydraulic Pump in August 2022. Read More. YzA0NmJjMzFjNmM0MjMyOWZjYWMwYTE4OWY1ZGY0OGQwOTM4ODNlNWQyYjc3 2020 Buckeye Drill Company. Utility Truck; Mounted On: 2016 1-Ton 3500 HD 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Gas V-8; Tires: New; Tools/Options: Utility Truck: TRUCK ONLY 8' Box, Utility Bed. SOLD. I learned on a 3t. Please check back often as our inventory of Hunke/Smeal Pump Hoists is always changing. Utility box, Extended Jacks, Non-Wireless Remote, Sandline with Free-Fall. This is based on our having been in our clients shoes! DESCRIPTION: If so, just upload 1 photo and e-mail the rest to - Model 3T - Pump Hoist. Mast: 30 ft. high telescoping mast with 6 ft. layback, Capacity: 1,000 lbs. Y2NhZjE4Njc1ZGVmZDlkNGZhYmM4MDQwNzljMjU0YjZjYTllM2Y0Mjg3ZTMx OGU0YTI5YmUyNyIsInNpZ25hdHVyZSI6IjIzZTYzZWJkMjJmN2M1OTYyYmY5 Fast and easy setup by means of a hydraulically operated self-supporting mast. By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies. 6,000# Single Line Main Line Winch Capacity, Extended Derrick, 5T Single Line Safety Hook. We can help load it for you. ZWQ5ZWM5MTk2MWMwZjVkMWY0NGIzMGM1NDViNDY1MTRhZmQ1Y2Q0OTUwYTEx OPEN TO OFFERS. The mainline spool is directly assembled to a hydraulically driven worm gearbox. Pump is fully operational. Low-speed approximately 70 FPM @ 2,500 PSI. Operated by 2 joysticks. Max Double Line Pulling Capacity. Remote control hook up but no remote. All New Pins in Cylinders and Pivot Joints, Recent Paint. Y2QyY2Y3NWJlNTU0YmM4YTkyYmUwOTJiODY4MjZkNmFlMGY4NGU2ZjkzOTdk We've been a Smeal/Hunke pump hoist distributor since 1967 with the most competitive pricing in the industry. 120 Ft./min. Click to Contact Seller. Year: Refurbished, No Cathead or Tailout Winch. Company Type For Profit. Price with 2.5 Bowen power swivel, and slips: $215,000, SEMCO S20000 (Ref#15715T) Manufactured approx. 115,900 miles Price: $37,500, Manufactured 1986, mounted on 1986 Ford F350 truck, 89,000 miles, new transmission and rear end, telescoping mast Price: $35,000, Manufactured 2005, 8000# cap, no cathead, no sandreel, utility bed, 33 mast, remote control, toolboxes, mounted on 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 4 x 2 truck with Cummins diesel engine, 2 rear hydraulic jacks Price: $63,500, Manufactured 2000, mounted on Ford F450 4x4 with diesel engine, 44' derrick, hydraulic wire reel with free fall, remote control, 8x12 steel flatbed, toolboxes, heavy duty trailer hitch, approx 225,000 miles Price: $35,000, Mounted on 2005 Ford F750 truck, Cat 3126 engine, sandline, tail out line, mainline, 30 mast Price: $163,500, Mounted on 2002 Ford F750 truck, Cat 3126 engine, sandline, tailout line, mainline, 30 mast Price: $152,500, Mounted on 2004 Ford F750 truck with Cat 3126 engine, sandline, tail out line and main line, 30 mast Price: $133,500, Manufactured early 1980s, sandline, mounted on 1999 Chevy single axle truck with diesel engine, toolboxes Price: $42,500, No sandline, no cathead, has plug in for remote control, but does not have remote, standard mast, mounted on 1997 Peterbilt with Cat C7 engine, new hydraulic hoses, 2 rear leveling jacks, paintedPRICE: $52,500, Sandline, mounted on 1991 International 5300 truck with DT366 diesel, 70,000 miles, windmill extension, cathead, hydraulic oil cooler, breakout wrench, tailout winch, remote control, 2 rear jacks Price: $62,500, 36' mast, no sandline, no cathead, mounted on 1982 GMC Topkick truck, diesel engine, rear leveling jacks, recently painted, working condition Price: $39,500, Manufactured 1975, sandline, mounted on 2001 International truck with DT466 engine, manual 6 speed transmission, hyd brakes, 32,312 miles, all new hydraulics January 2017, new style one body control from Hunke, no remote, updated hydraulic motors, set up for power tongs, 2 hyd tanks, Manufactured 1992, mounted on 1991 Ford F700 truck Price: $37,500, Unmounted, sandline, cathead Price: $30,000, SMEAL 8T (Ref#12405T) Built 1979, sandline, mounted on Ford Louisville truck with diesel engine, no remote, no cathead, toolboxes, 1 front and 2 rear hyd jacks Price: $32,500, Mounted on 2006 Ford F650 truck, operating condition Price: $77,500, Manufactured 2013, mounted on 2013 Dodge 5500 4 x 4 truck, PTO, automatic transmission, cathead, wire spool brackets, two pipe racks (one is powered), rope sheave, available March 2023 Price: $110,000, Built 2002, mounted on 2002 Ford 4 x 4 truck, 5 speed, 41,000 miles, 7.3L diesel engine, cord remote, new idle control, new cable, set up as single line, can use sandline, 34' mast, new tires, one owner Price: $82,500, Sandline with line, mounted on 2002 Sterling truck with Mercedes-Benz Model OM 906 LA engine with approx. . Ive never run a Simco hoist so I don't know how they are to actually use. Hunke/Smeal products are recognized worldwide for excellent engineering and quality workmanship. OTdlYzkwNDMwMjFlNmM4MGU4ZTkwNWNlOGE2ZjlmNzIxYzhkNDI0MWU2ZGEw Terms MTlmODJmMjZiNzU4NDU5MTgwMzhjYTNkMjUxMWM4MjZiYmM4N2E2OWYyN2Mx New Tires, Brakes and Rotors. The Next Generation Pump Hoist. forsales, service, rebuilding, and mounting of Smeal products. Ready to Work. Agriculture XPRT 2013, Hunke; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2013 Dodge 5500 4WD; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Tools/Options: Hunke 5T Year: 2013: Hoist has Long Rear Jacks, Hydraulic Sandline (no clutch), Wired Remote and Standard Mast. MzlhNzY3ODg3NzQ4ODcxMDhhMmFiODcwZGQzM2RhMTUzNTRmODhiN2RiYjMy ZTAyZDVhOGEwZDQwMjQyODRkOWVlYjA5YmI4MWFmMWQ4MzQ2ODZlODRjODgz We are very proud of our "state of the art" equipment. XPRT, Hunke - Model R2 - Hydraulic Pump Hoist Datasheet, Hunke - Model R2 - Hydraulic Pump Hoist Technical Datasheet, Mast: 30 ft. high telescoping mast with 6 ft. layback, Capacity: 1,000 lbs. NTI5NzA0MjViMzNiYmJmYmUxZDBjZThkYjNjMWY2OTNhMGM1ZmFiMDE4ZGJj For more information about Smeal or Hunke Pump Hoists, contact Steve Straker at[emailprotected]or Seth Straker at [emailprotected] call them at 800-767-3745. The superior quality of our work speaks a lot about our expertise in this field. Truck Currently has 165,805 Miles on it. No warranty (sold as is) DESCRIPTION: The AGWT is in favor of developing energy resources provided water resources are not jeopadized. Our customers are ensured of always receiving genuine factory specd replacement parts for their B-E machines. Smeal; Model: 5T; Mounted On: 2008 Ford F-550 4X4 Extended Cab; Truck Engine Make: 6.4L Diesel; Tires: Good; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T: Remote, Hydraulic Out Riggers, 32' Mast including 3' Extension, Utility Bed, No Sandline, A/C, 6-Speed Manual Transmission, Lighted Tool Boxes, Approx. 12,000# Double Line Main Winch Capacity, 8T Double Line block with Safety Hook. Runs Good, Miles Unknown, Air Brakes. Phone Toll FREE: 1.888.204.3907. 50-ton camelback pump hoist rig, mounted on 1994 freightliner fl-70, vin. We can perform any level of service/repair needed on a cable tool machine, from minor repair to complete rebuild. By carefully explaining both the underlying theory and the underlying mathematics, this text enables readers to fully grasp the fundamentals of physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater. 2020, Semco; Model: S6000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Unmounted; Condition: Near New; Tools/Options: Semco S6000 Year: 2020: Boom Capacity is 12,000# - 2-part Line, 4' Lay Back. Find out early about new machines we have for sale, parts that could be a lifeline for your projects, and see some of our latest repairs. Truck has approx. A Few Tools Included. Needs new Front Tires and Windshield. Fast and easy setup by means of a self supporting mast with two 3 1/2' bore hydraulic cylinders. Designed to allow for easy access to hard-to-get-to pumps and windmills. Since then over 8,000 water well service rigs have been put into service throughout the United States and in 35 foreign . No Remote, was never wired for one. 2015 6T PUMP HOIST 2015 4WD, F250 TRUCK BODY DIESEL DECK ENGINE SANDLINE, REMOTE ORIGINALLY 5T, UPGRADED TO 6T 221,682 MILES ON TRUCK 2015 6T PUMP HOIST 2015 4WD, F250 TRUCK BODY DIESEL DECK ENGINE SANDLINE, REMO. Braking is accoplished with a Hunke automatic fail safe brake. The 6,000 lb. Semco ; Model: S25000; Mounted On: 1998 Ford; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Tools/Options: Semco S25000: Can Handle 40' Pipe, has Pulled Doubles. The open frame design allows for full use of the deck area. Newer Rubber Hydraulic Hoses and a Newer Hydraulic Pump. Fast and easy setup by means of a hydraulically operated self-supporting mast. Currently, twelve different models of water well service rigs are available through Buckeye Supply Company. 50,000 Miles on Truck. Be the first to review! BASIC PUMP HOISTS STARTING AT: S4000 Pump Hoist, 8,000# cap, 35' telescoping mast, 30 gal oil tank, hydro pump, 5T safety hook, hydro controls & variable speed engine control-$22,960. Approx. DESCRIPTION: Weighing approximately 1,200 lbs, the pump hoist was designed to mount on a half-ton pick-up. 18 models to choose from ranging from 2000 lb capacity up to 120,000 lb capacity. 4101-20/4110-1tn.jpg . Hunke. Includes Foot Jack, 1" Elevator, 1-1/4" Elevator, Pipe Wrenches. DESCRIPTION: NzJkOTI0NWZmOTg4Mzk2NjQ4NjM5OWUxNzFmMDYyZjg4NDY3YTM0ZjM5OTc2 As a contractor, do you have a reference library for your business? 2013 Pulstar P4 Pump Hoist $ Add to cart. Asked about current trends in the industry, Hunke points to the well rehabilitation market as having a strong impact on the pump hoist business. Fast and easy setup by means of a hydraulically . Phone Number +1 402 568 2221. Stay in the loop with our monthly newsletter. Service. DESCRIPTION: Just like the saying goes, "big things come in small packages". It's low cost and simple construction make it one of the best small machines available. OFF MARKET. Smeal Pump Hoist Electronic Spudder- Video, Smeal Manufacturing Company A relative newcomer to the field, REICHdrill Inc. introduced its pump hoists in December of 2003. The optional sandline winch has a 2,300 lb. 1998, Pulstar; Model: P12; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2004 IHC 4300 4X2; Truck Engine Make: DT 466 250 HP; Condition: SOLD; Tools/Options: Pulstar P12 Year: 1998: Well Maintained Unit, One Owner. 4wheel drive v-10 gas engine 95000 original miles. to a 6T); Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1984 International; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Condition: 22.5; Tools/Options: G&R 1200 Equiv. Hunke has been operating under the Hunke brand since 2012, when the Hunke group purchased the company formerly known as Smeal Manufacturing. Environmental XPRT is a global environmental industry marketplace and information resource. Truck has Hail Damage (dents) on the Hood & Roof but Paint didn't Crack. 2000, mounted on 1982 Mack tandem axle truck, diesel engine, sandline, no cathead, no windmill, no remote, good tires, ready to work Price: $52,000, Manufactured early 2000s, 1000 of 9/16 sandline, 5/8 mainline, 54 mast, power tongs, mounted on 1997 FL70 Freightliner truck with diesel engine PRICE REDUCED: $79,500, SEMCO S12000 (Ref#4852T) Mounted on 2019 Freightliner with Cummins engine, extended derrick, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks Price: $122,500, Manufactured 2021, mounted on 2012 International cab with 500 miles on replaced engine, hot shift PTO automatic transmission, 2 speed winch with grooved drum, 2000 capacity sand reel, 44 hydraulically telescoping mast, 140 fpm line speed, lifting capacity 36,000 lbs Price: $115,000, Double drum with only one line, no welder, mounted on 1990 GMC truck with Cat engine, jacks, lifter, clamps and some tools Price: $53,500, Manufactured 1995, sandline, remote, mounted on 1983 International truck with diesel engine, new PTO gear box, new 180' of 1/2" wire rope, rebuilt rear leveling jacks, rebuilt hyd control valve, new hyd pump, new mainline, gearbox, new brake and lines, new tires, toolboxes, front jack, tooling: trapdoor slips for 4" and 5", plate slips for 6" and 8", plugs and elevators, various hand tools Price: $41,500, Manufactured 2003, no sandline, mounted on 2003 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 6.0L diesel engine, wire remote control with throttle, cracked injector in 6.0L diesel engine (needs repair) Price as is: $29,500, Manufactured 1999, no sandline, no remote, mounted on 1999 Ford F350 4 x 4 truck with V10 gas engine, approx 50,000 miles Price: $44,500 PRICE REDUCED: $37,500, SEMCO 6000 PUMP HOIST (Ref#8803T) Mounted on 1995 Ford dually 1-ton truck with new gas engine, utility bed, 2WD, no cathead, no sandline, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks Price: $52,500, Manufactured 1993, sandline, 30 mast, mounted on 2004 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 6.0 ltr engine, no remote, approx. 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