hollywood did an amazing job of sweeping this under the rug. None of it makes sense at all. The man originally cast to play the Tin Man, Buddy Ebsen, ended up in an iron lung after his silver make-up, made up of aluminium powder, got into his lungs. He didnt. Celebrating the weird and fake since 2008. 7.6K Followers. Classic Urban Legend: Coconut Deaths vs Shark Attack Deaths, Some People Are Born Without Fingerprints. This is what is claimed to be the hanging munchkin. I dont think that version existed before 2011, particularly now Ive found that 2009 Metro article. Clip from The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz VHS Brand New Factory sealed MGM 1996 (37) 37 product ratings - The Wizard of Oz VHS Brand New Factory sealed MGM 1996. He wrote, No. It is implausible to believe none of the production crew, actors, actresses, and other employees would not have observed or noticed a person hanging while filming the scene. https://www.quora.com/What-definitive-proof-is-there-for-the-hanging-dwarf-in-the-original-Wizard-of-Oz-movie. This alteration began the conspiracy that the original version depicted the suicide, and the new version covered it up. Alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin disappears did he go back to thefuture. Well, the "dead person hanging in the background" rumor is popular, but untrue. Warner Bros. re-released the film in 1998 where they had restored and remastered it all. THAT IS NOT THE SUICIDE SCENE! Here, Fricke shares 17 moments that fans should watch for on the big screen, and dispels one grand myth surrounding The Wizard of Oz. (SuicidalMunchkin, 2011)This clip is a direct capture from a 1980's VHS tape of the Wizard of Oz bought as part of a video lot from a collector. Now, the legend goes that the hanging munchkin is the original sequence, and that MGM, who made the movie, later edited the munchkin out and replaced it with a bird. So what I've learned is that in like 1982 or whatever a vhs version was released, which had what CLEARLY appears to be a human like figure hanging him/her self. Author / Teacher / MFA in Fiction. The book points out that the clarity of DVDs have allowed viewers to see the sequencemore clearly. Sponsored links, A photo shows a group of people who have unearthed two giant human skulls. Then apparently, a remastered version that was released in 98 or something has what clearly appears to be a bird. Re: Hanging Munchkin in Wizard of Oz The real story is that a bizarre evil subliminal scene was always in the original, and broadcast into people's homes for decades. The Hanging Munchkin legend is one of the most prominent urban legends, popping up here and there every now and than. Of Stolen Roast Beef. Heres Which Stories Are True. Time, Time, 14 Aug. 2019, https://time.com/5647491/wizard-of-oz-curse/. These enhancements were crucial to providing an experience that allowed viewers to fast forward, rewind, and pause their VHS at home. i think they covered it up with the bird to be honest. Anytime you stream or view the film, the scene will have also been cut. ive seen the suicide scene, and i agree that the scene above has a crane because it is two different scenes entirely. This opportunity was made possible by the Torrance Art Museum and the Director Max Presneill. However, if you manage to find a clip of the original and play the two scenes right next to each other, it is very clear that something is off. The rumors best to my knowledge began after a fossilize corpse was found in a Orange County Fair haunted house. So, perhaps someone came up with the story by conflating these events and allegations with the glimpse of the bird spreading its wings looking a bit like someone hanging. The guy with the vhs tape is comedian Greg Turkington. Million Eyes II: The Unraveller now available as apaperback! The Alleged Sighting, Theories, and Explanation. Telling People That Their Babies Were Ugly While Standing Outside Walmart Before Being Arrested For Harassment, Arbys Manager Mistakes Womans Beef Curtains For 5lbs. Seth MacFarlane Missed a Doomed 9/11 Flight, 1990s Odd News: Too Cool to do Drugs Pencils, About That To All You Hunters Newspaper Clipping, City Council: Library Cat Is Evicted From Home Of Six Years, British Firm Creates Putrid Comet-Smelling Perfume. The first rumor I heard of this was way before the remaster came out. Whats weird is that some people have claimed to have an 80s VHS tape of the bird version, while others have claimed to have an 80s VHS tape with the hanging munchkin version. Clip from The Wizard of Oz. Whoever had uploaded the video most likely had meticulously edited the hanging figure in place of the bird. the wizard of oz hanging munchkin original vhs tape richard kelvin autopsy report / perry township schools closed / the wizard of oz hanging munchkin original vhs tape DVD Version Wizard of Oz,: Hanging Munchkin Clip (Edited Version) by Kronos20000 This clip comes from the DVD version of the Wizard of Oz from 2001 where you can plainly see a bird like a stork or ostrich in the background of the set. Because of this minor alteration, this hoax will forever gain the attention of conspiracy theorists and those looking for a ghoulish story. In what is called, The Tinwoodsman Sequence Dorothy, The Tin Man and Scarecrow head off on the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City. Come on now. T hursday marks 80 years since the Aug. 15, 1939, Hollywood premiere of the film classic The Wizard of Oz, the story of a tornado that hits Kansas and transports a . A Munchkin is a native of the fictional Munchkin Country in the Oz books by American author L. Frank Baum.They first appear in the classic children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) where they welcome Dorothy Gale to their city in Oz. Frankly, Im not sure I buy the claims of anyone who says they have a VHS tape from the 80s with the hoax version of the scene. Im getting tired of people using the REMASTERED version of the film to debunk this How many times do people have to prove to you that the bird was added to those versions? New! I dont blame them, a tragic love story captured in a family movie does have an entertaining element. You can now save articles. In film, you shoot your scene (s) and go home. The hanging munchkin in Wizard of Oz is actually a large bird. Then he finally shows it to reveal it's ju. The Hanged Munchkin. According to Snopes, The logistics of this alleged hanging defy all credulity. After that a lot of weird stuff was said like CHAIN SAW MASSACRE is really a snuff film. The guy with the vhs tape is comedian Greg Turkington. we all have. In 1989 the movie was released for its 50th anniversary on VHS. With all the proven facts, there are still conspirators who believe a cast member killed himself during the making of the 1939 Wizard of Oz. Did Kissinger Call Military Men Dumb Stupid Animals? 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One silly urban legend says it is a Munchkin suicide-hanging caught on film. Fact Check: Does the Wizard of Oz Include a Munchkin Suicide? Snopes.com, 13 Dec. 1997, https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/hanging-munchkin/. 40 Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. But the munchkins were small and so it is very possible that a munchkin or rather one of the actors playing a munchkin had hanged himself. And yet, after the 1998 version overpowered the original in popularity, people completely decided that it was in fact a bird, not even glimpsing at the very original. She Is Arrested And Later Released, Trans Woman Beats Up Her Husband For Being Married To A Transgender Woman, A Club Where You Could F*ck Dead Bodies Has Been Shut Down In Ojai California. The Wizard of Oz was never envisioned to play on a screen as small as a TV set, so confusion has arisen about the unusual motion in the background as Dorothy skips away with the Scarecrow and Tin Man. It does not really fit with the theme of the movie regardless, The original is the hanging munchcan and the remastered version is a bird and the muchcan killed him self because hid didnt get the part of the tin man so he killed him self on set. 1.4M views 6 years ago The urban legend of the Hanging Munckin in The Wizard of Oz has been around for years. be careful searching for the truth on this. Seeing the bird and claiming it's a hanging.Suicidalmunchkins hanging video is irrelevant. If a viewer watches the scene on a digital copy of the film and looks in the background, they actually will see some sort of bird. The Wizard of Oz Was Aired on CBS Affiliate Station WFSB TV-3 Hartford, CT on February 20th, 1990. Calling them all liars? Youtube user fallentwig has posted an excellent analysis of the two pieces above. In reality, it was the same bird found in modern versions of the movie. Thats certainly more likely that someone in the 80s or earlier creating the hoax version and somehow getting it distributed on home video. Come on, you bozos. This clip comes from the DVD version of the Wizard of Oz from 2001 where you can plainly see a bird like a stork or ostrich in the background of the set. No munchkin actor committed suicide while filming, nor was his suicide captured on film. Movie and TV show scenes are not filmed in order. It was faked in 2011 by one of these believers. He became the last surviving adult Munchkin following the death of Ruth Duccini in 2014, and was also the last surviving cast member with a specifically identifiable speaking or singing role. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (LogOut/ What Definitive Proof Is There for the Hanging Dwarf in the Original Wizard of Oz Movie? Quora.com, 2020, https://www.quora.com/What-definitive-proof-is-there-for-the-hanging-dwarf-in-the-original-Wizard-of-Oz-movie. According to a 2013 article from CBS affiliate 94.5 KoolFM out of Arizona, this bit of hearsay has been going around since the Wizard of Oz was first released in 1939, yet a 1996 Orlando Sentinel interview with Meinhardt Raabe, a dwarf featured in the film, claims that this sensational mythology did not emerge until the early 1990s.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'wafflesatnoon_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',108,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-wafflesatnoon_com-medrectangle-3-0'); The2014 book Listverse.comsEpic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists: Unbelievable Factssuggests that the legend became popular in the 1980s after VHS tapes allowed viewers to examine the sequence in question more slowly. Is Showering During a Thunderstorm Dangerous? And of course, as we all know, most conspiracy theorists, once theyve got an idea about something, wont be convinced otherwise even if you bash them over the head with the evidence. Sponsored Links, Today we look at the claimthat a rare condition exists in which people are born without fingerprints. Build a site and generate income from purchases, subscriptions, and courses. What we know is that the strange movement you see just as Dorothy et al are going past is the emu or crane spreading its wings. Inspire employees with compelling live and on-demand video experiences. the wizard of oz hanging munchkin original vhs tape The few people who had noticed this all came to the assumption that it is a munchkin who is hanging from one of the branches on the tree. Myna birds? There have been many attempts to debunk this 'urban myth' but here for the first time is what appears to be evidence to the contrary. And its not just who, either, but when. read the entire blog carefully, and you can see the cover up. In this version, since it is a lot clearer, you can clearly see that it is in fact a bird in that scene. In the original Star Wars: A New Hope, the stormtrooper who hits his head on a low hanging door frame has become a beloved and iconic moment in the film. this is one of the biggest hollywood conspiracies. It has been alleged that this version has been digitally remastered to remove the suicide in the background. Dec 2, 2019. Million Eyes III: Ouroboros ebook outtoday! Viewers devised this tale after observing a shadowy figure that mimicked a person dangling in the forest as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man skipped down the Yellow Brick Road while singing, we are off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz. The story claimed that the munchkin actor hung himself after falling in love and being rejected by another cast member. In the scene where Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow begin walking along the yellow brick road after surpassing a wood cabin, in the back by the trees there is a small figure that appears to be hanging. Because the hanging munchkin in this footage is a HOAX. I'm checking the 1989 VHS to debunk the myth and prove the hoax wrong once and. Added to the haunted forest background to enhance the creepy atmosphere? The rumors are unfounded, the figure is apparently the silhouette of a bird, a number of which were on loan from the LA Zoo and roaming the set freely. Clearly thats a hanging munchkin! The International Wizard of Oz Club has been uniting and educating Oz fans around the world since 1957. This is also narrated by Angela Lansbury.Note: this is also called "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic."Memories of Oz (2001)Runtime listing: 27 mins.Brief Synopsis:Includes interviews with the Munchkins and many others who have fond memories of this film, including the daughter of Bert Lahr.The Art of Imagination: A Tribute to Oz . The work was installed at Highland Gardens Hotel in Hollywood as part of the stArtup Art Fair. Because that never happened. Want to know who Jesus REALLY was? The Wizard of Oz: Directed by Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Mervyn LeRoy, Norman Taurog, Richard Thorpe, King Vidor. It was just a bird, flapping in the trees.. Wicked Witch Margaret Hamilton also spent time in the hospital, suffering second-degree burns on her face and third-degree burns on her hand. This hoax confirms, although captivating, people should not believe everything they see on the internet. Just as in the original The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by children's author L. Frank Baum, the Munchkins inhabit a land aptly called Munchkin Land. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The studilo has never released the name of this person. Clearly people thought the bird looked like a person hanging before 2011. Hanging Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz Movie. YouTube, YouTube, 23 Sept. 2011, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH9U9RbQp1c&list=PLKRqEacf90e3tmcu3CsD0_gqJpiouxpMw. Today well see what the experts say and take a closer look at the possible dangers. He swears he has the real hanging on the original 1980 vhs. But what about the photo at the top of this article? The person who posted it claims that it came from a VHS tape, and the bird was added digitally to later laserdisc/DVD versions to cover up the hanging. One of the most infamous fables was about an actor who played a munchkin committing suicide by hanging himself during the films production. Also, there have been many movies which have let things like that slip such as the "ghost" in Three Men and a Baby. They then copied the edited footage onto a VHS tape and recorded the edited scene off his TV screen, and uploaded it from there. There is a 4 minute segment in the middle that is recorded over. As shown below, theres still a faint remnant of the bird in the hanging munchkin version of the scene. Okay, scratch that last one.). the wizard of oz hanging munchkin original vhs tape; the wizard of oz hanging munchkin original vhs tape. I believe in the tale of the hanging munchkin as I was told they then released a new copy of the film with the bird thats why theirs 2 but you cant and neither can I say what it really is without the proof! Waxman, Olivia B. When I first wrote about this urban legend in 2015, this users accounts and videos were still live. McMahon, James. John Fricke is a historian and author who focuses on The Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland.From Cursed films, Season 2: episode 1 on Shudder, Amazon.#1980 #vhs #original#hangingmunchkin#1980vhstape#debunked Introduction:. from For arguments sake, lets ignore the Bird Theory, okay? All of them seem to talk about a love striken . Thosewho worked on the film have confirmed that birds were brought on set to enhance the environment. The X Factor 2011 Live Show 2 - Has Sophie Habibis found her Calling? The Wizard of Oz Hanging Munchkin Scene. In this scene you can cleary see a Munckhin hanging themselves from a tree in the background. Not to mention that there were many rumors of the munchkin actors being treated very badly on set which could've driven one of them to do this. You may just get lucky and find yourself a copy of this tape and be in for a nice payday. This article is interesting. MGM offers $500 if you send your tape in, but if you elect to auction it off on Ebay, expect to get much more depending on the condition. Although tragic love stories always have a way of capturing headlines, research has proven this story to be another result of fake news. its an object hanging in the middle of the trees and swaying back and forth. That "ghost" was actually a poster someone accidentally left there and even though it was clearly seen, it was left in the film. Dick Kleiner, in a column dated January 16, 1996 responded to a reader asking about the rumor. The enlarged original footage clearly shows what appears to be a large bird stretching its wings. (LogOut/ Its also unlikely that the filmmakers were not aware of the alleged body, as these wereprofessionals who aware of exactly what was portrayed in every frame of the film. As the group walks down the road, something appears to swing out from behind a tree in the center of the screen. Several birds of varying sizes were borrowed from the Los Angeles Zoo and allowed to roam the indoor set in order to grant it a more outdoorsy feel, adding to the magic that cemented Oz as a staple of pop culture ( Loki 's Wizard of Oz references being a prime example). Over 82 years ago, The Wizard Of Oz came to the silver screen. The 1930s were a relativelyconservative time in regards to what was considered decent when it came to mainstream films. (LogOut/ Thanks also to Pat Rios for assisting with the install and Maurizzio Hector Pineda. I have also seen suicides by hanging and the movement of the body is the same. Search you attics and basements. Despite being shown to be false, the hype around it leads to many people being fooled by it to this day as it is occasionally discussed and even got debunked in a Snopes article first published in 1997 written by its founder David Mikkelson. Sponsored links, A film allegedly shows a living woolly mammoth filmed in Siberia in 1943 by a Nazi photographer. MGM have said that in order to give the indoor set a more outdoors feel, birds of various sizes were borrowed from theLos AngelesZoo and allowed to roam the set. 1939, Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Hang on, you say. For the hundred and twenty-four little people on the set of Munchkinland, "Oz" was a homecoming. Is this real or hoax? Basically, there are two versions of the scene where Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man are heading off up the yellow brick road singing Were off to see the wizard. The scene is in the forest shortly after Dorothy and the Scarecrow meet the Tin Man as the trio sings "We're Off to See the Wizard". It is all over the scene. Wisconsin native Meinhardt Raabe, a 3-foot-6 actor who played the coroner of . Since its release in 1939, the famous film, The Wizard of Oz has become an iconic movie winning two Academy Awards. Theres also the fact that the tree the munchkin was allegedly hanging from was a painted background, not a real tree. So, now that weve established that the bird scene is the original, the hanging munchkin clip a fake, the real mystery is the origin of the fake. The latest news about Wizard Of Oz Hanging Munchkin Debunked Using Vhs Tapes. According to a 2013 article from CBS affiliate 94.5 KoolFM out of Arizona, this bit of hearsay has been going around since the Wizard of Oz was . Is the photo real or fake? The "legend " if you want to call it that, says thay a munchkin . Berry is a Grindstone Literary shortlisted novelist, author of time travel conspiracy thriller series Million Eyes, and lover of general weirdness and blobfish. An explanation for the anomaly seen in the film is simple. Go over to your parents and grandparents houses and look at their VHS library. A friend told me that in one scene of the Wizard of Oz you can see someone 'hang' themselves from a tree in the background. This isn't about who broke the heart of a madly-in-love dwarf actor playing a munchkin in 1939's The Wizard of Oz, leading said actor to dramatically hang himself on set. This isnt about who broke the heart of a madly-in-love dwarf actor playing a munchkin in 1939s The Wizard of Oz, leading said actor to dramatically hang himself on set. Your email address will not be published. August 14, 2019 4:00 PM EDT. Even with its success, the films popularity also led to morbid speculations and some viewers labeling it cursed. Just ask an older person who actually saw the film before that version came out. It's an unforgettable and colorful journey that takes us from Dorothy's gray Kansas home into the blue Munchkin land; the sparkling bejeweled Emerald City; the dark, foreboding forest; and the ruby-red throne room of Glinda the Good Witch. they are throwing the wrong scene at you. So I'm not really sure what to think. Darkness abounds in The Wizard of Oz. So when I say whos to blame for the munchkin suicide, Im asking, who is responsible for this hoax. They are the first Ozians to be introduced in Baum's story, making an introduction in the second chapter. In reality, it was just a bird brought on set from the Los Angeles Zoo. With Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr. The only way to see the original scene with the hanging is on you VHS tapes that were made prior to 1989. 2023 Vimeo.com, Inc. All rights reserved. Sponsored links, A highly-cited factstates that deaths from falling coconuts greatlyoutnumbers deaths by shark attacks. the hanging munchkin is the original and the bird is the fake, They had remastered it a few times before 1980s, could have taken it out, why would they add a random bird? Over the years and. Woolly Mammoth Film From 1943: Real or Hoax? They argue that he edited the bird footage and then copied it onto a VHS tape to make it look legit. When the revised version aired, it showed an enhanced alteration that changed the scenes imagery replacing the munchkins swinging shadow with a bird that appeared in a different place to where it first appeared (McMahon). Based on research, it is unreasonable to believe the suicide was recorded and not detected before the films release. Surface Studio vs iMac - Which Should You Pick? Its duty is to prevent trespassers from locating the Nome King's palace, and to this effect it straddles a narrow portion of the valley leading to the palace, pounding the ground in front of him with a huge metal hammer. https://time.com/5647491/wizard-of-oz-curse/. 0 Comments; Uncategorized kanlahi festival in tarlac . I heard that right before the body-like form appeared and swung around, the cast heard a little squeaky voice cry out: I will always love you! Now I ask you, can birds talk? The Wizard of Oz Edit From 1968 to 1984, on NBC-TV and CBS-TV airings of the film, the film was edited to sell more commercial time. It has been alleged that this version has been digitally remastered to remove the suicide in the background. The story of Dorothy off to find the Wizard is as ingrained into Americana as apple pie. Copyright 2008-2016 Wafflesatnoon.com, Inc. Theme by MVP Themes, powered by Wordpress. Scrooge McDuck? Often termed the 'munchkin suicide,' one of the 124 dwarf actors involved in making the film supposedly committed suicide by hanging, and the corpse can be seen swinging from a tree in the movie. Hang on, you say. In the film, the Munchkins were depicted as short in stature. Others have claimed to have an 80s VHS tape of the film that shows the bird, not the hanging munchkin. This led people to argue that SuicidalMunchkin was the hoaxer. Although the image is grainy and suffers from slight jittering you can see in the background what can only be described as a hanging figure. Launching Million Eyes II at Chandlers (and how brilliant itwas). From left, original munchkin actors Jerry Maren, Margaret Pellegrini and Karl Slover attend the "Wizard of Oz" 70th Anniversary Emerald Gala at Tavern on the Green in New York on Sept. 24, 2009. years ago I heard it was a publicity still that had the HANGING MAN in the background . The Munchkins are described as being the same height as Dorothy and they wear only shades of blue clothing, as blue is the Munchkins' favorite color. Over 82 years ago, The Wizard Of Oz came to the silver screen. Could it not be possible that what were seeing is a weighted CARDBOARD or WOODEN FIGURE just swaying back and forth? i dont get what people are seeing. This is the tape that is most commonly found and is what is played on television. This clip is a direct capture from a 1980's VHS tape of the Wizard of Oz bought as part of a video lot from a collector. Countless folks still believe to this day that MGM are behind a conspiracy to cover up what happened to this munchkin actor on the set of The Wizard of Oz. Because that never happened. Everyone knows the classic, "The Wizard of Oz" which was first released as a movie in the year 1939. Design A Munchkin from "The Wizard of Oz" followed the yellow brick road to Akron and found his heart's desire. Marilyn Manson Is Now A Woman With Going By The Name Marilyn Manson, Man Has Sex For The First Time, Wishes He Would Have Done It Sooner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH9U9RbQp1c&list=PLKRqEacf90e3tmcu3CsD0_gqJpiouxpMw, https://www.quora.com/What-definitive-proof-is-there-for-the-hanging-dwarf-in-the-original-Wizard-of-Oz-movie.