Both of them are friendly, but at the same time can be quite withdrawn. Therefore, between them serious conflicts may happen from time to time. Its a great choice for an Aquarius boy who loves astronomy and exploration. They will not only help you deal with your Aquarius boy or Aquarius girl but will also strengthen the parent-child bond. An Aquarius Mother will sometimes make a small game out of this so that she is not overwhelmed. When Capricorn and Cancer get together, there's sizzling chemistry. A board game with a unique twist, like a cooperative game where everyone works together instead of competing against each other, will appeal to their sense of adventure and desire for something different. Aquarius child wants to do everything in his own way. Mom will have to appreciate and understand these differences, talk to her sensitive child about what she's feeling and give her the close emotional connection and open expression of love and affection she needs to feel secure in mom's love. Its a strong and powerful name that would be fitting for an Aquarius girl who values independence and individuality. An Aquarius babys personality is inquisitive. Intense and imaginative, Libra parents and Aquarius kids love playing make-believe and setting up play . They will still have some energy left after all of this to play football and then even complete the homework. Some might even offend a Libra mom's delicate sensibilities. June 17, 2022 . Aquarius Dates: January 20 - February 18 Aquarius Symbol: The Water Bearer Key Phrase: "I Know" Aquarius Planet: Uranus (Saturn) Aquarius Birthstone: Garnet (January); Amethyst (February) Number Vibration: Numerology: 8 Aquarius Element: Air but with a large Water influence. Her mother was an actress with a drink problem who in later years knowingly allowed her stepfather to abuse her for years. Patricia has been working as a counseling astrologer for more than 25 years. They wont stick with something that bores them. Taurus Parent, Pisces Child With both signs drawn to art and music, this pair can be an amazing parent-child match. Slow and steady is the way to go when dating a Capricorn man. They can do this by simply being their straightforward selves. Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign: Astrologys Big Three, Thanks to the explosion of astrology online and in social media, many people are taking a deeper dive into their personal astrology. Hey all you soon-to-be parents out there! Virgo is not so worried that Aquarius seems a bit cold. The Aquarius mother is the dreamer while the Virgo child is practical. A balance 'weighs and measures', so do Librans, as indicated in Onions can be stored in sacks. Pisces children are some of the sweetest of kids. Though consistent routines may not feel comfortable for an Aquarius mom, these are the best way for mom to keep her Virgo child calm, grounded and centered. All will be well as long as mom remembers that everything is good in moderation. Aquarius Child Pisces Mother SUMMARY: Aquarius Baby Aquarius Child (January 20 - February 18) is intelligent, creative, and energetic. However, while mom is cool and low key, he's passionate, dramatic and wants to be the center of attention (especially mom's). Capricorn children are not light and carefree kids. Both belief in justice and equality and among themselves will communicate on an equal footing. They have a natural curiosity and desire to understand how things work. There are so many other astrological factors to consider that mother and child sun sign comparisons can sometimes be misleading. They are not judgemental or critical of others, and are happy to make friends with people from all walks of life. He will learn to share his hopes and concerns with her. What Are The Birth Dates of An Aquarius Baby? But Aquarius prefers to live in a world of ideas and changes. On such fertile soil the child-Libra can meditate, weigh and discuss all the options, using the usual way for him to come to conclusions. This is Libra's way of maintaining physical and emotional balance, and not laziness at all. Allow your Aquarius boy/girl enough freedom to take certain decisions. Your Aquarius boy or Aquarius girl should have a productive day to sleep tight each night. Spoiled Scales, which are too capricious and self-willed, risk becoming a lazy charmer, from which there is nothing to wait for. Aries mother and Aquarius child both are very honest, energetic and cannot stand the routine. 20 Aries Mom - Libra Son. The Aquarius child would certainly need less of the emotional attention that the Pisces parent offers them. Aquarius child is always ready to experiment with new games and adventures. She was born 6 November 1946 4.23am Pasadena, California to a father who left when he discovered his wife was pregnant by another man. Sagittarius children are as carefree and as people-friendly as their Libra moms, and their adventurous natures will add some spice to their moms' lives. Content provided on is intended for entertainment, infotainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice. They may have unusual interests or ideas that may seem eccentric to others. Magic happens when a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman fall in love. She likes sharing ideas and perspectives, and always ensures she is patient and persistent. Both of them have a lively mind and are ready to discuss together some very serious problem or laugh at some joke. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. There's an old-fashioned girl in every Taurus, and you simply won't budge on a few of your standards.. However, mom likes to work with large groups of like-minded people, while her Libra child is a friendly smiling child who enjoys laughing and talking to everyone she meets on a one-to-one basis. They might seem a little stubborn at times, but its only because they want to make their own decisions. Moms needs to set some clear "family rules," make sure their Pisces kids know them, and then be gentle but firm and consistent in enforcing those rules. Your If that should happen, these moms should remember Aquarius children are born to push beyond conventional thoughts and modes of living. An Aquarius mom and a Libra child are both verbal, objective, and rational, however, so mom will be able to help by discussing his need to be decisive. An Aquarius baby is termed as a peoples person because socialising and communicating comes naturally to them. Accordingly, it is not a big surprise that they have so many companions and acquaintances. Scorpio children are strong-willed, passionate, incredibly emotional, and brooding kids. This couple is not too emotional, although Libra and love to argue. Magic happens when a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman fall in love. With Venus as their ruling planet, they are harmonious, caring and understanding and are often shy. They both are enthusiastic and full of new ideas. They dont hesitate from talking to strangers and can easily make friends. How independent an Aquarius child: Aquarius kids are extremely independent. However, mom has greater focus; her Gemini child has so many interests, it can be difficult for him to focus on any one thing. All rights reserved. An Aquarian mom's most significant challenges are in finding the right balance between honoring her independent nature and being a source of consistency in her child's life, and in going overboard with treating her kids like peers or equals. Both of them should be among people only if Libra likes a social life. Mama-Libra is talkative, charming, but not too emotional. Your emotional maturity and strength is fully developed from such a young age that your mother's ability to help you grow and support you is almost unnecessary, making your relationship with her a bit distant and detached. It will take some thought to do so, so grab the downtime when you can. It's best for mom to use friendly persuasion to teach him how to behave. An Aquarius mom is non-intrusive, respectful of differences, and gives her children the personal space they need to develop into separate, self-sufficient individuals. How Aquarius child in school? Particular Gfycat This is another funny parent-child zodiac dynamic because sometimes it might feel like the daughter is the one doing the parenting. This name has Scandinavian origins and means father of peace. Its a modern and trendy name that would be a great choice for an Aquarius boy who has a love for music and dance. A Leo child, like his Aquarius mom, enjoys mingling with both old and new friends. Aquarius Today you may be busy in kid's issues. Aquarius is willing to take the risk, but his Cancer father is cautious. An Aquarius kid may be a little more soul-searching than their Taurus parent, and while a Taurus parent can help ground them, Aquarius can remind Taurus that there's more to life than logic. Aquarius children tend to be quite intelligent. Libra Mother Aquarius Daughter / Son Compatibility A Libra mother always believes in being fair, she will never favor one child over the other. This book is a classic sci-fi novel that will appeal to your Aquarius childs sense of adventure. They are born with good listening skills and tend to understand someones feelings more than others. A DIY science experiment kit will give them the chance to conduct their own experiments and explore the world around them in a hands-on way. Strives to meet her child's basic needs and keep them safe. Here are some personality traits of an Aquarius baby you should know if you have an Aquarius boy or an Aquarius girl. *. Abby Choi had four children Abby reportedly married her former husband Alex Kwong when she was 18 years old. Encourage their curiosity by introducing them to new experiences and exposing them to different cultures. This is an extremely independent child, who loves freedom. Although Libra usually agree and Aquarius contradicts, both need communication. Aquarius Child (January 20 February 18) is intelligent, creative, and energetic. But even more, she likes his enthusiasm, optimism and friendliness, so that together they make a couple that everyone is happy with. Her thinking is logical and she will allow her little Aquarius to be himself, which is what he needs. Start socializing your Aquarius with peers early; this popular sign will crave the company of lots of friends. Accepts and honors her child's interests, opinions, and choices. Libra is happy, if others are happy, and Aquarius is happy, breaking the routine and forcing others to change the old opinion. He values his freedom most of all. You might notice them wearing mismatched clothes or coming up with creative ideas that no one else has thought of. Despite the fact that Aquarius and Libra are signs of air, and therefore, of one field of berries, there are many differences between them. Therefore it's advisable that parents raise their child by respecting his . Therefore, Aries father should be more patient not trying to pressure his child's independence. It's also important for Libra moms to remember that Taurus children need a parent they can depend on, so they will need to work on never making a promise that can't be kept and being decisive and consistent. This girl has her own opinion and always full of new ideas and fantasies. An Aquarius mom couldn't be more different from her Scorpio child. Speaking of surprises, an Aquarius baby will be full of them! Since childhood, Aquarius tends to show independence. Pisces So, whether you choose a name from this list or find your own unique name, your little Aquarius boy is sure to make a splash with his one-of-a-kind name! Friendly Aquarius women are known for being friendly and sociable. Aquarius child and Capricorn father are completely different people. Both of them cannot stand the boredom and everyday life. Rational Virgo mother prefers an orderly life. . Some may call them dynamic, while some absent-minded, but their brain functions in ways most cannot understand. Aquarius child is a person who can act unpredictably. These mothers are great at making new friends wherever they go. They are social, empathetic and fearless, in short, full of surprises! Embrace their quirks and support their individuality. Aquarius children have analytical minds and love to question the world around them. alone. Aquarius as a Child: Aquarius Boy and Girl Characteristics, Compatibility between Aquarius Child and 12 Zodiac Signs Parents. Their parents should encourage them to pursue their dreams and take pride in their unique qualities . Libra Child and Aries Father Aries father adores his Libra child. However, Sagittarian children are impulsive by nature and never stop to think before jumping in with both feet. Aquarius kids have a natural curiosity and love to experiment. They prefer airiness. A Libra mom is a freestyle mom whose greatest desire is that the children are happy, have all the best experiences, and are exposed to all the beauty life can offer. When Capricorn and Cancer get together, there's sizzling chemistry. Plus, itll satisfy their curiosity and desire for exploration. Aquarius kids are imaginative and love to explore new ideas. She may even encourage it by exposing him to all kinds of unconventional people, places, and ideas. These water bearers are known for their unique and quirky personalities that make them stand out from the crowd. Now that you know some important personality traits of an Aquarius baby lets also take a look at some tips that can help you raise one. They are sure to keep any parent on their toes. In order to please their moms, their instinct is to agree and not speak their minds or let their wants be known, and here's where the problem lies for Libra moms. Capricorn mother is somewhat practical and, perhaps, too strict. So when it comes to finding the best toys and books for your little water-bearer, youll want to find ones that inspire creativity, imagination, and exploration. It's crucial that an Aquarius mom get out of her head and always be physically kind, gentle, and warmly affectionate to her Pisces child so that she does not unintentionally hurt her Pisces child's developing sense of self. Aquarius, who likes to read and learn something new, will gladly accept everything that his father will show him. This name has Arabic origins and means falling star. Its a unique and celestial name that would make a great choice for an Aquarius girl who is adventurous and loves to explore. But Aquarius endlessly comes up with something unusual. They are not looking for any specific kind of friend. However, Aquarius minorswill excel in all school clubs and organizations that they join because of their diverse interests and wonderful social skills. The Aquarius baby and an Aries parent would find it difficult to stay at home during quiet afternoons. Its a classic that will keep your child entertained for hours. This child needs to be eased into social situations and given time to become more confident in unfamiliar company and surrounding. The daddy-Libra, who loves logic, enjoys conversations with his Aquarius - with this bright little person. They can create all sorts of unique and unconventional structures, letting their imagination run wild. If you have an Aquarius baby, youll notice that you wont spend hours explaining him/her how to behave in certain situations. They might have unique hobbies or interests that arent mainstream, but they dont care what others think. A sensitive Cancer mother treats her Aquarius child with great love and warmth. Are you looking for books that match your little ones unique and intellectual personality? Aquarius child wants to do everything in his own way. A Pisces child lives in a world of emotions, feelings, dreams, and illusions. Curious to know if your little one is an Aquarius baby? He's a child that's completely independent and unobtrusive. They're adaptable, trusting, shy, emotionally sensitive, and undemanding kids who are particularly empathetic to their moms. This child is an independent thinker, but seldom thinks before acting or speaking. Aquarius = People Person Charming, engaging, friendly, and warm are all adjectives people will use for your winter baby. An Aquarius mom is drawn to unusual people and experiences, while her mellow, affectionate Taurus child is most attracted to ease and familiarity. If your baby is an Aquarius baby, he/she will be quite outgoing right from the start. An Aquarian mom and her Libra child are gregarious, outgoing and enjoy being around people. These two will make each other a wonderful company. A Taurus child is as physically stubborn as his Aquarius mom is mentally stubborn, and she won't budge until she's ready. Mood swings are a common mom thing, but when we are talking about an Aquarius mom, the mood swings are heightened immensely. A Libra mom is a freestyle mom whose greatest desire is that the children are happy, have all the best experiences, and are exposed to all the beauty life can offer. . Organise play-dates or enrol them in group activities like dance or sports to help them develop their social skills. Almost everything a Libra child needs is exemplified in a Libra mom. So, lets dive into the world of literature and find the perfect books for our Aquarian readers! She would rather let him behave, as he wants. He will explain to the child how to gain self-confidence without constantly looking back at others, teach them to understand their own desires, then to make those decisions that you do not have to regret. To build harmonic relationships Taurus father should be more tactful and never be angry. But any strictness only makes Aquarius child even more disobedient and detached. Encourage learning and experimenting by giving them books and toys that feed their curiosity. One thing that all of the Aquarius childs interests and hobbies have in common is that they are fun. They both can be too irritable and impulsive, when their feelings are hurt. An Aries child is physically active and scrappy kid who's likely to be a challenge for his "be nice and behave" Libra mom. Aquarians love positive attention and getting to know the people around them. From their independent streak to their unconventional thinking, were diving into the top personality traits of these zodiac rebels.
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