I am in the RTT camp, at both EPM and FPM, although I like the RTT better at EPM. Four independent hot water Jacuzzis right next to the pools (2 of them in the Excellence Club area) and 5 pool-integrated whirlpools complete the experience. Check in / Check out. Excellence Riviera Cancun is a luxury adults-only resort located in the Riviera Maya area of Cancun. Gerente de Recursos Humanos en Finest Playa Mujeres The Excellence Collection . Both resorts have an extensive range of sun loungers in various single and double styles. 1- Aroma, the coffee shop at Riviera Cancun was a very nice touch. I am planning my honeymoon. I [25M] would like to take my parents [54M, 50F] on a weeklong vacation to an all-inclusive. This adults-only, all-inclusive resort is situated just north of Cancun, Mexico and is loved for its kids-free environment (which, let's face it, can really add to the relaxation factor). Contrary to the high rise and proximity of the hotels in Cancun, the hotels in Playa Mujeres and Costa Mujeres, and tend to be spread out. Finest Playa Mujeres. Brass steakhouse is always a fave ( the flank steak / Arracherra is awesome). Alternatively, you may use, Villa Del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa, Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres, All Inclusive Resort & Spa. in addition to the shows. MILLSPA AQUA WELLNESS HYDROTHERAPY CIRCUIT. Here's my full review of the Excellence Riviera Cancun (an all inclusive resort) and how it compares to the Excellence Playa Mujeres. I can afford both EPM and ERC, but am trying to decide which one to go with. Dead horse question: EPM vs ERC? We had a fun evening dining Mexiacan outside and a great show as well. A nice quiet patio, al a carte food, musicians at times.heaven :), This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. You can't go wrong there I know. In September after Labor Day weekend, the number of kids significantly drops off because school is back in session. Go to the check in counter had the best service ever so ever helpful and smiling. Easy to find your way around, All the restaurants are close by and surrounded by the rooms. Cancun has great flights and reviews for Excellence are better than Secrets. I only found out the last lunch I had there but the grill on the left side of the buffet near the sushi bar (yes they have a sushi bar) they have many meats and sea food that you can have grilled to taste the shrimp and scallops were oh so awesome. Traveling to Cancun? I'd book EC if available so you don't have kids in your building. Adults in the Finest Club can use the EC amenities as long as their kids aren't with them. I went to a different Secrets in Mexico, and it was ok. Both locations have a nice, long beach to walk on - at least 1-2 miles, if you like to walk on a beach. Finally find the time to celebrate and enjoy time together. They should add this at Playa Mujeres. We love ERC because of its layout and the fact that the staff are just so good at what they do and food is a notch up on EPC, We love EPM and The Beloved because they are the fresh new models. . See our bars & lounges Really high quality performers. I don't know how that might affect hanging out on the beach.8- We stayed at the Excellence Club once, but felt it wasn't needed, nor of value to us.Our opinion is that you can't go wrong at either location, if you are looking for a nice, relaxing vacation. . We have kids but we will be coming without them. You're definitely correct as to the reasoning behind the Swim Up. I have never gone with kids - always adult only and stayed in building 6, the adult only area. Some things I find a bit better at EPM (lobby bar, existence of an Indian restaurant, design of the shower, breakfast/lunch buffet), and some I find a bit better at FPM (design of the balcony and jacuzzi, sports bar, tapas restaurant, the overall design of the bathroom except for the shower). I think some of the RTT rooms at FPM have less privacy than others. The one thing they all have in common is that they all have the ability to offer a perfect holiday with magic moments for you to take home and cherish. Beloved Playa Mujeres reports 91% usage of green energy. The sand at ERC is finer than at EPM and is deeper than the beach at EPM, Both resorts have an Excellence Club beach section and both have Excellence Club pools which are policed in a very polite manner. Both resorts are great and offer activities and chill out areas there is something for everyone. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-90332753', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Finest is a bit newer. Utilizing the adult only areas on the beach and pool as well as adult only restaurants is a great way to minimize any impact you might feel if the resort does have a lot of kids while you are there, but they really arent any trouble. Each resort has its own fans - the only thing nicer at EPM in our opinion is the room/balcony/daybed. :). Honeymoon advice needed ! Thank you so much for responding. Thank you so much for your thoughtful responses. EPM has the Flavour Market which is open in the evening and this is a New York style Tapas Bar. To a certain extent it is like trying to compare a pineapple, a kiwi fruit and a mango they are all great tropical delights but they each have there own flavours and appeals. The beach at ERC is wavier that EPM, which is much calmer due to Isla Mujeres serving as a natural break from the ocean currents. Playa Mujeres has a much better beach & depending on time of year the sargasso seaweed situation at Riviera could render the beach unusable. We've been to Excellence Playa Mujeres 4 times, and now we have just returned from our first trip to Excellence Riviera Cancun. 8 3.2k. Thank you so much for responding. I had a blast teaching as I always do but during my week teaching at this resort I got to meet so many great people and I even inspired someone to become a fitness instructor. They are so ever careful with food allergies not only do they have logos on the menus for gluten free or others but before they seat you they always ask and take extra care for your allergies. Now that I'm looking at the room catergories I'm seeing Excellence Club and (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? No lines, no crowds, people would come to you with drinks, food or whatever you needed.Restaurants where amazing! Fitness Trail provides a scenic, tropical route for walkers and joggers. Two-Story Rooftop Terrace Suite with Plunge Pool -, Two-Story Rooftop Terrace Suite - Spa or Pool View, GUEST ROOMS OFFER THE FOLLOWING AMENITIES. Other amenities offered include a business center, laundry services, and airport transfers. more. Having visited all four Excellence Group Resorts a few times now I would say that all four resorts are very similar but different if that makes any sense. I love to have a new experience so EPM here we come! Finest Playa Mujeres. Havana Cigar Bar Lounge with a specialty selection of cigars, liquors, coffees, and cocktail pairings. Finest Club delivers a whole new experience in an all-ages setting, where everything is about privileges that accompany you throughout your vacation at our All Inclusive family-friendly resort. I will definitely look into excellent club, I hadnt considered it but that might be a good meet in the middle option for us. Finally, having visited all of Excellence Group Resorts multiple times I must explain that they are all very similar but different if that makes any sense. https://goo.gl/maps/yBzsj5i6Nc9LSGv56. My suggestion was taking the totality of his wish list into account, not just which is "better". There is also more than and adequate shade. 1- Aroma, the coffee shop at Riviera Cancun was a very nice touch. I was in the same boat (we don't even have kids of our own), but we wanted to plan a vacation with the extended family and that included two kids, so we had to find a place for all of us. Playa Mujeres has a better beach, so I'd look at Excellence Playa Mujeres or Beloved if that's important to you. As for which one I prefer, they're really pretty comparable to me, even though Finest isn't adults-only. So good! This is good info though, thank you very much 2 Responder Overview. I dont see the attraction, for me anyway. All Excellence Club suites offer impressive ocean views as well as indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis. Two additional Jacuzzis by the Spa & the Swim-up Pool Bar provide immediate refreshments. There are two very distinct camps on this one. We have had a wonderful experience at both locations. Restaurants: We loved Tinto y Tapas, which was surprising because I'm generally lukewarm on Flavor Market at EPM. This is an Excellence Playa Mujeres Review, Should You Choose the Excellence?Excellenceplayamujeresreview, #Shouldyouchooswetheexcellence #CancunMexicoI had . This place is exceptional, First let me thank Tik tok fitness vacation exchange for sending me to this amazing resort and for the Excellence to have me teach two classes that I adore. EPM two years ago service was very good. Blvd. Excellence Playa Mujeres is an adults-only romantic resort nestled on 3 km of powdery white sand beach. Their Playa Mujeres location is supposed to be their best one. BUT - despite the weather, we had a WONDERFUL time and highly recommend this resort. Located within the Grand Palladium complex, this adults-only all-inclusive hotel is set beachfront on Playa Mujeres. We were thinking about staying at Finest this time to try it out but we don't want to be disappointed. . I love waking up in the morning and getting right in the pool. Though I don't think there will be a ton of kids in September anyway, as schools will be back in session. ERC is priced slightly lower I believe as it's a bit older. Just booked a vacation at excellent riviera cancun. ANy activities at night at Excellence Riviera Cancun. I'm sure with the Finest next door it may have more now. (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? The kids being around was really a non-issue, and keep in mind that my first visit was in July, a popular time for family vacations. We have never been to the same resort in over 12 visits, but are headed back to ERC in a couple of weeks. All Excellence Resorts are now raising their game with regards to the quality of service offered to Excellence Club guests and personally I like what they are doing and have no fears at all that it will result in a them and us society. The shower is huge and again has glass door glass and an upper half glass panel into the bedroom area and again some people may have issues with this you will find photos of these features in my online photo album for 2008/2009. Aesthetic simplicity flows throughout the rows of sparkling pools, above-the-curve inclusions, and all-suite accommodations at this resort for all ages. Evening entertainment/live music at Atelier? Overview Suites Excellence Club Finest Club Flavors & Spirits Location Reviews One of the most-awarded luxury All Inclusive resorts for all ages in Cancun, this blissful and modern property provides a sleek escape with upscale suite concepts, a Kids Club with mini water park, and a sparkling pool by every building. Booking a quick anniversary getaway (Thurs - Sun) for our 5th. Nur noch Amerikaner, die ca. 2- We found the buffet at Barcelona, for breakfast, and for lunch was more extensive at Playa Mujeres, but also was utilized by more people. A total of 7 swimming pools 5 of them heated in winter ( 3 of them in the Excellence Club area), with a collective expanse of 55,500 square feetprovide guests with privacy and a variety of bathing options throughout the resort grounds. The staff was amazing. Aesthetic simplicity flows throughout the rows of sparkling pools, above-the-curve inclusions, and all-suite accommodations at this resort for all ages. Deluxe exercise facility offers complete weights and state-of-the-art cardio equipment including treadmills, crossover, movement and step machines, in addition to rooms for daily classes in yoga and aerobics. Rooms From the service to the food and the amenities on offer, this place is the perfect spot to unwind and relax. If you haven't already, type in the wording of your thread title in the search field and it will bring up a lot of posts with some answers, As Kelly has said this question get asked a lot, I have sent you a PM with my thoughts of the differences between the two, You may also want to check out their website. I went to Excellence riviera cancun last year and stayed in the Excellence club two Story rooftop terrace ocean front suite. I'm excited to see EPM as we arrive on 7/5 - it looks like we may miss meeting the famous flipflop man! Access to two private pools (heated in winter) and two independent jacuzzis (hot water) in the pool area. I've been to EPM four times and (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? more. We soon picked up on the fact that you can modify your meal and get your dream meal by just asking. We got a Superbowl party, crazy set-up, we got Mardi Gras and we were leaving they were setting up for Valentines day. There are also breakfast a la carte options at the two restaurants over the pool, similar to how it works with the Lobster House and Grill in the mornings at EPM. Personally, I do think #8 has the best ocean views as you are looking up the coastline with nice views across the two piers, http://www.excellence-resorts.com/caribbean-and-mexico-destinations/excellence-riviera-cancun/resort-map. The beach is much nicer at FPM with no passing traders, we also prefer the Club beach better at FPM as they offer more shade. Both resorts have an Excellence Club beach section and both have Excellence Club pools which are policed in a very polite manner. I do prefer good food, new looking rooms, great swim up pools, hoping not big "groups" and close proximity to CUN. Is one better than he other? Also, the swim-ups at FPM are legit swim-ups, with a deck and entry into the pool from your deck. more. I haven't stayed in one, but from what I've seen the plunge pool looks to be not that much bigger than the Jacuzzi tub. We have been to both, and we like EPM much better, visited 5 times at EPM, ERC just once. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for . Contrary to the high rise and proximity of the hotels in Cancun, the hotels in Playa Mujeres and Costa Mujeres, and tend to be spread out. i see it this way. Both locations have a nice, long beach to walk on - at least 1-2 miles, if you like to walk on a beach.4- We did find that getting a drink while sitting on the beach was better service while we were at Playa Mujeres.5- The personnel at both locations are always friendly, and it makes a big difference that they always smile, and say hello when you pass them.6- We found that while sitting, and talking to people at the Martini Bar, there were many people who had been return visitors to Excellence resorts numerous times. We were thinking about staying at Finest this time to try it out but we don't want to be disappointed. So good! All guests staying at Excellence Riviera Cancun and Excellence Playa Mujeres will enjoy 24-hour all-inclusive service, which includes: special welcome cocktail and cool towel; full breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day; a la carte, buffet, snack grill/takeaway bars, and formal dining options with no reservations required; unlimited The staff is so pleasant and they really appreciate when you take some time to really talk with them and have them talk about their families, they have amazing stories. Re: Excellence Playa Mujeres vs Excellence Riviera Cancun? Offers; Suites; Deluxe Airport Transfers; Resort Map; Fact Sheet . Best room ever, so clean so perfect with flowers on the bed and a bottle of chilling champagne with two fancy glasses. Get to the room this place is huge and so great you think that they put you in the wrong room. We chose EPM over ERC (We toured ERC when we were at SSS and the DH just didn't like it- personal preference). Finest Playa Mujeres is an ideal Cancun vacation resort for travelers of all kinds. Located on the sprawling crystal-clear, white-sand beaches of Playa Mujeres, Excellence Group 's three modern luxurious all-inclusive resorts Finest, Excellence, and Beloved each feature five-star restaurants and bars, countless water activities, beautiful pools and suites, and a one-of-a-kind emphasis on service and relaxation to disconnect from 120,661 were here. 05 Mar Check-in date Exact; Flexible; Undecided ; Duration . The 1,900 sq ft brand new on-premise state-of-the-art fitness center provides guests deluxe exercise facilities offering complete weight and state-of-the-art cardio equipment including treadmills, crossover, cardiovascular and movement machines.
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