It is versatile and can be taken anywhere on the farm for on-the-spot drenching, crutching, mouthing, tagging, docking and fly strike an P10B Sheep Auto Catch. Mobile Sheep Handling System (with joining pins) £7,198.80. The drafting race can be located centrally, potentially allowing sorting on both sides of the drafting race. System A Corral System. Berwick Road Industrial Estate, Wooler, Northumberland, NE71 6AH, TEL: +44 (0)1668 281464 | FAX: +44 (0)1668 281464 | EMAIL:, © Glendale Engineering 2021 | a lazy grace production, Like most sites this site uses cookies : By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our, WE ARE EXPANDING AGAIN WITH THE OPENING OF A NEW OFFICE IN NEWCASTLE. Mobile Sheep Handling System. The Alligator Pro Sheep Handling System Available in three sizes to accommodate different flock numbers and with a choice of two hurdle sizes the Alligator Pro Sheep handling series combines all the features of the original Alligator system with the capability to manage more sheep and undertake a range of sheep husbandry tasks. 1- SW800 8-ft Swing Slide Gate. Basis points will be available for this session. 1- G1485 8-ft Open Double Door. Two centre shedding gates to allow three way shedding. Combination of a quarter circular forcing pen and Hosking gate. NFU…, Three hare coursers who trashed a Cambridgeshire farmer’s sugar beet crop have been hit with fines totalling more than £1,000. The next stage is the forcing pen – the pen immediately before the drafting race. Sheep can learn a handling system after three to four goes Use a non-return gate to stop sheep reversing back down the race (see "http:":"https:";if(/^\/{2}/.test(s)&&(s=a+s),window[i]&&window[i].initialized)window[i].process&&window[i].process();else if(!e.getElementById(n)){var r=e.createElement(t);r.async=1,,r.src=s,d.parentNode.insertBefore(r,d)}}(document,"script","infogram-async","//"); While dosing can be undertaken in a larger pen, a dedicated dosing race can speed up the job. 2- FD41-08 8-ft Solid Fold-Down Panel. This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. It should be big enough to hold 20% of the collected flock, to save time refilling and still allow easy movement of sheep, Ideally, forcing pens should be semi-circular with three hung gates on a centre post, Entry angle to the race should be at 30deg if it is funnel-shaped, channelling sheep into the race by being wider at the start and narrowing towards the exit gate, If your using a circular forcing pen it should be 3.6m in diameter for a 150-ewe flock or 4.88m in diameter for larger flocks, Boundary fences around the outside of the pen should be at least 1.25m high, Internal fences should be at least 1m high, A narrow drafting race for sorting, 45-50cm wide, A wider dosing race for treating sheep and checking ewes’ udders, 75-80cm wide, At least one side gate at the rear of the dosing race is recommended to allow treated sheep to exit into a pen, A 6m x 80cm dosing race holds roughly 16 ewes and a 6m x 50cm race holds nine ewes, A width of 75-80cm is ideal where a handler works alone inside the dosing race. … We are expanding again with the opening of a new office in Newcastle. View Current Projects. STOCKSHOP Dehorning Saw Handles / Wire Horn Removal Cattle Calves Goats Sheep. Agricultural. Pig farmers in Northern Ireland who were financially hit last year by the temporary closure of the Cranswick meat plant are being offered a share of a support package worth…, Scottish farm leaders have accused the government of short-changing the agricultural industry by using convergence funding to top up the budget for the Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS). With systems suitable from 100-1,500 ewes and a variety of set-ups, there are solutions for most needs. Standard trailer complete with 10ft race. Water Troughs; Made To Measure. Sheep System D Plus builds on this to provide additional holding for 100 head. 1- GP41-08 8-ft Open Bar Panel with Door. The office is in the iconic Fleming Building on Burdon ... 60 x 40 14ft Kit Building. We have a Modulamb sheep handling system. The sheep handling systems provide a range of options depending on flock size, farm work being undertaken as well as power options such as manual, electric and pneumatic. Ideally, the race should have a concrete floor extending 60cm either side of the race, giving a firm level walkway for handlers. They can be permanent or portable facilities. Below, Mr Egan addresses some key questions about designing a sheep handling system. When in the narrow position, the sides can be sloped inwards to fit a narrow footpath or to make the sheep approach the shedding ring in single file. Sheep should come to you, rather than have to be pushed through a system; There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to sheep handling set up … The dosing race can run parallel with a drafting race or a foot-bath, or the dosing race can be located alongside a boundary wall to minimise materials and cost. Industrial Tools by Macnaught Snow & Ice Removal Graders & Scrapers & More 1525mm Sheeted Hurdle. View Products. The Prattley range is available via our extensive merchant network, use the form at the bottom of the page for help selecting the right system for your needs as well as finding your local merchant. 690W Electric Shearing Clipper Shears Sheep Goat … The sheep handler should be considered as part of the overall sheep-handling facilities on the property. Sheep are standing at hand height – minimises risk of back strain. 3- OP41-08 8-ft Open Bar Panel. Normally made to to lightweight and deployed/set up and taken down in minutes. We are a leading company in the manufacturing of Livestock feeding and handling equipment including sheep and cattle handling systems. Whether you have a small or hobby operation or a high-volume operation, our sheep and goat … For the handler to operate efficiently, the yards must supply a continuous flow of stock to the machine. Electric Sheep Shearing Clippers Shears Goat Alpaca Animal Wool Cut Trimmer UK. Any wider and holding sheep and especially young lambs becomes hard, Allow 0.35sq m for each lowland ewe without lambs, A vertical V-shaped race stops sheep and lambs turning around, Aim for 50cm wide at the top and 28cm wide at the bottom of the V, A straight sided race should be 45-50cm wide, Allow 0.3m for every 10 ewes above 200 ewes, up to a maximum length of 15.25m, Should be at least 5m from race entrance to encourage sheep into the race, Drafting gates located along the sides of the race should be at least 1.2m long, Sorting gate handles should be at least 12cm long, Having a see-through gate at the end of the race encourages sheep forward, Aim for three-way sorting with two gates and one person, or four-way sorting with three gates and two people. This is according to Teagasc sheep adviser Edward Egan, author of the Teagasc publication A Guide to Designing a Sheep Handling Unit (free PDF). The Ritchie Combi Clamp and Sheep Turn Over Crate are just two of the helpful implements that Ritchie offer to make sheep handling an easier, less stressful experience. 1525mm Barred Hurdle. Constructing a good handling unit can cut labour hours by as much as 18% by allowing handlers to complete a variety of tasks efficiently and safely. We are expanding again with the opening ... We are an accredited, qualified safety conscious company. Other products include sheep races, lamb savers and more. Project Quote Builder. Answer a few simple questions and we will get back to you … • A handling system is a set of inter-connecting working pens . Unique Designs & Industry Leading Product Innovation. 03 / 04. WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS AND MADE … The Smallholder range builds on the Alligator mobile sheep handling system, popular in larger commercial set ups for its modular design, engineered for strength and durability. We have a range of equipment available for hire including 40 tonne cranes, 16metre lift fork lifts and scissor lifts. The operator should have easy access to the sheep storage and forcing area to maintain the flow of sheep. This encourages the sheep to move forwards, drawing them towards other sheep and space. 02 / 04. labour requirement for tagging, weighing or worming. View Products. Collecting pens should offer easy access to paddocks, roadways, yards and sheds, which may also act as additional holding pens for large groups, The collecting pen’s role is ideally to hold all the sheep that will be gathered, It can be used in conjunction with a holding paddock (0.4-0.8ha) which should be obstacle free, well fenced and free draining. Sheep Handling Systems Well-designed sheep handling systems are essential for every Welsh sheep farmer. Our range includes simple bugle forcing pens to full handling systems. The Mobile Yards can be easily transported, assembled and operated by just one person and can be taken … Lakeland produces several makes and models of sheep and goat handling equipment, sheep feeders and goat feeders, sheep fencing and more. Building plans for sheep handling systems and individual components are available from USDA (some extension offices and web sites) and the MidWest (MWPS) and Canada Plan Service. Guillotine gates, drafting gates, posts, hurdles, railed hurdles and gates, swing and non-return gates, sheeted and radius … Cattle Products. view our range . Mobile Sheep Handling Systems Our “Romney Ranger” Mobile Sheep Race was launched in the Spring of 2015 For all routine work inc drenching, drafting, mouthing etc and with various hurdle options and a weigh facility available! The aim is to have sheep in single file for sorting. 14 feet long and adjustable in width from 1ft 6 ins to 4 feet, allowing the sheep to be worked from either outside or inside the race. Our sheep races are available in full systems for instant and easy setup and the simple modular design enables you to purchase what you want at the time, enlarging it as your flock grows. Further holding and dispersal pens need to be added but initially can be made from interlocking sheep hurdles (not included). Take the work out of handling your sheep/goats with a Sydell Working System. These work very well - are too big to get stuck in the clees, get washed off efficiently with a shower of rain and give good traction. Limagrain specialists, Tim Richmond (maize product manager) and Richard Camplin (technical manager for maize and forage crops), will answer your questions on cell wall digestibility, choosing the right variety, meeting environmental requirements and much more. 1525mm Diamond gate and frame . Forces sheep through ewe turn curve into race. Re: sheep handling system Take a look at the IAE website - there are a number of systems in the catalogue, even if you do not like the kit itself it will provide some basic layouts. Product Compare (0) Sort By: Show: … Sort by Default Order. 3- CP41-08 8-ft Solid Curved Tub Panel. Whether it’s handling, trimming, sorting or crowding, Lakeland has the sheep and goat equipment to help make your day just a little bit easier. We are a leading company in the manufacturing of Livestock feeding and handling equipment including sheep and cattle handling systems. A drafting race should be central, easily accessible and long enough to allow “looking time”, which is particularly important when drafting three ways or more. Prattley 10ft Basic Mobile Sheep Handling System Prattley 10ft basic mobile sheep-handling system can be easily transported, assembled and operated by just one person. • How many sheep are needed to justify the expense of a handling system depends upon the need for handling, the cost of the system, and the handler’s preference . Handling systems that work for sheep … £100.00 postage. This mobile, versatile system offers on-the-spot animal treatment. !function(e,t,n,s){var i="InfogramEmbeds",o=e.getElementsByTagName(t),d=o[0],a=/^http:/.test(e.location)? Commercial. Ritchie boast an impressive collection of sheep handling equipment to make stock handling easier and safer. TWO mobile sheep handling systems, designed to meet the needs of smaller flock owners and new entrants to sheep keeping, have been launched by Fearing. 900mm Diamond date and frame. To achieve the best design, farmers are advised to visit other sheep farms to see handling systems in action, finding out what works and how things can be improved. Canadian Sheep Federation Fédération Canadienne du Mouton Page 22 What do I need to consider when planning a handling system? We are a leading company in the manufacturing of Livestock feeding and handling equipment including sheep and cattle handling systems. Our outdoor heep handling area is surfaced with flat, rounded stones about 6cm across. We offer a vast array of hurdles and gates, either individually to suit your needs, or complete tried and tested systems for any application. Today we made and set up a sheep chute for handling our sheep more easily and efficiently, cost next to nothing to make! The boundaries of pens should be solid. Our price: £5,999.00 +VAT. Sheep turned so outflow is the same as inflow. All Made To Measure; Videos; About; Events; News; Contact; 01 / 04. Sheep System A is approximately 10000mm long x 5000mm wide holding 40-60 animals Sliding gates allow stock to move freely through the 2500mm wide holding pens Swing and slide gate allows the forcing pen to be full all of the time Swing and slide gate extends the length of the race when in the closed position Access for dogs is also important… Mobile Handling System. We have gradually built up our handling facilities using these components which can be permanently secured but we use them as sort of semi-portable system. Panel A solid / partially solid panel, normally used to make or extend the main sheep race. The Smallholder Mini handles up to 10 adult sheep … The popular 'Ask the...Breeder' series returns with a live Q&A on maize. 4- SP41-08 8-ft Solid Panel. Many handlers fail to achieve their full efficiency because they are not effectively incorporated into the yard or shed system. We have a range of equipment available for hire including 40 tonne cranes, 16metre lift fork lifts and scissor lifts. Its brash appearance, based on…, Visit our Know How centre for practical farming advice. 1- R20 Rope Tie Bar. Ideally, this is done by having entrances with 150mm hardcore topped with 100mm of 12.5-25mm round store to keep sheep clean and feet stone free, The ideal collecting pen floor would have a bottom layer that is 150mm of compacted hardcore, a mid-layer of 1000-gauge polythene membrane and a top layer of 125mm of concrete. Prattley mobile sheep handling systems have become renowned across the world for their build quality and ability to be used in a wide range of conditions and locations. Answer a few simple questions and we will get back to you with a quote. Home of the multi award-winning Ritchie Combi Clamp, we boast an excellent range of sheep handling equipment that make the daily handling of sheep much safer and a lot less time consuming. View Product Plywood, plastic or solid aluminium sheet provide the … The Main Shepherdsmate Mobile Sheep Handling Race features the following: The main unit is 2.4m long with a 2.4m lead in ramp fitted with non-return flaps. Combi Clamp Sheep Handling System More Handling Equipment Feeding Equipment Health & Management Waterer Horse Products Advantage Feeders Jug Waterers AmeriAg Mineral Feeders Jaylor Ritchie Products Commercial, Forestry, etc. Plant Hire. Our corral systems are.. $6,475.00 Show 48 Products; Show 96 Products; Show 144 Products; Out of stock Prattley Handling Race 8ft Starter Unit € 1,089.00 – € 2,135.65 Incl. Sheep Products. Free postage. Sheep Handling Systems “D” IAE Sheep System “D” The cornerstone of a most versatile system utilizing a 4880mm approx semi circular forcing pen. Stanchions 254 x 146 x 31; Trusses 203 x 133 x 25; Box Profile Roof Cladding 0.7; Box Profile ... We specialise in the construction of all types of steel-framed buildings - including schools, universities, hospitals, offices and retail developments. Sheep System D is the cornerstone of a most versatile system utilising a 4880mm approx semi-circular forcing pen. A trailer based sheep handling system designed to be moved to the sheep, comprising a race, panels, hurdles, gates etc. Approximately 15000mm long x 5100mm wide; Options to put sheep through a narrow sorting race, footbath race or 915mm approx wide treatment race ; Swing and slide … Sheep Systems; Sheep Feeding; Sheep Handling; Water Trough. Prattley’s prime aim is to produce quality sheep handling equipment that helps you to attain maximum efficiency. Accessories. 1- TM5000-2G Turn O’Matic with End Gates. Approximately 8600mm long x 4880mm approx wide holding approx 40-60 animals. Sort by Default Order; Sort by Name; Sort by Price; Sort by Date; Sort by Popularity; Show 48 Products. Mobile Sheep Handling System (with joining pins) Our Mobile Sheep Handling System has a yard holding capacity of 300 ewes with existing fencing (Approximately). We specialise in the construction of all types of steel-framed buildings - including schools, universities, hospitals, offices and retail developments. Jimmy Cole, 43, Chase Loveridge, 36, and Levi Cole, 20,…, The Ranger Raptor resides in Ford’s Performance stable, alongside the ST, GT and RS cars, and is the show pony in its big-selling pickup range. … Investment in re-designing an existing or buying a new handling system will be recovered rapidly due to the increase in the speed, safety and efficiency of handling sheep, leading to cost savings e.g. A Guide to Designing a Sheep Handling Unit, Avoid sharp corners and dead ends in the design, as it is not good for sheep to lose sight of their flock-mates, If your handling system requires sheep to turn 90deg when moving in groups, this is best done by using a gradual curve, Sheep need to be able to see a clear route ahead of them to capitalise on their flight behaviour – use see-through gates to provide this clear route, Sheep want to follow sheep, flock together and use similar routes, Sheep can learn a handling system after three to four goes, Use a non-return gate to stop sheep reversing back down the race (see Non-return ramp and forcing pen diagram), Use see-through gates between pens where you want sheep to go, Use them to focus sheep where you want them to go, It is often good to have solid external boundaries, race sides and foot-bath sides, If using timber, leave a 50-100mm gap between the lowest timber rail and the floor to assist drainage and slow the rate of rotting, Use on external boundaries, race sides, between adjoining pens where sheep move in opposite directions, and to block the sight of sheep either stationary or being handled, Sheep should easily flow from main paddocks into a holding paddock then into the handling unit, Ideally, design a handling unit with entrance gates to three or four paddocks, Ensure a clean surface underfoot.