Or will the urge to kill each other prove too tempting? Of course there would be ruins in such a remote, morose place.But an evil spirit?No. Scarlet Witch Sometimes, that doesnt always work out for him. With a stolen tempad he travels to a timeline where the previous Loki died at the hands of Thanos. It starts with the Mad Titan and the Statesman's explosion. Marvel Comics. Rachel Sandell is a contributor for Collider and a freelance writer and editor. They believe her to be a mystical sea creature. This is his field of interest and hes been around accumulating this knowledge for a very long time. Most mystical characters in the Marvel Universe possess some ability for astral projection, from Doctor Strange and Wong to Scarlet Witch and obviously Loki. Her eyes darted around, and she started breathing faster. Loki woke up passed out on one of the big tables in the palace library. Yes, Loki - the Norse god of trickery and mischief has captured the hearts of fans across the globe. It's just You're a trickster. Since the day his nephew Thor was born, Loki decided he would protect him at all cost. (Yandere Gods!Record of Ragnarok x reader) Blessed with a curse. Reincarnation. Comparisons ensue.Basically just Team Seven and the Avengers interacting. You get off on being forced into pleasure, and he takes note of that as wellHence begins your clandestine dance with Loki, who is all too keen to claim you as his and show you all the forbidden pleasures he has to offer. Magic cant cleanse his soul; only you can do that. Or at least, that could be Lokis excuse. And more to be added. The MCUs most mischievous villain recently got his own spin-off series this year. Team Seven winds up temporarily trapped in the MCU. Characters: Can you withstand the stupidity of two teenager L O K I X R E A D E R You were a simple Asgardian girl who worked as a maid. But changing time is never as easy as it seems. It does not go well, but she tries to stand her ground. Never go to the ruins on your own.This was the quiet warning the maid gave her the day she arrived.The ruins. Though he is inherently mischievous (his practical joke, of sorts, ruins Thors coronation), Loki can easily recognize when a joke has gone too far and is usually willing to help get everyone out of a dangerous situation without casualties. Without the contrast that each brother provides to the other, neither of their stories would feel as satisfying in their conclusions. Some familiar dialogue is used in different ways. He doesnt know what to say to get people to do what he wants them to do or feel how hed like them to feel. Saving the Frost Giants also comes with a great sacrifice, as Thor destroys the Bifrost and the only chance he has of seeing Jane again. Both Loki and Thor are strong healers, but like most talents on this list, Loki has the aid of magic on his side, while Thor generally doesnt. He especially likes to know what items could be used to give himself more power, potentially even unlimited power. He believes that Thor was trying to flirt with you.So Loki has to do something about this.. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (158), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (86), Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s) (104), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s), Frigga | Freyja & Loki & Odin & Thor (Marvel), Canon Divergence - Loki doesn't go to Midgard, Canon Divergence - Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Clint Barton/Original Female Character(s), This is completely AU after the first movie, Loki serves his punishment with the Avengers, Frigga puts a magical lock on Loki's powers, Alternate Universe - Loki Wins Battle of New York (Marvel), alternate universe - loki becomes king of asgard, though the evil part of that is pretty subjective, loki was brainwashed in the avengers movie, Loki (Norse Religion & Lore)/Original Female Character(s), Loki (Norse Religion & Lore) & Original Character, Alternate Universe - Norse Religion & Lore. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. This happened recently in the comics, when he returned as a much younger version of himself, first as a boy and then as a teen. i hope you enjoy! Thor is the God of Thunder, whereas Loki is the God of Mischief. The one with the hammer. It was probably insanity. A famous example of this in the comics would be when he used a machine to tamper with Icemans powers, causing the X-Man to be almost useless in a fight, never knowing exactly how his powers would work or what they would do, sometimes causing way more ice than the situation called for. But there was one positive an omega would be far easier to control. He even castedone force field to protect Asgard as a whole at one point. ~Includes~ Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Loki, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Natasha Romanoff First timer here! The urge to have him, to claim him his. For the first time shown in the film, Loki behaves immaturely. Black Panther Oh, Sylvie said, in a tone Loki did not like at all. Thor and Ylva travel to Earth to stop Loki from hurting anymore people and bring him back to Asgard to stand trail for his crimes. Preferences include all the Avengers/Standalone films (GotG will be separate if done)! They can only reflect the light that they are given. Even though he is Odins favorite son and the soon-to-be king of Asgard, Thor has much to learn about patience, humility, and empathy. He was warm with fever and from the faint smell Loki had been sick in. He acknowledges that this is what he wantsbut not all he wants. But no amount of SHIELD training can prepare her for living with the Aven Just small drabbles with you and Loki, drabbles are in the same timeline Destruction? And terror? The touch, however, instead turns his whole arm blue. When he chooses to, Loki can play puppet master and bring inanimate objects to life. This list has previously given me some awesome Loki fic, so now I've found a new one I'm added it here in case peiple are still looking at it. It is in this first appearance where the most complicated aspects of Lokis character are shown. There was a pause. And Loki is not happy about it at all. (Yandere Gods!Record of Ragnarok x reader) Blessed with a curse. A baby human girl is sacrificed by her parents in order to please the gods, due to a gift she was given by birth. On Earth-2112, The Avengers are the biggest rock band in the worldor at least they were, before their messy breakup two years ago. Thor/Loki. Amazing cover courtesy of @.Shadowfax224! Especially from Mobius.. Without either of their consent. Because when the world has taken everything, when they have stripped you off your armour and left you for dead, you have nothing more to lose. After all, how hard can it be after all theyve been through, right? In efforts to prevent it from leading to Ragnarok, the Allfather Odin offers the Vanir King a simple solution after capturing his son. From aliens to robots, theyve survived everything. Waking up in an underground cell, she meets her captor, none other than Loki on his campaign to rule earth. The solid chest reverberated with a dark laugh that made your blood run cold. Until she is captured by Hydra and made into the Assassin. When Loki needs fighters on his side or just needs to cause a distraction, this power proves to be extremely useful. Spider-Man (New) Emerald orbs peered through the thick black, begging you to come. He have to keep his beloved nephew to just breathe. "Do you rest?" "I do." Loki said. Loki. Some will be long, some will be short but fluff and cuteness are sure to occur. A long game filled with Fate, magic, battles, strategies, spies, and political schemes. During that, Thor and Loki realize that they were falling for each other Tony and Steve hate each other. A baby human girl is sacrificed by her parents in order to please the gods, due to a gift she was given by birth. Now Loki helps his brother in rebuilding a home for the displaced people of Asgard while simultaneously learning to live a universe where it feels like this is the last place he should be. Lokicest The two brothers take her into their care, and both become enamored with the strange woman. Thor has been suffering from leukemia since infancy and Loki just so happens (or so he believed) to be the perfect HLA match to donate blood and stem cells to keep him alive. There's no denying that. Kaum halb so gro wie normale Jotun und von schmaler Statur, wurden Schneegeister als Schande betrachtet und verborgen gehalten, whrend sie in Asgard mit als die schnsten Maiden aller Neun Reiche betrachteten wurden. Loki not only rejects his Frost Giant heritage, but wants to see its destruction in order to prove himself as a true son of Odin. The urge to have him, to claim him his. You would pray to the gods for help, but you were a bit worried about which god would answer your calls. Even though later depictions of Loki claim that his villainous streak runs deep, his introduction in Thor shows him as jealous but harmless in the beginning. A new variant is picked up by the TVA. Sgt Barnes Emrys, The Truest Merlin4. RELATED: 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Set Images Reveal Romance in the Air for Thor and Jane. Just don't take this too seriously I guess. Symbrock w/ Mpreg8. ___Something stirs inside Loki. When his glow stick of desti Winter and Frost Stark have survived a lot since the day they ran away from home. Twisted, evil laughter echoed into the endless air. Ofelia, on the other hand, is just desperately trying to survive in a foreign ancient world and hopefully make her way back home.A slow burn that will eventually lead to very steamy scenes. They had no idea that not only would this eventually change their lives, but they were going to change the lives of a couple of Avengers in the process. Much of being a skilled, smart user of magic comes down to simply knowing the tools of the trade. Thor must decide what to do when they find him. Everyday they try new things to get each other annoyed, some being successful and some ending horribly. There's no denying that. Its part of why hes lasted so long. Diplomacy had never been his strong suit, and the meeting had not gone according to plan. Thor sets aside selfish desires and instead becomes a protector of others' lives, whether they be Asgardian, human, or Frost Giant. But he have to protect his nephew and himself from his brother as well. Though other characters are much more known for necromancy, Loki is more than capable and has had to do it in the past. "After I tend to my wife and child. It often goes emotionally angsty - I can't seem to go an installment without somehow beating the crap out of its central characters in some form. Until it becomes far more politically expedient to tell the truth. Honestly. From all of his biological family being murdered by a mad mob leader and being hunted down across the country by said mob leader, having his adoptive parents enemies almost succeed in ruining their lives and not no mention actually falling flat on his face right as he was trying to have his first kiss ever with the girl he was head over heels for. Elena doesn't believe she can even help herself. Lokis knowledge of every mystical artifact might not be quite as adept as, say, Doctor Strange, but he still knows what hes talking about. Some might call Loki more of a pessimist and a cynical person but in truth he's able to see reality in a little sharper detail than Thor, who. Youre jealous., Loki narrowed his eyes at her. A young Loki feels neglected as Thor starts training and like his big brother doesn't care about him anymore. It was all way too clic Just a bunch of Marvel based preferences and oneshots! Throughout the first few scenes of the film, Loki is quiet, humble, and rational, with a hint of jealousy toward his brother. Quite literally, Loki Odinson, James Bucky Barnes and Alex Barnes have been through hell to get to where they are now. Asking for a ghost writer3. No matter if it is by neglect, circumstance, or death, the loss of love is painful for the one remaining and suffering. Yes, he was strong and held in himself magical energy in great quantities, but Eddard could not feel what he had been looking for. Loki can create machines and tech to use to his advantage in situations when his magical abilities simply dont seem to do the trick. Non of these images are mine. With the device in hand, what would be more logical of him than use it to rejoin his timeline and his brother? An ancient abbey, built on the cliff, facing the North Sea. Contains an OC, but don't let that frighten you, read and review, and I hope you like it ^^. ATTENTION A THORKI FANFICTION! In this list, well be looking at their powers, personality, and general skillsets to determine all of the things that Loki can do that Thor cant. It'll get spicy in parts, but that's not the main focus. 5. 3. Or, Thor is a camboy and Loki gets off to it in secret. The daughter's names were Thorn Lokidttir and Lokia Thordttir. Ironfrost (I own no music, images, actors, or Marvel characters.) According to Thor, she was supposed to help Loki the same way she had helped him. He decides to keep his big brother that way until Thor reassures Loki that he still loves his little brother most. The human looked up to see a giant sitting on a chair. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Please consider turning it on! The stain on his soul was growing, and he was aching for your touch, for the way your pupils dilated when you looked at him, to know that he was still good. Sequel to Assemble. Having to accept a side of her that she has been taught to hate her entire life . Story takes place afterAge of ultron but before civil war. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I'm suprised The Shieldmaiden Saga by NeverQuiteAwake hasn't yet been mentioned as I really enjoyed this one. Contains mostly thorki one shots. However, your kinky dance with him is not the only concern you have. , , . Here are my Loki rec lists, in case they're helpful. A couple more OCs included but they're all well rounded. I was bored out of my mind and just decided to write this oneshot! Since they had begun their Thing, he couldnt remember a time when Thor hadn't even come to look for him when he missed bedtime. When she sees a breaking news report about the Avengers saving New York, Clint Barton finds a special place in her heart. As a trickster and a master manipulator, hypnosis is one of those powers that most comes in handy for a character like Loki. I've read a couple of these but there's a couple I haven't, yay! Im Glauben in Loki die perfekte Lsung fr dauerhaften Frieden gefunden zu haben, schlgt Odin Laufey einen Deal vor. When Thor gets the news of his imminent nuptials, centuries later, he takes off to other realms, drinking and fucking his way through the last year of his freedom, dreading a life spent at the side of such a loathsome, irritating, snarking creature. After Loki confirms that he is a Frost Giant, he confronts Odin about his upbringing, learning the sad truth: Odin stole him from Jotunheim when he was a baby to ensure that peace between Asgardians and Frost Giants would remain. He chuckled softly as he sipped the amber liquid from his tulip glass. Over time, Loki has hypnotized dozens of other characters into doing what he wants. Completed thorodinson possibly avengers +2 more #3 Heritage Blood (I am currently doi.by IwriteFanfics 1.1M44.6K41 ATTENTION A THORKI FANFICTION! Tony finds the book and find the truth. This fic contains MALE x MALE, if you don't fancy that, then I do not force you into reading it. In this list, we'll be looking at their powers, personality, and general skillsets to determine all of the things that Loki can do that Thor can't. With that said, here are the 15 Things Loki Can Do (That Thor Can't). Elena Turner is a shy, quiet, and an introverted girl. Lokis force fields can be powerful and he has gotten incredible use out of them over the years. Loki began as a level-headed thinker only to become reckless and violent, obsessed with a vague notion of some glorious purpose. They are two sides of the same coin, a testament to how characters are able to mirror each other in their arcs and their actions. Immediately following this revelation, Loki reacts too slowly to an attack, and his arm is grabbed by a Frost Giant. While its not one of Lokis most well known or celebrated powers, the ability to give powers to others is something that he has gotten frequent use out of over time. Theres genuine love there, but a lack of trust and disappointment on both sides. No matter what applications magic can have, the use of it almost always ends in a fight, as these characters are constantly drawn into conflict. This book has a lot of mature content and I will work on After the destruction caused by Loki leaves his diary behind. It was more than enough for an extremely furious God of Thunder, who was blinded by rage by the death of his father, to do what needed . Thor hadn't taken into account that even a mage without magic, might have other talents. When a deadly soldier sent by Loki blows up a town in New Mexico looking for him, Thor offers himself up, demonstrating selflessness and proving himself worthy of his powers and the throne. It's a self-rec, but I've been working on a genfic series (the SHIELD Codex) which might amuse. Loki told everyone, including himself, that he wants his mother to be happy and that Frigga deserves to have a relationship after everything shes sacrificed for him. I am Gryla. After Odin took his last breath at Norway cliffside, Hela did not immediately show up - which allowed Thor ten minutes or so with his poor excuse of a brother, namely: Loki. I just finished reading 'villian state of mind' and it was awesome! This work could have adult content. Sherlock the Baby Lover (Omegaverse) AU2. WARNING: First time writing so bear with me please! How is she supposed to help Loki? Work Search: After all, he cant manipulate his environment unless he knows everything thats going on. Loki serves his punishment with the Avengers Awesome Frigga (Marvel) Frigga puts a magical lock on Loki's powers Maggie LeCroix is trapped in a horrible relationship that is destroying her life. Stealing and plagiarism will not be tolerated. As punishment for devaluing the lives of his friends and for attacking an entire race due to his arrogance and recklessness, Thors powers and title are stripped away upon his banishment. Its very hard to have a direct conversation in the Marvel universe without descending into some degree of violence. Their character arcs mirror each other, providing a clear contrast as their arcs converge. And once you know, follow it. CHECK THE PROLOGUE FOR A SMALL NOTE!!!) Thor is fine. ~starting from Infinity War and so on~. By the end of the film, they have switched roles. Without control over those things, he became a serious threat and it took the combined efforts of Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and Wasp to bring him down. Prince Loki, a hostage to Odin, has been kept isolated from all but a few trusted guards and servants since he was first brought to Asgard as an infant dozens of years prior. Decayed with centuries of bad weather . In a dystopian society, single people are considered second-rate citizensthey have no right to a fulfilling life if alone. Loki is smart and he likes to know what hes dealing with. Loki loved his nephew. Type username to filter posts in this community, By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement, Avengers Fanfic/Fanworks Search Community. It's a funny moments/sceneriios between Peter Parker, Y/n and other avengers .. just light little cutie funny wholesome moments. His grief over being a stolen relic and his insecurity over what his family feels for him are the main motivations for his fall into villainy. The human's mind whirled. You either die a loser or live to see yourself become a winner. This story steals characters from other fandoms and places them into the Viking age. Loki feels a longing for you. The God of Mischief has a need for sending his consciousness out in order to get a feel for how events are transpiring around him. You had not intended it. He can do betterno, he will do better. By the end of the film, Loki has become a violent and reckless villain, while Thor has become a humble and selfless prince. Eloise has been captured during a raid and encounters Loki for the first - no, second - time. There was nothing more divine in Loki than a normal person, like Jacob. But he had no idea his love would extonishingly change for his nephew. Sasuke is a self-professed avenger after all.I haven't watched the MCU recently so stuff might be a bit off. Also, includes Hawkeye Useless from the very beginning, he mused. Thors time on earth, while short, quickly humbles him as he realizes that those who he once saw as powerless have lives and wills of their own. Lokis illusions, on the other hand, allow him to manipulate his environment so that he can make an attempt to orchestrate the outcome without his enemies ever even really knowing what is going on. "You are safe, little one." Lokis powers of transfiguration arent simply limited to turning people into animals, however. I'm posting this in two parts, and I'll post a link to all of my Loki bookmarks at the end of part two. However, this ability doesnt stop there, either. The diplomatic missions, now expected of Loki as a married man of the Royal Asgardian family, had undoubtedly been his mothers idea, and he suspected that the only reason his father had gone along with it was to watch him fail again. Can they establish a truce long enough to figure out how to go their separate ways? Its an ability that he has a genuine mastery over and one that most frequently gives him the upper hand in a fight. When you tried to pull away shadows engulfed you. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Odin stared down at his child. This is one of the powers that Loki is most known for, especially in the movies. Everyone wants to find their soulmate. When Thor foolishly leads his brother and friends into Jotunheim, it is established that the touch from a Frost Giant causes ice burns on the skin of an Asgardian. Immer mit dem Gedanken im Hinterkopf, das Jener der bleibt zwar fort ist, aber seine Varianten nur darauf wartet sich diese Welt zu eigen zu machen. Shimamaru Taisho. When Loki first saw Freyja in the streets of New York he rescued her from at least a dozen S.H.I.E.L.D. DZ2 is a fanfiction author that has written 35 stories for Harry Potter, X-overs, Star Wars, Batman: Arkham Asylum, X-Men: The Movie, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Doctor Strange, Supernatural, Avengers, and X-Men. Loki va qu va d dnh c v nh ang pht bo nh mnh. Somehow theres also the sudden development that hes having incestuous hookups with his gorgeous cousin Thor and ohsomeones spying on them and manipulating them like puppets and it turns out its the literal end of the fucking world. Instead, he is caught right before he can fall, before he can let go. Frigga would have been proud." Loki nodded, trying not to show his shock. Despite causing so much damage to New York with evil intentions,Loki realises he was wrong and regrets. Same as before. (I own no music, images, actors, or Marvel characters.) ___Or: where Thor dies at the Stateman instead of Loki, but his death will not go unavenged. Thanos is coming, and the stakes have never been higher - can the Avengers get the band back together in time to defeat the Mad Titan and save rock and roll? Given that Loki is so well practiced in the area of magic, hes immune to most magical abilities. Work Search: Black Widow What becomes of them? " And Then Redemption ". It is obvious in this scene that young Thor revels in the attention given to him by his father, while Loki silently wishes for more. Loki is pretty jaded about himself, but then he has a reason to be. In her world, everybody has a soulmate. (Y/N) Barton is a former SHIELD agent with the power to heal herself. One of them has a list of other Loki rec lists, too. as you know kamui is realitys cheat code, here let me expand the Chitauri Invasion for you, and shrink the time between Avengers: Assemble and Thanoss arrival, Not Canon Compliant with Movie: Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting. We must eliminate Alpha." But he have to protect his nephew and himself from his brother as well. That wasnt a lie, not a conscious one at least, but its so much harder than he thought itd be and the family has to adjust to the struggles its causing him. So be warned these are different than canon. Thor is looking after him. They become fast friends and open a shop together. What can a mere human do when caught between superheroes, gods and a deviant government? "The sun will shine on us again,". Ein Blutvertrag. In the mean time, he Just a bunch of Marvel based preferences and oneshots! This ability also makes it into the MCU in the post-credits tag in Thor, with Loki spying on Selvig, Fury, and the Tesseract, and even making his way into Selvigs mind in the process. romance won't start until Harry's an adult, Loki's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, callous disregard for any life that is not Loki's. Supposedly a god, even. Sacrificed at birth. Does anyone know of a loki fic where he creates earthquakes. You want long? Insolitus: (adj.) I've bookmarked most of my favorite Loki stories: Here are some of my favorite Loki-centric stories. Thor spent the next two days walking on eggshells when he was around the house. how to check recipient account number in xoom; twilight wedding packages manchester But her life is about to take a turn with larger than life mythological beings, fantastical realms, and a love worthy of fighting against fate itself. Of course, Loki was completely against this idea, but with magic and Jotun abilities both locked away by Odin until further notice, he had no choice but to comply. Elena doesn't believe she can even help herself. anything, also this is fluff that requires you to ignore a morally dubious adoption, but i think with this family you take what you can get, Part V: The strongest relationships take the hardest work, Frigga | Freyja & Loki & Odin & Thor (Marvel), Fandral & Hogun & Loki & Volstagg (Marvel), Sasuke Uchiha being Madara Uchihas reincarnation, Naruto being Hashirama Senjus reincarnation, Sasuke being Indra Otsutsukis reincarnation, Naruto being Ashura Otsutsukis reincarnation. Work Search: He have to keep his beloved nephew to just breathe. Maggie LeCroix is trapped in a horrible relationship that is destroying her life. Loki can use transfiguration to make objects useless and turn them into virtually anything.