The 300 Blackout would never see mainstream military use, although it became popular in the civilian shooter market. (296 and H110 are verified the exact same powder, just marketed under two different brand names.) (r.). It is also suitable for .221 Fireball, 6.8mm SPC, and 7.62x39mm if you happen to reload for these cartridges as well. Winchester 296 is a ball powder developed for large handgun loads. These dimensions make caliber conversions of firearms from 5.56/.223 to .300 Blackout relatively easy, only needing a barrel replacement. Winchester 296 is a ball powder developed for large handgun loads. Close range only. In contrast, a 220-grain bullet ideal for subsonic loads, like Sierra MatchKing 2240, possesses an overall length of roughly 1.49. In ill health for some time, Oliver F. Winchester died December 11, 1880 at age 70 in New Haven, Connecticut. There are a handful of solid reloading manuals out there from Speer, Hornady, Sierra, and Barnes, to name a few. The 300 AAC Blackout Loading Data wasn't listed in the 2016 version because we hadn't received load data for that caliber at the time of the printing. IMR 4227 is suitable for supersonic and subsonic loads. At this point, I will say, Im not a fan of plastic calipers, as the material involved is just too prone to damage, and Ive always been skeptical of their accuracy. I have three sources of loading data: Lyman's. The 300 AAC Blackout is a similar concept to previous wildcats, such as the 30-221 and 300 Fireball, as well as the proprietary 300 Whisper, except that 300 BLK was the first to be a SAAMI approved cartridge and any company is free to make firearms or ammunition. Ordered 1:7 barrel to another gun, used same loads in exactly same conditions, no issues. Pistol SET YOUR SIGHTS ON PISTOL RELOADING DATA Find what you need in four easy steps. When I purchased my Super Blackhawk, the first powder I chose was WW296. LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. The 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) is a popular alternativecartridgein the AR-15/M16 M4 (AR) community. However, it is listed in the 2017 and later printings. Simply telling me I am wrong won't help. : 1,867 2,110 Press. 296 has kept .410 in the hands of American youth- teaching them to shoot for generations. ES -----174 fps. This powder generates relatively high velocities, making it suitable for loading hunting or self-defense ammunition. The targets above represent the loads shown in the table. My Hornady 10th edition manual doesn't include it either. Born in Boston in 1810, Winchesters initial foray into business was as a maker of mens shirts. Tuning any lower can result in inconsistent burn- aka squib loads- aka projectile in the barrel just waiting to become a KB. The cleaner your brass is, the longer your dies will last, especially if that brass has been in the dirt at all. velocities averaging 1,040fps in most 16" guns using the 194gr ME bullet, Federal small rifle primer, and 2.200" COL: Powders For the 300 blk. An ideal solution for loading 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, and even 410-bore shotshell ammunition, its high loading density provides optimal velocity. I dont recommend deviating from this for safety reasons. Powders that cover most 300 BLK projectiles. Using 125 gr prohunter, I really appreciate the updated data, I was working on subsonic loads and Sierra did the work for me. The twist rate needed to accommodate the heavy subsonic bullets makes finding accurate super sonic loads difficult. On the up side, firing the 300 BLK from a precision rifle is a pleasure. Intended primarily for high case capacity, high-power cartridges such as .454 Casull, .475 Linebaugh, and .500 S&W Magnum, it has also been used successfully for decades in certain rifle calibers, such as 7.62x39mm and .300 Blackout. 20 gr will drive 55 gr to 62 gr .223 rounds OK. Peruse the Hodgdon Online data files and see for yourself. There is not much load data for this powder so I had to work up my own. Winchester 296 Recipe Source: ALL Alliant Powder Hodgdon Shooters World VihtaVuori Starting Max Source 85 gr RN (Sierra) 0.308" Powder: H110 (Hodgdon) Primer: CCI 400 Case: WIN Trim Length: 1.285" C.O.L. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Has N120 been discontinued? Again, if youre using .300 Blackout ammo in a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle, youll have less flexibility in powder, since the gun needs enough gas to cycle reliably. Most data I have seen specifies small-rifle magnum primers.At some point, you may want to know how fast your .300 Blackout bullets are actually going. You have a number of options. I have some other common pistol powders like lil gun, bullseye, and titegroup but would like to hear what you guys use for the 147 pills. Effective range for hunting is about 100-150 yards. Rainier Ballistics has introduced plated 180-grain bullets for subsonic use only. As mentioned, it should NOT be reduced. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Winchester - Legendary Powders RELOADING DATA CENTER ALL THE LOAD DATA YOU'LL EVER NEED ALL IN ONE PLACE! 300 Blackout is taking the shooting world by storm, and for good reason. Old Craftsman 6-inch dial calipers passed on the author by his machinist father alongside a Wilson .300 Blackout case gauge. The .300 Blackout is an intermediate rifle cartridge, just like 5.56mm NATO and 7.62x39mm. Subsonic 300 Blackout. by bangbangping Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:30 pm, Post This is particularly helpful when loading subsonic ammunition as you can make sure your bullet speeds are still below supersonic velocities but as close as to those velocities as you can get. Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers. I played with some H110 and had one group with two touching and a flier opening it to an inch. The case dimensions are very similar to .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO, with virtually identical cartridge overall length (COL) and base diameter, allowing a shooter to load .300 Blackout cartridges in an unmodified AR-15 magazine without loss of capacity. If you are using heavily soiled range-pickup brass, youll need the more aggressive walnut-hull media.All in all, youll have some upfront costs but if you shoot a lot of .300 Blackout, youll find the break even point in short order. Selected this powder based on recommendations that it was good for .410 reloading. I am confident that it would also be well suited to .454 Casull and other strong calibers. Rather than having a steep shoulder and overbore case, like the 20 Vartarg (a 221 Remington necked down to 20 caliber), it has a relatively straight design that requires fast magnum pistol powders. . Serving as optimal powders for their intended cartridges. Relative Brun Rate: They are attempting give you the best information out there. by 300m3nt0kAAC Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:27 pm, Post 0. The standard 5.56 NATO Magpul PMag on the left shows the second round nosed down in the magazine due to binding. .300 AAC Blackout - Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholder: Hornady #16 Lee #4 Lyman #26 RCBS #10 Pistol Rifle Cowboy Starting Max Source 100 gr HPCE / OTCE (Lapua) 0.308" Powder: N105 (VihtaVuori) Primer: Small Rifle Case: Lapua Trim Length: 1.362" C.O.L. If you choose to load subsonic ammo for an AR-15, some bullet ogives can interfere with first rib in the standard AR magazine, causing the ammo to bind and not feed correctly. The Rainier Ballistics bullets come in a wedge or a hollowpoint offering. Certifiable has done some pretty good work on Subsonic powders for both carbine and pistol gas systems. An optimal powder charge fills up between 90% and 100% of the case, provided it doesnt result in dangerous levels of overpressure. I was at Cabelas flipping through several reloading manuals and could not find 147 gr. In many ways, it is the anti-rifle cartridge. However, it is listed in the 2017 and later printings. Id probably use one if I had one.As far as powder goes, youll need to find something appropriate for the loads youre intending to make. Have experienced some unstability problems with cans and 1:8 barrels with 220 gr sierras. It is a versatile chambering, capable of accepting a wide range of .30-caliber projectiles. Often powders that are way to slow to be used effectively in the 300 blk. containers. by Merlin1274 Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:38 pm, Post Testing both .308 versions of the Speer Gold Dot in 300 Blackout. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. IMR 4227 is a pistol powder with a medium burn rate, primarily intended for use in Magnum pistol and revolver cartridges. This is the best group achieved with the 300 BLK and 135 SMK at 100 yards. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. Carbine length gas tube. Screw JD Jones who sat on his product and refused to share his creation after earning millions. LBT heat treated solids and max charges of 296 are a super penetrator for large dangerous game! A .300 Blackout rifle loaded with subsonic ammunition and fitted with a suppressor is truly silenced; the firearms loudest element is the bolt going home with every shot. Winchester 296 . February 15, 2022. JavaScript is disabled. % Suggested subsonic load: R-P 300 AAC BLACKOUT brass Remington 7.5 primers 11.2 grains of AA 1680 powder Case length is 1.368 +0.000 -0.020 Sierra 220 MK loaded to 2.089 OAL (this length is optimal for reliable feeding from USGI magazines) . Ramshot Enforcer is a high-performance, double-base spherical propellant intended for high-power handgun revolver cartridges, such as .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, or .500 Magnum. The best 5 shot group was .334 MOA while the worst was 3.787 MOA! As with IMR 4227, Hodgdon obtained the following load data using a 16 barrel with a 1:8 twist rate, Hornady cases trimmed to 1.363, and Remington 7 1/2 Small Rifle Magnum primers. AA1680 or similar in burn rate should work well. H110/W296 is a great powder for the 300 AAC Blackout however I have found in both of our uppers that it is not a good powder for subsonic loads. I have a 16 bbl. : 1.831" Powder: 10.3 gr 13.0 gr Vel. This may be ongoing and won't necessarily be complete for a while. The .300 cartridge uses the same powder as large caliber handguns, such as .44 & .45's. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE CAUTION Find load data for Shooters World Blackout propellant by clicking the button "Loads for this Powder".More about this powder:ShootersWorld: Ballistic results for this propellant show it appropriate for both pistol and rifle cartridges that incorporate a near straight-walled cartridge case. Works good for 357 mag, achieves expected 1200+ fps. I went back and read my notes. And i thought i was the only who ever tried sr4759. If you folks want really figures use quick loadthis data and noslers data is bogus. Depending on the weight and length of the bullet selected, the amount of space available inside the case may change dramatically. Winchester 296 is also recommended for 410-bore AA loads. We were even close for a short time. Your email address will not be published. Reading a few different reports of accuracy issues with the cartridge in general (youll notice many of the sub sonic groups published online are shot at 25 yards!- more on this later), I came to the realization, that most of the good groups found with the cartridge were shot with either a special chamber (not a 300 BLK which has a long throat to accommodate the heavy bullets) or a slower twist rate to work well with the light bullets (SAAMI specifies a 1:8 twist, click link). You all show older data in the 300 using lil gun for a load workup option. Loading 300 Blackout - ep 10 - First subsonic test loads with Palmetto Projectiles Function and velocity testing with Winchester 296 We continue to prioritize our shipments to our traditional sales channels to maximize powder availability at retailers. The 300 Blackouts recoil is not significantly different from the 5.5645, and its price isnt prohibitively higher. The Latest In Reloading, Straight To Your Inbox Keep up-to-date on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. He is a greedy old has been who would have let this cartridge perish. If you cannot find one powder in stock, the other may function as a substitute, using the same load data. The 110 grain Blackout at 2,375 feet per second yields 1,377.4 foot-pounds of muzzle energy to the AK's 1,650.8 at 2,600 feet per second.