0:00. BILL NO. No thoughtful human being should sacrifice for pleasure or as a wager an animal like the one Murie observed in Yellowstone. What can I use to hunt coyotes on public land? At its December meeting, the Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Board voted to approve regulations prohibiting the waste of certain game animals, prohibiting hunting contests for certain predator and furbearing animals, and changing the harvest reporting requirements for fox and coyote. Because coyotes are an increasing nuisance to important livestock, providing an easier way to control the population increasingly helps improve the ecosystem. It has been estimated that just one wild pig can significantly disturbabout6.5 square feet of soil in just one minute, which can increase soil erosion rates and have detrimental effects to sensitive ecological areas and critical habitats for species of concern. Such haphazard removal of individuals can have unintended consequences such as disrupting population age and social structure, as well as increasing litter sizes of certain targeted predators, according to the TPWD statement. In addition to posing threats for livestock and more desirable wildlife, predators like coyotes and foxes also are primary carriers of rabies and other diseases. Lately, an increasing number of state wildlife management agencies and commissions are beginning to acknowledge that killing contests have the potential to cast a large shadow on the reputation of ethical hunters. C. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 5-203.1 of this title, a landowner, agricultural lessee, or designated agent with written permission of the landowner or lessee and with a valid permit may use a headlight carried on the person while hunting at night. While some people argue that this type of hunting is unfair, the fact is that coyotes are nuisance animals that are difficult to get rid of. 850 Coyotes and Foxes Killed in 2-Day Multi-State Wildlife Killing Contest. , attempts to shed light on what many experts consider to be an unjust practice. Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters offers fully guided and semi-guided hunts in the premier area of southwest Oklahoma. Coyote hunter a hunter who does not own land or who has not been named the landowners designee can hunt at night coyotes under the exemption of the landowner or his/her designee. Persons shooting coyotes at night on a night shooting exemption may not shoot from, to, on, or across any public roadway. 3. Predator hunters typically use manual or electronic distress calls to lure coyotes and other varmints into the open. Teams must bring in at least five grey foxes or five coyotes in order to enter their biggest bobcat. BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: SECTION 1. 2nd Annual Predator Calling Contest (Oklahoma): A 4-H Club sponsored this contest, where participants competed to kill the mangiest, littlest and biggest coyote and the biggest bobcat. It jeopardizes hunting, the hunting industry, and all wildlife-related issues, Langford said. Controversial contests: Killing wildlife to see who wins Earlier this year, the Clark County Commission passed a resolution asking that. We also kept in mind that not everyone BBQs the same, so we have a wide selection of designs to fit your unique style. With thousands of acres to hunt, there are plenty of areas to have the ultimate Oklahoma predator hunt. What is required inside and outside of the deer gun season as it relates to night shooting? However, if you are hunting on public land or if you are hunting on private land during any firearms big game season, a hunting license and/or appropriate big game license is required, and these licenses may require proof of hunter safety certification to purchase. The entry fee is $250 per team for up to four members. With more than 175 contest divisions theres something for everyone as well as weekly winners. Despite this, Mark Streissguth of Boone and Crockett replied, They got at least this part right, to HSUSs identification of wildlife killing contests as grisly spectacles that are about as far as one can get from ethical, fair-chase hunting.. Perhaps a better case is made for contests with a concentration on nonfurred invasive species, such as a recent killing contest in eastern Texas that eliminated 350 feral hogs from the area. The coyote tournament is open to 1-4 man teams who ante up a $1,000 entry fee. /*-->