E-mail the submission to pgc-contest@pa.gov, and use BTH in the subject line. In celebration of Black History Month, and to learn more about Harriet Tubman, the unsung naturalist of her time, we encourage you to visit: http://bit.ly/3jFS6Pq. Submit photographs to PGCtrailcam@pa.gov. They have short powerful legs and sturdy claws that make them excellent diggers. Droppings are coiled 2023 WWB Holdings, LLC. Game Commission employees are not eligible. The deadline for the public to vote will be Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022, and winners will be announced by Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022, on theGame Commissions Facebook page. She also taught herself how to read the stars and would often use the North Star and the Big Dipper to orient herself while traveling at night. A photo of a rare white deer was voted the winner of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's summer trail camera contest. Hens may grow a beard, if they do, they are typically pencil thin There was a problem saving your notification. Some decrease in clouds late. Place your vote by "liking" your favorite photo in the "2021 Trail Cam Photo Contest Album" by THIS Friday, October 8, 2021 at 11:59 PM. 95 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2A1EB6E33D7ACE44BD9CB1C2E33B24EB>]/Index[75 39]/Info 74 0 R/Length 101/Prev 120666/Root 76 0 R/Size 114/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Blue jays' forgetfulness can lend an ecological hand, as they cache thousands of seeds each autumn, but dont always return for them. Droppings are J-shaped Some though wild, undomesticated birds might even be c HARRISBURG, PA - As the Pennsylvania Game Commission continues to explore the possibility of American marten reintroduction within Penns Woods, the a HARRISBURG, PA - Pennsylvania hunters harvested some tremendous black bears in the 2022 seasons, including three of more than 700 pounds and 11 more t Keystone State. HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania Game Commission officials are encouraging bird and nature fans throughout the state to join tens of thousands of everyday North . The snood enlarges during the breeding season. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023! Game species are preferred, but not required for entry. Use Fall 2022 Hunting Heritage Photo Contest in the subject line. I was inspired to work with wildlife during a sixth-grade field trip when we visited a bird banding station. Photos must be taken in Pennsylvania. The Game Commission again has installed a camera on State Game Lands 311 in Elk County, in a field that typically is a hub of elk activity as the bugling season heats up. Michael Tanenbaum We appreciate all the trail cam photos that were shared with us! Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 147 in December of 2019, allowing the Pennsylvania Game Commission to designate three Sundays in 2020 for hunting. They asked for a volunteer to release a goldfinch. For more information about either contest and prizes, visit the Game Commissions website. Get the latest Job listings in your email! (you can save your entered data and return to the form later before submitting it). Blue jays are not actually blue! Trail cams are an invaluable way for humans to get a surreptitious look at how animals behave in the wild when their habitats and routines aren't being disturbed. Or use the online entry form and indicate that you're mailing your . The Pennsylvania State Police are currently investigating a fatal crash that occurred in the Tuscarora Tunnel in the eastbound lane of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The bright red plumage is the male cardinal, while the female is much more subdued, with muted red on her tail, crest, and wings. . The contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook. It's simple to enter. I am so proud of her! The Pennsylvania Game Commission is sponsoring its Fall 2022 Hunting Heritage Photo Contest and participants who submit a hunting-related photo taken during the months of September, October, November or December 2022, in Pennsylvania, are eligible to win a cellular trail camera and an assortment of Game Commission merchandise. The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) is the state agency responsible for wildlife conservation and management in Pennsylvania in the United States.It was originally founded 128 years ago and currently utilizes more than 700 full-time employees and thousands of part-time and volunteers in its official mission to "manage and protect wildlife and their habitats while promoting hunting and . Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and for those who participate in the voting. Tyler Frantz. The contest winner will be . Frank James Cooper, of St. Thomas, Pennsylvania passed away January 9, 2023. Bucks a must-win for Philly? We will create a request for files link via Dropbox. Submissions must include the hunters first and last name. You can learn more about these feathered friends and other winter resident birds that you may see this time of the year at https://bit.ly/3GRX3x4. However, the outdoor skills and knowledge she gained in her younger life, is ultimately what gave her the edge when leading slaves to freedom in the mid-1800s. Ron Steffe. Learn more about the program at www.sharedeer.org or call 866-474-2141. When she was seven, she was hired to walk into the marshes to check muskrat traps, as well as to work in the timber fields with her father and brothers. Thanks, again, to everyone who donated a deer to the program. The print features three white-tailed deer in a farmland scene. Or, save it as a file or print it out and include it with your. Since 1999, the State-Fish Art Contest has introduced students to conservation education through art. Feb 6, 2022. +7. A small percentage of females may grow a spur, if they do its typically only on one leg and less than half of an inch in length. I was never able to hold it together at her age. (This can take a week or two.). The pink nose would indicate that it's albino. Each participant may only enter ONE photo in the contest. Managing and protecting wildlife a. The Franklin County Free Press is a Neil Publishing, LLC. An appalling proposal from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The Pennsylvania Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers joins the National Deer Association in calling for the regulatory oversight of the 723 captive deer shooting facilities to be transferred to the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC).. The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce our new Fantastic Food Photo Contest that runs December 2022 through February 2023. . Participants could win a free trail camera and an assortment of Game Commission merchandise. Podcast: Is Sixers' prime time game vs. To see a list of our editorial staff please visit our staff directory. My 15 year old daughter Teja is a finalist in the Pennsylvania Game Commission Photo Contest. Albino, piebald and . Procedures. FALL 2022 HUNTING HERITAGE PHOTO CONTEST They both are cold-tolerant, year-round residents of the Keystone State. High 46F. He later shot the animal, and its remains tested positive for rabies. E-mail the submission to pgc-contest@pa.gov using BTH in the subject line. If you come across a bobcat in the wild, the telltale signs of rabies will be opposite ends of the spectrum either friendly or extremely aggressive behavior. They're not considered particularly dangerous, but they occasionally become the subject of shocking headlines, such as an incident in North Carolina earlier this year when a man grabbed a bobcat off his wife in their driveway and chucked it halfway across their yard. I chose wildlife biology because I have always had a passion for wildlife and enjoyed the outdoors. There was a problem saving your notification. You can also learn more about black bears and their winter behaviors at http://bit.ly/3VKW2LC. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is sponsoring its 2022 Summer Trail Cam Photo Contest and participants who submit a trail cam photo taken in June, July or August 2022, in Pennsylvania, are eligible to win a cellular trail camera and an assortment of Game Commission merchandise. S. Dillon will be receiving a cellular trail camera and an assortment of Game Commission merchandise as a prize. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Phone: (717) 559-3262 Fax: (717) 459-7400 Email: info@fcfreepress.com, Pennsylvania: Game Commission Trail Cam Photo Contest, The Tail of a Foster Parent: Saving a Precious Life, Pennsylvanias Aging Population Faces Financial Shortfall, Mike Eruzione to be Keynote Speaker at Manufacturers Associations Event, CVAS: Meet Maverick and Bunderwhere, pets of the week, Nursing Homes Forced to Turn Away Patients Due to Staff Shortages, Wednesdays Fatal Crash in Tunnel on Turnpike. For contest details, click here: IT IS NOT LEGAL to take antlers that are found. The potential shortfall, Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of Americans. Please include your first and . IT IS NOT LEGAL to possess a shed antler to sell, barter or trade OR to offer to sell, barter or trade any shed antler. All of this helped her learn how to read the landscape, be comfortable in the woods and how to navigate using natural sounds. Enjoy! Now Michael Tanenbaum They are about 1/3 shorter than males and weigh half as much (9-12 lbs.) Click here to see our subscription options. In a Facebook post, the commission wrote, Congratulations to Scott Dillon from Washington County for winning the Game Commissions 2022 Summer Trail Camera Photo Contest! // February 2, 2021. (Cow to Cone directory) Bluebird Boxes just $11, plus shipping from the Game Commission; Menu Menu; photo contest prizes and rules for the 2022 Photo Contest. Many hunting cultures historically have thought that killing an albino deer will bring on a curse or a run of bad luck. Email ONE trail cam photo topgc-contest@pa.gov, with the subject line: Summer Trail Cam Photo Contest, byWednesday, Aug. 31, 2022. Not much time remains to submit photos as part of two contests the Pennsylvania Game Commission is sponsoring. "Jeremys photo received more than 4,500 likes, the most out of any other photo submitted this year," the Game Commission said. Celebrating 125 Years. . The Game Commission's 2007 Working Together for Wildlife fine-art print, "The Getaway," is by Pennsylvania wildlife artist Patrick R. Sharbaugh. Video and sound from the camera are being livestreamed at www.pgc.pa.gov, and viewers can expect not only to see elk . Facebook users will determine the winning photo by liking the image. HARRISBURG, PA - As we close in on a new slate of deer seasons, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is holding a big-buck photo contest to showcase some of the huge whitetails caught on trail cameras this summer and fall in Penn's Woods.. June 28 - July 4 July 5 - 11 July 12 - 18 July 19 - 25 . A few reminders: Success! "Show off your sheds!" We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from Franklin County PA. Whether you found the perfect matching set or just a spike, consider sharing your shed hunting adventures by participating in the Game Commission's 2022 Shed Hunt Photo Contest. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is hosting two different contests involving photos this year. . 51 2 commenti. Male cardinals will begin to sing in late January through March signaling the onset of breeding season. 1 of 3. Credit: Missouri Deptartment of Conservation Wild northern bobwhite quail have been gone from Pennsylvania for at least two decades. Yet, sometimes we forget to capture those memories with a photo. The winner will also have the opportunity to submit a longer article describing their #beyondtheharvest hunting experiences to the Pennsylvania Game News to be considered for publication in the magazine. All rights reserved. Low 31F. Now you know! There will be great entertainment, food, souvenirs, and a . HARRISBURG, PA - Not every ruffed grouse across Pennsylvania is quite the same as the next. MISSION: To manage and protect wildlife and their habitats while promoting hunting. It is also known that she would often use the call of a barred owl to alert refugees and fellow freedom seekers that it was OK, or not OK, to come out of hiding and continue their journey. Pennsylvania's population of black bears has grown five-fold since the . Uploading your images before completing this form is recommended. Louise enjoyed watching Basketball, Football, and TV Westerns, and was also an avid reader of Amish fiction, having read over 2,000 novels. Use this link to go to a web page where you can upload your images to Dropbox via dragging and dropping (with your web browser). Events & Board Meetings. HARRISBURG (TNS) To fuel "the largest turkey . An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. I got into wildlife biology sort of on accident. The Pennsylvania Game Commission holds an annual summer trail cam photo contest inviting people to submit their best shots of wildlife from across the state. Happy Groundhog Day, PA! winning a big turkey-calling contest at the age of six. I felt its heartbeat in my hand. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. NBC10 hires Fred Shropshire to replace Jim Rosenfield as weekday evening anchor. Submit a photo taken in September, October, November or December 2022 related to your hunt, in Pennsylvania, for a chance to win a cellular trail camera and an assortment of Game Commission merchandise. Trail cameras will be awarded to winners. The Progress mobile app brings you the latest local breaking news, updates, and more. They also have a snood that dangles between their eyes. This content is restricted to subscribers of OutdoorNews.com. But did you know that she was also quite the naturalist? Upload (copy into the shared folder) your entry photos. She made 13 successful trips back and forth from Maryland, between 1850 and 1860, she used her outdoor skills to lead family and strangers to freedom in Philadelphia, New York and even as far north as Canada. The contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Facebook. The participant with the most likes will receive a cellular trail camera and an assortment of Game Commission merchandise. By February, winter weather can wear on us all and the constant drab scenery can be rather unexciting. To enter, simply send a photo from your trail cam, by Friday, Oct. 1, 2021 to pgc-contest@pa.gov, with the subject line: "Trail Cam." Photos can feature any Pennsylvania wild bird or mammal. Sign up now for timely, relevant - local, regional, state and national news. The deer looks all white in the photo, but the eyes cant be made out just exactly. It's simple to enter. Their breast feathers are round-tipped and slender compared to adults and cannot be used to determine sex. Photo of rare white deer wins Pennsylvania Game Commission's trail camera contest Odd News Baby kangaroo rescued in Central Pa. after man tried to sell it on Facebook Considerable clouds this evening. The winners prize package will include a Pennsylvania Game Commission Wild Game Cookbook, Second Edition, a Pennsylvania Deer Hunting, Through the Pages of Game News book and the winners choice of a framed Wildlife Working Together art print. Game Commission staff will narrow the submitted photos in each contest into groups of contenders to be posted on the agencys Facebook page, where users will determine the winning photos by liking the images. More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23, Erie Zoos African lioness Nala was euthanized, Philadelphia Brewing Co. to host Kegs for Cats event Sunday in support of sheltering fury friends, Philadelphia Brewing Co.s hop garden was cut down by city cleaning crew who thought it was weeds. Send The Pennsylvania Game Commission your favorite summer trail cam photo, taken in June, July, or August of Summer 2022, in Pennsylvania to participate in the Summer Trail Cam Photo Contest. The ideal candidate supports the Game Commissions mission to manage and protect wildlife and their habitats while promoting hunting and trapping for current and future generations through video, audio, photo, and digital content that informs, inspires and engages our internal and external audiences. Special Requests to Use State Game Lands Information, Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). The deadline for the Buck Harvest Photo Contest is Sunday, Dec. 17. Though, the pink nose indicates it could be an albino. Not much time remains to submit photos as part of two contests the Pennsylvania Game Commission is sponsoring. Frank served in the Army for three years, and then worked at Letterkenny Army Depot for 38 years before retiring. If you need help, dont hesitate the call the editor at 717-697-4660 oremail to[emailprotected], April 15, 2023(postmark deadline for mailed entries), https://pa-mag.com/2023-photo-contest-entry-form/. The photo was submitted by S. Dillon, who will get a new trail cam and some Game Commission merch. Photos will . Photo submissions must be of wild Pennsylvania deer taken with trail cameras. Their breast feathers are tipped in black. High 42F. Gov. Use BUCK HARVEST in the subject line. The best photo was taken by Jeremy Napp of Selinsgrove, Snyder County, where his trail cam captured a group of five bobcats crossing a pebble road. Those two colors dont appear often in Pennsylvanias landscapes and are a stark contrast to Februarys colorless forests and fields. (Photo by Rob Drieslein) The agency's most recent proposal for certain wildlife management units lacks serious consideration. Were encouraging YOU to capture those memories and share them in our latest photo contest. Podcast: Is Sixers' prime time game vs. You can view the LIVE Bear Cam at any time at http://bit.ly/3j4JCRt! If you take a big buck, or a special buck, or your first buck, the Game Commission would like to hear from you. Just email your photos topgc-contest@pa.gov, with the subject line: "Shed Hunt Photo Contest," by Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Have fun. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. PhillyVoice Staff, BASE jumpers filmed parachuting off new Rittenhouse luxury high-rise, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center rebrands as TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image, Three Philly restaurants named to New York Times' 2021 'most exciting' restaurant list, Jason Kelce could make a 'Saturday Night Live' cameo with his brother Travis hosting, School District of Philadelphia to relocate Building 21 students following asbestos exposure, Eagles wide receiver Zach Pascal robbed at gunpoint in Maryland, Eli Lilly slashed insulin prices, starting a race to the bottom. 2017 Big-Buck Trail Cam Contest images may be submitted from Aug. 1 through Nov. 30, 2017. The Bear Cam provides the opportunity to learn what goes on in a den [or under a deck] with a black bear sow and her cubs. If you are already an OutdoorNews.com subscriber, you can log in here. Good luck. Entries will be accepted from Sept. 30-Dec. 31. Please include your first and last name and the county in which the photo was taken. This position is primarily responsible for shooting and editing compelling video and photos to promote hunting opportunities, events, assisting with "Call of the Outdoors," the agency's podcast, as well as capturing the people, wildlife and activities that drive wildlife conservation here in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has a . hbbd```b``z"'I+rD2g`U`v9Rb/J r(d"Ad_H -L We asked a few of these talented women: Why did you choose to go into a science-based field? Here are their answers: Finalists' photos will be posted on online in March with the four entries receiving the most votes winning the following cash prizes: 1 st Place $100, 2 nd Place $75, 3 rd Place $50, and 4 . When their tail feathers are fanned out, they will form an unbroken line. During any big game season, coyotes may be taken while lawfully hunting big game or with a furtaker license. Seamless glass. The contest, which opened the first day of summer in June, will wrap up on Wednesday, Aug. 31. . The 2023 National Wildlife Photo Contest is now open!. Hunt safely. The Pennsylvania's state wildlife agency responsible for managing all of Pennsylvania's 465 wild bird and mammal species. Hens (females) says the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Low 31F. Game Commission may ban the use of rifles during the fall turkey season in Pa. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is a proud partner of HSH. Now it's YOUR turn to vote! Tune in to other Watchable Wildlife LIVE cams, including bald eagles and the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area at http://bit.ly/3WtUhTy. Game Commission staff choose a group of entries as The changes to Pennsylvania's hunting rules keep on coming. Juveniles endstream endobj 76 0 obj <>/Metadata 9 0 R/Outlines 18 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 73 0 R/StructTreeRoot 21 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 77 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 78 0 obj <>stream Learn more about turkey including seasons and bag limits here: http://bit.ly/3kkTWFu. INTERESTED IN BECOMING A STATE GAME WARDEN? The Pennsylvania Game Commission's 2021 Trail Cam Photo Contest winner is a resident from Selinsgrove, Snyder County, who submitted a picture of a family of bobcats crossing a road. Cloudy. Photos can include individuals, friends, dogs, or just a shed. 113 0 obj <>stream That's just a lucky look at animals living their best lives. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is hosting a virtual photo contest on the agencys Facebook page. // January 26, 2021. NBC10 hires Fred Shropshire to replace Jim Rosenfield as weekday evening anchor. Photos can feature any type of wildlife. Note that you wont be able to see the files in the folder after you upload them. For this contest, we encourage you to snap a photo of the landscape or wildlife surrounding your favorite hunting spot, the person sitting beside you in the stand, the meal you share after a successful hunt or any other special moment surrounding your Pennsylvania hunting experience that goes #beyondtheharvest for a chance to win a generous prize package! Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). Whether you're an amateur or professional . Each year, on Feb. 11, we celebrate females, as well as their studies, accomplishments and major successes in their fields. // February 10, 2023. Ive been excited about tending wild species ever since. - Lisa Williams, Division Chief for Wildlife Recovery and first female in the field from the Pennsylvania Game Commissions Bureau of Wildlife Management. Once assembled, these contending photos will be placed on the Game Commissions Facebook page in an album. %%EOF Their head is practically bare, they have blue skin with red wattles. Use the 2023 PDF photo contest entry form: 2023 PDF entry form. Learn more and apply online https://bit.ly/3ZtKvDl. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is hosting two different contests involving photos this year. "There's still a level playing field; no one is disadvantaged . Harrisburg, Pa. It's the final three weeks of the Game Commission's trail camera photo contest, so make sure to submit your entries by the end of the month. The PGC in turn opened Sunday hunting to archery . You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. (Photo by Mike Davison / Flickr) A third option would be a leucistic deer, another genetic abnormality, but they tend to have black noses, according to the Cool Green Science blog's discussion of often-confused distinctions. That is, until you see a flash of red or blue flitting through the woods or at your feeder. . By submitting a photo into this contest, you grant the Game Commission the right to use, reproduce, store, transmit, communicate your submitted photo, in whole or in part, in any media, marketing, advertising or promotional materials. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 34 million Americans have, Mike Eruzione, the Team Captain of the Gold Medal winning Olympic Hockey Team known as the Miracle on Ice, will be the keynote speaker for, Meet Maverick and Bunderwhere, this weeks CVAS pets of the week. Winners will be selected monthly. In 2022, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District ran a social media based photo contest for the public. Who is the Game Commission? The sound of Who cooks for you who cooks for you all? blended in with the sounds of night and didnt create any suspicions. Right click the link and download the form using "Save As.". CONGRATULATIONS to members of the 34th class. Hunters may send more than one submission. HARRISBURG, PA - Hunters, get your photos in. The agency adopted the national R3 model of recruitment, retention, and reactivation and is trying some new approaches to garner the attention of former and potential hunters in an effort to boost license sales. The 2021 Trail Cam Photo Contest Finalists are in! Only photos taken during the month they were submitted will be considered. Send us a photo of you with your Pennsylvania 2019 archery or firearms season buck, along with some limited background: your name, age and hometown, harvest date, county in which buck was taken.