Cases initial production knife was a copy of the third Collins production variant with Bakelite grips, the barbell shaped brass guard and brass rivets to secure the grips. This would be a great addition to any advanced collection of US military knives, and you will certainly be very proud to display this fine example of a very rare WWII era knife. Thank you Absolutearms for stepping up to the plate here. The only differences between the two Kinfolks variants is that one was maker marked and the other was not, making it a sterile knife. The sharp steel blade me. The company still exists today, producing fine cutlery. Sn 20444:1 - 20444:1 An excellent WW2 United States V-44 Combat and Survival Bowie knife and scabbard made by Kinfolks Incorporated, Williamsburg, VA part of the Case family business (see page 67 of Fred Stephens book, 'Fighting Knives . PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 U.S. M4 Aerial Co. A.C.C. Any review of World War II military fixed blades must include several examples of Western knives. Knife is marked "RH PAL Made in USA 36." Handle feels like it is lead filled which helps to balance the knife. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM Bayonet comes with it's original M8 scabbard. WW2 U.S. Kinfolks V-44 Combat / Survival Bowie Knife & Original Collins & Co Legitimus 13 Scabbard. Everything from airplanes, tanks, guns, and ammunition were needed to make sure that soldiers were equipped with the right tools. Snap functions great. This is a World War 2 era "Kinfolks" fighting knife, or otherwise known as a commando knife. US WWII OSS STILETTO Pancake Flipper Sheath -CIA/WW2 Dagger/Knife Collection. Learn more about account protection. Avery nice example of an early issueM3 knife from a scarce maker, ready to add to your WWII edged weapon collection! The handle was stacked leather with a series of cut grooves. Release mechanism functions as it should. The M4 bayonet was also used on the selective-fire M2 Carbine which was developed post-War. This Kinfolks Knife includes a blade that is 4 7/8" long with some age dark spots in the fullers. Fastening snap functions great. The very first US Army Air Corps survival knife was adopted in 1934 for use in the bail out kit of flyers stationed in tropical climates like Hawaii, Panama and the Pacific Islands. The M3 was first issued to U.S. Army soldiers in March 1943, with the first knives going to elite units such as airborne troops and the U.S. Army Rangers. We at Argocoins stand firmly with the people of Ukraine against the Russian aggression. The blade has honest wear throughout but the bluing is still evident, especially towards the base of the blade. Editors note: The following is by Richard D. White. The pommel was flat steel and pinned to the tang. The scabbard is of the correct pattern and is seamed up the rear with no additional reinforcements or edge stitching. About Me 11" L TOTAL / 6 1/4" L BLADE. IMA works diligently to be aware of these ever changing laws and obeys them accordingly. Sold Out Item # 64276 $185.00 More Info For Sale By: Kennedy Knives Kinfolks Knife & Hatchet with Leather Sheath PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 US Theater Made Fighting Knife is in nice condition showing some wear and age. Casing is headstamped 42 R A . WWII USN MK2 Fighting Knife by KA-BAR with Scabbard. Scabbard is real solid with a small 1/2 inch cut. The 61/2 inch spear point bladeis invery good used condition, with most of the original finish worn off from use and cleaning. During World War II, the V-44 also saw service with Colonel Carlsons 2ndMarine Raider Battalion, earning the nickname Gung Ho knife. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 U.S.M.C. The M3 was manufactured by a number of U.S. knife and cutlery manufacturers during the war. As the war progressed, Kinfolks had to phase out the use of aluminum due to the wartime ban on the use of the strategic metals for the non-essential products. We assume no liability associated with misuse of our products. Interesting thread, I pulled out my Cole Book III, and he shows the 1943 blade dated Kinfolks with a staked pommel (pg 101, illustration #17). The Collins made variant was initially produced with horn grip scales that were secured by brass rivets and had a brass cross guard with lobe shaped finials at the end that almost resembled a bar bell. The name has been written in the front section. Camillus Fighting Knife is in fair condition showing use and wear. Total length with handle is 12 3/8 inch. The man who collected them has passed away, but I have no doubt that these knives are, indeed, as good as they appear. Sell a Similar Item. The survival machete has been known by collectors as theV-44 Survival Knifefor many years, but most current researchers feel the name is inaccurate and is not a period term. [2][5] Production of the grooved leather handle was later simplified by forming the grip of stacked leather washers that were shaped by turning on a lathe, then polished and lacquered. The blade had a massive blood groove and upswept false edge on the spine. Case family cousins Dean and Russ Case, along with Tint Champlin started the company in 1925, in Little Valley New York to help provide production support and fixed blade knives to the other two companies. The blade-dated RCC has the pommel staked wrong. It was held in place with a steel washer pinned to the tang. [6][7][4][8][9][5] The M3 would also replace the FairbairnSykes fighting knife or OSS dagger in U.S. service in 1944. The tooling marks on the main bevel of the blade. The consensus is that the Kinfolks knife company was established around 1924 from when they made these really fine knives till the 1950s. I have a few more vintage American-made knives, as well as WW2 era combat knives and bayonets, scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives from other countries available for sale please take a look in our Militariasection. All orders are subject to acceptance by IMA Inc, which reserves the right to refuse any order. Blade still shiny. The grooves provided better purchase. May 6, 2017 in EDGED WEAPONS,, Original blade-dated Kinfolks have pinned pommels, and blued finish. Manufacturers known to have made the M3 under wartime contract include the Aerial Cutlery Co., W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Imperial Knife Co., PAL Cutlery Co., Camillus Cutlery Co., Robeson (ShurEdge) Cutlery Co., Kinfolks Inc., Utica Cutlery Co., and H. Boker & Co. Many times the guards and pommels were mixed and matched. If a soldier depends on a knife, then citizens also depend on that knife. I'm not a heavy knife guy, but I have a few books. As more M3 knives became available in 1943 and 1944, the knife was issued to other soldiers such as Army Air Corps crewmen and soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet, including soldiers issued the M1 Carbine or submachine gun. There was most likely two fastening leg straps but one is now gone. IMA considers all antique guns offered on our website as non-firing, inoperable and/or inert. Kinfolk WW2 Era fighting knife with Kinfolk leather scabbard in good condition, Plus $ 26 Shipping & Insurance to lower 48 States, if buying a gun buyer has to supply a copy of FFL dealer license to ship the gun to, 3 day inspection period, buyer is responsible for shipping cost both ways, Money Order or Certified Check, you are responsible to make sure item is legal in your area, 985 991-0138 . In the United States, World War II mobilized a workforce that had never been seen before. M4s were issued to troops for use as a combat knife even though their weapon may not have been able to accommodate a bayonet. Rare Fighting Knife. Having all three of these anomalies would cause me to pass until I had satisfactory answers. International shipping for this item will be $39 and up to most countries on our ship-to list. Closure strap is nice and snap functions great. WW2 US USMC 1945 CHATILLON N.Y. Bolo Knife & BOYT sheath NICE! [6][7][4][8][9][5] The blade was made of carbon steel, and was either blued or parkerized. These are the things that concern me about the Kinfolk's M3 in the OP. Many observers say it was for quartermasters, with the Q standing for quartermaster. Fighting Knife is in fair condition showing some wear and age. Save my name and email to use for future comments. Ships from Willoughby, OH, United States. KINFOLKS USA OLD VINTAGE RARE BONE HANDLE FIXED BLADE KNIFE W/SHEATH. | Privacy. This attractive WW2 era Kinfolks fighting knife has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, the set is in 100% original as is condition. Snap functions great. Scabbard is nice showing some wear but no damage. See Sold Price. Shop by category. I would New message from: absoluteestates Top Rated Seller(5,118Green Star), Hi, Thanks for your email. By The original variant had an overall length of around 14 , +/- about with a clip point Bowie style blade that varied between about9 to 9 in length. Reports of blade failures on M3s in service increased as soldiers began to use their trench knives for ordinary utility tasks such as opening ammo crates and food ration tins, a role for which the M3 had not been designed. Be the first to know of our latest discoveries and exclusive offers. Later production Case V-44s adopted poured lead rivets to secure the grips instead of the brass rivets. 100% OF OUR PROFITS ARE DONATED for purchases of the much-needed cold-weather clothing, medkits, and other field gear for individual units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Appearing at the end of WWII, the M-4 Bayonet gave the M-1 carbine a much-needed edge in combat. Tags: Overall length from tip to base of shell case is approximately 12 1/4 inches. They also made some pocket knives but most were belt knives. Scabbard is in real nice solid condition with no damage. VINTAGE SOUTHERN & RICHARDSON SHEFFIELD WW2 FIXED BLADE COMBAT FIGHTING DIRK DAGGER KNIFE KNIVES OLD. It was 12 inches long with a 7-inch blade. The scabbard is complete and solid, with all of its original stitching tightly in place and no visible loss. Blade shows darkening. All original rivets are all present; the leather is soft and supple still. While some are very rare, such as the L-76, L-77, Bushman and USMC parachutist knives, several examples are more ubiquitous. standing for the manufacturer American Fork & Hoe Company. The grips are inFINEcondition and are free of any breaks, cracks or repairs. The guard was thick steel angled on top to form a thumb rest. [1][2][3] However, it was particularly designed for use by forces in need of a close combat knife, such as Airborne Units and Army Rangers, so these units received priority for the M3 at the start of production. Les meilleures offres pour Couteau de combat lame Kinfolks original de la Seconde Guerre mondiale avec fourreau en cuir Kinfolks sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spcificits des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! We all learned a lot about these knives! As issued during WWII. [2], The M3 was developed as a replacement for the World War I-era U.S. Mark I trench knife, primarily to conserve strategic metal resources. Leather handle is real nice with a tiny crack at crossguard. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 US M3 Kinfolks Fighting Knife is in nice condition showing some wear and age. The third and fourth versions replaced the horn grip with Bakelite, initially secured with brass rivets and with the final variant secured with steel rivets. Leather washer grip is nice with no issues. Even if I compare this blade dated one to other Kinfolk that are just blade marked I still see the differences. This law exempts antique firearms from any form of gun control or special engineering. DESCRIPTION: A World War II (WW2) United States Navy early fighting knife made by RH Pal Remington. Designed for rapid production using a minimum of strategic metals and machine processes, the M3 trench knife used a relatively narrow 6.75-inch bayonet-style spear-point blade with a sharpened 3.5-inch secondary edge. The blade is dated and maker stamped, a variation seldom seen by US M3 collectors. As the U.S. But it's good to see folks picking up on discrepancies. A.F.H. Original WW2 era American fighting knife manufactured by Kinfolks Cutlery in Little Valley, NY. The Kinfolks brand was acquired by Robeson Cutlery of Perry, NY, where knives with the Kinfolks name were produced under the direction of another Case cousin, Emmerson Case. WW2 USN (Navy) MK1 Fighting Knife With Original Gray Scabbard USN MKI Mark WWII, VINTAGE KINFOLKS USA STACKED LEATHER FIXED BLADE HUnTING KNIFE, Pair WW2 Vintage Throwing Knifes w Sheath Knife Crafters Philadelphia PA Rare NR, Vintage, Kinfolks Incorporated, Hunting Knife & Hatchet Combo Set, Case, RARE WWII WW2 M3 PAL Fighting Knife US Army USMC M8AI B.M.Co SCABBARD, WW2 CAMILLUS NY USN MARK 2 KABAR FIGHTING KNIFE, ORIGINAL SHEATH ***MINTY***. The rare Western produced V-44s were a simplified version of the 3, The knife retains its original leather scabbard which is in about, Overall this is a very attractive and eminently displayable example of the classic World War II era, World Wars - Military (Other than edged weapons), Rare & Fine Kninfolks V-44 WWII Era Survival Knife, Exceptional National Armory Brown Springfield Model 1822 (1816 Type II) Flintlock Musket, Extremely Scarce and Fine Suhl 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket by Christian Funk, Rare Percussion Sharps Carbine and Rifle Combination Tool. Ontario MK2 . Scabbard is nice showing some light wear but no damage. eBay sent this message to john schmidt (jw517). Marked RH PAL 36 on blade. Blade is marked Kinfolks at the ricasso as pictured. Collins & Company, Case, Kinfolks and Western produced the knives during the eight years that they were manufactured for the US Army Air Corps. The M3 was selected because it was easier to manufacture and had a thinner blade, which was 6.75 inches and sharpened the full length, excluding the stamped tang area. Nice condition with some light wear. . ok joo ri instagram. Leather grip shows wear but is tight. SKIP. Asking your trading partner to complete a transaction outside of eBay is not allowed. SPRING HILL CUTLERY (eBay: bargainseller02), RARE WW2 (WWII) German Paratrooper Gravity Knife, Victorinox German Army Surplus Pocketknife, Taylors Eye Witness Private Purchase WW2 Fighting Knife, Original MINT 8" Robert Parrish RP CUSTOM Clip Blade Survival Fighter Knife, VINTAGE HOFFRITZ SOLINGEN GERMANY BEARTOOTH FIXED BLADE COMBAT FIGHTING DIRK DAGGER KNIFE KNIVES OLD, BLACKJACK ORIGINAL TOOLING TEST 1987 PROTOTYPE BOWIE KNIFE WITH BJ LEATHER SHEATH, VINTAGE SOUTHERN & RICHARDSON SHEFFIELD WW2 FIXED BLADE COMBAT FIGHTING DIRK DAGGER KNIFE KNIVES OLD, Ontario MK2 Vintage Military Knife with Sheath, Vintage Ontario 10/76 pilot survival knife with original leather sheath, Vintage Ontario 2/80 military Pilot survival knife and original leather sheath, Custom made replacement PAL RH51 knife sheath RIGHT HAND, Custom made replacement Cattaraugus 225Q / PAL RH36 combat knife sheath RIGHT HAND, VINTAGE STAG CATTARAUGUS 225Q QUARTERMASTER FIXED BLADE BOWIE SURVIVAL FIGHING KNIFE KNIVES OLD WW2. Nice WWII German reproduction knife with scabbard. It's easy! Original leather scabbard is in good overall condition, considering the age; the keeper is falling apart and it had came off completely but it could be replaced a relatively easy fix. As the war progressed, Kinfolks had to phase out the use of aluminum due to the wartime ban on the use of the strategic metals for the non-essential products. The M3 was initially issued with a stitched and riveted leather M6 scabbard with a protective steel tip designed to prevent the point from piercing the sheath and injuring the wearer. See Sold Price 6 bids. marked M4. WWII US Fighting Bowie Knife Cattaraugus 225Q USA USMC Army (#394437099572) a***k (69) - Feedback left by buyer a***k (69). The M3 was originally designated for issue to soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet. The knives had been in storage for many years, some of them for over forty. [2][3][4][5] As more M3 knives became available in 1943 and 1944, the knife was issued to other soldiers such as Army Air Corps crewmen and soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet, including soldiers issued the M1 carbine or a submachine gun such as the M3 "grease gun".[1][2]. Scabbard appears to be original. That changed my whole perspective on identifying a replaced handle. Leather handle shows some dents to both sides. My only intent was to have a determination regarding the authenticity as a WW2 Blade dated Kinfolks M3, with the goal of further education for the collector community here. Original example produced by the The blade is in aboutFINEcondition and is mostly smooth with only some minute sharpening marks present along the edge. Free shipping for many products! The early M8 scabbard only had a belt loop to fit over a pistol or trouser belt, and lacked the wire hook that earlier bayonet scabbards had for attaching to the M1910 series of load carrying equipment. Cole, some 50,000 of the knives were acquired by the USAAF between 1934 and 1942, when the folding (or fixed blade) survival machete replaced theV-44. Original WW2 era American fighting knife manufactured by Kinfolks Cutlery in Little Valley, NY. Featuring a 5-to-5.25-inch flat-ground blade, the Mark 1 utility knife was adopted by the Navy as a survival-type knife with sheath. While the knife itself was generally well-made and balanced (some paratroopers and rangers mastered the art of using the M3 as a throwing knife), the long, narrow, dagger-like steel blade, designed to economize on priority steel requirements, was best used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon, and performed less well when used for slashing strokes. Blade has been slightly sharpened. Vintage WWII 1943 Kinfolks Inc US M3 Trench Fighting Knife M8 B.M.