That name has already been used — by ‘hillbilly’ socialists. This week in Star Wars, we check out some reveals from the Funko Fair, celebrate an exclusive look at the cover of Skywalker: A Family at War by Kristin Baver, and meet new characters from Star Wars: The High Republic. It might not be among Al’s most brilliant parodies — the Chili Peppers reportedly weren’t fans of the whole “yabba dabba doo” element — but it’s definitely among the most fun as evidenced by the song’s regular appearances in live shows. Handlung. He really let his imagination run wild with a name like Jar Jar Binks, and in doing so, opened himself up for massive amounts of spoofing. I need some Droids and a better Star Wars the Clone Wars Blaster sound FX. Ever. All the easier for Al, who turned the tune into “Lasagna,” a tribute to all foods Italian. Possibly the greatest advert for a car. ★ Star Wars Finger Family ★ PEZ Star Wars Song Parody ★ SW Daddy Finger Where Are You ★ There’s no full-length music video for this one, although a short clip was produced for “The Weird Al Show” and concert performances. It was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 14, 2010. And we love parodies! A lot of work was put in to the video and the lyrics. I cant back that up. Before they even set out on their quest to rescue Princess Parfaita and her two Oreo hair buns from the evil Empire, Luke Piewalker and Chewie have another problem to deal with: Flan Solo's desire to eat Chewie. Weird Al almost didn’t get the permission to release a spoof of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” but it turned out Gaga was a big fan of Yankovic and gave her blessing after hearing it. Reviewer: star wars is cool - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 11, 2017 Subject: awesome i love it Reviewer: Framan - favorite - December 4, 2016 Subject: Lousy sound quality 1 2 Skinnee J's 2 10 Speed 3 Anchorhead 4 All Star United 5 ApologetiX 6 The Aquabats 7 Army of Kashyyyk 8 Blink-182 9 Sarah Brightman 10 Captain Murphy 11 The Cat EmpireIn baby song 'Manifesto' off their debut self-titled album, they mention The Empire Strikes Back. 1989’s “UHF” didn’t perform well in theaters, but Weird Al bounced back in 1992 with the release of his “Off the Deep End” album, which not only lampooned the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” but it also parodied the record’s hit song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Audiences had a hard time understanding the words to some Nirvana tunes, which was the inspiration behind Yankovic’s “Smells Like Nirvana.” The song and its parody music video (which used the same set and even some of the same actors as Nirvana’s vid) were hits and propelled the song to No. ThomasFan360's Movie-Spoof of "Star Wars Episode 1-9" 1 Cast 2 Movies Used 3 Footage 3.1 Disney 3.2 Nickelodeon 3.3 Warner Bros. 3.4 Kingdom Hearts 3.5 Dreamworks 3.6 DC Animated Universe 3.7 MGM Footage 3.8 Sonic Footage 3.9 Thomas and Friends Footage … He’s been consistently recording music since 1979. Please refresh the page and try again. “Word Crimes” became a viral hit thanks to its use of a creative “lyric video” in lieu of a music video — which writers and editors across the world had forwarded to them by friends and family members. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, was certified Gold and earned Yankovic his first Grammy for Best Comedy Performance. From subtle nods and winks to, the likes of Spaceballs, we round up the greatest Star Wars parodies this side of The Force Awakens. We’re here for you. by Jedi_Idiot (Evan Hansen lol jk) with 1,519 reads. Many critics agreed that, while it was funny, doing a Star Wars parody ten years after the original film had been released seemed pointless. 2 hit song “Jeopardy” by The Greg Kihn Band, but what really makes the song is the guest appearance by longtime announcer Don Pardo, who brutally belittles Yankovic’s narrator character for losing the game. Featuring Lewis and Yankovic, the two discuss the plot of “American Psycho” while spoofing the scene in the film in which Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) discusses Lewis’ “Hip to Be Square” with his soon-to-be victim (Jared Leto). The lead single off “Straight Outta Lynwood” makes references to everything from Dungeons & Dragons and Stephen Hawking to Monty Python and Star Trek in a loud and proud way. Most designs are available on T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Racerbacks, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and other items. And when you think about it, there's plenty of material ripe for tomfoolery. This is a list of references to Star Wars in music. Upon its 1984 release, “Eat It” became Weird Al’s biggest hit by far. Sure, “I Lost on Jeopardy” is a solid spoof of the No. Even the posters for the short are modelled after Star Wars artist Drew Struzan's legendary wall art. Named by Lucas as his favourite spoof, Ernie Fosselius short Star Wars parody was also the first, arriving a mere seven months after A New Hope.Hampered … It features Al cranking away on his accordion while drummer Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz, whom Yankovic had randomly met in the hallway minutes before recording, bangs out a beat on the accordion’s case. One song is "I'm Han Solo", parodying Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo". 1 2 Skinnee J's 2 10 Speed 3 Anchorhead 4 All Star United 5 ApologetiX 6 The Aquabats 7 Army of Kashyyyk 8 Blink-182 9 Sarah Brightman 10 Captain Murphy 11 The Cat EmpireIn baby song 'Manifesto' off their debut self-titled album, they mention The Empire Strikes Back. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) proves her loyalty and willingness to do whatever it takes to relax Ross (David Schwimmer). “White & Nerdy” was Weird Al’s first top-10 hit, soaring as high as No. Weird Al said the video for “Perform This Way” would likely be his last big-budget production, and it ended up earning a Grammy nomination for Best Short Form Music Video. One of the great throwaway gags of a movie series positively groaning with them, arrives right as Powers is about to take out Dr Evil. Followin… Star Wars clearly is the new religion for young Donald who is told, through glittery cardboard lettering, that the Force is with him. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. The song found some success on the charts, but we always felt the cleverness jammed into almost every lyric was dramatically underrated — right down to the closing line of, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”, Before the much-anticipated Star Wars revival began with the release of 1999’s “Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” Yankovic did his research, combed through internet spoilers and splurged on a prescreening so “The Saga Begins” could be released just after the film. What did you think, a spaceship is just gonna appear out of the blue? Yet the younger versions of us say the best part is how much information about “The Flintstones” Yankovic was able to cram into a single song. Included on his second studio album, “In 3-D,” the parody contained plenty of silly sounds and lyrics about trying to feed a picky eater but was a professional-sounding imitation of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” that featured Rick Derringer on the guitar solo. Hang on, what now? Yet in the early 1990s, Davis produced several parody songs under his own name, including “The Star Wars Cantina.” This satire of Barry Manilow’s 1978 disco anthem “Copacabana” finds Davis doing a spot-on Manilow impression, crooning about the “music and blasters and old Jedi masters” found in that wretched hive of scum and villainy. Visit our corporate site. Kinect Star Wars, a 2012 motion-control game set in a galaxy far, far away, features a dancing minigame Galactic Dance-off, which has your favorite Star Wars characters dancing to parodies of pop songs. The song received some renewed attention a few years back when it was the subject of a side-splitting Funny or Die skit. The resulting ditty about a surgeon fresh out of med school was one of the comedian’s biggest hits (reaching No. This crossword clue "Star Wars" character that "Weird Al" Yankovic used to parody the song "Lola" was discovered last seen in the December 28 2020 at the Crosswords With Friends Crossword. As part of the compilation “Permanent Record: Al in the Box,” Yankovic released a new song that parodied the Crash Test Dummies hit “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.” Titled “Headline News,” Yankovic roasted the subjects of three tabloid stories from the time (the caning of Michael Fay, Tonya Harding’s attack on Nancy Kerrigan and the Bobbitts' “private” domestic conflict) to mirror the three stories in “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” and did the same with the music video. To us, one of the most entertaining parts of this parody is the music video, which lampoons Brown’s famous cape routine with Yankovic instead needing to be led away due to his intense hernia pain. Although the idea for “Living with a Hernia” belonged to Yankovic, it was his label that insisted he parody James Brown’s hit “Living in America,” which was also the theme to “Rocky IV.” Al obliged and began researching types of hernias to pen the lyrics. “Forrest Gump” came out in 1994, “Lump” was released by the Presidents of the United States of America in 1995 and Weird Al dropped “Gump” in 1996. Watch the video for The Star Wars Cantina Parody Song from Mark Jonathan Davis's The Lounge Awakens: Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine Live At The Mos Eisley Spaceport Cantina for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Weird Al’s “I Love Lucy”-themed song, “Ricky” (a spoof of “Mickey” by Toni Basil), wasn’t just his first stint in the Hot 100, but it was also his first televised music video. She should be considered an especially good sport because “Perform This Way,” the fifth single from 2011’s “Alpocalypse,” is a song about how Gaga dresses up in perplexing costumes and generally acts oddly on stage. The song’s publishers denied Al, but another chance encounter — this time with the Kinks’ Ray Davies, who said he was never even asked for permission — finally gave Yankovic the ability to release the song in 1985. Complete with red-eyed Darth Vader table decorations, multiple Princess Leias serving up hot noodle kugle, and a Wookiee mixing the drinks. In the end, it’s Al who gets the ax. Explore. At a serious disadvantage, Dr. For such a complex song, Yankovic absolutely nailed it (although the lyrics are mostly the words to the “Beverly Hillbillies” TV theme), and his parody music video was made with an equal amount of attention to detail, as it was part of Yankovic’s first and only feature film, “UHF.”. Some of his tunes are originals, but the Prince of Parodies is obviously best known for lampooning other artists. 10 Best Star Wars Parodies. The first film in the franchise was simply titled Star Wars, but later had the subtitle Episode IV: A New Hope added to distinguish it from its sequels and prequels. See more ideas about parody songs, text jokes, funny texts jokes. 53 on the Hot 100, and that’s when Al found out Coolio wasn’t actually cool with the spoof. Jetzt bestellen! See more ideas about parody songs, tumblr funny, funny memes. To get permission for his fourth single (and second about food), “I Love Rocky Road,” Weird Al didn’t need to ask Joan Jett, the artist known for “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” but instead a member of The Arrows, who originally recorded the song in 1975. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The game was developed by LucasArts, Terminal Reality, and Microsoft Game Studios. Still, its claymation music video earned plenty of airtime on VH1 and MuchMusic — and a Best Short Form Music Video Grammy nod. 9 while selling more than a million copies — another first for a Yankovic single. Learn more. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Trump is threatening to form the Patriot Party. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Recalling the fun he had with “Yoda,” Yankovic decided to pen another song about a recent blockbuster — but this time tackled 1993’s “Jurassic Park.” Eschewing contemporary music to make the spoof, Al selected the 1968 Richard Harris song “MacArthur Park” after getting the OK from Harris, director Steven Spielberg and author Michael Crichton. …and then comes parody songs. Including The Millennium Falcon and its crew of bon vivants, swooping into the middle of the movie to give Chris Pratt their spare hyperdrive and somehow make everything more awesome. And he does all three movies in five minutes. As a way of tiding us over until Mando ’s grand return, the folks at The Warp Zone YouTube channel (via Geeks Are Sexy) have uploaded a parody music video for the now-iconic Mando theme music. You will receive a verification email shortly. Still who's gonna argue with the original sweded take on a galaxy far, far away? The other condition was that Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler had to play guitar and Guy Fletcher had to play synthesizer on the track. Al’s “Canadian Idiot,” a spoof of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” pokes fun at the hosers’ love of beer and hockey, their funny money and the Canadian pronunciation of the word “about” but also sneaks in a few compliments too. 47 on the Hot 100), the second single off his third album, “Dare to Be Stupid,” and is a staple at live shows to this day. CrowX2M says: May 5, 2011 at 4:19 pm Hey Bro, You should totally find cleaner sounds off the gaming universe. This is a list of references to Star Wars in music. © Mitch McConnell 'plays the long game' to retain some power as it slips away. 106. NY 10036. This meta-spin on the creation of Star Wars is the work of a university student, who bagged much acclaim and awards for reimagining George Lucas' life as he penned... Space Wheat. In addition to making fun of the narrator’s ineptitude and poor luck, the lyrics also include nods to popular prizes on the show, such as Turtle Wax, Rice-A-Roni and a copy of the home game. Kinect Star Wars is a video game for the Xbox 360's Kinect peripheral. [Ed: We did one with The Beatles’ song Yesterday many years ago.] On this page you will find the solution to “Star Wars” character that “Weird Al” Yankovic used to parody the song “Lola” crossword clue. She re-enacts the ultimate fan-boy fantasy by dressing up as slave-girl Leia as part of their romantic repertoire, which he then manages to ruin twofold by humming a weird version of John Williams theme tune and picturing his mother wearing said outfit. How did I not see this coming? parodies, funny, songs. The song is a parody of Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I.’s “Blurred Lines” and contains nearly four minutes of grammar-shaming by Yankovic, a self-proclaimed grammar nerd. A song becomes popular for a lot of reasons- lyrics, music, context and a whole lot of other things! –Dan Caffrey Senior Staff Writer So, looking for the answer to "Star Wars” character that "Weird Al” Yankovic used to parody the song "Lola” recently published in Daily Celebrity on 28 December 2020? Oct 27, 2020 - Explore Adilyn Schwartz's board "Parody songs" on Pinterest. The song is a parody of Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I.’s “Blurred Lines” and contains nearly four minutes of grammar-shaming by Yankovic, a self-proclaimed grammar nerd. New York, The Star Wars and A Star Is Born universes finally collided to pay tribute to two fan-favorite ships in a Nerdist parody music video. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" into a Star Wars musical parody. The episode, which includes many of the Animaniacs cast is a Star Wars parody of A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi with Pinky and the Brain (as 3-PinkEO and Brain2-Me2) planning to use the Mega Star for their galactic domination plans. The difference between “Gump” and previous parodies based on films (such as “Yoda” or “Jurassic Park”) is that not only did Yankovic put a recent movie plot into a song, but he simultaneously spoofed a contemporary song. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! George Lucas nicked most of Star Wars from other people, *cough* Kurosawa *cough*, so it only seems fair that the Force has been fuelling comedy since 1977. Of course we also love the changing of “Got to have a celebration!” to “Got to have an operation!”. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 4 letters.This answers first letter of which starts with Y and can be found at the end of A. This crossword clue "Star Wars" character that "Weird Al" Yankovic used to parody the song "Lola" was discovered last seen in the December 28 2020 at the Crosswords With Friends Crossword. “The Phantom Menace,” was critically panned, but Yankovic’s spoof of Don McLean’s classic “American Pie” told from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s point of view was praised, with the humor possibly enhanced thanks to the movie’s shortcomings. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Off the Deep End” to platinum status, in addition to earning a Grammy nod for Best Comedy Recording. “Lasagna” is a parody of “La Bamba,” popularized by Los Lobos in 1987, and Richie Valens in 1958 — however, Yankovic didn’t need to seek permission from either artist, as “La Bamba” is actually a traditional Mexican folk song with no copyright protection. Music-parody duo Palette-Swap Ninja has transformed every song on the Beatles' album "Sgt. The best part of “Bedrock Anthem” might be the perfect blending of not one but two Red Hot Chili Peppers songs (“Under the Bridge” and “Give It Away”) into one parody and video. . Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Favorite line: “May the Force always be with you, if its not, you’ll end up just like Anakin” 1. There is no way I could review them all and decide which are “best†, so I decided just to feature five songs that I personally really like. Trust Sesame Street to reinvent the saga through dessert staples. In a show of good faith, and given the importance of “Born This Way” to the gay community, Yankovic donated proceeds from the song’s sales to the Human Rights Campaign. No need to keep looking. Love star wars music thank you Reviewer: TigerSpirit1917 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 12, 2019 Subject: Ewok Song Why isn't the Yubnub song in this list? Yeah, he's the cookie monster. She’s a bit obsessed with all things Aliens and Terminator. In one of Woody Allens stand-out moments of surrealism, two old women find themselves in the midst of a Star Wars-themed Bar Mitzvah. Weird Al’s “Fat,” his second turn lampooning Michael Jackson, works as something of a sequel to “Eat It,” as the narrator is now morbidly obese and proceeds to rattle off three minutes and 36 seconds of fat jokes. Matching this meticulousness, the music video for “Eat It” was a shot-for-shot remake of Jackson’s original that added some slapstick but actually used some of the same dancers. ", WandaVision episode 3 review: "Feeling more like a product of the Marvel Cinematic Universe", WandaVision episode 2 review: "Marvel's remarkably bizarre new show", WandaVision episode 1 review: "Shows just how experimental Marvel can be with these Disney Plus shows", Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 13 review: "An anti-climax", Doctor Who Revolution Of The Daleks review: "The meat ‘n’ veg version of Who". “Another One Rides the Bus” was recorded in an actual studio (live, in Dr. Demento’s booth, to be precise) but that doesn’t mean it’s a high-quality recording. They jump the Ferrari 250 GTS over a speed bump - filmed in super slow motion as the undercarriage looms onto our screens, impossibly long and intricate, to John Williams iconic score. Gem is GR+'s west coast entertainment news reporter. Also, yes, Rachel did get the hair wrong, but you can't question her enthusiasm. Yankovic was no idiot himself, as “Canadian Idiot,” the second single off “Straight Outta Lynwood,” ended up peaking at No. Tasha's Cauldron of Everything review: "An essential tool that reinvigorates Dungeons and Dragons", EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds review: "Makes games sound great, and music sound rich", Hitman 3 review: "a slick and entertaining conclusion to the trilogy", Brazen Emperor review: "Comfy, robust, and sounds good, but comes up a little short - literally", Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition review "Both faithful and frustratingly inconsistent", Malcolm & Marie review: "Zendaya's Netflix movie will stand the test of time", The Mandalorian season 2, episode 8 review: "They went there", Wonder Woman 1984 review: "A much-needed blockbuster for our times", The Mandalorian season 2, episode 7 review: "Return to formula", The Midnight Sky review: "George Clooney’s Netflix movie never quite lands. Shadows of the Empire, Rouge Squadron, and the Jedi Knight series have some good sounds, especially for the droids…just saying -Crow. The Federation's response "didn't thrill us, they locked the doors and tried to kill us." “Yoda” was never released as a single, which is shocking considering how popular this Star Wars-themed parody of the Kinks’ “Lola” would eventually become. CollegeHumor's episodic webseries is what Spaceballs might have been like had the plot focused solely on the inane activities of the Stormtroopers. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Browse our collection of 389 Song Parody T-shirts, Mugs and more . Der Upstart-Kopfgeldjäger Danni Ora wurde eingestellt, um Tyleah Daivik, die wahnsinnige, aber wunderschöne Tochter eines korrupten Senators, zu beschützen. In this sweetened world, Chewie is no longer a Wookie he's a cookie. Here are 10 Star Wars roasts we love to watch. We’ll do our best to help get you a solution really quickly so you can progress with your crossword puzzle. There was a problem. During that time, Yankovic released 14 studio albums, two EPs, almost 50 singles, and another 50 music videos to match. Read Star Wars Disney Parody from the story Star Wars Song Parodies! Part of the reason is because it took Yankovic years to obtain permission from both George Lucas and the Kinks to release “Yoda” on an album, although it received some airplay on Dr. Demento’s show as early as 1980. Chamillionaire was reportedly a big fan of the parody and was impressed by Al’s rapping skills. 1 on the Billboard 200 and earn a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. 63 song featured Yankovic as Desi Arnaz’s Ricky Ricardo character — sans glasses and ‘stache — as Al does his best Cuban accent while singing from Ricky’s point of view. Packed with quacktastic puns, “I Want a New Duck” is of course a send-up of Huey Lewis and the News’ “I Want a New Drug.” The third single from “Dare to Be Stupid” asks a lot of potential duck candidates, like the ability to save Al from drowning, kicking up the song’s absurdity even more than one might expect. Escúchalo en streaming y sin anuncios o compra CDs y MP3s ahora en Thankfully, Luke suggests a visit to his wizened mentor in order to teach Flan to curb his desires, the great Only-One Cannoli. Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy consists of three episode specials of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.The episodes are a crossover and parody retelling of the original Star Wars trilogy Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Return of the Jedi (1983). So, looking for the answer to "Star Wars” character that "Weird Al” Yankovic used to parody the song "Lola ... Our smart data base updates every day and we’ve got the solution to "Star Wars” character that "Weird Al” Yankovic used to parody the song "Lola”. In both the shot-for-shot, Grammy-winning video (which uses the same set as Jackson’s “Bad”) and his essential live performances, Yankovic dons a fat suit and partial mask for his performance. For Reylo shippers: a parody of A Star Is Born's "Shallow" with Star Wars' Kylo Ren and Rey with lyrics. As you know Crossword with Friends is a word puzzle relevant to sports, entertainment, celebrities and many more categories of the 21st century. Little does he, or his buddy Cameron, realise that the real fun happens while they entrust Cam's father's priceless Ferrari to a couple of city valets. Humorously, Al had LASIK surgery on both eyes in 1988 and no longer requires glasses but still needs to wear a pair when playing “Fat” at concerts, as the frames hold up the fat mask. Released in 1994, “Headline News” was Weird Al’s first song to chart in two years and just missed the Hot 100. Lucas' desire to create a new galactic nomenclature for example. Evil still tries to gain the upper hand over Austin by booming, I AM YOUR FATHER! Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. So, we went and unearthed the best parodies available on the internet. DJ Storm Trooper Star Wars Dub Step Music Parodie Herren T-Shirt. Höre die Filmmusik zu "Star Wars: The Last Temptation A XXX Parody". Eventually the two artists patched up the miscommunication over “Amish Paradise,” a favorite song and video of many fans. Rapper Coolio didn’t want Weird Al making a parody of his hit song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” but Yankovic mistakenly heard that Coolio had approved and went ahead with the release of “Amish Paradise.” The lead single off Al’s 1996 album “Bad Hair Day” ended up hitting No. Find out the answer for Star Wars character that Weird Al Yankovic used to parody the song Lola crossword clue which appeared on Crosswords with Friends December 28 2020. “Word Crimes” helped the album “Mandatory Fun,” Yankovic’s 14th, reach No. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. "The Saga Begins" is a Star Wars parody of "American Pie," a song by Don McLean. Think again Batman, anything is possible in The LEGO Movie. Read up on them before Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out this week and gets its own parody — as all Star Wars films eventually do. This is notable because it was The Arrows’ Jake Hooker who introduced Yankovic to famed guitarist and producer Rick Derringer, who ended up producing Al’s first six albums — including his ode to rocky road ice cream. It might not be his most clever parody, but it’s certainly one of the more fun ones to listen to, as Yankovic sings in a hilarious (and admittedly bad) Italian accent throughout. Stream Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Moana "You're Welcome" Parody Song .. not mine by Fedoraindustries from desktop or your mobile device Der Film wurde im Jahr 2017 auf DVD veröffentlicht. “Eat It” hit No. A Star Wars Is Born . Let it flow- Star Wars Frozen Parody by BoxStepProductions - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. Star Wars is an epic space opera franchise initially conceived by George Lucas. Star Wars Underworld: a XXX Parody ist eine US-amerikanische Porno-Parodie auf die Fernsehserie Star Wars Underworld, die von Digital Playground produziert wurde. And Flan Solo? “Yoda” eventually became one of Weird Al’s most famous parodies and was actually the closing number on his most recent tour. With over 13 hours of film and a really, really devoted fanbase, the Star Wars saga is ripe for parody. In anticipation of Solo: A Star Wars Story (and its eventual porn parody), we at CoS have decided to comb the dark corners of the internet for the best, worst, and weirdest Star Wars live-action smut. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 4 letters.This answers first letter of which starts with Y and can be found at the end of A.