The single was an instant hit and served as a highly successful promotion 5 months before the release of the album. The album included her first "Tarab" song called "Biteegy Sirtak" since 1998's Mihtagalak album, and in general had a wide mix of several different styles ranging from dance, beat, pop, to drama, romance, Tarab and oldies. [1] The following year, she released her second album Sheel Oyoonak Anni (2001). This was the follow-up project to 2003's Ya Salam.In 2003, the album launched Ajram to the heights of music, thanks to a string of hit singles which have become part of pop culture today. The tremendous success that Ah W Noss achieved, stabilized Ajram's position as an A-List star in the Arab music industry. Bu klipi Nadine Labaki çəkib. "Moegaba" (Admirer) 4. She also began serving as a coach on The Voice Kids Arabia in 2016. Tweet. [84] Meanwhile, Ajram denied that they knew him nor he worked for them. Nancy Ajram 28927040. 阿吉莱姆(阿拉伯语: نانسي نبيل عجرم ‎,1983年5月16日 -) 黎巴嫩民族流行音乐歌手。 她是阿拉伯世界和中东地区的超级巨星之一,参加了重要的阿拉伯语音乐大赛并且嬴得了许多奖项。 她有很多商业演出与录制,至今已经出版了七张专辑。 Register Start a Wiki. [42][43], In September 2014, Ajram returned as a judge on the third season of Arab Idol, Three of the four judges, including her, returned with Ragheb Alama being replaced, after two consecutive seasons, by another well-known Lebanese singer, Wael Kfoury. Successive albums consist of Ya Tabtab…Wa Dallaa (2006), the children’s work Shakhbat Shakhabit (2007), and Betfakkar Fi Eih?! Leading Egyptian actors and directors, like Faten Hamama praised Ajram's acting abilities and movie offers doubled for Ajram. Ya Tabtab is a song by Nancy Ajram. [85], The trespasser was seen masked via CCTV, who waited outside for a couple of hours before entering the villa, despite the existence of bodyguards. [49] During the launching event that took place on October 13, 2015, in Dubai, Ajram said: "I'm delighted to be part of the Home Centre family. Artists. [27] The same musical trio who created "Ehsas Jdeed" did one of the instant radio-hits of the album, "Lamset Eed" (Touch of a Hand), which was filmed with Leila Kanaan with a high budget, and the song and music video peaked charts for months. [22] Ajram performed these songs at several fund-raising events for children and other children's events, such as the children's TV channel MBC3, and the children's entertainment TV Show "Star Zghar". On April 23, 2011, she gave birth to her second daughter, Ella, and released a song for her "Hadri Laabek" on the same day. The hits (and videos) Lead single/album title Ya Tabtab Wa Dalla3 ("I Pat & Spoil") a.k.a Atabtab was released on February 10, peaking at #1 where it remained for three weeks. Bununla o, haqqında dolaşan şaiyələrin nə dərəcədə yalnış olduğunu göstərmiş oldu. By the end of the 2000s, Ajram had released two more albums: “Ya Tabtab…Wa Dallaa (Pat and Spoil)” (2006) and “Betfakar Fi Eih (What Are You Thinking About?! By the end of the 2000s, Ajram had released two more albums: “Ya Tabtab…Wa Dallaa (Pat and Spoil)” (2006) and “Betfakar Fi Eih (What Are You Thinking About?! Albomun və kitabçasının dizaynını George Youssuf hazırlamışdı. Representing the Middle East region and Arab world, Ajram appeared in a report featured on the show and was described by Oprah as "the Britney Spears of the Middle East". The album peaked at number one on the HitMarker's Best-Selling Albums Chart and remained atop for 16 continuous weeks since its release. [17] Ajram then cooperated for the first time with prominent Lebanese director Said El Marouk, filming "Ehsas Jdeed" (A New Sentiment) which is widely considered to be the most successful song of the album. In 1995, at the age of twelve, Ajram took part in a variety show, Noujoum Al-Moustakbal (English: Stars of the Future) on Future TV, a Lebanese reality television competition, which finds new solo musical talent. [70], Ajram has participated in numerous charity events and concerts that she considers a priority in her music career. "Ya Si El Sayed" (Master) 10. Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم) or Nancy Nabil Ajram (Arabic: نانسي نبيل عجرم‎) (born May 16, 1983) is a multi-platinum Lebanese pop folk artist.Considered one of the decade's most important superstars of the Middle East & Arab world, Ajram has sold, by 2007, over 30 million records ranking 3rd best selling female artist in Lebanese history. Ajram’s career started in 1998. It received criticism from various news publications, and it was meant to be banned on several Arabic televisions due to its sexual content. ), was a slow composed by Samir Sfeir. [25], In February and March 2008, Ajram released three Coca-Cola commercials that featured a brand new hit from her long-awaited album. Samir Sfeir 25 ildən çoxdur ki, ən böyük ərəb hitlərini bəstələyir. [76], Ajram caused controversy in 2018 when her management team arrived during the LGBT pride festival in Gothenburg and asked for all of the rainbow flags to be dismantled for her to perform. [48], On its 20th anniversary, Home Centre announced Ajram as brand ambassador. Bu mahnı, həmin tənqidlərə cavab olaraq buraxılan aparıcı sinql idi. [80] On January 7, El Hachem was released from prison with prevention from travelling abroad until investigations are concluded. "Ashtiki Menno" (“Ondan şikayətçiyəm”) Nensinin beşinci Coca-Cola reklamı üçün idi. Reklamdakı "Moulin Rouge" sirk mövzusu daha sonra 19 Mart 2006-cı ildə çıxmış "Mo'gabah" klipində də davam etdirildi. 1 hour ago. [71], In June 2008, Ajram participated in The Big Ball, a charity event in Dubai which raised over Dhs 940,000 for helping underprivileged children by auctioning one of her favourite dresses and encouraging children's fund-raising events; she announced, "The Big Ball is doing a wonderful thing and I'm happy to support it. "Moegaba" (Admirer) 4. [34] As of January 2011, Ajram became the first and most viewed Arabic music video owner on the Internet. Mila later appeared in the set of Ajram's "Ya Kether" music video in the presence of the media who publicized her pictures. Klipdə Nensi gözəl təbiətin içində kiçik bir evdə yaşayan, lal və kar gəncə aşiq olur və o gənci atasının Nensi üçün seçdiyi varlı nişanlıya dəyişir. Böyük ərəb hitlərinin əksər hissəsi onun imzasını daşıyır. [79], In the early hours of January 5, 2020, an armed trespasser named Mohamed Hassan Moussa broke into Ajram and her husband Fadi El Hachem's villa in Sehaileh, Keserwan District.