TRWA recommends that systems stop floating memberships and meters from one property to another because of the confusion it creates. If they want service at a new location, they must purchase another membership and meter tap, and comply with all the new service application procedures. With regard to your 1.5 inch line, please note that the TCEQ Chapter 290 Rules state that a 2 inch main line size is the minimum to be installed on any public water system. TRWA has provided numerous training sessions at conferences and at water system offices to demonstrate the impact of larger meters from a revenue impact as well as regulatory requirements. We have generally required individual meters for each unit, but one owner wants to know if they can put in a 2-inch master meter for all 10 units in five nearby duplexes. Other possible solutions the system may suggest to the customer are: move the fence back so the meter is outside the fence; install a separate gate at the location of the meter; or provide a key or code so the meter reader or repair crew can access the water line and meter 24/7. Turn the well control on and fill the tank or until there has been sufficient production from the well into the tank to raise the level of water or for the pump to cut off automatically. If there is reason to believe a dangerous or hazardous condition exists, the corporation may conduct a customer service inspection (CSI) to verify the hazardous condition and may notify the local county health office. Some systems try to solve this issue by installing remote read meters (AMR) that allow the employee to drive by all the meter locations and the meters transmit the readings to a base unit in the vehicle. In order to correct the issue, the system must first have supporting language in its tariff. Again, this is an insurance issue to address with your insurance carrier. <99> <99> <2122> A: TCEQ rule 290.44(a)(4) explains the purpose of the rule stating: Each community public water system shall provide accurate metering devices at each residential, commercial or industrial service connection for the accumulation of water usage data. This ensures that the water system can document that customers are being billed properly. <82> <82> <201A> 0000001107 00000 n 389 0 obj <>stream =4$y]/%(%DL PUC rules also support the tariff stating that customers/members of a WSC are only qualified to receive service when theyve complied with the written provisions included in the WSCs tariff. Public wells supply drinking water to municipalities. endbfrange What should we do? The side benefit of the AMI technology is that when someone reports a leak in the system, this type of meter allows the system to read meters in that section to determine if the leak is from their system lines or from overwatering or leaks on the customers side. If it is a single tract of land and the plumbing to each of these eight units is all combined into one common line, then a master meter would probably be the better option for this applicant. What options do we have to address this issue? <91> <92> <2018> This is referred to in Section C under the definition of member and proof of ownership, and again in Section E under Rules and Regulations. 1 begincodespacerange <002D> /Ordering (UCS) For example, the Service Rules and Regulations of the TRWA Sample Tariff, Section E, states: An apartment building, condominium, manufactured housing (modular, mobile or RV) community, business center or other similar type enterprise may be considered by the Corporation to be a single commercial facility if the owner applies for a meter as a 'master metered account' and complies with the requirements set forth in PUC rules, this Tariff and applicable law. TRWAs Sample Tariff, Section B provides additional detail, requiring compliance with PUC, Chapter 24, Subchapter H rules pertaining to submetering. One requirement under PUC rules is that the owner who intends to bill tenants for sub-metered or allocated utility service or who changes the method used to bill tenants for utility service must register with the PUC in a form prescribed by the commission. <00> However, most of the time there isnt an easement filed between the two neighbors for the meter and service line from the front property to the back property being served. Assuming the meter is the standard size, residential 3/4 x 5/8 meter, you will use the same rate structure for the irrigation meters since the water is the same treated water that is being distributed by your system. This letter should outline the PUC requirements for an accurate metering of water per connection. TRWA suggests that systems tell their customers to add the cost of their meter and impact fee to the cost of their property before they sell in order to fund installing another meter at their new location. This certificate should meet the TCEQ master meter test requirements for initial installation of the meter. <8B> <8B> <2039> begincmap You should review this situation with your engineers. <00A0> However, if your homeowner needs a 1" or larger meter, then the requirements for non-standard service as outlined in Section F. of the TRWA Sample Tariff would apply, including an engineering study for each oversized meter. Not sure they have a higher level." Yes, his is true but interestingly only since 4 September. These previously existing meter locations had already paid for or been granted capacity from the water main, and therefore they should not be required to pay for system upgrades. Finally, it is also important to be clear with the applicant regarding how the drought contingency and water rationing requirements apply to the irrigation meter. Is this legal or what problems could this create? <82> <82> <201A> The inspector may also require the customer to demonstrate or show how water pipes at the secondary home are independent of the piping serving the customers primary residence. <9C> <9C> <0153> It is best to set the meters close to the structure to be served and to always obtain an easement for service lines and meters before new service is established. Further, in the past we have seen many TCEQ investigators count dead taps into the systems overall capacity requirements using the assumption that at any time in the future the system would still be responsible for supplying not only the active connections but previously existing connections also. The ERUs would be equivalent to what would be used by typical single-family residences, if they were using the water. 71 0 obj<>stream /Registry (Times-RomanOPBaseFont0) These existing capacity components were and are being paid for through monthly water rates. All connections shall be calculated based upon its equivalency to a customary Equivalent Single Family Connection using the City of Houston's equivalency table. << We would like to have the chain restaurant apply for and install a meter since the convenience store has a meter and active account. <<9e8032b06c2c514a87349e8822134d26>]>> Next, the system may want to offer a compliance schedule so that service will not be interrupted during the construction and installation of a second meter on the property designated to receive service.. endstream endobj 1 0 obj<> endobj 2 0 obj<>/XObject<>/ProcSet 79 0 R>> endobj 3 0 obj<>stream <09> <0A> <0009> Texas Water Code Sec. Others were due to leaks grounding out meters. By having only one meter to maintain near the road system, the owner would not be responsible for installing and thereafter maintaining individual lines and meters to each of the dwellings, or for disconnecting and reconnecting each individual units separate water meter. <9A> <9A> <0161> <84> <84> <201E> After you establish a system's ERU quantity, you can use it to determine the number of ERUs for other types of service connections. Based on my experience, a great number of systems opt to have a single meter properly sized to meet the service needs requested by the owner instead of having multiple smaller master meters or even individual meters for each apartment. After getting this proof of ownership, the system should at least check the countys tax rolls and property tax maps to see whose name is listed for that property. We really need to understand the regulations and what action we need to take prior to approaching either business. Our employees drive around the community daily and can tell that there are clearly people living at these second residences. <89> <89> <2030> Even if the customer would only need standard service, TRWAs Sample Tariff includes the requirement that the property of the applicant/ member shall be inspected to ensure compliance with state required Minimum Acceptable Operating Practices for Public Drinking Water Systems as promulgated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) or successor agency. <9A> <9A> <0161> <8A> <8A> <0160> If the WSC has an easement properly filed at the courthouse for every line and meter, the new property owner cant make the system move the meter. One of the main reasons for a turbine or propeller master meter to register incorrectly is improper piping configurations from the well to and past the meter location. s)Q0tWN Well meters required by 290.41(c)(3)(N) of this title (relating to Water Sources) shall be calibrated at least once every three years.. The average daily flow for domestic use shall be calculated at the minimum rate of 100 gallons per day per capita (gpdpc) and an Equivalent Residential Connection (ERC) of 2.5 persons per single-family residence and 2.2 persons per multi-family and mobile home units.. Our engineers say the only way we can meet TCEQ standards for water distribution if we add the meter is with a six-inch line extension. Q: Our system is replacing all of our meters. The member wants to know if a neighbor can hook up to the meter and if so, under what circumstances. Google Map, Tel: 512.472.8591 <85> <85> <2026> You should always keep the safety of your employees in mind and act within the law. The rules provide some ways for the applicant to opt out of individual meters and having multiple water service lines crisscrossing their tract of land. 0000002966 00000 n Other TCEQ inspectors have assessed the capacity requirements on the 2-inch meter size which industry standards deem to be eight times the normal capacity of the 5/8 x 3/4-inch meter, regardless of the number of trailers on the other side of the meter. Institutional 4. One note here about equipment costs to replace the assets being removed TCEQ explained this to include the price of a meter, tapping saddle, curb stops, meter box, service tubing and any parts which were purchased by the original applicant when the service was first installed. This standard specifies that all chemicals used properly will not cause any health effects for the consumers. TRWA has always recommended in our sample tariff that All meters be installed on the property designated to receive service. Using this policy keeps the system dealing directly with the property owner and member of the WSC or the customer of the district instead of having to deal with a property owner or future property owner that doesnt want someone elses meter and service line on their property. /CMapType 2 def Duplexes and triplexes are sufficiently similar to single family homes so that a duplex equals twice the ERU . <89> <89> <2030> Email:, Water University/Utility Management Certification, TCEQ Requirement All Occupational Licensing, Wastewater Technical Assistance & Training Program, Click Here to Return to the Ask Larry Archives Homepage, Metering & One Meter per Residence Rules (Ask Larry). /CIDInit /ProcSet findresource begin It appears they have done this to supply water to more than 60 small rental homes on two 5/8 x 3/4 meters. Some of this cost will be paid by these new customers once they start paying their monthly water bill, but the previous customers not only have been paying for what it costs for them to receive water delivered to their homes, they have also been paying a bit extra toward the complete debt-service for all existing capacity. I told her that was incorrect and that I would mail her the documentation to prove it. Your tariff should include the requirements for evaluating an application for a master meter. 0000005203 00000 n Does the one meter per residence apply in this situation? endstream endobj startxref Q: Can a WSC allow a homeowner to have an additional meter for the sole purpose of running the sprinkler system for their lawn and landscape? "!#w~[^Mt__^7ea?VU> {9Vh*A!_Q~" [w|V}.f%z[o~di_Yzbb{[Xu]\*lq& 12 dict begin Do I need to calibrate the meter? 0 {e9Q $b@;l0$" Even a temporary hose hook-up is prohibited since that is a violation of the conditions found in your customer service application and agreement. The assumed population equivalent per connection should be indicated. 0000000903 00000 n <96> <97> <2013> %%EOF Next write down the master meter reading on the meter to be tested. While this may have been more of an undertaking many years ago, most counties have modernized and this research can now generally be done from the systems office. CMapName currentdict /CMap defineresource pop Q: One of our members sold their property and land but did not transfer the membership. <90> <90> <2022> /CIDSystemInfo The TCEQ interprets an "active connection" as a connection that is completed or existing and able to supply drinking water from the PWS to a single-family Given more information about your utility we may have suggestions regarding ideas on sharing the cost of any upgrade. <88> <88> <02C6> Additionally, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) rules require that all public water systems be designed with a minimum of 15 percent extra capacity. Q: What can you tell me about the new "electronic read" meters on the market today? In addition to the cost of the meter installation as well as any upfront impact or buy in fees. Q: Our 1.5-inch water line is at capacity and someone who is building a home in the area asked to add a meter to our line. Billable flow (B 1 + B 5) 7. TRWA does not recommend any product, supplier or person and leaves that decision up to each system. There may be limitations that prevent using the meter when there is an outside water ban or other drought measures are in place. 0 This has been a troublesome situation for many systems in the past and is a re-occurring problem for systems today. I was told the meter was installed when a relative lived in a trailer on the far end of the property, but the meter has not been used for many years.