The individual tanks have 200 armor and 100+ piercing, and I . Well, thats my military tactic in a concise nutshell. Press J to jump to the feed. Uncover the secrets of Hidegpuszta in this classic survival horror, Remorse: The List. I usually use them in separate divisions, though, like you'll see in template 4.3. Regardless, that doesn't change the strategy. JetBooking for Elementor | Comprehensive Guide. If I come out of Spain with 5 veteran divisions, those will become the first 5 heavy tanks (1 at a time so they can be filled with tanks). @Mad Lad Harry lmao, for that i could mod you on tommys channel xD, yeah man all welcome only games, i play fascist soviet. 120 divisions of 20 width infantry with artillery, AA and engineers. YOU ARE A MAGNIFICENT SOVIET ONION! maybe CAS/air superiority issues? And I can't really comment on that anymore since I play with a mod that requires no XP to change Templates. MW right may even be worth considering, to make up for your disadvantages against heavy tanks). Firstly, how many divisions have you got? You must ensure that you have air superiority so that the Axis forces do not break through your front line. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The only exception would be if a 14/6 kept infantry from piercing you. SPG gun, reliability, armor is optional if you have extra XP, TD gun, reliability, armor is useful for making space marines with TDs but can be left off. Tanks is 1 or 2 divisions with light tanks. These rules will help your game run smoother and increase your chances onto securing world domination. Movies. Engineers are always good, especially if you have them upgraded for river crossings. Start a game as the Soviet Union. So, I'm playing a match as Stalin, and I have 5 million deployed men. Like I say, having artillery in your division templates, air superiority and waiting for the Axis manpower to deplete is the key to success whilst using this strategy. Prioritize converting mils to civs, convert maybe around 8-16 mils to civs to increase building. Thank you! Novelties aside, the Soviet Union is one of the most entertaining nations to play as in Hearts of Iron IV. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Might be too much just for sp but it's better than not enough info. But most of time they just seem to be losing manpower and equipment without really getting the xp. With 7 soldiers and 2 artillery for the infantry. Is it 5-9 divisions out of 24? The rest are pure inf too with 10 and 15w and aa/at. Max the infantucture in those zones or build civs in those zones. These are like the 5/2/2, but for multiplayer. How to Unlock Papal States in Hearts Of Iron IV. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The year is 1936 and tensions over China are progressively escalating. On May 6, 2021, it was announced that Apple TV+ would produce Amit Bhalla's and Lucas Jansen's TV series Hello Tomorrow!, with Bhalla and Jansen co-writing and producing with Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein's Mortal Media, Billy Crudup, and Jonathan Entwistle, with Entwistle set to direct the 10-episode . As soon as the Civil War breaks out send this to Republican Spain together with 5 mountaineer divisions (which I will show you how to make) and some air volunteers: First lets look at your main infantry division: For the later stages of the war, we are using tanks. How many Hoi players can say the same? Tank Upgrades: Again, if you want to force the enemy to make worse templates in exchange for piercing (especially useful against a medium tank Germany) armor upgrades aren't out of the question. During your attack on the Axis, make use of your tanks by pushing deep into enemy territory and cutting off divisions, which allow you to encircle enemy troops, making your attack more efficient. Is there any nations you would like me to do? 1 mo. This is so you can construct level-four land forts across the entire border (including the border with Japan and her puppet states), once you have secured Eastern Poland from the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and the Baltic States from the anti-facist diplomacy. Amtracs are very useful for the Axis for river crossings, especially since your tanks won't necessarily be able to survive after force attacking across a river in the way that heavies would. Here is an example of what is known as the Romanian Death Zone. This is the main reason I go down the Superior Firepower land doctrine as you get these vital bonuses, which help in your victory against the Axis. This is a vanilla (1.10.x), multiplayer-oriented guide, but naturally applies to singleplayer as well. This guide can be helpful for beginners and experts alike! Before you proceed your main attack, you need to ensure all of the Axis forces nations have their conscription policies on the highest possible. Word 2010 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Word, Illustrators Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide, Kick 2 Tutorial By Sonic Academy - Comprehensive Guide, Master Class: Comprehensive Guide to Working with Audio in CRYENGINE, 57- Canalisation des guides - Les violents vnements qui arrivent sur terre expliqus, A Comprehensive-ish Guide to All Things Fumos! So why not focus on military factories in late 1938, and then use them to add just one company of Medium Armor to every infantry division? And heres a couple of additional options Ive stumbled upon in my later runs for the USSR: 1) Why not wipe out Poland as soon as you can fabricate a claim in 1937 (and why not have your Purge focus finished by that time)? But there is one challenge every Soviet Player must go through - a Purge. Also I use 20 width infantry with 40 width tanks. How do you get so much army exp so early on? War Heroes18. I used to play games mainly in Germany, France and Japan. The Soviet national focus tree can . But at the beginning of the war in 1941, 120 infantry and 24 tanks did not give a single tile to Germany. Ok, lets look at the Focus Tree. As no-air Russia, you'll also need some SPAA in the division, 2 will do to defeat most planes. Be careful though if you build to higher level land forts, the forces will simply not attack, defeating the object of this strategy. Every focus Ive completed in this screenshot is needed and justified. Uses: This template is pretty rough, but what it represents is a division where medium tanks and lspg are combined to make a very cheap infantry-killer division. I see a lot of "how to win as the soviets" posts in here. My inf strat at the moment is; Main inf - 30w, Fillers - 15w, Fillers have aa and main inf have whatever you'd like. Soviets would get significantly more imports so their economy could switch to military production sooner. If you do not bother to check out my post, can you at least upload your gameplay record to YouTube ( or other platforms ) please ? I have also been trying to do a historical approach in game ( although not as strict as yours ) but I have been encountering an immense amount of difficulty. Im always looking to add to my HOI4 guides, so Ill be sure to review your feedback and add anything useful to the guide. Kristy Ironside, "A Full-Value Ruble: The Promise of Prosperity in the Postwar Soviet Union" (Harvard UP, 2021) (Podcast Episode) Parents Guide and Certifications from around the world. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Moreover, be sure to have your plans drawn up early, so your Generals can plan their attacks in plenty of time. After 1941, youll have to add 3-4 artillery companies (and, preferably, 1 anti-tank company) to these divisions to actually make it to Berlin. Soviet national focus tree. Get the first mechanized tech to get a flat hardness buff on your motorized. I got it by accident because I lost to Germany. This template is for those who want a template that can keep up with a blitzkrieg through your tank corp. To properly support a blitzkrieg-styled offense, you need troops who can keep up with the rapid pace that it sets, and the abundance of motorized . Clicking on the branches leads to the appropriate section. Electronic Mechanical Engineering (do this part of the tree as you go on, as you get research deduction bonuses), Industry (concentrated industry and construction before anything else), Land Doctrine (superior firepower see next section for more details), Air Doctrine (operational integrity as it minimises your plane loss), Tanks (medium tanks as soon as possible, bonuses come from research treaty with Germany), Artillery (important for my recommended military strategy see next section for more details), Division equipment and different divisions (logistic company useful). State level AA only affects bombers and does some damage to CAS. LightningDustt 1 yr. ago. All of this is to say, your economy is in shambles. For one, with the 1937 German tech treaty, you can actually have T54 modern armor researched in late 1941. Contributor at KeenGamer, often writing guides and news. Less micro than 1 division per tile and helps prevent encirclement. Cookie Notice If you're really on top of things you could even disable them from getting new tanks at all, especially if it's early in the war. Then you worsened the issue by going closed economy so you can't get any trade and your construction speed is slower. Please leave a like and subscribe if you enjoy this video. Perhaps give a go on a playthrough and see how it goes. I will not list every single one, but the ones I feel you should go for first. Your email address will not be published. Please see the. Also, let me know what nation you would like to see in my next guide in the pool below. It is only visible to you. (support,medic,reckon,engineer,radio as support.). 13/7 is usually solid - it forces your enemy to care about piercing but has decent HP:IC ratios. Moreover, here is a list of how you should spend your political power, on advisors and laws etc. If you're going to be pierced/being pierced/on a budget (SA) more infantry and fewer tanks is better, all the way up to 10/10, which is arguably better on defense and will take far fewer losses. This is how your main Marshal should at least look like: Here is an example of how a completed mulitlayered defense could look like: When the Axis declares war on you, ask the USA to lend lease you a, Deep Battle lets you fit MANY troops and move them around in the same province while giving decent buffs to reinforcement rate and tanks. Yeah, that would be good. ALLY BUKHARIN AND ZINOVIEV OR LET THEM DIE- I DON'T CARE. Additionally, please be sure to check out the France guide and let me know your thoughts ( Next up, you have to figure out what ratio to use. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (same as infantry but no reckon but maintenance). In today's video I'm sharing with you my strategy for beating Germany. I even racked up the army buffs, my supply is good, and Im using the big guns. 48 heavy tanks 11-8-2 with signals and engineers, and 25kav for suppression. Support Companies: If armor matters then limit these as much as possible. USSR has been heavily nerfed in the No Step Back DLC and it will be a lot of fun figuring out the new USSR focus tree. You can't do it instantly but you can be pretty quick. Begginers to the game will struggle with capitulating Germany by 1938 but should be able to pick up a lot of advanced techniques from this video. Well, there is always the option to encircle half of Poland and Belarus with light tanks, or as I like to call it, the Minsk Pocket. Privacy Policy. Same goes for increasing the SPG:tank ratio. Variants: You can reduce the ratio to 12/8 if it gets you armor but that's unlikely to happen. 150 mills and 180 civs. Great guide, I like it a lot. Today in Hearts of Iron IV La Resistance we're showing off my latest MP guide made for La Resistance/Man the Guns specifically designed for competitive multiplayer games of Hearts of Iron IV, as the Soviet Union.As always don't hesitate to comment, and ill get back to you ASAP, oh and do like and subscribe.If you want up to date tips, and advice do feel free to join my discord server, and to take part in my weekly Hearts of Iron 4 MP Games. My 4 tanks cant do crap against infantry nor other tanks even attrition. HOI4 Soviet Union Guide time. Modding guide for the new decisions & missions system in patch 1.5. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Supports: Limit support companies on this one. Please write your division build / setup for this tutorial. As a result, 3-4 Soviet infantry divisions will hold any border tile just fine without any forts and no matter what Axis throw at them: they will lose organisation several times slower than the Germans. And welcome to a new Hearts of Iron 4 Dev Diary! You need to sign in or create an account to do that. ago. - Greetings comrades! All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Menu. Finally, there's HSPAA, which is arguably one of the best units in the game. Interesting. Eisenhower's speech was delivered three years after the first Soviet nuclear test in 1949 and only a few months after the first successful Soviet H-bomb test in August 1953. Planes above tanks for the first round of Barb, because if they bomb your logistics and you can't supply your bombarded troops, kapish, you're kaput. 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