This app is Ratcliffe College's own parent engagement and communication app and it is designed to enhance communication between the College and parents of our students. I did not know that journalists could read my mind. 03.03.2011 Fiona indicates that the programme will accuse the Rosminians of a cover up over moving Bernard Collins. I dont live in the UK and so missed all the recent broadcasts on the Rosminians. This was the transforming experience for him. March 1, 2023 10:31am. Cunninghams admitted paedophilia at Soni to members of the press. I thereafter requested the order issue a press release which was eventually only done nearly two years later after the BBC1 aired the documentary. Fr Brendan Callaghan SJ. The Rosminians knew for decades; the decision was to permit Cunningham to abuse at will. 23.12.2009 Skype conference DM, CF in contact with members from Australia and USA29.12.09 Asking for addresses for letters to go out to send apologies to those with accusations concerning Soni, 1954-74 Fr B Collins, Fr D Rayner, Fr K. Cunningham, Fr B Jackson.30.12.2009 Email from John Creedon, Nottingham CPO has informed statutory authorities, about B.Collins. Cambridge, Mass. He previously served as the U.S. representative for Texas's 4th district from 2015 to 2020. Representatives of the survivors group were invited to a meeting. Also speaking to B Jackson and D Rayner.20.01.2010 CF letter to Westminster CPO, Mr Peter Turner, containing extracts concerning K Cunningham only.20.01.2020 CF letter to Nottingham CPO concerning Soni accusations: Collins, Rayner, Jackson21.01.2010 Fr Jackson's letters to accusers 26.01.2010 Fr Bernard Collins and his statements typed29.01.2010 Mr. Peter Turner, Westminster Diocese CPO phones Fr Chris Fuse to seek clarification on the review boards used by the Rosminians and reference to the statutory authorities. Ratcliffe is inclusive of all with a real sense of community, offering . By Benedictine rules this money should have been handed over to the order, but Shipperlee (the new abbot) did not demand it. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. Invitation to meet. In my teens I was disciplined by the Jesuits. I havent watched it yet, but think you are right. Facilitated by Brother Michael Heffernan CFC. He has also written a timeline, recording all the events of the case. The staff were very friendly and helpful at all times. Myers visits the USA for reconciliation with a former student of Soni.06.12.2010 Further contact from Olenka Frenkie23.12.2010 Letter dated from Fiona Stourton inviting DM to take part in TV programme about Reconciliation. '26.04.2010 Prepared statements Jim McDonnell26.04.2010 Email from Olenka Frenkie desire to make TV programme in time for Papal Visit. Ratcliffe College is a coeducational Catholic independent boarding and day school near the village of Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Leicestershire, approximately 7 miles from Leicester, England. Nursing Home, Healthcare Nursing, Caregiver, Elderly/Senior Care. Establishment Ratcliffe College URN: 120316. This is something they do not confirm. Opened on 28.12.2010.201106.01.2011 DM informs the group about programme and asks if he should take part.11.01.2011 Meet Fiona Stourton at Ely Place with Fr Brian Cuddihy. She then contacted many of the group and said that she wanted to make the programme about reconciliation. The archives are a rich resource for the study of women in higher education, the Harvard-Radcliffe relationship, and the lives of the many remarkable women who attended or were affiliated with Radcliffe College. Joined: Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:24 pm Posts: 6 Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. 3 March, 2023. 30.11.2009 DM gathers assistance and advice from Fr Robert Moreland SMA. Regarding every time B.Collins name was mentioned. There were more stories also from boys who were abused before they came to Ravensbos. Regarding every time B.Collins' name was mentioned. I checked around Jan discovered that the links which were also once posted on YouTube have been blocked. From 1903 to 1923, he was the part-time president of Radcliffe and the dean of Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard Universityknown as Harvard Radcliffe Institute is one of the world's leading centers for interdisciplinary research and exploration. DM said that he would consult the group about their advice. County Durham Roman Catholic priest and teacher jailed at 88 for abuse of pupil fifty years ago. Regarding the following specific issues raised by the programme: Fr Bernard Collins. The Producers of the programme were not able to read accurately the written material - including my emails and the archive material of Provincials' letters of 1954-1974, that had been given them. Surrounded by 200 acres of beautiful grounds situated in Leicestershire. None of those who promoted the programme suggested that DM should take part in it. 07.02.2010 Fr Myers goes to Stresa to check the work on the Archives. TYPE: Independent, boys and girls. And later when I heard these stories I felt ashamed that we didnt know, we didnt asked, we were innocent children? 07.07.2011 Catholic Herald prints a statement from some of the victims that the Rosminians were not involved in cover-up. 2. Officers say they are investigating the circumstances around the death of Charles Evenden, at Ratcliffe College, in Leicestershire . 3) Inform the major superiors of the Order in Rome, (13.04.2010), Easter 2011. Jan. This is the message when I attempt to access on YouTube: This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.. His five questions about editorship were all answered in the negative. One morning in the sixties when we came from the chappel to the refectory a bell sounded and we all (150 boys and 20 priests) had to be quiet Baldwin and Fox -brothers in those days -beat our tender bums. Is there someone who has a copy? Please give my e-mail address to Francis Lionnet. (291) $32.95. As our audience increases - so do our costs. 10.03.2010 DM and Peter Turner CPO Westminster, visit Fr Kit Cunningham and sign the Covenant of Care. This statement was removed by Editors, before publication, the following day. 22.11.2009 Arundel Brighton CPO letters concerning B Collins, 22.11.2009 Nottingham Diocese CPO concerning B Collins. Jan. Wayne wrote: He was granted priestly faculties to minister in the diocese. there came a commission called commission Deetman who investigated the abuse in Holland. Monday, 27th February we have a place available. The Ratcliffe College 11+ exam consists of the following papers: The English paper examines both comprehension and writing skills, including inference, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. On 8th February 2010, writing to all those who had contacted me about abuse, the email concluded, saying that if they wanted to issue a press release, it was their call. Potter was hired in September following Thomas Tuchel's dismissal but Chelsea have endured a barren run of form and sit tenth in the Premier . thank you for your reply. Hello Sylvia, Cunningham was one arrogant and conceited son of a b!@#$. The College is set within 200 acres of beautiful grounds seven miles north of Leicester and within easy reach of airports . So full attention will be given to this on his return. I agree with you: it still needs to be heard. He made repeated requests for transfers of funds and wrote to them with his address. That way those who are anxious to see it can do so right away. 05.02.2010 Fr Cunningham and letters of apology. It is the grubby situation of Sopers flight to Kosovo. Im dont know if he saw the BBC documentary, but I hope he did because he never got over his 18 months there. . and the chief of this seminary ordered two boys to stand up. A harrowing BBC documentary was shown in the UK on 21 June, charting the experiences of more than a hundred former pupils from two Rosminian prep schools in England and Tanzania, who say they were mentally, physically and in some cases sexually abused by some of the priests there in the 1960s.The same film is being shown in Australia tomorrow, 28 August. When I asked her when she wanted to show the programme, she replied that she hoped it would be shown during the Papal Visit to the UK. He preferred to wait in silence. Kit Cunningham and Soni.10-11.12.2009 DM speaking to Kit with Fr Chris Fuse about the accusations. The Institute's work is shaped by its history as the former Radcliffe Collegea school founded to ensure that the standard of education embodied in . Reports of this meeting sent to all complainants. Download establishment data. My aim was that I didnt want the story of the scandal at St Michaels School, Soni to be covered up. Therefore, it appears that Fr. With moral support of the group of 22 I will put it on my website for downloading. 06.01.10 CF sends end 2009 of year report to Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Services. Yet, when I first met Francis Lionnet and his first companions, who were the leaders of the group in November 2009, the first thing I did was to offer to make a joint press statement with them about their accusations. Job in Radcliffe - England - UK. Download Ratcliffe College and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Ratcliffe also served as Mayor of Heath, Texas, from 2004 . This draft states that he returns his MBE because of sexual accusations from his time at Soni. But it is Father Myers duty as Father Provincial to inform the public of what he knew at first hand, not to outsource this duty to journalists of his choice and then blame them for failure to publish. Information came to light in September 2009, of abuse at Grace Dieu dating from 1954 to 1958 and Soni from 1954 to 1974. 00:04. He tripped and planted one of his legs . I wish the victims of the Rosminians well in their pursuit of justice. I hope you can do something in this direction Breaking the Silence TV broadcast27.06.2011 DM answers The Universe on ten issues.07.07.2011 Catholic Herald prints a statement from some of the victims that the Rosminians were not involved in 'cover-up'.02.08.2011 DM publishes Telegraph 'draft' obituary written by David Tristram-Davies about Kit Cunningham. Jan, Hi Sylvia, I am going to be contacting the producer of our documentary (BBC) to try and find out what, if any copyright concerns that may exist, and see if we cant make this freely available, It still needs to be heard! DM agrees to take part as long as he is 'live' or unedited.22.06.2010 Sarum meeting Province Safeguarding Inset led by Fr Brendan O'Callaghan SJThis section: Leading up to the TV programme07.09.2010 DM sends all an anniversary letter updating the situation17.09.2010 Email Receive Legal claim from Uppal Taylor20.09.2010 Advice from Jesuits about solicitor, fulfilling promise not to seek legal advice before the group did.30.09.2010 Meet to get advice from Solicitor Jerry HawthornePothecary Witham WellsGetting advice from Publicist Dr McDonald.01-03.10.2010 Fr. After Fr Brian Cuddihy left, DM told Fiona that he had informed every journalist who contacted him that Fr Kit had returned his MBE because of accusations made from his time at Soni. : Radcliffe College, 1978. The School was established in 1941 by the University of Connecticut through a bequest from . In his ICN article of 27AUG11, Fr. After an extensive and thorough investigation, we have found no evidence in our records that Fr Collins was moved to Soni in the knowledge that he had abused boys at Grace Dieu. Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:37 pm . 11.02.2010 A conversation reported by email from Old Ratcliffian Dinner. The Vatican Bank knew of Sopers address in Kosovo. It needs to dissolve itself as a Benedictine institution. 13-15.02.2010 Fr Myers visits Denmark for reconciliation with a former student of Soni. I said that I was prepared to do so as long as it was live, or that I was not edited. The reason I have not spoken about the programme before now was because I did not want to offend those who were hurt when they were at school in the years between 1954 and 1974. Rare find! 1921-1923 (Volumes 1 and 2) Private Collegiate Instruction for Women Courses of study for 1880-1881 and requisitions for admission and report of the year. Job specializations: Healthcare. This involved 19 new individuals making accusations (as some had been in the first contact list in September) concerning Fr B Colllins, Br D Rayner, Fr Kit Cunningham, Br B Jackson, arrive while David Myers is in Italy.09.12.2009 DM returns to UK10.12.2009 DM phones Bishop John Arnold about Fr. Its good to hear that you within a group of 22. Eleven pages were sent to Patrick Donaldson, Piers Brogan, Donald McFaul and Francis Lionnet for them to study before the meeting.16-18.11.09 Meeting with representatives of the group at Ely Place - Patrick Donaldson, Francis Lionnet, Piers Brogan, Donald McFaul.18.11.2009 DM informs the Organisers that all their accusations have been forwarded to Nottingham Diocese and he suggests that we prepare a Press Statement. Helen Keller. The Vatican Bank ignored all requests from the British police for information as to Sopers whereabouts. Founded in 1847, it has 825 pupils aged 11 to 18, and has boarding . 06.12.2010 Further contact from Olenka Frenkie. Now loved ones back in his hometown of Chicago and at . thank you, Hello Olenka, Ratcliffe College is a Catholic independent school for boys and girls, based in Leicestershire, that welcomes all from the ages of 3-18, with boarding available from age 11. Just received this response to my query to BBC: Thank you for your enquiry into the program: Abused Breaking the Silence. Ratcliffe College is a coeducational Catholic independent boarding and day school in the village of Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Leicestershire, approximately 7 miles from Leicester, England. So when the group of 22 decides to do that it becomes more firm or the BBC must lift its prohibition then Youtube is the most obvious choice. It looks as though I will have to track down someone with CBC? The bishop and the priest of Ravensbos were found quilty. Ratcliffe College was opened on Tuesday 1 st. June 1847, appropriately The Feast of Our Blessed Lady Help of Christians. Such a meeting was to give accusers the opportunity to meet the offenders.They met Fr Bill Jackson at Ely Place and Fr Kit Cunningham at Tite Street.27.02.2010 Agreement drawn up. Harvard University & Radcliffe College Beautiful 1935 Pictorial Map. today I received a DVD wtih the documentary: Abused Breaking the Silence from Olenka. I think its the other version that was broadcasted by the BBC one If my written words were so chopped up to give the opposite impression of what I intended, my reluctance to take part in the programme and be videoed and edited seems to me to have been reasonable. So the word 'silence' was used to imply a cover-up}13-15.02.2010 Fr Myers visits Denmark for reconciliation with a former student of Soni.03.03.2011 Fiona indicates that the programme will accuse the Rosminians of a cover up over moving Bernard Collins.25.04.2011 Irish Region Safeguarding Training Day with Sr Collette Stephenson and Mrs Teresa Devlin20.06.2011 Abuse. Mikel Arteta suggested there is little that can be done to combat online abuse in the wake of the death threats received by Chelsea head coach Graham Potter. Myers to issue one such item. Hello Sylvia None of those who promoted the programme suggested that DM should take part in it. The English Benedictines will now have to square up to the conduct of one of its own members- the former Abbot of Ealing, Laurence Soper. I am sorry not to have been of more help. Future meetings with the accused were agreed, 27.02.2010 Donald McFarland agrees the report of the meeting. It was important to me that the story be public to expose the scandal & that it be available as a historical record. This suggestion was rejected by the representatives, who wanted confidentiality.18.11.09 Fr David Myers and Chris Fuse go to Derrys Wood to meet Bernard Collins, tell him about the meeting and present him with the accusations.18.11.2009 Bernard Collins dictates an apology about his physical violence 19.11.09 DM has second meeting at DW, after this Bernard Collins dictates an apology about the sexual nature of this violence.19.11.09 FL sends Swiftcode for payment 5,000 sent19.11.09 Agreed statement from the meeting was confirmed by email:No press statement by request.Promises made to the representatives, 1) to meet and inform the Governors of Ratcliffe College. ps But there could be just one Jatonne Sterling. Some of these conversations are still active). Cunningham. I will ask Wayne. I have Olenkas contact info myself and shall be in contact with her soon. But the producers of the programme took the word silence, which I used on two occasions, once quoting the Bible, once quoting Blessed Antonio Rosmini, where the word obviously means being still before God in contemplation. and the film will be downloaded. Alternatively you could simply upload it to Photobucket and send me the file name and other details to enable me to find it and download it from there, Hello David, Use the menu on the left to view additional material related to this topic. However, the newspapers concerned chose not to publicise this. UNQUOTE. 19.11.09 Agreed statement from the meeting was confirmed by email: 1) to meet and inform the Governors of Ratcliffe College. We are looking to send our daughter to ratcliffe college sept 2015, she is yr 4 at the minute but we currently live in Scotland where the curriculum teaching is very . Make a Record for Radcliffe. This was difficult also for me because my image of Ravensbos collapsed and i came in an emotional storm because when you know not the name of the abuser it could be anyone. (Interestingly enough, not one person who took part in the programme contacted me and suggested that I too should take part. Help was always available, training was ongoing, which gave a lot confidence to you when you had work alone or within a . By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Bishop John Arnold and Bishop Malcolm McMahon.03.12.2009 Further Questions from Pierce Brogan05.12.09 Reply to Further QuestionsThis section: Accusations concerning three other brethren06.12.2009 Soni accusations numbering 26. Breaking the Silence TV broadcast. Ratcliffe College is an Independent Co-educational Catholic Boarding and day School, located in Leicestershire. inflicted by devout religious. Piers Morgan. Addresses were requested to that they could also receive a written letter. Right click on the video and choose for: save as Nowhere this documentary, I got the impression of breaking down the good work. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Ratcliffe College. 01.02.2010 Bernards letters of apology to individuals, recorded and later typed out. Let me give another example where as far as I am concerned, the programme distorted the truth. The truth would never have been known without our film. BBC producer Indicated that Bishop John Arnold would agree a statement with Fr D Myers. and after that complete silence 18.11.2009 DM informs the Organisers that all their accusations have been forwarded to Nottingham Diocese and he suggests that we prepare a Press Statement. It had blacked out the key words that DM was very strongly advised not to take part in the programme. So after discussing this issue with the other organizers of the reunion we decided to go on and it went well no incidents and renewed contacts after more than 40 years. I could give an endless list of meetings, emails, apologies, notes on telephone conversations or on Skype. ICN aims to provide speedy and accurate news coverage of all subjects of interest to Catholics and the wider Christian community. There is no tangible evidence available that I am aware of that Fr. ps But the feedback from them was negative to this suggestion. But at the same time she sent out emails asking for examples of penetrative or oral sex. Again on 8th February, 2010 I suggested to the 43 concerned that we make a joint press statement. The charges were duly dropped, with the CPS saying: "A combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that . It is not only the English Rosminians who will face close scrutiny in the months to come. The commentary said that during the Papal Visit I had changed my mind from being open and pastoral to being negative and hostile. 30.12.2009 Email from John Creedon, Nottingham CPO has informed statutory authorities, about B.Collins. In any case, no leader had independent sanction to negotiate this critical component of process. We need your help to continue this work. 11.01.2011 Meet Fiona Stourton at Ely Place with Fr Brian Cuddihy. Once its posted I will try to snag it and get it back on Sylvias Site. I regularly attend the east midlands branch of IOSH as well as the Association . 20.01.2020 CF letter to Nottingham CPO concerning Soni accusations: Collins, Rayner, Jackson, 21.01.2010 Fr Jacksons letters to accusers, 26.01.2010 Fr Bernard Collins and his statements typed. Exclusion Policy. Read the latest magazines about Ratcliffe College - Prospectus Information Booklet and discover magazines on EN English Deutsch Franais Espaol Portugus Italiano Romn Nederlands Latina Dansk Svenska Norsk Magyar Bahasa Indonesia Trke Suomi Latvian Lithuanian esk Unknown Reports of this meeting sent to all complainants.13.04.2010 Rome Major Superiors Safeguarding Inset Fr Dermot McCaul21.04.2010 DM sends Minutes of Rome meeting to all complainants from GD and Soni.26.04.2010 Pierce Brogan agrees to use of material in Safeguarding Inset in the future. You can also subscribe without commenting. Fr Myers offers to visit the accusers where they live. I enjoyed working at Ratcliffe College as an examination invigilator. 3) Inform the major superiors of the Order in Rome, (13.04.2010), Easter . (Fr Myers met them on 02.02.2010) Then to meet and inform the Governors of Grace Dieu (on 01.03.2010) 2) Inform the Brethren, (Meeting in Ireland 22.03.2010), (Meeting in UK at Salisbury 22.06.2010) [details below]. He had opened an account at the Vatican Bank and and placed into it the money he inherited on the death of his parents. not to involve the press, but not to specific individuals such as myself, who had direct line of communication with him. 18.11.2009 Bernard Collins dictates an apology about his physical violence. {this email appeared in the TV programme. Start your archival research on Radcliffe College with this guide. "Hi Ratcliffe College Sixth Form, multiple women spoke out earlier this year about being abused by Chris. I received a copy from Olenka and put the content on my website the link is: I think Wayne has also a copy of the Canadian version How long can this monastery continue to masquerade as a house of prayer. Myers visits the USA for reconciliation with a former student of Soni. First of all let us take the title of the programme: 'Abuse, breaking the silence' This is a very good title, the word silence, in this context means having the courage to tell their story which had been surpressed in their minds, for some cases for more than 50 years and at last being empowered to speak out about it. But this is your call. UNQUOTE. I searched the whole internet and nowhere this documentary was found even not on Youtube because of copyright matters commissioned by the BBC. This two-year program of technical and applied education is only available at the Storrs campus. Also speaking to B Jackson and D Rayner. 1. Ratcliffe College. Do you have the CBC version? It would be a pity that the Grace Dieu and Ratcliffe of today should be harmed in the good work that they are doing, if the story became public. DM explains that he is about to leave for USA to visit the brethren and that on his return there will be a chapter in Dublin. During his time in Congress, Ratcliffe was regarded as one of the most conservative members. Catering. Gender Pay Gap - April 2022. in stead you see the video. The examinations department was very well organised and professionally run. So full attention will be given to this on his return.20.09.2009 E-mail to the 25, acknowledging the receipt of the accusations and first apology from Fr David Myers.Fr Myers offers to visit the accusers where they live.Addresses were requested to that they could also receive a written letter. The response on Skype of reconciliation. This abused boy was already abused before he came to Ravensbos in his home town by a priest who became later a bishop. Is it for me or is it for them? They became even more quiet when I connected an incedent I remembered. She invited me to take part. Fosse Way, Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Leicester, Leicestershire. {this email appeared in the TV programme. Christopher Basil "Kit" Cunningham IC, MBE (18 November 1931 - 12 December 2010) was a British priest.For almost 30 years, as the rector of St Etheldreda's Church, Ely Place, Cunningham was one of London's best-known Roman Catholic parish priests.His death, in 2010, was widely reported in the media.
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