I think it is well worth the time, and I even included the Bernina Express on my list of the best day trips from Milan. The snow-capped valleys and mountains of Switzerland give it a touch of otherworldly charm. Drive down the rolling roads from Milan to Switzerland and soak up the idyllic scenery. With us you can book: a car, a minivan, a minibus or a group transfer from Cornavin Train Station Geneva at fixed prices. Read more. 1. Answer 1 of 8: If I fly into Milan Malpense and Iam traveling to Montreux Switzerland do I have to go into Milan Central to catch a train? As a result, the route soon became famous for its steep grades, high elevation crossings, tunnels that run through and along the side of mountains and viaducts, or flyovers that cross valleys and gaps. I recommend taking the earliest possible train from Milano Centrale to Chiavenna, as the buses only leave once per hour and you will want to get to St. Moritz as early as possible to explore. Are you sure you want to continue? Many of the train lines go straight to tourist attractions and popular overlooks which cuts down the work a traveler needs to do by at least half. Trains between Milan and Zurich. Whether it's by train, bus, or car, you'll be happy you made the trip from Milan to this stunning Swiss region. The best way to get from Milan to Switzerland is to train which takes 3h 38m and costs 5,000-12,000. There are also several regular train cars that don't require a reservation. The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF). The reservation for the Bernina Express train is worth the extra fee. The choice is yours. The quickest way to get from Milan to Switzerland is to drive which costs 4,600-7,000 and takes 3h 5m. Limited daily services, depending on where you board the train. Book a private taxi transfer with a driver from Interlaken to Interlaken Train Station at the best prices. Completed in 1910, the Bernina line links Engadin in Switzerland with Valposchiavo in Italy. It forms part of the Abula/Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway, a scenic route through the Alps which, because of its history, engineering innovation, and the stunning . Trenitalia's high-speed Alta Velocit (AV) trains leave Venice for Geneva once every morning and several times each afternoon averaging six trains per day. TGV INOUI to Luxembourg. There are 803+ hotels available in Switzerland. Zrich is a hub for railways, roads, and air traffic. Early trains on this route leave around 6 or 7 a.m., while the night trains leave Milan Centrale or Zrich Hauptbahnhof around 7 p.m. Spiez is about 2h30/2h40 from (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? This restaurant is a vegetarians paradise. Dont be afraid to go off the grid and explore the countryside. Get our travel tips Delivered to your inbox. Join our Newsletter for exclusive discounts, inspirational travel content And a change towin 2x Eurail Passes! If you're only traveling this route once in your lifetime, you should make the most of it! The Bernina Express is a scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps. Direct connection. Great places to stay are for example Lucerne and Brunnen. Coaches have toilets, free WiFi and power outlets, plus snacks and drinks for purchase on board. Navigate at sbb.ch. Although the Bernina Express partly runs through Italy, a Pass for Italy is not required. Yes. Alternatively, FlixBus operates a bus from Zurich Bus Station to Milan every 2 hours. So choose according to your fancy. Don't miss out on the Swiss capital city! Planning to go from Milan to Switzerland by yourself? It also helps that Ticino is utterly stunning, with breathtaking mountain vistas thanks to the nearby Swiss Alps and national parks that surround it. Locarno is a lovely destination in itself, and my guess is you would be sorry to leave after one day. Heres what you can expect during your day trip from Milan to Switzerland: Take a trip down the snow-covered slopes of the Swiss Alps onboard the Corviglia Funicular, a funicular railway route. Explore your options to travel by bus here. These tickets will only be given to those who have rented rooms or campsites and do not apply to houses or other types of vacation rentals. We took a 6:20am train from Milano Centrale to Colico, then . Traveling to Canton of Ticino by bus will take roughly twice as long as traveling via train, but will save travelers money. 05:46. Milan: You can take a direct regional train to Tirano, which are operated by Trenord and covered by the Eurail Pass. You will find many of these structures perched high atop a mountain or jutting out into a lake, making for some marvelous photo opportunities. The fare rules for each train indicate whether seat reservations are necessary. See beautiful Switzerland and Northern Italy with this journey by train. This includes an average layover time of around 28 min. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 3h 38m. 2. Visit the renowned St. Moritz, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. - to help you get the most out of your next trip. By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button below you acknowledge that passholder fares may only be used in combination with a valid Eurail Pass or Interrail Pass. Things to do in Milan Day Trips from Milan Milan to Switzerland. Strolling around in the foothills can be just as tranquil an experience as ascending to the peaks. Woudl you prefer an organized guided tour, led by a local tour guide, and inclusive of all your tickets and transportation costs along the way? Hotel Dakota offers functional rooms and a delectable breakfast in a semi-formal setting. Railway passes are a great thing to hang onto even if travelers aren't planning on staying the entire time in Ticino, and can be applied to other attractions, as well. With us you can book: a car, a minivan, a minibus or a group transfer from Interlaken at fixed prices. Once travelers arrive in Ticino, they'll be happy to know that navigating the region is very easy thanks to public transportation. Mount Titlis 1:17 am. That first trip is what ignited a lifelong passion, and it's one that continues to be fueled through pen and paper Or, in this case, a keyboard and a computer screen. Lugano (Switzerland) Take advantage of Milan's close proximity to Switzerland by taking an awesome day trip to stunning Lugano, just over the border in Switzerland. Not the special scenic train targetted at tourists. . Find out about the Bernina Express route and how you can experience it yourself. The exhibition runs until 4 June 2023 and is extremely popular, so advance booking is essential. From there it climbs into the Alps, passing mirror-like lakes, quaint villages, snow-covered mountains, and glaciers on its two-hour journey to St. Moritz, Switzerland. If you enjoyed this post, youll definitely want to check out these three: Through traveling to almost 50 countries and living in 4 of them, Ive had really cool opportunities to learn a lot about the world and its people. Rent per Hour available for:Events. Known for mouth-watering delicacies made only from freshly sourced ingredients from local greenmarkets and cheesemongers, this is one of the finest restaurants in Lucerne. However, the thing that you need to consider is where you are starting from. Enjoy flexible ticket changes Here's everything you must know about taking a day trip from Milan to Switzerland. If you have any questions about doing the Bernina Express as a day trip from Milan, reach out by dropping a comment below! Many of Trenitalias Frecciargento AV trains make the daily journey between Milan and Zurich in just 3 hours and 35 minutes, traveling up to 155 miles per hour. Enjoy some of the best alpine adventures here with mountain railways, cable cars, chairlifts, ski lifts, and then some. Trenitalia's high-speed Alta Velocit (AV) trains leave Milan or Zurich every two hours averaging nine trains per day. The fastest train goes from Milano Centrale to Razzino, and then travelers are required to take a cab (or rent a car) to cover the rest of the distance to Canton of Ticino, just under 30 minutes. The Bernina Express ends its journey in Tirano, Italy. Stop along the route to enjoy the small villages you encounter. Walk from Alpnachstad Station to Alpnachstad ferry terminal 12:59 am. It just takes some coordination on your part, but that is what this post is for! Step 1, travel from Milan Centrale to Verona Porta Nuova in 1h22 by Frecciargento with cafe-bar & free WiFi. You shouldn't have any problem getting a hotel room at a reasonable rate in Zermatt at this time of year. 100 miles . Expect a cafe car on every train, as well as food cart that brings snacks, sandwiches and beverages to your seat. The bus rides through beautiful landscapes and past Lake Como. Along with its "sister" ride, the Glacier Express (also in Switzerland), it is widely regarded as one of the most unforgettable train journeys in the world. The Fraumnster Church (lit. While the entire length of the Bernina Express is an exceptionally scenic ride through Alpine landscape, there are a few extraordinary highlights along the way. Rest your weary legs after a long day of sightseeing at a local hotel. She has also written for Frommer's, The Washington Post, Travel + Leisure, and more. Pass through a number of villages including Domodossola and Spiez until you reach the beautiful Interlaken. By proceeding, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our, Take the train from Milano Centrale to Chiasso, Take the train from Chiasso to Zuerich Hb, Take the train from Milano P.Garibaldi to Chiasso, Take the train from Milano Porta Garibaldi to Como S.Giovanni, Take the train from Como S. Giovanni to Zrich HB, Take the bus from Milan to Zurich Bus Station. This is because the trains do not run very late in the evening or early in the morning, and taking the train from Tirano to St. Moritz doesnt leave you much time at all in St. Moritz. Now that we now WHAT to get, let's find out WHERE to get them from: Check out our comprehensive Milan Travel Guide packed with itineraries, tours, culture trips, best hotels, restaurants and a lot more. All of our cars are provided with regular passenger transport license and professional drivers, who speak at least one foreign language and will be waiting for you at the airport, at the arrivals . Look out at the Swiss Alps as you ride along the Bernina Pass to St Moritz, and then enjoy free time to explore the chic . Next:A Travel Guide To Geneva, Switzerland: Tourists Should Plan Their Trip Around These 10 Things, Lianna boarded a plane by herself for the first time at the tender age of 12 to traverse nearly 9,000 miles halfway across the world. Reservation required for a seat in one of the panorama cars (20 CHF in winter and 24 to 26 CHF in Summer), No reservation required for the regular cars (regular train car without panorama windows). You can take a train from Milano Centrale station to Chiavenna, and then switch onto the route 4 bus to St. Moritz Bahnhof. Dedicated travel coordinator (for the best service, book at least 2 weeks in advance), Taking the train from Italy to Switzerland. Best things to do in Zurich, Bern, Milan, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna are: Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, St. Stephen's Cathedral, and Belvedere Palace. The Swiss Alps Bernina Express Rail from Milan is one of the most popular and efficient ways to travel from Milan to Switzerland by train. Read more. Save this link to stay updated on COVID-19 restrictions. On our most recent trip to Milan, we decided to spend our wedding anniversary up in the Swiss Alps on this beautiful train, and we had an absolutely fantastic time. all things travel. Construction of the present structure commenced around 1100 and it was inaugurated around 1220. Trains run in both directions, from Chur or St. Moritz in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy. The Ticino is the Italian language part of Switzerland a mixture of Italian and typical Swiss influences, maybe not how you expect Switzerland. If you want to experience the wonderful scenery on the Bernina Express route by regional train, be sure to board a train earlier in the day. However, there are services departing from Milano Centrale and arriving at Zrich Stadelhofen via Chiasso and Zrich HB. The Berner Oberland is a bit further and includes a 20 min tunnel part, but the rest of the trip is very scenic. ', 'Should I book online before I travel?
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