Back at his house, he enters a passcode-locked room with pictures and files from the case of Carroll's cult pinned all over the walls. Decide whether each underlined noun in the following sentences is common or proper, concrete or abstract. Max Hardy, Ryan's niece, arrives at Ryan's house to investigate the situation further with him, as she looks up information on Carlos. A young man, Luke, and woman, Heather Clarke, make eye contact in the hallway of a hotel. Which of the following were sacred genres in the Medieval period? In the painting above, what did the artist borrow from Monet? Play :32 It has irregular rhythms. (play :22), Which of the following examples represents secular music? By having each instrument of the orchestra play individually, Britten lets us hear the differences in ____ _____ of the orchestral instruments in The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Students progress at their own pace and you see a leaderboard and live results. Ryan, gaining what strength he can, grabs Molly from behind her hair and strangles her to the ground and breaks her neck, killing her. Knowing that it is only a matter of time before Carroll finds her, Hardy must outsmart a group of followers and move Claire to a safe place. The following excerpt is dissonant. True From the Classical period onwards, sonata-allegro form was replaced by other forms as the basis for most instrumental music. Listen to the audio clip. Which excerpt represents the Theme? They quickly identify the prison warden as the likely culprit, learning that his daughter has disappeared without explanation. Example A (Player :20) [player 1:55]. Convinced the Council of Trent of keeping polyphonic works in church. :20. Maggie returns home under protection by FBI agent Reilly. Ryan Hardy and his team obtain video footage of the immolation incident and he recognizes the victim (Todd Faulkner) as a literary critic who gave Joe Carroll's book a scathing review. (:11), How dissonant harmonies create tension and instability throughout, Listen to the following example. English madrigals in honor of "Oriana," or Queen Elizabeth I. 1. Renaissance artists didnt really care very much if their works appealed to the public at large; they were more concerned about the "purity" of their music. Usually, folk tunes, songs, spirituals, and hymns are not good examples of strophic form. Liszt Which of the following excerpts is most likely a composition by Paganini? Using a slide tube to change the length of tube through which air vibrates; Varying lip tension while blowing in a mouthpiece; Using valves to change the length of tube through which air vibrates. (5:59), Which combination of beat and tempo is present in this excerpt? You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser. Obviously, what seems pleasant or unpleasant is partly a matter of opinion. (player 5:37). Which of the following was regarded as a leading composer of the Ars Nova style? When a melody acquires significant importance within a given composition, it is called a: The most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: (:35), The melody in the following excerpt is comprised of: (:24), The direction of the following melody can be best described as: (:05), The trumpet melody in the following excerpt can be best described as: (:03), The melodic material in the following excerpt can be best described as having: (:13), Mixed melodic directions with a transitional character, Does the following excerpt feature more disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? Ryan Hardy and his team see Maggie in a surveillance footage stabbing a victim in a parking lot after buying puzzling utilities. (:11), The following excerpt represents a melody without harmonic accompaniment. Example 19: Diminished Fifth,Vol. Music was part of parties, games, and dancing indoors and outdoors; reed instruments, pipes, fiddles, and many other instruments were used. Which of the following is a false statement? What does variation in tone color often produce? Frustrated with his writing, drinking heavily and taking numerous medications and bleeding from his open wound, Joe becomes increasingly unstable, and his erratic behavior destroys morale among his followers, especially Jacob. The plague known as the Black Death; Literary themes of sensuality; The Hundred Years' War, Hildegard of Bingen claims to have written O Successores after being inspired by a. The Organization of Musical Sounds, Understanding of Music: Chapter 5 Musical tex, Understanding of Music: Chapter 4 The Organiz, Functionalist theories of religion: Durkheim, Chapter 24 - Listening Guide Quiz 14: Handel:, Exercise 10 - Soils and Introduction to Land, The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric, Lawrence Scanlon, Renee H. Shea, Robin Dissin Aufses, Edge Reading, Writing and Language: Level C, David W. Moore, Deborah Short, Michael W. Smith. Which of the following statements describe changes in musical patronage in the Renaissance? :22. Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) constitute a harmony. The following excerpt represents melody with harmonic accompaniment. Which of the following Italian tempo terms best applies to this selection? The following excerpt represents melody by itself without harmonic accompaniment. Notes that dont belong to the traditional scale are known as ______________ alterations. A feature of this example suggests it is from the early part of the Medieval period. The distance between two tones is called a(n). What symbol at the beginning of the piece indicates the key that a piece of music is in? True or false: The beat in music is always clearly emphasized and strongly felt. When a melody serves as the starting point of a composition and is modified in various ways as the work progresses, it is called a. Mike is held hostage by Joe while Debra is held by Jacob. What is the technique of playing the notes of a chord one after the other (instead of simultaneously) called? :08, Beethoven is sometimes referred to as "The Father of the Symphony.". (play :13), This excerpt is most likely from a The piece was composed in a prison camp; it was scored for available instruments: violin, clarinet, cello, and piano. None of them reacts in time. Kester kills the dean at the college where Joe worked as revenge for his having denied Joe tenure. The following excerpt represents melody by itself without harmonic accompaniment. Rules and logic are less important that the free expression of human feelings. The FBI are wary of the transfer and monitor every step, save for the actual exit of the van. (:28) false. texture in the second listening clip differ from the first. A brilliant, charismatic, and psychotic serial killer communicates with other active serial killers and activates a cult of believers who follow his every command. Answer: Example B 1:58 During the Renaissance, what was the name composers gave to the original chant used as the basis for the main melody in a composition? Musicians who worked there, including Leonin and Perotin, wrote innovative polyphonic music; it was a symbol of gothic architecture. During the Baroque period, the musical feature that lent harmonic support to the main melodic line of a composition was called: The musical features of the following example suggest that it comes from a/an: She and the. Venit ad Petrum was often used as the cantus firmus for the mass. None are trying to wave the attack. The texture in the opening phrase of this work is monophonic. With Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, James Purefoy, Sam Underwood. Thanks to music printing, madrigals were published by the thousands in Italy and later in England; many madrigals were composed by Luca Marenzio and Carlo Gesualdo in Italy, and Thomas Weelkes in England. Hardy relays his suspicions to Parker, who has the transport van pull over. Most medieval music manuscripts lack detailed performance instructions, they mainly just indicate. Let us have a look at your work and suggest how to improve it! The texts known as the mass ordinary has what characteristic? The course places the Romantic period in music between the years: A musical genius, but also someone with strong anti-Semitic views, the man pictured above was one of the most influential composers of the Romantic Period. In general, how does the voice in singing differ from speaking? Ryan fails to provide an answer again and walks off. In symphonic music, what is used to play sustained tones on stringed instruments? Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name. Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) constitute a harmony. The following excerpt features characteristics of polyphonic texture. 3. With Weston in their captivity, the followers begin torturing and interrogating the young agent for Claire's whereabouts, to which he insists he does not know, by beating him with fists and metal poles before stabbing him in the stomach and leaving him for dead. Roderick goes after Claire, along with two military followers, Ryan and Claire manage to escape and go to Ryan's friend Tyson's home. Which of the following statements describe significant aspects of the music of Josquin Desprez? Which of the following factors most strongly suggests that this piece is an example of secular music? Frustrated, Hardy begins to suspect that Carroll either has Followers inside the system, or that he is coercing someone to do his bidding. Carroll's lawyer, Olivia Warren, is able to arrange his transfer to another jail. [player :40]. His name is: Johann Strauss Jr. What is the term for three or more tones sounded together? The following excerpt represents a melody without harmonic accompaniment. Which of the following statements accurately describe the rhythm and melody heard in Renaissance music? The secular text and overall musical style of this example suggest that it is from a/an: 40, No. The following example from the Classical period may be classified as a/an: CH 24 LISTENING QUIZ: Handel: Messiah, Nos. 5 Views. Pentatonic scales, found in many early American and children's songs, only use five pitches, hence the moniker "pentatonic. False Who is credited with the creation of plainsong? Listen to the audio clip. Jacob and Emma are reunited, but the meeting turns sour. The first season of the Fox American television psychological thriller horror series The Following premiered on January 21, 2013 and concluded on April 29, 2013, with a total of 15 episodes. Maggie is disclosed by Joe as his follower. The dates given in the course for the Baroque Period place it between: The composer of the following music example could likely be First, describe what that design There is imitation between individual voices; it is mainly polyphonic; there is imitation between pairs of voices. Important musical changes happened during this time. What is used to indicate the meter of a piece at the beginning of the staff? (:59), Which excerpt suggests a weak beat? Claire is abducted by Carroll's followers, but Hardy and Parker refuse to let her go without a fight. The modern word juggler comes from jongleur; Jongleurs performed in castles, taverns, and town squares; Jongleurs, being wandering minstrels, carried news with them wherever they went; Jongleurs played instruments and sang songs for entertainment. agent responsible for capturing Joe, is pulled back into the field to assist the manhunt. Everytime an Agent or Policeofficer getting attacked and killed. In the 'mild embarrassment' condition, participants read aloud to a male experimenter a list of sex-related words like 'virgin' and 'prostitute. Which of the following statements are true of early organum? Which of the following statements about the Renaissance madrigal are accurate? Emma, Paul and Jacob continue to keep Joey at the house, but Paul confronts Emma about her relationship with Jacob, and she cuts his arm. 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They bring him to the FBI's main office to see if he can be of any help. According to the text, art of the Romantic period valued emotional restraint and clarity of form. A flashback reveals Molly joining Joe on the condition she be the one to kill Ryan when the time is right. According to John Lennon, "Liverpool was a Northern port. Answer: Accelerando From the word pairs, select the one that completes the following sentence correctly. The office extended from before down to sunset daily; the mass was a daily ritual based on the Last Supper; the office consisted of eight services every day; the mass was the highlight of each day. False Correct! The FBI believes Carroll is dead, and Hardy takes Claire back to his apartment where Molly stabs both of them. The following piece was written by a leading figure of the post-WWII Germanavant-garde . Which group was credited with inventing the recitative? (player 3:22), This cello piece exemplifies __________ form. In the third stanza, what portion of the speaker is "assignable"? (player 12:15). False Correct! false. Dissonance can be reduced in one of three ways: a changing existing beliefs, b adding new beliefs, or c reducing the importance of the beliefs. Which of the following statements are true of music in the Renaissance? Definition and Examples By Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. The two main forms of sacred Renaissance music are the _____ and the ____. We were the second largest port in England, Though John was the primary composer of this song, it also features a lopsided rhythm with syncopation likely conceived by Paul three-part harmony arranged by George Martin George's, Prior to the Beatles 1964 visit to America, the group visited France, where they 1 recorded French versions of five Beatles songs 2 vacationed in the Southern wine region of the country 3. (:28) answer. Home; Products; About Us. What was the official certification given to The Following (2013) in Japan? Which of the following choices is the defining characteristic of polyphony? (:07), The following excerpt represents polyphonic texture. Which characterizes the music heard here? True. We can say that the harmony in the following example is typical of the Classical period because it features: Carlos runs to another hotel room where a woman, Gisele, answers the door and lets him in. Which of the following is the process of getting oxygen from the environment to the tissues of the body? A young girl, Mandy Lang, screams to a man named "Daryl" to come look at the news report on television about the subway murders. Identify the opera in question. Which of the following is a composition for an orchestral ensemble? The sacred text and overall musical style of this example suggests that it is part of a/an: Ryan admits he did so because he loves Claire and tempts Amanda to kill him; Ryan disarms her and has her arrested. This excerpt is an example of: After being recognized at a police station by Weston, Roderick is forced to go on the run, and his disagreements with Joe come to a head when he abducts Joey as "insurance" against Carroll and the FBI. Flexible and free flowing; has no meter or evident beat; written in imprecise notation. Generally, how are rhythmic patterns used in a baroque period? (:42), The predominant meter of this example is: (2:53), The tempo in this example could be described as: (:30), This example illustrates the use of: (:30), The tempo of this example could be described as: (:20), Which of these statements best describes the unique rhythmic feature in this example? Two important composers from the Renaissance period were: Despite advances in other areas, Renaissance harmony and polyphony remained restricted to the music rules that governed most of the Medieval period. In musical form, what technique lets us recognize previously presented melodies, harmonies, and rhythm patterns? An angry and injured Joe Carroll escapes with Claire to a secluded island lighthouse. You may choose either scenic design or costume design. false. The following composition, featuring 40 voices, was written by: Tyson manages to take down one follower, but is shot by another. He leaves the house and picks up a convenience store worker, Megan (Li Jun Li), later knocking her out to kidnap and hold her hostage at the house. (play :17), This excerpt is an example of a medieval religious type of composition known as, plainsong, plainchant, or Gregorian chant, The melody of this example suggest that it is from sacred music of the Medieval period because Which section of the orchestra is playing in this musical selection? Which of the following are the main properties of musical sounds? (Play 2:08), The smooth melodic lines and unstressed rhythm. The opening motive consists of alternative (sixths & fourths/fourths & thirds/sixths and thirds/fifths and thirds) 4. :47. In broad terms, music and the other arts of the Romantic period. Eighth note, quarter note, and half note are all used to notate what aspect of music? There are also two higher voices with more active, syncopated rhythms. Mayza changes her mind, and realizes that her goals can still be accomplished on the team. Concentration on vocal music during the Renaissance period meant that instrumental music continued to be used as mere accompaniment for voices. You know, there are scholarships available for winning students this year." She was a visionary and mystic; she was an abbess in Germany; she wrote many monophonic chants. With Ryan arriving in time to call an ambulance, he learns that now bedridden Weston not only knows Claire's location, but is the only one who does. From the following composers, select the one that best understood the intrinsic nature and potential of the piano as an expressive instrument: The following choral work, based on the German Bible, was written by: Modulation is the shifting from one key to another key; Modulation usually changes the central tone. 2 (Moonlight), I LG 23_, CH 23 LISTENING QUIZ_ Bach_ Cantata No. Anicius Boethius invented a system that made possible the memorization and written transmission of melodies. How did the city of New York memorialize those that died in the fire?What impact did this have on the citizens of New York? Polyphonic music was not always based on Gregorian chant; Composers used drinking songs and imitated birdcalls in their works. Ryan then receives a call from Joe who informs Ryan his story is not done yet. Listen to the following example and select the genre that best defines it: We can say that the melody in the following example is typical of the Classical period because it is: . good friday agreement, brexit. What is the plucked string instrument used to accompany Renaissance secular songs? "I just don't have the time." There are two lower voices. This is an example of melody without harmonic accompaniment. Listen to the audio clip. Afterwards, Claire discovers Joe's book and is reunited with Emma, which turns sour and results in the two physically fighting. They were Notre Dame composers; they were among the first to use music notation indicating precise rhythm. Which of the following are associated with growing secularization in fourteenth-century France? What is the keyboard instrument being played? False Correct! Which of the following correctly describes this excerpt from the Pope Marcellus mass? Although the violin is mostly a single melody instrument, violinists can also play chords using an instrumental technique known as: When assessing a client with partial-thickness burns over 60% of the body, which finding should the nurse report immediately? The earliest surviving operathen called dramma per musicawas written by a member of the Florentine Camerata named: Tempo is an Italian universal musical term that refers to the speed at which a music composition is played. The episode starts off immediately from "The Final Chapter" as Molly stabs Claire again in the chest. 5:45. According to Monteverdi, what is the difference between prima practica and seconda practica? It is a monophonic chant for women's voices. Which of the following statements are true of Gregorian chant? Dissonance can be a powerful tool for creating tension and drama in a musical composition. After two of three remaining Claires are killed, Amanda tracks the third one down at the same time Ryan does. In effect, the novel masquerades as a real diary. It is also revealed that Agent Parker grew up in a cult with her parents, leading to her expert knowledge of the subject. Emma sneaks Joey away while Paul and Jacob scuffle with Hardy; Paul is stabbed by Hardy, who takes the opportunity to help Megan escape. The following excerpt is an example of ritardando (low horns that slow down at the end) true In the following example The repeated rhythm pattern is part of the accompaniment The rhythmic "surprise" created by accents occurring in unexpected places in the following example is called Syncopation The proper musical term for 'decreasing the tempo' :47. Paskelbta 16 birelio, 2022 tempo. What were some of the criticisms about church music that were addressed during the Council of Trent? The following example was composed by a musician whose career exemplifies the dominance of composers from Northern France and the Netherlands during the Renaissance. Dufay Which of the following examples features melismatic singing? this excerpt . True The following example was composed by a musician whose career exemplifies the dominance of composers from Northern France and the Netherlands during the Renaissance. Consonance creates a sense of suspense that is only resolved with dissonance. Antonn Dvork was inspired by his Hungarian Dance No. Claire willingly gives herself up to Roderick, but not before she and Ryan reaffirm their love for each other. (:13). . Which of the following characteristics are associated with the rococo style? Listen to the audio clip. (:06), The following excerpt represents melody with harmonic accompaniment. Answer: Today, the general trend is towards an increasing use of dissonance. Hildegard von Bingen and Guillaume de Machaut. (player 2:06), The following musical excerpt represents strophic form. The police secure both Claire Matthews ( Natalie Zea ), Joe's ex-wife and mother of his son Joey ( Kyle Catlett) with whom Ryan had an . Identify the event that did not occur during the Classical period: The following piano sonata was composed by one of the first female virtuoso performers. Example B (Player :53), This movement from a piano sonata by Beethoven exemplifies: This is called: (:01) arpeggio. I need scholarships for college." wensleydale cheese sauce. What work and composer are presented? :40, Which of these examples is a recitative? 3:27, the following excerpt is . Form can be defined as the constructive or organizing element in music. What is the first stylistic period in the history of western music? From which of the following pairs would you choose the most likely composer of this example? :47, Which statement reflects the musical features of the following music example? The following excerpt is dissonant because it contains elements that are in conflict with one another. 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The Renaissance may be described as an age in which: Individualism, humanism, and secular values started to flourish once again. Early (1600-40) - Composers favored homophonic texture over polyphonic texture. This instrument, which was very popular during the Renaissance, is called a: According to the text, the Renaissance period was known as: The following example is played on an instrument that was very popular during the Renaissance. While Claire tries to escape with Joey, they are blocked by various followers and Roderick puts an ankle monitor on her. Ryan notices that Claire has been tracked by Roderick as they prepare for his arrival. Which one of the following examples comes from a famous Beethoven symphony? Thomas Hart Benton was influential in Regionalism, a style of art that focused mostly on what?. Ryan and the FBI are then greeted by the local Sheriff, Tim Nelson (Roderick). Jordy, upset because he revealed important information to the FBI, kills himself by swallowing and choking himself on his own bandages. Elegance, delicacy, softness, and playfulness, The following excerpt comes from a famous aria in one of Mozarts most enduring operas. Which of the following forms is not based on the principle of repetition?