And she was chairman of Burnett Oil Company, built upon oil strikes in 1921 and again in 1969, which made the grand patrons largesse possible. We have traveled from Africa to Vietnam to China to the North Pole and back, he said. I am proud to call her my friend., Realtor Martha Williams, who shared the Great Woman of Texas award with partner Joan Trew last year, said Fort Worth is very fortunate to haveMarionas a citizen. In a 2019 Western Horseman article, Anne Marion said that the time she spent on the ranch as a child and young girl was one of the most important and life-forming periods of her life. She was one of my biggest inspirations. The quality of the work, the provenance of the work, the exhibition history of the work, is truly exceptional and top tier. By 1936, about 20,000 Hereford cattle stocked the Four Sixes ranges. (The daughter of art patron and philanthropist Anne Marion, the great-grandaughter of 6666. Taking into account various assets, Windi's net worth is greater than $499,999; and makes between $20 - 29,999 a year. Although Cee Bars belonged to George, he was used on the Four Sixes. Burnett and Ruth later divorced, and he married Mary Couts Barradel in 1892. The Four Sixes had other good stallions, including the only one George Humphreys ever boughta son of the Thoroughbred Three Bars called Cee Bars. Funeral arrangements and an official obituary will be shared on when the information is available. Anne Marion's taste in jewelry also ran to the bold: Turquoise, enamel, and diamond Bastille cuff bracelet by David Webb, destined for a dedicated fine jewels sale later this year. She didnt buy things just because they had a name, or because the dealer told her to. One day, she said, Lets go to New York. Burnett and Ruth later divorced, and he married Mary Couts Barradel in 1892. My mom obviously spearheaded the new Tadao Ando building. Inside Two Buzzy New Openings in Frisco and the Shuttering of a Henderson Avenue Staple. Grimes began releasing music independently in 2010. She also attended the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Geneva in Switzerland, where she studied art history. She also inherited her grandfather Toms estate, which included the Triangle ranches. Anne Marion was a great and generous supporter of our museum, Price says. Youre not confused about where youre going or what youre doing. and The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. After Mike Gibson succeeded his father as ranch manager, Hereford cows were phased out and replaced with Angus cows to take better advantage of todays markets. AnneMarionis a very responsible rancher, said Bob Watt Jr., president of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. Her mother, Anne Valliant Hall, was a rancher and horse breeder. Login to your account. Secondly, and more importantly, she does it in a quiet unassuming way. Obituary. An art collection worth an estimated $150 million that belonged to the late Texas oil and ranching heiress Anne Marion is going up for auction this spring in New York. When Anne Tandy (Miss Anne) died, her daughter, Anne Marion, sold all of her grandfather Tom Burnetts Triangle ranches and focused her attention on the Four Sixes, a ranch that had been important to her since she was a small child. Former chief curator Michael Auping and I traveled around Japan with her in early 1997 to see as many buildings by Ando as possible. At a cost of $100,000, he built a two-story, 11-bedroom home from stone quarried on the ranch. A legendary Texas ranch is on the market for $192.2 million after the death of its heiress owner Anne Marion. A triangle branded on the left jaw signifies that those horses ancestors came off the Triangle Ranch. When oil was discovered in Burkburnett in 1918, Burnett saw his wealth increase even further - with 56 oil rigs swiftly installed to exploit the land's resources. It is renowned for breeding horses and its owners the Burnett family made its fortune in cattle and oil after founding the ranch in 1870. She serves on the Board of Regents of Texas Tech University in order to be involved with kids who grow up on ranches and plan to make ranching a business career. I love her dearly, and am blessed to have her as my mother., Marionsaid her greatest strengths are the ability to make decisions to listen to both sides, evaluate and then make the decision, and the ability to judge character., The best advice she has to offer for a successful and fulfilling life is be true to your instincts and respect your fellow man., And as for the future, she said, I will continue to support the things I am vitally interested in and involved with.. She was the driving force behind the project to build the new Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which was completed and opened to the public December 14, 2002. When Burnett died in 1922, he passed most of his estate to his daughter Anne Burnett in a trusteeship for her yet unborn child who became Anne Marion, according to the property listing. When my dad was ill, she constantly asked how he was doing and how I was doing. Anneis not demanding, Agather said. She tells it like it is, but on the other side, she is more than willing to listen to the opinions of others. Anne Marion was a prominent Texas rancher, oil heiress and patron of the arts who helped fund the Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico. There are names in Fort Worth that most people recognize right away, Phillips said. Others just called him Tom. For most of her life,AnneWindfohrMarionhas wiggled her nose and made great things appear. And, she makes strong decisions as far as that ranching operation is concerned. Then Burk bought from Frank Crowley, another rancher in Denton County, 100 head that were wearing the 6666 brand. I said, Yes Maam, I can. Because of her devotion to the land,Marionreceived the prestigious Charles Goodnight Award in 1993. Additionally, Marion was anhonorary trustee of Texas Christian University, contributing to a number of projects over the years, including to the development of the campus' medical school. His father-in-law, M.B. His daughters also produced some great horses, including Two Eyed Jack and Peppy San Badger. She was brave in everything she did, from her choice in artwork to her sense of design and color. He traveled to Paducah by rail and then used a horse and buggy for the 30-mile trip to Guthrie. She married Mr Marion in 1988. She has done remarkable things. Burnett even had a local town - Burkburnett - named after him at the president's suggestion in 1910. These three horses were the most important horses in the Quarter Horse racing industry at the time. She grew up in Fort Worth and in Guthrie, in northern Texas, where the Four Sixes ranch is headquartered. Not since Captain Burnett founded and built the Four Sixes more than a century ago has any family member taken as much interest in the ranches as she, according to her former . And, there is no need to delegate responsibility ever, Phillips said. Five years later, in 1922, Burnett Sr. would die too, aged 73. Just like her mother, she would marry four times. The first three marriages ended in divorce before she married John Marion in 1988. They also bought Special Effort. Murdaugh is heckled as he leaves court, Ukrainian soldier takes out five tanks with Javelin missiles, Ken Bruce finishes his 30-year tenure as host of BBC Radio 2, Missing hiker buried under snow forces arm out to wave to helicopter, Family of a 10-month-old baby filmed vaping open up, Insane moment river of rocks falls onto Malibu Canyon in CA, Fleet-footed cop chases an offender riding a scooter, Moment teenager crashes into back of lorry after 100mph police race, Sothebys to Offer Anne Marions Vast Collection for an Estimated $150M | Barron's, Do not sell or share my personal information. The younger Anne - sometimes known as 'little Anne' to distinguish her from her mother - inherited the estate when her mother died in 1980, having spent her childhood summers at the ranch. As one of the largest ranches in Texas, it runs 20 miles long and around 12 miles wide. In December last year herlegendary6666 ranch went on the market for $192.2 million. With the help of his father-in-law in the mid-1870s, Burk moved his cattle on land he purchased in Wichita County between the Red and Wichita rivers. As a boy, he worked for Quanah Parker and later Burk Burnett while the Burnett cattle were grazing in old Indian Territory. Three records were set for canvases by Richard Diebenkorn, Kenneth Noland and Larry Rivers, and the evenings top lot went for a cool $37 million a portrait of the King rendered in Western finery by the King of Pop, Andy Warhol. Loyd later joined some associates in founding the First National Bank in Fort Worth, the ninth national bank chartered in the United States. Over 140,000 acres of the ranch has been left untouched and various rivers run through the property. Historically, the range has operated as a cattle ranch but in recent years it added the Horse Division which is a major aspect of the estate. Mariontook over the ranch in 1980 after her mothers death. 12:23 GMT 17 Dec 2020 Suddenly, the Four Sixes horse operation became a major force in the industry. Aw, give her some candy, rancher George Beggs said. Obituary provided by the family and office of Ms. Anne Marion. In 2015 her fourth album, Art Angels, made . Charley Hart, a veteran Burnett cowboy, was foreman of Triangle Ranch when this photo was taken in 1939. The Longhorns were phased out, and soon all the cattle on the ranch were Herefords. Create a free account to view all PaperCity recipes. Loyd. Very open and connected. In 1871 before the drive to Kansas, Burk had married Ruth Loyd, the daughter of M.B. They brought Dash For Cash to the ranch, repurchased some shares in Streakin Six (he was bred by the ranch) and brought him back. She purchased other works for the museum, including sculptures by Fernand Lger and Henry Moore, a 1914 masterpiece by Mondrian and, most recently, a canvas by Sisley, which Mrs. Marion gave to the Kimbell in honor of her friend Kay Fortson, president of the Kimbell Art Foundation.. Read on for a profile of the remarkable and iconic Texas woman who assembled this trove of modern and contemporary masterworks, including PaperCitys exclusive interview with Anne Marions daughter, Windi Grimes. The famed auction house had to vie for it, according to the auction houses VP/senior press officer, Derek Parsons. Kenneth Noland's "Rocker," 1958, and Morris Louis' "Moving In," 1962, were among her signature finds. 1) 1948, Oil on canvas Estimate $25-35 million;In a statement Sotheby's said it 'is honored to present works from the collection of legendary philanthropist and collector Mrs. John L. Marion', Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park No. It was the age before the Internet. A set of historic Texas ranches have hit the market for the first time in 150 years. In last 24 years, Gates has topped the list not one or two but 18 times. She also is an honorary board member of the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center. He was friends withPresident Theodore Roosevelt and turned the 6666 into 'one of the largest cattle empires in Texas history' - even having a local town renamed Burkburnett at Roosevelt's suggestion in 1910. When spring came the next year, George turned the dun stud into a pasture with a band of mares that included daughters of another stud bought by Tom Burnetta stud with the now infamous name of Joe Hancock. Anne Marion, an oil and ranching heiress, and quiet yet faithful philanthropist who became a leader in the Quarter Horse industry, died on Tuesday in California. Compared with other collections, it also stands apart because it spans archetypes of the two defining movements of post-war American art history, namely Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.. Relationships Interlocks Giving Data Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. Featured in Sotheby's auction: "American Visionary: The Collection of Mrs. John L. Marion," the Diebenkorn was hammered down at $27.3 million, establishing a record for the artist. Login. The ranch also features multiple barns, pen areas and stalls for the horses. I was asked to come to Texas and advise her on the collection. Mrs. Photo by Wyman Meinzer. Pending the sale, the ranch is being operated by Annes daughter, Anne Windfohr Windi Grimes, who is Burks great-great-granddaughter. And, thats the way it should be, he said. Featured in the auction, "American Visionary: The Collection of Mrs. John L. Marion," Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at Sotheby's New York, the Kenneth Noland set a record at $4.25 million; the Morris Louis went for $2.19 million. The Moderns director Marla Price has a similar tale. I have always believed that you do what you have to, and what is expected of you. Annealways told me that growing up on the ranches has grounded her and helped her identify with people. She reads Danielle Steele novels. On the performance side, and to raise ranch horses, the ranch acquired Tanquery Gin and his full brother, Shot O Gin. Marionhas deliberately maintained some silence about her life. Other materials were brought by rail to Paducah and then hauled by wagon to Guthrie. Save all of your favorite content in one curated collection. Texas oil and ranching heiress Anne Marion's art collection worth an estimated $150 million is going up for auction this spring in New York, Roy Lichtenstein's Girl with Beach Ball II 1977, Oil and Magna on canvas has an estimate of $12-18 million. Source His wealth is a whopping $112 billion while that of Bill Gates is just $90 billion. The sprawling Texas ranch isnt just a silver screen set where Jimmy gets sent to shape upits an iconic (and very real) ranch forged by more than 150 years of history with horses, cattle and cowboys. For a glimpse into the remarkable woman who collected them, we reached out to the Fort Worth museum directors who knew her best, the collectors daughter and Sothebys top brass. We take great pride in that museum., He said that even though he was a Yankee, he learned fast how to be a Texan. Anneis an extremely generous person. . Burk made the town of Guthrie the headquarters for his Four Sixes Ranch and erected the Four Sixes Supply House so cowboys could purchase basic provisions, such as clothes. Marion, who founded the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, died last year of lung cancer at the age of 81. Its a place to go. The 8 Ranch was owned by the Louisville Land and Cattle Co., which was based in Louisville, Ky., and had purchased the grasslands in 1883 to expand its operation. Within a short time, Burkburnett had become 'the world's wonder oilfield', transforming the area from a 'sleepy farm town' into a 'boom town' which even helped to inspire a Hollywood movie of the same name. The best result we found for your search is Mike M Grimes age 50s in Houston, TX in the University Place neighborhood. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. The estate also features the famous loft barn, which provided the backdrop for Marlboro cigarette adverts in the 1960s and '70s. Their marriage came eight years after Marion inherent the Four Sixes ranch in 1980, following her mother's death. As well as beef, the the ranch also became renowned for its breeding of horses, specifically American Quarter Horses used as racehorses or for ranch work. The ranch also features multiple barns, pen areas and stalls for the horses. Yet in her own way, Marions disciplined eye, bold vision, and abundant philanthropy made as important a contribution in her lifetime as did her fellow (adopted) Texan, Mrs. de Menil. And the wonderful thing is that she never seeks recognition. In addition, the property features a 3,600 square foot enclosed airplane hanger as a private landing strip. Many of the piece have not been seen by the public for years, Marion, who founded the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, died last year of lung cancer at the age of 81. Burk was 10 years old when the Burnett family settled alongside Denton Creek in Denton County, Texas. Lige Reed, who managed the Iowa Park division of the Triangle, broke the colt as a 2-year-old and wanted to keep him on the Triangle, but George told Miss Anne that he wanted to bring him to the Sixes and raise some cow horses. Sid Richardson, a legendary oilman/businessman and philanthropist, and Gillis Johnson, a lead trial lawyer at Cantey & Hanger, were father figures toMarionwhen she was a child. And George Beggs, 82, is still ranching, working the three he owns. President Theodore Roosevelt and turned the 6666 into 'one of the largest cattle empires in Texas history' - even having a local town renamed Burkburnett at Roosevelt's suggestion in 1910. And I try to shield her from unnecessary disturbances. Also, her Western art collection would blow your socks off. I am sure that I could prepare for anything she may want me to take on in the future. At the ranch is where she gained appreciation for protecting the land, and she says the foreman taught her true, down-to-earth American values. She rode with the cowboys, put nails under their saddle blankets (for which she got spanked by the cowboys), and hunted quail. 'The most important thing that ever happened to me was growing up on that ranch, Marion said in an online family history, according to The New York Times. In 1982, Anne hired Dr. Glenn Blodgett to be a veterinarian for the ranch and make the horse operation as efficient as possible by artificially inseminating the large band of broodmares on the ranch. She is conscious of her heritage, of course, and she always wants the best. Queried via email about the Marion collection, Sothebys senior international specialist Michael Macaulay replied: The quality of every work is exceptional, and that is incredibly rare, even among the most famous collections that have appeared at auction. She credited the cowboys and their families with instilling a set of values in her and teaching her how to raise livestock. Anne expected excellence in her crew, says general manager Joe Leathers. Grey Badger II was a fast runner and raised some good cow horses that the Four Sixes cowboys enjoyed riding. There have been a number of famous guests to visit the property, including Roosevelt, Wild West actor Will Rogers and the Indian Chief Quanah Parker. Today, it operates as a general store and hardware store. Luke Kenton For , updated Sam Middleton of Chas. Fort Worth Business Press recognizedMarionNov. 5 when she received the Great Woman of Texas Award, honoring her generosity and philanthropy, as well as her guiding hand as the chief executive of business interests that include ranching, oil and numerous investments. I think I do a pretty good job of balancing my life.. Back in Guthrie, the 6666 Supply House with the candy case is still on the ranch. In the Texas Panhandle near Borger, Burk bought the Dixon Creek Ranch from the Cunard Steamship Line. Neils Agather, executive director of The Burnett Foundation, describesMarionas sure-footed, decisive, unambiguous and engaging. Three ranches fall under the name of Burnett Ranches, Ltd.: the 6666, Dixon Creek in the Panhandle and another in Montana, near White Sulfur Springs. Her mothers third husband, oilman Bob Windfohr, adopted her. She also inherited her parents and her grandfathers love of horses. She is survived by her husband, John, her daughter,Anne Windfohr Grimes, four stepchildren, one grandchild and seven step-grandchildren. As president of the Burnett Ranches, Ltd., the largest individually owned ranch property in Texas, president of The Burnett Foundation, and chairman of the Burnett Oil Co.,Marionmust be demanding of herself to make her businesses run smoothly. She said that growing up on that ranch was one of the best things that ever happened to her because of the discipline, work and experience it provided. Built in 1917 for $100,000, the 13,280-square-foot house was intended to be (and may still be) the finest ranch house in West Texas. Photo courtesy Wyman Meinzerand Sam Middleton. Doing the right thing includes being the first in the ranching industry to provide medical insurance and retirement plans for staff. Mrs.Marionquietly and effectively goes about her business.. The current foreman, Mike Gibson, is second generation at the job. The 6666 brand has a background that closely parallels the history of Americas westward expansion and the rise of cowboys in cow country. Windi Grimes is a resident of TX. Grimes is a Canadian artist, songwriter and musician who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Fort Worth, TX - Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion, whose epic Texas life included prominence as a leading rancher and horsewoman, philanthropist, and an internationally respected art . She is also survived by her daughter Windi Grimes, the great-great-granddaughter of old Burk Burnett who founded the ranch in 1870. Rachael Bunyan For Mailonline LittleAnnewas born Nov. 10, 1938 in Fort Worth, the daughter ofAnneBurnett Tandy and her second husband, James Goodwin Hall, who helped establish the American Quarter Horse Association. National Golden Spur & RHA Working Cowboy Awards. S. Middleton and Son has the rare listing. Annehas been involved in almost every aspect of the cultural development and business planning for the future of Fort Worth. There are two bunk houses,several horse sheds and a shop building. J.J. Gibson was ranch manager from 1970 to 1991. She is fun to be with, and we have laughed a lot over the years. Now it isAnne, with her daughter, Windi, and granddaughter, Hallie, standing in the wings. Anne Marion died on February 11, 2020 in Palm Springs, California, from throat cancer. WG: I would say Mitchell-Innes & Nash was one (where the Warhol Elvis 2 Times was acquired). She had a much more eclectic collection, that I think stems from the Grand Tour type of thinking. Miss Anne and George Humphreys, her 6666 foreman from 1932 to 1970, set out to raise standout equine athletes on the ranch and spearheaded the famous careers of stallions Grey Badger II and Hollywood Gold. 40,' and Clyfford Still's 'PH-125 (1948-No. Grey Badger II was by Midnight Jr and out of a daughter of Billy The Tough. She loves her friends, her ranches, her community and her life. I guess I was born with a can-do attitude, she said. She serves on the executive committee of the Fort Worth Stock Show and is an honorary vice president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.
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