Each year Oakland County Times gives candidates for any office an opportunity to do a video interview. EDITORS NOTE: This story has been updated to correct biographical information. For over 60 years, WDET has provided an independent voice for Detroit through a mix of news, music and cultural programming that's unique as the city and region we serve. He also believed that the permanent Chancellor should live in the district (or at least in the state of California). Working as volunteers, board members are dedicated to the good of our community through Malcolm: Associates Degree in Occupation Studies from WCC-2003, 21 years of employment at WCC, 13 years of AFSCME union leadership at WCC, Fully funded the Lela Pitts Educational Endowment to help single mothers with their tuition, travel and childcare expenses while attending WCC. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month. Thank you so much for this coverage of these candidates and your thoughtful endorsements! Gilmore stood out as a candidate that could address some of the districts issues with a much needed fresh perspective. AboutFAQSAdvertiseNews SuggestionSubmit an event. The candidates running for the three open seats on Peraltas governing board are as varied in their experiences as they are in their policy objectives. . LWV of Wash. Co. Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees Three 6-Year Terms Name Mailing Address Phone E-mail William Campbell 1059 Shady Oaks Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 The meeting agenda for the next Board meeting will be posted online by 5 p.m. on the day prior to the Board meeting. Democrats seek to keep slim majority in Michigan State Board of Trustees election. [CDATA[ WCC continues to prepare students of all backgrounds for the future through developing curriculums that fits not only todays job market but what is trending for tomorrow. Click here: 2022 Michigan voter guide by MLive and the League of Women Voters. Read more: Dingell faces Republican challenger in new Michigan congressional district. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. We have to scan our community, determine what [sic] are their needs, Quindlen said. After deliberation, Yohannes won the endorsement of our staff and editors by a single vote. While this confrontational behavior could bring real change to the board, it could also prove to be another disastrous chapter in the boards struggle to overcome infighting. Crowded fields of candidates are running for open school board seats in districts across Washtenaw County, including those covering the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, and Saline areas. View the latest information on the May 2022 board elections. Voters will have their pick from among six candidates to fill three Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees seats on Nov. 8. Here are the races in all 9 districts, Meet the candidates for the Washtenaw County Trial Court judge seat, Two Washtenaw County attorneys vying to be next 14A District judge, Meet the 13 candidates vying for 4 Ann Arbor School Board seats, Challenger seeks to unseat 1 of 2 incumbents on Washtenaw Community College board, Republicans seek to unseat two Democrats on University of Michigan Board of Regents, 6 candidates vying for 3 seats on Ann Arbor District Library board. WCC Board of Trustees extends President Bellanca's contract through 2025 Fran LeFort - June 29, 2022 The Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees unanimously voted Tuesday night to extend the contract of Dr. Rose B. Bellanca as President and Chief Executive Officer through 2025. Among those who started their political career as trustees: former Gov. Abraham also . NEED HELP? Manchester Village Trustee races are not contested and neither are races to fill seats on the villages Charter Commission, part of its path to cityhood. He specifically addressed the districts failed financial priorities. Just click on the link below to view the Washtenaw Community College Trustees recording, and on the right you will see a list of the. Experience: California community college graduate; worked for over 15 years as a counselor in various areas; president of my faculty union, AFT 1388, and have served as a delegate to the L.A . While Tarrell Gamble provided measured answers to many of our questions, we were specifically disappointed in his comments on whether he would be willing to recuse himself if the board voted on contracts that could benefit his campaign contributors, friends, or close associates. While that remains unclear, its a strategy that has been successful for others. To view current and previous meeting agendas, visit Gamble consistently deflected to the failures of others as opposed to providing solutions. Democratic Ypsilanti Township Trustee Jimmie Wilson Jr. hopes voters in this new Ypsilanti-area district will send him to Lansing, though he faces opposition from Ypsilanti Republican Martin Church. The southern and eastern part of Washtenaw County, including part of Ann Arbor and all of Ypsilanti, fall in the new 15th Senate District. More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23, 2022 Michigan voter guide by MLive and the League of Women Voters. Davis: My goals are maintaining low tuition costs for all students. In an email correspondence with, , Reiss declined to participate, stating that the candidateswho will all make very good board membersshould be the focus. As an incumbent trustee and current Board President, Reiss witnessed and was a part of many upheavals within the district. His experience as a faculty member gives him a perspective that informed his ideas on how to solve our facilities problems and increase student enrollment. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). As human as Yohannes sounded, she was not able to confidently answer all of the questions asked of her, raising some concern as to her preparedness and ability to handle the role of trustee. (Washtenaw Community College) ANN ARBOR - Dr. Rose B. Bellanca will continue to lead Washtenaw Community College (WCC) for the next three years. The Board of trustees needs to always be mindful of the generosity of their constituents and spend responsibly. Malcolm is a current full-time Campus Services Employee at WCC, and also works full-time as a local real estate agent in Washtenaw County. Candidates for two, six-year terms Abraham, 46, is a certified public accountant and resident of Royal Oak. 77,081 42%. When asked if PCCD should drop the mask mandate, Gamble gave a one-word answer no, missing another opportunity to provide his opinions on a solution. Start typing and press Enter to search . Saleem Gilmore David Rowe | Associate Editor. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University, served in the San Francisco District Attorneys Office under current Vice President Kamala Harris, and has a laundry list of endorsements that includes unions, current trustees, and at least two Oakland mayoral candidates. The Board of Trustees for the Los Angeles Community College District sets the goals and spending priorities for the nine college campuses that make up the largest consortium of. In Washtenaw County, it includes voters in Augusta Township, part of York Township and Milan. Read more: Ann Arbor Democrat faces Ypsilanti-area Republican in Michigan Senate race. I just happened to raise my hand and put my name on the ballot. What in your education and experience make you the best qualified candidate for this position? Following the forum, the student staff members of. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. In Ward 5, Democratic City Council candidate Jenn Cornell, who ousted an incumbent in August, faces nonpartisan candidate Jonathan Hoard. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. I know WCC and the internal workings, the heartbeat and pulse of WCC and I know what we can deliver.. WCCs Morris Lawrence building exterior. Following the forum, the student staff members of The Citizen convened to vote on whether they would endorse one candidate, both candidates, or neither . Washtenaw County Commissioner Jason Morgan, a Democrat, faces Wayne County Republican Richard Sharland for the seat. He gave the example of the lack of resources dedicated to marketing to highlight the opportunities at Peralta. Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees: David Malcolm & William "Bill" Milliken Not finding what you're looking for? Increase trade programing. 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He serves on the boards of Heritage Christian University, Maywood Christian Camp, The Ministry League, The Daily Apologist, and Exposure Youth Event. convened to vote on whether they would endorse one candidate, both candidates, or neither candidate for the three open positions on the districts governing board. Three seats on the WCC board of trustees are open, with several board members running for reelection this Nov. 3. Thanks for this, which was the only coverage of these races I could find! Michigan Primary 2022 Candidate Guide: Oakland County Board of Commissioners - WDET 101.9 FM Get to know the candidates running for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en'}, 'google_translate_element'); ANN ARBOR, MI - One challenger is seeking to unseat one of the two incumbents running on the Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees this fall. The College has been adept at anticipating courses and programming, like our new Auto Cyber Security program, that anticipate market demand and are enrolling new students. Here are the $1.5B in construction projects underway at University of Michigan, How students can vote at University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan and MSU on Election Day. I am sharing with all my local friends. MLive/The Ann Arbor News partnered with the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Michigan to provide candidate information for readers. Iino assumed office in 2022. She was also the Board President when the infamous. Malcolm: Be more accessible and listen to the faculty and support staff that actually do the work and carry out the written policies set forth by the board to ensure student and employee success. Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees With two seats up for grabs on the Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees voters will pick from among three candidates,. The new 14th District for state Senate unites the majority of Jackson County with much of northern and western Washtenaw County, including the northern half of Ann Arbor. Understanding the goals and the steps to getting there is not always easily accepted, however. , is not lost on us. Read more: Voters in 4 counties will decide Michigan House seat covering southeast Washtenaw County. I looked for it, and I could not find it. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The field for the citywide seats includes Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem Dean Girbach, Council Member Janet Dillon, Nicole Rice, Brian Cassise and Robert Cameron. Seth Steward Ken Lester | Managing Editor. On Oct. 5, The Citizen held a virtual forum with candidates running for seats on the Peralta Community College District's (PCCD) Board of Trustees in the upcoming Nov. 2022 general elections. Additionally, the basis of any successful board, team, organization, and company hinges on the ability to listen to the objectives, plans, and desired outcomes and work out a viable solution to reaching the end result. Four City Council seats are also on the ballot, though only two are contested. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Both will appear on the ballot without party affiliation . She is also daughter of Washtenaw Community College Trustee Dianna McKnight-Morton. MEA's candidate-recommendation process is locally driven. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. The purpose of this guide is to give general, nonpartisan information about what will be on the ballot and who the candidates are in nonpartisan races (judges and school boards). Ann Arbor Democrat Carrie Rheingans faces Republican Tina Bednarski-Lynch, a Grass Lake Township trustee, in the race for the seat. Read more: Ypsilanti City Council will see new faces after the Nov. 8 election. The statement suggested that Reiss has the ability as Board President to rally her fellow trustees and address some of the districts problems. The other three candidates are Sara Duvall, Sherrie Kossoudji and John Schaeffer. Democrat Sue Shink, currently the Washtenaw County boards chair, faces Republican Tim Golding, a trustee in Jackson Countys Grass Lake Township. Member of the Employee Engagement and Development Committee. We sincerely hope that, if elected, each of these prospective public servants will keep their commitments and help guide the district out of a period marked by scandal and turmoil into one marked by student equity and success. While our discussion as a newsroom led to near universal agreement on the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates, there was clear division on which of those strengths and weaknesses were more important, both in their ability to competently handle the responsibilities of a trustee and to do so as a true ambassador and ally of students. Gamble was the only candidate to attack his opponent and Quindlen did not shy away from criticizing the districts decisions and failures. Board of Trustees Member, Washtenaw Community College (vote for no more than TWO): There are 10 candidates running for 2 six-year terms on the board. They include races for Scio Township trustee, Northfield Township trustee, Dexter township trustee and Sylvan Township clerk and supervisor. She was also the Board President when the infamous grand jury report identified problematic board behaviors such as infighting and misconduct. While the White progressives I usually turn to for recommendations are backing Seth Steward, you convinced me to vote for Sheweet Yohannes. Our staff writers, editors, and student leadership convened immediately after the forum to discuss our observations and conclusions about the interviews we conducted with each candidate. The field includes current board members Angela Davis and William Milliken Jr., as well as challenger David Malcolm. LWV of Wash. Co. With the stakes so high in this years election, MEA is recommending a record 330 candidates for preK-12 school boards, as well as 11 candidates for community college boards of trustees and six candidates for library boards. function googleTranslateElementInit() { This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. For a complete list of proposals and all of MLive/The Ann Arbor News coverage, click the link below. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Under Texas law, the College is a separate political subdivision. In the past decade I have seen a shift that I do not like. The Michigan Education Association has released its final list of recommended candidates for local school boards across the state. As a future trustee, we believe that doing your homework on what the board has been discussing is critical to being an acceptable replacement. Quindlen came off as the better candidate, and it appeared to the newsroom that he could be a real advocate for students, faculty, and classified professionals on the Board of Trustees. Read more: Ann Arbor Democrat and Grass Lake Republican differ on abortion, guns. Three open City Council seats are not contested, with three candidates, including one write-in, running. Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees. The city's Home Relief Bureau coded applications by the physically handicapped applicants as "PH" ("physically handicapped").Thus they were not hired by the WPA. Post-Covid , there needs to be more on campus classes, hire more and replace full time faculty with the same. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Gilmore expressed concern about the districts use of unarmed security guards, saying there are times where we need to protect ourselves in a more dramatic way. Gilmore stood out in our forum as one of the best informed and most well-spoken candidates. Heres whos running, Ypsilanti City Council member mounts write-in campaign to keep seat, A map shows the boundaries of Ypsilanti's City Council wards and polling locations for each precinct ahead of the Nov. 8, 2022 general election.City of Ypsilanti. He specifically mentioned the issue of administrators living out of state, and suggested a balanced approach to campus security that was neither idealistic or one sided. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Trustee since 2015. 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Candidates in the Nov. 8 general election are vying for seats on the state's university boards, and on the State Board of Education, a panel with advisory input over the state's k-12 schools. Gamble seemed focused on highlighting the need for an outreach program aimed at high school students in order to help improve enrollment at PCCD. On Oct. 5, The Citizen held a virtual forum with candidates running for seats on the Peralta Community College Districts (PCCD) Board of Trustees in the upcoming Nov. 2022 general elections. OCDP has proudly endorsed the following candidates for election in 2020: Endorsements Read more Comments 2018 OCDP Endorsements Posted on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 4:21pm 2018 OCDP Endorsements Oakland Community College Trustees (vote for not more than two) Bob Storc Paul Curtis This critical work, as Reiss described it in her email response to The Citizen, is not lost on us. That includes two seats each on the University of Michigan Board of Regents, Michigan State University Board of Trustees and Wayne State University Board of Governors. (function(){var g=this,h=function(b,d){var a=b.split(". Whitmers education budget proposal and continued commitment to students. To view current and previous meeting agendas, visit We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Meet the candidates. Read more: 25 proposals headed to Washtenaw County voters in November, A look at the school bond, operational millage proposals in Washtenaw County. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Our newsroom decided that Saleem Gilmore could be that change. Theres an open seat on the Wayne State Board of Governors.