Morning co-host Kera Burk is out at AC Mix 93.1 WHYN-FM. Do you know that they're taking advantage of you? Would you let someone know if their significant other had cheated on them? Damn Julianne Miller departs as phone screener for the syndicated Woody Show and Saturday evening host at Alt 98.7 KYSR. Teachers share the cliques that are common now in school. Mentally, physically, quality of life, etc. Ashley Z departs nights at CHR 96.5 Kiss-FM WAKS. Who knew that James Blunt was this funny? Uber and Lyft went on strike yesterday. Music Director/night host Maria Palmer exits Alternative 106.5 The End WEND. Missing your appendix and want to move to a small town? Or does it make you love it more? Mel Andrews Ajero has exited weekends at 102.3 WSUS after nearly 19 years. The new movie that everyone is talking about, but nobody wants to see How long do you stick with a show before you give up on it? Chris spent the weekend working on his kid's science projects with themA true test of parents relationships with their kids. How do you feel about this teacher snapping? What are your "deal breakers" with people? Apparently you can get a prescription to play video games as a way to treat ADHD?! Hey kids, don't do what this girl did to try and go viral You wanna know the best way to focus on something? We talk loss & moving forward. We talked to Lindsay Ell and Brantley Gilbert about their song together, their brotherly-sisterly relationship, prank wars and more! Would you ever try a burger that tastes like "human flesh?". Tony Dee exits as Chief Engineer for the cluster. Are shopping malls going away? John Tigman Rutigliano departs afternoons at Classic Rock Z93 93.3 WBWZ. We (kind of) do We got to talk to the legend, Jeff Foxworthy! Marylee Kelly departs as Cape Cod Production Director and afternoon host at Classic Rock Cool 102 WCIB. Dan Foss exits weekends at CHR 101.3 KDWB. After 6 years, it still gets you. With the surprising passing of Gilbert Gottfried, it leaves us wondering, who will be next? I found a loophole to the jock bio links being scrubbed from all the websites. Football is BACK, and so is the roller coaster of emotions Where were you when the world stopped turning? What types of things do guys just NOT get? How do we stop it? We talk to our friend Greg about how it's going for him in Ukraine. Autore dell'articolo: Articolo pubblicato: 16/06/2022 Categoria dell'articolo: fixed gantry vs moving gantry cnc Commenti dell'articolo: andy's dopey transposition cipher andy's dopey transposition cipher What is something your parents did that you swore you would never do? This Really Happened.Sounds Like A Movie, But It's Real! Except for one thing Do you like the original or sequel better? Ricky exits as night host at CHR XL 106.7 WXXL. Afternoon host Qui West departs Rhythmic CHR 99.1 KGGI. Plus why they chose to name the album what they did and more! People are saying, it wasn't exactly pleasant. Summer is here! Mike The Shot Doctor, afternoon co-host at SportsThe GameWYGM 740/96.9, is out. Manny Cowzinski departs as Program Director at CHR Channel 96.3 KZCH and Alternative Alt 107.3 KTHR. It was an interesting weekend, followed by a complete & utter breakdown this morning on the air. Do you agree?! The 13 stages of going through a break-up. DJ Ramo G departs The Freakshow morning show at Rhythmic CHR 105.5 The Beat WBTT. We talk to Darius Rucker about some new suggestions for "Beers & Sunshine," who is ideal duet partner is & of course, we HAVE to mess with him a little bit! We caught up with Chris Janson to see what he's doing during his quarantine and how he's handling this new world we're living in. He can be reached at [emailprotected] or 617-669-5242. WHAM-TV anchor Doug Emblidge, who contributed news to the Wease show remotely, is also out. Why did it take so long for people to take action? Mark French departs as morning host on Hot AC Mix 98.9 WMXY. Dianne Dee Zanin exits as News Reporter for News/Talk 1450 WKIP/1370 WJIP and weekend host at Country 107.3 WRWD. Chris has you covered! Last night, hundreds were arrested for protesting in Minneapolis and a lot of people don't really know why Election Day may be over, but the results aren't quite in, and we're wondering what the hell happened?! Music News Some goodsomenot so good. Are you this close with your co-workers? He can be reached at 316-500-0822 and [emailprotected]. Why are Millennials going to die before every other generation? We talk to Lainey Wilson & Cole Swindell about their new song, how it came to be and even play a game with them about it! What is your favorite social media platform? Doug Kramer is out as PD/morning host on CHR Hot 94.9 KHKN. We talk Super Bowl before Sunday's big game and most importantly, Jimmy G. (: We're in a world where no matter what we say, we get ripped. We chat with Chris and Preston from LOCASH about their new album, Preston's new haircut and who in country music the guys want to prank. Mike Lucas is out as morning host at Sports The Big 1070 WTSO. Cluster operations manager Randy McCarten and production director Dan Duke Mussman also lost their jobs. McKaila is making steps to get a dogwithout telling Matt We talk with Gabby Barrett, or as Chris calls her, Gabby Bruce, about life in quarantine, if she's BFF's with Luke Bryan and her new album which is out TODAY! We all have regrets about things we gave to a significant other, but this might top the list McKaila is wondering if anyone can help with this problem. Samantha Layne departs as APD/Production Director and midday host at Rock 95.1 WZZO. Drew Thomas exits afternoons at WSRZ. Who have you found very disappointing in 2019?! To be clear, he was not the feature of an ABC 20/20 investigation, but video of him was used in their telling of the story of Jim & Tammy Bakker's fall from grace at their PTL network and Heritage USA theme park. It seems like everyone is a little worked up these days and they're taking it out on their email McKaila is frustrated by something she's been trying to do. Melissa Sharpe exits middays at 99.9 KEZ KESZ. If you ran into an ex, would you say anything? Do you think this was in poor taste or are people overreacting? Afternoon hosts Jake Query and Derek Schultz are gone from afternoons at Sports 1260 WNDE Indianapolis. Morning anchor Deb Lawler departs News 1030 WBZ just weeks after celebrating her 35th anniversary at the station. It's the first day of the school! McKaila and Chris just want to skip Halloween and head straight to Thanksgiving! Chris has been having issues with his heart rate and he FINALLY went to the doctor. All Contests & Promotions. McKaila is ALL IN on "Bachelor In Paradise" for one specific reason. They say it's a matter of not if, but when Make sure you read it before you believe it.. Brittney Griner is coming home after 10 months in Russia and people are split about it Matthew Perry thinks he's finally ready to watch "Friends". We sure do We chat with Dan + Shay about A LOT of stuff! Danial Baxter Irving departs nights at Rocket 105 WRKT. Jan 23, 2019 Maverick was on an episode of 20/20 over the weekend! We talk music, dream collabs, football and more! Nick Kuhn exits as PD of Classic Rock 106.3 The Brew WAMX and afternoon host at Country 103.3 WTCR. Why are they trying to remake this classic?! Also, spotted with messages on social media mentioning they have been part of the cuts are Randi West, PD/Middays on WMTX Mix 100.7 Tampa, Sammy Stone, Mornings on WTWF 93.9 the Wolf Erie, PA and Bill Page, Middays on WXBB 94.7 Bob FM Erie, PA. Lance Venta is Owner and Publisher of Paul Brodee Scott exits as APD/Creative Services Director/Afternoon Drive/Digital Content Coordinator at CHR 101.9 Kiss-FM KWNW. Do you think Ellie Kemper should be cancelled? It might be time to take the phones away from kids and here's why Can you remember the saddest meal you've ever had? Busch can be reached at [emailprotected]. A former "Bachelor" came out as gay this morning. Sue Falls is out as evening host at Classic Hits Kool 108 KQQL. Ever feel down? Who has it worse going to the doctor - men or women? We're fairly convinced it's going to blow up. Albany GA David 'DJ Tripp' Smith exits nights at Hip Hop 96.3 WJIZ. June 30, 2022; my septum piercing won't flip up; vegan mochi cake recipe . Full Bio. Ken Payne departs as APD/midday host at AC Kool 105.5 WOLL. Kia's sister Amy sent her wrinkle cream and Kia is not happy about it. Jim Hyatt departs as Program Director at AC Mix 103.3 WMLX and Rock 107.5 WZRX. Hes available for voiceover and imaging as well as production opportunities at 513.703.6622, [emailprotected], and It's been a while, so we play Would You Rather Wednesday! McKaila has some suggestions for you! A politician in Illinois wants to BAN beer pong!! Meredith Lane departs as host of The 9 at 9 on CHR 104.5 The Cat WLKT. Are these habits OCD or things that everyone does? We talk to her about the french horn, her relationship with her dad, what she does to germaphobes and more! Maurice DeVoe is out as Program Director of Hip-Hop 100.3 The Beat KATZ-FM. Get to know Chris, Kia, and McKaila - Mornings from 5am-10am on 102.1-K102! Unimoons are the next big trend and we don't really get why Maverick was taken by ambulance to the hospital this morning. Mixers Jimi O and DJ Sandman exits Hip-Hop 95.7 The Beat WBTP. What will happen that will rock the world this year on McKaila's birthday? Here's what's going on in the world & how it's affecting us. How do you feel about the first day of school? Kia seems to think so Is social media to blame for this person's death? Why is it so hard to RSVP for people? Well, if you want to go on the show, there are some rules you have to follow Why do we always have to ruin a good thing? Jim Big Jim Donovan Dunagan departs middays at WYYY. Are you over all the hype? Sometimes you should think before you do things Sam Sansevere fills in for Kia and we ask her all about the rodeo life! What stuff do you do because you know your significant other loves it? We all have milestones. Hyatt can be reached at [emailprotected] or @theriot_hyatt. Louisville Production Director Mark Stahr is gone after 24 years. What?! After 30+ years, Coe Lewis exits middays at Classic Rock 101.5 KGB-FM. She also hosted afternoons at AC Sunny 105.3 KBFP Bakersfield remotely. Guys in France may soon be REQUIRED to take paternity leave. We are dreaming of a White Christmas, but I guess we should just be grateful? We've been getting a lot of questions about what happened to Maverick, and we finally talk to him to reveal it. Katie Kruz exits as Program Director at Country 96.3 Star Country WMAD and CHR Z104 WZEE. The seasoned on-air talent and board operations with plenty of on-street promotions experience can be reached at (201) 96O-2851 or [emailprotected]. Scott Kittell exits as Sports Director and midday host on Classic Country 910 KCJB. In case you missed it, here is the still of the shot! Chad Heritage is out as iHearts Country brand coordinator as well as senior VP/programming and operations manager for the Little Rock cluster and PD of CountryKSSN 96. We got to talk to LOCASH this morning and it was one big LOVE FEST! In a world where it's becoming harder and harder to tell who is telling the truth, at what point will people just start doing the right thing? There is no privacy when it comes to a car with windows, so don't get caught digging for gold! Maverick was taken by ambulance to the hospital this morning. Hastings also did afternoons for WDVI and middays for Country107.3 the BullWNBL Rochester. Weren't we all taught NOT to do this as children? There's a lot more to this, but, basically, this is what was intended behind the holiday and how we feel about it. This weekend, Chris has to paint his house and he is NOT looking forward to it! McKaila sustained a rather odd injury in a delicate area Would hypnosis motivate you to go to the gym? Minnesota is one of the least sexy accents?! Justin Brady exits his weekend show at News/Talk 1040 WHO. Gallagher started at the station as afternoon host in the 1980s. Why are they trying to ruin our childhood? McKaila's looking for ideas to make her wedding unique. Do you think she was wrong for saying this? Jeremie Poplin departs as PD/afternoon host at Sports The Buzz 1300 KAKC/1430 KTBZ. Tom Travis departs as Senior Vice President of Programming. McKaila's mom is dropping hints left and right about wanting more grandchildren McKaila vents about her current struggle with her weight. Is it weird to walk around your house naked? Chances are, they look a little different this year Who do you think should take over as host of "JEOPARDY!"? Are there no original movie ideas anymore? Does this guy make you feel like the worst person in the world? How do your dreams compare to everyone else? But will we complain about the weather all year long? Michael Anthony Smith exits as evening host at Rock AC 97.3 The River WRVV. We catch up with our old friend, Maverick before Thanksgiving! If you or someone you know is struggling, reach out. Participating in March Madness? Get to know Muss - Weekdays from 3pm-7pm on 102.1-K102! [VIDEO], Shakopee Car-Skier Goes Viral During Minnesota Winter Storm, Brantley Gilbert Says More People Need To Be Punched [VIDEO], LISTEN: Morgan Wallen Releases 3 New Songs, Kirk Cousins' Neighbor Steps Up To Shovel His Driveway (Video), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. what happened to maverick on k102. Big Al Sams exits mornings at Classic Hip-Hop V101 KHYL. Do you agree with it? Kirk Cousins stopped by the studio today and we talked Minnesota, football and being a man of faith! Is this going overboard?! Trace Hamilton departs Country Big 95.5 WEBG, DJ Moon Dog from Hip-Hop 107.5 WGCI and Chris Michaels at R&B V103 WVAZ. What ridiculous thing would you buy with the $1200 stimulus check? McKaila got a letter in the mail from someone she doesn't know Should she be worried? Chris experienced some this weekend and here's how he handled it! K102 has been my home since 2009. What's your best way for dealing with anger? Traffic Manager Stephanie McGee exits after 12 years. Thanks! Why do people come to work sick?! Get to know Chris, Kia, and McKaila - Mornings from 5am-10am on 102.1-K102! Keep the conversation going. McKaila LOVES the choice of sexiest man alive, but others disagree PSA, don't mess with McKaila when it comes to food! Mauricio exits Hip Hop 103.5 The Beat WMIB. Steve Rosen exits as local Bobby Bones Show producer on Country 101.9 The Twister KTST. Adam Savage departs as Program Director of Rock 96.9 The Dog KDAG. Help needed for podcasts. How many of these things do you do with your food?! Elizabeth Banks opened up about feeling judged for using a surrogate. Where are your thoughts with the "Don't Worry Darling" drama? J.P. Hastings departs after 14 years as Program Director for Hot AC Mix 100.5WDVI as well as sister stations Y94WYYY Syracuse and Mix 103.3WMXW Binghamton. Jordan Lass departs as PD/afternoon host at CHR Hot 95.7 KOSY-FM and afternoons at Alternative Alt 106.3 KDXA Des Moines. Current and classic episodes, featuring compelling true-crime mysteries, powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations. We talk with Katelyn Brown about her line of wine, parenting 2 young kids, what she won't let Kane buy and more! We catch up with our old friend, Maverick before Thanksgiving . Kia's going ice fishing this weekend and she's got some concerns Maverick thinks New Year's resolutions are b.s., Kia's feeling envious because of other people's 2018 and Chris has a very specific resolution for 2019 We're back in 2019! You can hear Chris Carr & Company mornings on 102.1-K102 from 5am-10am and when you just can't get enough, check out what else they have to say on "I Tell You What." . Debra moe 2022-04-15 00:39:28. He can be reached at [emailprotected] or on all social media platforms at @FritoOnTheRadio. Wendy Steele exits middays at Country 92.5 WWYZ. Chris Merrill departs nights at News/Talk 600 KOGO. McKaila's missing some RSVP's for her wedding. Kia has a recommendation for us to check out & of course, McKaila & Chris can't take it seriously Maybe we should rethink gender reveal parties Is this the best or worst Mother's Day gift? Via Radio Survivor, heres a Rolling Stone article from this afternoon about the cuts generallyincluding several anonymous quotes, Here's what we learned from Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's interview with Oprah! We catch up with Michael Ray about his new single, favorite story songs, the unusual way he became a Cubs fan and more! Mathew from Old Dominion plays a little game with us. Brian Cleary is out as PD of Country WEZL 103.5. CHR 97.9 Kiss-FM WKSL loses Program Director Skip Kelly and Music Director/night host Mel Rose. Morning co-host/producer Justin Billy Jack Doyle at Classic Hits 107.9 WSRZ. We talk to Jameson Rodgers in this episode of "I Tell You What!". Is this how the future is going to be? Chris went to the doctor and got all felt up! Lourdes La Gitana DeJesus exits middays at Spanish Tropical Rumba 100.3 WRUM. Joe Exotic wants out of prison. How about your least favorite? Glen bauer 2022-03-23 19:36:48. Reporter Andrew Mollenbeck departs News/Talk 640 KFI. Morning show producer Amanda Duryee departs Classic Rock 102.5 KZOK. Preston also programmed Country 93.1 WPOC and Variety Hits 102.7 Jack-FM WQSR. McKaila is going to Disney World this weekend! David DJ Tripp Smith exits nights at Hip Hop 96.3 WJIZ. Justin Bieber came to town & didn't look excited to be here What do you think of when you think of your mom? McKaila's mom got a strange phone call the other day. Steve Dent leaves as Program Director for Alternative Alt 103.9 WZDA and Rock 104.7 WTUE. Chris and the girls disagree on what is "true happiness.". Hear all about McKaila's trip to Disney this weekend! McKaila wants to do something and doesn't at the same time. McKaila had a unique incident (to her) at the airport over the weekend Sam Sansevere filled in for Mack today and she's awesome! Do you agree? Aaron Rodgers is going to be the highest paid quarterback & get a ton of cash! We chat with Charles Kelly of Lady A about "Champagne Nights," finding faith, golf and see how well he knows his own songs! Have you ever gotten so worked up about something and then realized it was not a big deal? We have ideas on what they should change "Shark Week" to. We're committed to delivering vehicles you can continue to count on. Getting ready to drink this weekend? Need some good jokes for the holidays? Miles Teller stars as Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw. We talked to Marty Roe this morning about Diamond Rio's upcoming show at Treasure Island Resort & Casino! Is this what has caused everyone to be so angry? What a weird year it's been and we're wondering if you would move because of it We catch up with Luke Bryan on his new album, prank wars, brands of toothpaste and more! Top Gun: Maverick is the latest blockbuster offering from silver screen super star Tom Cruise. Taylor Swift reveals something in her new documentary that comes as a surprise to us all. Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans are calling it quits after almost 5 years of marriage. We've realized that the 4 of us areclose. Top Gun: Maverick also brings back Val Kilmer, 59, as Mavericks rival Iceman. Ever have a friend recommend something you ended up hating? What would you do if you saw a dead body while driving? Copyright 2022 RadioInsight / RadioBB Networks. Kelly has previously worked in Boston, Los Angeles and across New England and can be reached at 617-842-8321. Us too. Jim E. Chonga exits middays at Classic Hits 106.7 The Eagle KLTH. We talked to Miranda Lambert about her new album, being a step-mom, her animals and more! What do you call a sneeze & fart at the same time? Morris Knight departs as afternoon host at 80s Hits 103.7 iHeart 80s KOSF. Weekend host George Fuller exits as well. We talk to former St. Jude Patient, Paige Lazorenko, about her time at St. Jude to kick off this year's #MNForStJude campaign! How far would you be willing to go for a Super Bowl? Why can't people stop being mean on social media? Would you buy some? A Ford Recall team member will be happy to assist you. Gabby Barrett is taking over country music & we get to talk to her about it! Jim Finn exits middays at Classic Rock 92.1 WMEQ. Please rate on a scale of 5. Review. John Allers departs as Program Director/morning host at Alternative Radio 104.5 WRFF and National Programming Group Sr. Charles Robinson was PD of CHRY105WYHT and also tracked for Classic Hip Hop Throwback 105.3 WYTS and Hip Hop 106.7 The Beat WZCB in Columbus. Can you beat McKaila in "Friends" trivia? Would you want people to know where you are at at all times? Warren Chris Warren Garlingis out after 18 years on weekends at Classic Hits 98.3 WTRY. WVXU reports weekend hosts Marilyn Harris and Dale Donovan depart Talk 550 WKRC along with producer Dave Cuddohy and a number of unnamed board operators from the cluster. We chatted with Trisha Yearwood about her upcoming tailgate before the Garth Brooks concert at U.S. Bank Stadium! So we talk to them about being a lady, their upcoming tour and quiz them on their own music! We caught up with Chris Janson about his new album, collaborating with Eric Church, being all-in and more!