They like to make a bold statement with their clothes and put unusual colours and styles together. Thank you so much for your research and efforts in providing this for us. I have followed you for years. Coming from me thats pretty something too because I am extremely really read from spirituality to neuroscience, confident and live my life authentically. You dont have to wear a lot of make-up every day but foundation, concealer, mascara and lipstick are a good starting point. The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural contradiction that is the basis for her physical makeup. Do you know your style personality? Delighted, because in general its a style Ive always loved and been drawn to. I get it thats its just for fun and to help figure out the style that suits one best, but the terminology is downright icky. I dislike most of the loafer, brogues etc and prefer booties, ballet flats, suede boots have an enviable wardrobe of cashmere items. I would like to be as Classic as my mother was at my age but cant do understated . Oct 26, 2022 - Explore Sarah Hamblin's board "Gamine Style: Natural Gamine", followed by 197 people on Pinterest. flamboyant gamine WARDROBE FOR FLAMBOYANT BODY TYPE. Clean shapes and unfussy styles (no tiers, ruffles, big splashy prints), but with interesting small-scale details. I just know when I put on something if its me. I cannot carry it off but many can. This information is like a roadmap. (Rather like your navy maybe thats also a gamine thing? Under this style personality is also Bohemian and if you are this, you like to mix many patterns and colours in your clothing. I suspect it came now because I had finally cut myself away from all the abusers. You've poured your heart and soul into this. What I love about this course is that it is providing insight into how I move in the world and the "whys" behind it all. The larger issue for me is finding the right silhouette, for lack of a better word, and making choices about how to pair things. Susan, after your Red Leopard visit I was inspired to make my own. I believe I have validation & a bit of a blueprint going forward & look forward to the next steps of my own style journey, as well as following along for yours. Again, like the Gamine, jewellery should be small scale, Shoes need to be pretty, dainty with bows or embellishments. Skinny jeans that have something interesting to them: holes, whiskers, fading, Ultra feminine clothing: anything pretty, girly, lacy, dainty or precious. There are many online DIY color analysis sites. Jewellery should be small to medium in scale rather than large and chunky. The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural contradiction that is the basis for her physical makeup. Your hands and feet are moderate to small, and your arms and legs tend to belong. You used yourself as the only example and did not stray into judging anyone. Your hairstyle can be very short, very long, blunt or asymmetrical. Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype. Maiden women who remain in their child phase, may find themselves in a string of relationships with emotionally unavailable, dark and even abusive men. Winter is the opposite of Flamboyant Gamine style to me, as many functional/practical winter lines can overwhelm petite styles. Mid-thigh is actually my worst length for jackets or cardigans. See synonyms for gamine on noun a neglected girl who is left to run about the streets. Its still possible to have a natural style personality and look good so keep it simple and co-ordinated rather than too slouchy and you will always look presentable! It is sensual, strategic, spiritual, emotional, receptive, creative, and so much more. Parkgate House, 40 Parkgate Road, Battersea. adjetivo. Anything quirky and fun such as owls, fruit etc in will suit them. Everything suddenly started to make sense. Are not these public styles dictated by stylists ? gamine: [adjective] of, relating to, or suggesting a gamine. Which gives me some guidance. Whether it is your sweet countenance, screwball personality, or complete disregard for protocol, an eternal child resides deep within you and she is your secret weapon. If you have a classic style personality then you have probably noticed that you find it hard to dress down! Always drawn to Audrey photos and her fabulous look. Shes an expert and I soak up her knowledge any chance I get. Think Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Audrey Tatou. I dont mind standing out, but comfort is a high priority. Whilerarely as guileless and naiveas they seem, gaminespossessan air of eternal efferevesene, even as they mature into seasoned wise women. Just my opinion! Wow! a diminutive or very slender girl, especially one who is pert, impudent, or playfully mischievous. Usually have long legs and arms, which are narrow in width. The Soft Gamine Style (Kibbe Body Type) | InfinitCloset Style Analysis Bright Winter Palette Clothes Color Analysis 12 Seasons Color Analysis 4 Season Color Analysis Makeup Lists Style Analysis Cookies help us deliver our services. I do think you look terrific now not that you have ever been less than chic . Once I started this program, I couldnt stop. Gamines are usually petite and not necessarily in terms of height (a few extra inches can provide enough Yang in their Yin-Yang balance, but they won't be extremely tall anyway). She performed the wild La Dance Savage practically mocking Parisians and their preoccupations with African exoticism. Would love to hear from anyone who can clearly differentiate the two types. Im less self-conscious, and more accepting of what I look like now. I, too, relate closest to that style but I am of a certain age so have not been comfortable with a lot of looks Ive seen referenced. Mixing and matching colours and patterns in unexpected ways shows their creativity, Lots of outlining (collars, cuffs, waistbands, lapels) with piping of contrasting colours or fabric, braiding, beads, etc., oversized buttons, small crisp ties (ribbon, leather, etc.) Hi Gilad, the way I understand it, Gypsy is more dramatic/flamboyant and Bohemian is more earthy, but Ill see if I can get the Red Leopard team to chime in. Bags: small to medium sized, with some structure. And yes, Ill still include it, just not exclusively, and with slight modifications. The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural . I think we can all embrace our own style profiles without demeaning those of others. Check out my Effortless Style series HERE. Many thanks for the clarification! Nobody has ever explained this the way you just did. Just curious. Or they understand why they wore something to death. Ive become much more discriminating about what I purchase, and what I do have works well together. Jamie Lee Curtis 's ice gray pixie is as iconic as her roles on screen. Where I had great success in life, I was unable to truly understand the reason why to enable me to replicate it for the times when I'd fallen. And I felt that pressure. Some of us need a visual reference, as in using maps rather than directions. The Bohemian/Natural Romantic: Feminine, sexy, glamorous, earthy. Hairstyles need to be neat rather than flowing. Your figure should be slim, feminine, and petite. Most Americans wear 15% of their wardrobe 85% of the time. You have a good eye. innocent and provocative icky indeed! A little more structure, a little less volume, for example. In this course, I learned about the different facets of femininity and the divine goddess that is waiting to reemerge. As for color, go with something soft, natural, and subtle. She's traveled the world lecturing before a number of universities, and she pens a column for Zora Magazine that explores the intersection of love and power. Off to check out the curated closet. strapless low cut gown to a public event and was later induced to wear longer skirts for her engagement photos . See more ideas about fashion, style, clothes. It was inactive before below 70%. McJimsey, Zyla, Caygill, Northrup, Kitchener's. More Kibbe Types Resources. See my complete disclosure policy here. Now that Ive had my colors done and my style personality, I have all the info I need to go shopping! When I think about how I want to be perceived, the words creative and put-together come to mind. You probably dont like dressing up unless you really have to and when you do, it has to be not only comfortable but practical and able to be worn on multiple occasions. Required fields are marked *. Why do some of us love vintage clothes and others prefer to dress down most of the time? You didnt write this wrong, but your reader definitely interpreted your words in a negative light. Quirky, funky elements. So the cuts and styles that work for me may diverge from someone else who is also a Gamine but has different proportions. That said, I have been inspired to get rid of many of the black shirts/sweaters I wear by default because a) Im from New York, even though I reside in the very relaxed Pacific Northwest now, and b) its easy.The color drags my face down and ages me terribly. The Queen herself apparently often wears trousers (other than for riding) but has never been photographed in them . The INGENUE Your unexpected mix of girlish charm and womanly sensuality enthralls. Susan, 3. Both are compacted silhouettes, making them ideal for us ladies 5'4 and under. Naturals love denim and tend to live in jeans. One of the main features of Soft Gamines is that they're tiny. A big yuck to the Fall/spring colours for me:( This is what she says about style: Be authentic: Forget conventional style typologies like classic or bohemian and create your own unique look. Jewelry and Accessories: they suggested smaller post earrings for daytime, which Im beginning to incorporate. I want to make it look easy and like I didnt try too hard, which actually often requires time and effort. The Bohemian/Natural Romantic: Feminine, sexy, glamorous, earthy. Although it helped loads, the bolt still remained. A clothing personality is designed to be a guide and an inspiration so that you are able to refine your clothing choices. A structured blazer and lipstick gives off a totally different vibe than a hoodie and a ponytail. I always learn something new or confirmation of ideas. This part was like a bolt that was preventing the wheels from running smoothly. Small scale, boyish, French 'urchin' or pixie. I love this post! The founder of Women Love Power, Ayesha K. Faines is a writer, media personality, and brave new voice for feminine power and social change. Celebrity examples: Lily James, Kylie Minogue, Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. Gamines like clothes but not anything fussy instead choosing slim fitting styles. Geometric Shapes and Lines : Small geometrics and angular asymmetric designs, short and broken vertical or horizontal lines etc. I am inspired to plan a trip to London! There are subtle variations to all these archetypes and most people are a combination of at least two. Celebrity examples: Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Elle McPherson. Susan, I just love your deep dive into your style personality. With the maiden as her dominant archetype, the gamine may be excessively compliant, sexually inhibited or feel stuck in a Peter-pan like existencean extended adolescence. Even as a Black woman who grew up in the times of Jim Crow, Baker was secure enough in her identity to turn cultural stereotypes on their head. For what its worth, your post did not strike me in any way as demeaning anyone. Fun, unexpected color combos: burgundy and ice yellow, lavender and red, orange and purple, etc. A mature maiden takes control of her destiny, commits to goals, and creates a solid identity for herself, rather than relying on the approval of others. I have also received many compliments, gifts and new opportunities! Again, thank you for taking the time and effort. In my younger years(20s) I wore a very short pixie tended to dress boyishly ( read gender neutral street urchin)and my Father commented many times on my gamine look. I have peace in my femininity. Here are some other ways to express your Gamine style personality: Small scale patterns and accessories are best for Gamines. I became annoyed by the work I had to do in between and rescheduled everything else. They also natural fibres such as linen and cotton. Each section is golden nugget after golden nugget. I like what you said about these being tools, not rules. Hi Lyn, yes, I still love the ease and drama of it. The colours in my wardrobe are mostly A. Physically, you are Yin in size (petite) and shape (curvy flesh, rounded features), and slightly Yang in your bone structure (angular). Choosing clean, rounded lines with sharp corners and edges is one method to do this. Grey makes me look like a cadaver, dark brown not much better. Want to know more about your colours and the styles that are right for YOU? See more ideas about gamine style, style, fashion. I have a biography and checked the photos she might have been more Bohemian. There are several systems and most usually cover a version of the following style types: Dramatic (statement dressing, think Victoria Beckham), Small scale patterns and accessories are best for Gamines. No, actually. Celebrity examples: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kristen Scott Thomas, Princess Grace of Monaco, Michelle Dockery and Courteney Cox. I think if you look at your blog the way your viewers do, youll see a trend of shapes, styles, and color. Essentially calling it the default look for old ladies is a bit unkind. Start there. The first time I took the quiz, a little over a year ago, my seduction archetype was the siren (no surprise there). Your explanation of all of the styles was very helpful, too. but forward many years and my style is more Stevie Nicks Bohemian/natural. My interpretation only. See also Who's judging you? House of Colour uses six style categoriesDramatic, Classic, Natural, Gamine, Ingenue and Romanticwhich can be combined to make 23 types. Required fields are marked *. I think Im a mix of Romantic/Classic. 73 Pins 2d C Collection by Truth is Beauty Similar ideas popular now Clothes Women's Fashion Casual Outfits Leather Backpack Leather Crossbody Cute Gifts For Girls Upcycled Purse Bike Print Canvas Purse Little Bag Small Crossbody Bag Enclosure $24.50 Gamine is the French word for a kid who tends to be energetic and make fun of fashion. achieved in these long years : clarity in what I'm going through and why. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. But I keep forgetting that I can wear navy with black the all black, all the time aesthetic is so deeply ingrained! This goes even more strongly for the Royals here in the UK . In any case, I enjoy following your style journey. Close, High, Sharp and Angular Necklines : Mandarin, mock neck, crewneck, turtleneck sweaters; button-down shirts, graphic T-shirts; polo shirts, striped sailor shirts etc. Classics usually like their clothes and accessories to match, or at least co-ordinate as they hate a mismatched look. I'm here to help you get dressed with ease, style & confidence, so you can feel your best at any age! Soft Gamine. Classics just have to be careful about looking frumpy or old fashioned. Sothis happened last night. Theatrical, bold, individual, extravagant, exciting and sexy. The classic gamine hair style is short and soft. A great example of how terribly a woman's charm is affected by dressing up as a different type of beauty was casting Michelle Williams (Gamine) as the all-time sex bomb Marilyn Monroe ( Romantic ). At one time Id say classic when working on the edge of the finance world. Thanks again for your explanations, and journey. She is best known as a featured panelist on The Grapevine. While rarely as guileless and naive as they seem, gamines possess an air of eternal efferevesene, even as they mature into seasoned wise women. It truly can be freeing to get information like this. And keeping ties simple and neat, not a lot of fabric flapping around. Sprigged prints, cute animal designs, often pastel colours and milkmaid type dresses are all types of clothing and patterns that suit Ingenues. I have to end with how much I LOVED reading how its not about losing weight; its about understanding your body and style just as it is. Thank you Susan, and everyone for sharing! I am for sure curvy but also tall and look best in structured clothes but I can pull off longer length sweaters. Also, it's a great confidence builder and allowing me to see where I need to work on cultivating balance in my personality. I knew that I was full of love and kindness and could never comprehend why I was always encountering this abuse, and thats in adulthood! A year after breaking an engagement, I started to recover pieces of myself. 13. A great example of the gamine style for skirts or dresses is the 1920s flapper fashion think drop-waist dresses and straight lines. Such as shorts, cropped, fitted pants, jackets and cardigans, mini or knee-length skirts. If you have a classic style personality you usually have to look smart no matter how casual the occasion. I would have called myself classic at one time but the word is now used for jeans which I never wear partly because they appear to have become mandatory ! She puts so much into what she teaches and you can tell. Women who have a "yang" or masculine quality to their beauty are no less attractive than their more "yin" counterparts. Perhaps its more a question of learning what cuts/shapes/lengths suit ones individual body best, outside the issue of trying to look taller and slimmer, as someone noted above. The part of your post that resonates with me is the jacket length. I aspire to be well-groomed , pulled together in the sense of no bits falling off or getting in the way and love the unusual . The Dynamic Gamine is predominantly gamine classic, with natural and romantic elements. Everything under the rainbow C. Soft and gentle D. Navy and cream E. Browns and blues 2. Here are some more suggestions for dramatics: If you have a Romantic Style Personality you are often very creative and expressive too and often have womanly curves! I think the most important takeaway from your Red Leopard sessions, is body acceptance and not always letting what makes one feel that a certain look is slimming, and therefore right. For shoes, flat ballet type shoes, trainers, loafers or a sandal that would, again, go with most of your clothes. She lowers defenses, possibly with with humor, precociousness, or intrigue, and she elevates our moods, naturally drawing out the paternal aspects in a man's personality. Most people spend years of their lives being diluted versions of themselves, but I dare myself and challenge myself to do the internal work to stand unafraid in my truth. House of Colour aren't unique in educating people about clothing personalities. Celebrity examples:Ellen deGeneres, Carey Mulligan, Judy Dench, Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn. I lead from the heart, not the head.". I look like Im wearing a bathrobe. Ankle boots, loafers, low-heeled shoes. The amount of effort you put into studying, the volume of information you've curated for our understanding and the immaculate production is truly noteworthy. NATURAL style type. More Style Type Systems. Your bone structure is angular, narrow, and sharp, with small breasts and hips. Gamine personalities enjoy expressing their lively natures through their clothing, choosing colour over neutral or . I would tend to the Bohemian/ natural romantic by preference. INGENUE style type. Answers: mostly A under all sections. I recall many years ago when Joan Collins was still in Dynasty that she said she was always expected to look super glam like her character but that her personal style was much more casual . And its tomboyish vibe matches makeup styles like Airy Boyish and Soft Grunge looks. Celebrity examples: Cher, Tilda Swinton,Angelina Jolie, Paloma Picasso, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Adele. I consider myself a good writer but apparently I did not communicate well this time. While there are some recommendations-peplums, bolero jackets, bouffant skirts-that can apply to both, a Soft Gamine does not need the ruffles and daintiness that an Ingenue does. This is the Robin Hood figure or the outdoorsy wholesome type that keeps accessories and make-up simple and natural. For jewellery choose beads or stones that will go with many of your clothes. (And Ive hung onto a few favorite pieces that arent quite Gamine until I can replace them with ones that are.). As your program states, I guess I saved my sanity over the years by developing the Sage aspect. The Red Leopard team took detailed measurements, and analyzed my body shape and proportions. It was a full day all about clothes, which is my idea of fun! Lots of straight, sharp, short narrow tapered hemlines. For fabric choose firm, fairly structured fabrics that hold their shape well. Oh gheeze, how wrong I was, I entered a goldmine once more. The gamine likes to have fun with clothes, mixing up styles, such as pairing trainers with a dress. Consequently, individuals with the gamine style essence tend to create an overall visual impression of rebelliousness and playful boldness. QUIZ Question True or false? Im a romantic/classic which somewhat was surprising to me, but not to others who know me. Celebrity examples: Ellen deGeneres, Carey Mulligan, Judy Dench, Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn. The final major spot on the Yin/Yang scale is the combination of opposites that represents the Gamine. We use these words to describe a certain look or clothing personality which is the Style of clothing for each individual. These keep the body looking slender. The Princess: pretty, delicate, feminine, with small-scale, petite features. Mixing and matching colours and patterns in unexpected ways shows their creativity, Lots of Details : Lots of outlining (collars, cuffs, waistbands, lapels) with piping of contrasting colours or fabric, braiding, beads, etc., oversized buttons, small crisp ties (ribbon, leather, etc.) As a result, I left with a very detailed notebook of which shapes, fabrics, accessories, and design details will work best for me. Your hair needs to be low maintenance and wash and wear so (tidy) long hair that you can tie back is good, or maybe short hair in a well cut style that will look good if you dont have time to blow it dry. Welcome to my blog, une femme d'un certain ge. I look best if there is a bit of edge in some aspect of what Im wearing; usually an accessory, but I do love a slightly period-looking or in some other way slightly dramatic/costumey jacket. I love expressing myself through clothes but have definitely been feeling a little lost lately. After my personality quiz and measurements, Ally categorized me as Natural Dramatic (I was really close with Snappy Casual! I can wear longer coats if they are structured. Thanks also for the comment from Brenda Kinsel. Gamine Refreshing and courageous, the Gamine archetype resembles young and slightly masculine beauty. Ive been retiring my heavier earrings anyway, so this works for me. Style should express our personality, create a complete whole with both physiognomy and temperament. Nothing too frou-frou for you. As Lady Diana Spencer she famously committed the faux pas of wearing a black (!) Click to learn more about the other archetypes: Siren | Sophisticate | Boss | Bohemian | Coquette | Goddess | Enigma | Diva | Empress | Sensualist | Lady | Ingenue | Gamine. For Tautou, the star of "Coco Before Chanel," a biopic about the iconic French designer that opens Friday, style isn't to be found I look forward to your post every day. Thanks , Katrinka ! After searching and taking different courses on self love, sexual liberation and feminine energy, that I later found out were surface level and not well thought out, I am glad that I invested in your work. Explore different types of Fashion Styles! Close, High, Sharp and Angular Necklines : Mandarin, mock neck, crewneck, turtleneck sweaters; button-down shirts, graphic T-shirts; polo shirts, striped sailor shirts etc. BODY TYPE'S WARDROBE BOARD:* Gamine VS other "BODY TYPES" If you want to support me and get some exclusive stuff: https://www.patreo. They describe the gamine as petite with compact bodies, captivating eyes, and a slightly "boyish" look. It referred to a relatively boyish, youthful, playful, charming, and adorable way of dressing. Children lack the pretention and defenses that adultserect as armor over time. It's not just sex, roses, and pink diamonds. When I wear longer cardigans like the jcrew coatigans they look horrible on me. It was a blast. Im a romantic/classic which was somewhat surprising to me, but not to others who know me. My Style Personality Profile isnt on the list. Now, all of these are tools, not rules. Im adapting some of the Gamine style guidelines for our lifestyle, which is mostly casual, and for our locale (Southern California) where being too done up feels out of place. Id rather replace that with some sort of smart casual expression though a single word eludes me. Thus, the gamine style looks best on a petite and boyish frame as the feminine qualities of the clothing stand out. Thank you for the educational post. To give you a better idea we've put together an overview of the different style personalities for women below. Thank you. What a great post to start the week with! Typically, physical or psychological loss will force the maiden womanto face herself and fully mature. A Soft Gamine is a force to be reckoned with. When Id encounter really quite terrible jealousy and meanness (which there was a lot), once again, I couldnt understand why. Fits: tops and jackets are best when shorter (top of hip length) and more fitted, but not tucked in. House of Colour uses six style categoriesDramatic, Classic, Natural, Gamine, Ingenue and Romanticwhich can be combined to make 23 types. They have a lithe frame that tends to show off some toned musculature. Just like the Archetype Quiz, the Feminine Odyssey course was very thorough. You might be one or a combination of more than one. A House of Colour style day includes a lot of learning, a personality quiz, measurements (mostly vertical) and a show-and-tell time. The longest he agreed to for our verified FG is chin length. Much of it was confirmation of styles good & bad that Id figured out on my own. A slightly flared skirt is fine if kept very straight through the hips and thighs. If you're struggling to define your own style essence, The Concept Wardrobe has a great overview. Sign up to be notified of new posts and updates from une femme d'un certain ge. I feel that my personality and style preference are more similar to the gamine, but my body type is very different from that being a FN. Such as sheath, shirt and baby-doll dresses, Short Hemlines : Lots of straight, sharp, short, cropped, narrow, tapered hemlines with sharp edges. I definitely fall into this category! At 56 with long, thin legs and a short torso long over lean suits me best. I bought your Sophisticate bundle and have completed the Lover section, and I feel it has pushed me so much further on my personal journey and evolution. I wish one could like your posts because they are so good generally and spark interesting debates . Thank you so much! The Feminine Odyssey is a spiritual, mental and emotional journey that every woman must undergo. Here are some Romantic Style Personality suggestions: Naturals are probably the least of all the types who like dressing up, preferring to feel comfortable in their clothes and dressing casually most of the time. Its a very comprehensive process, and very individualized. I take issue with the terminology used here. Celebrity examples:Kate Winslet, Sophie Dahl and Julianne Moore. Over the last 2 years in particular Ive been buying larger tops in order to conceal my belly when in fact I should have tried petite tops with fabric thats more structured.
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