Maybe trying a really small amount of light watch oil under the metal to make sure it's not sticking to the brass plate under it. Is it possible to disassemble the lens of the Nikon L35af and clean it? It feels like there is something solid blocking its path because it will go down a little bit and then stop. Before you continue you should read my article on how to adjust a lens focus and how to make a tool for it. When I am wanting a compact camera, where I do not want to think about process much, it tends to be on top of my list. Any manuals or guide recomended.. I found mine stuck and it moved quite slow. It has 2 eyes for its infrared rangefinder, this theoretically means that it will work better in the dark. I agree that the second L35AF2 version has the Tessar lens. How much does professional photography cost? The L35AF opened the door for Nikon into the world of consumer point-and-shoots, the way the Yashica T2 and then T4 did for that company. It has a lever to the side of the front barrel, you depress it in backlit situations in order to force a +2.0 reading which is helpful. jammed? One fix for the dreaded Nikon "Shutter Error" Jul 16, 2010 2 A couple months ago, I started to have problems with my camera. The L35AF was early in the 80s, but that does not discount it as a premier quality camera. All top brand camera companies also put out "point-and-shoot" cameras that are made by smaller companies they contract to manufacture cheap, plastic, consumer point-and-shoot cameras for vacationers or those who take photos once or twice a year. Quick question for you. It was an immediate hit thanks to its robust design and excellent specification. This Point and Shoot Camera lets you focus on your subject better, and click crisp and sharp images. This is how the wiring looks like when you decide to replace the capacitor. Alien Abduction! I try to live with a camera for an extended period rather than run a quick film through it, to get a real feeling for it and this helps me cut away from the hype. I put the two batteries in the camera (with no film)and turned it on and the light meter seemed to work. So the solution to work around the problem is take picture, hold the shutter button, then release the . Theres a small silver spring that has two long arms and only a couple of coils so it doesnt look like the stereotypical spring, but one arm is against the body, the two middle coils are on a post, and the other arm pushes the chrome arm that runs along the strap side of the camera to trigger the rewind. For all the negative comments Ive read, we shouldnt forget that the L35AF is nearly 40 years old. You could take it in for repair but honestly it won't be worth it. Pre-focusing by half-pressing the shutter release works quite well too. Really sharp lens. Authorized Photo Service Reply Reply with quote Reply to thread Complain OP Missouri_Skies Forum Member Posts: 53 Heres another example of a tricky situation. Three Top Options for the Best Nikon Landscape Lens, Glass Photo Prints (and Other Beautiful Print Options). The Panasonic Lumix GH5 might be nearly six years old, but when it arrived in 2017, it had incredible features, particularly for video. You are of-course welcome to your opinions and recommendations, that is what makes this hobby interesting, and I would never suggest you dont share. Maybe I am just seeing optical illusions but if I were to choose, Id say that its more of a shallow barrel-type one. The exposure is set automatically by the camera. I am not sure of what we see here is chromatic aberration or flare, just be aware that this happens when you have shiny highlights in your scene. How to fix the shutter on my Nikon EM film camera? For more articles on 35mmc about the subject matter discussed here, please click one of the following tag links: Contribute to 35mmc for an Ad-Free Experience. My guess is they knew there was an issue though because the manual has an atypically specific section on battery selection. Nikon Corporation, known just as Nikon, is a Japanese company specializing in optics and imaging products. Im not a big stealth photographer but on the odd occasion when noise would have broken the moment Ive just held the button down and released under the table or away from my eye. You are also helping me purchase, process and scan film. Most of the original L35s are very persnickety about power supply. When the shutter is stuck in the down-position one thing you should look at is the part behind the depressor. The reputation the L35AF has gained though, is through the quality of the lens. I used to have one of these. I mean 5 element the later versions used a 4 element Tessar design again, which are fine lenses just give a bit different character to the images. ISO range available is 50 to 1000. A stuck or unreliable shutter could be caused by any number of mechanical or electronic problems, especially if there's any evidence of past moisture damage, but it is worth a quick check of the battery contacts first. The button still pops up, so I don't think it's a spring problem. For a buck, display it as an art piece if you can't get it working. This is not the camera to use with lowlight situations. Seriously, even a little barely visible corrosion on the battery contacts or any variance in the voltage from cheap or rechargeable batteries that wouldnt affect most cameras is enough to make it grumpy. I was able to shoot a few rolls successfully before it ruined my last one due to this malfunction. Loading film is by opening the back, inserting the 35mm cartridge and pulling out the film leader to the red mark. If you think that it has helped you or you want to show your support by helping with the sites upkeep, you can make a smalldonation to my at It has subsequently become a cult classic among collectors. Here is the problem. If you own a DSLR and suddenly an error of 'Press Shutter Release Again' pops up and it wont take any pictures although you press the Shutter repeateDly,what. This one appears to have been shot with a smaller aperture judging from how the sun-stars look. It is motorized and has auto-focus and auto-exposure features. And it's fast, too, with an F2.8 aperture that lets in loads of light for cameras in its class. Operate the delayed action function. As time went by, though, the errors came more frequently than before. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A Nikon L35AF warming up under a halogen light. Continue with Recommended Cookies. But when they did, they didn't screw around. Open the back door by pressing a small button on the back-door and see if they are any internal damages to light seals, backdoor, pressure plate and cartridge chamber Turn on camera and press the shutter speed if it is working properly (Click here to hear how shutter click should sound - Starts at 4:15 min) A textured panel is on the other side of the camera, framed by the very classy red stripe. And as with most compacts, if youre having problems with your shutter or motor the chances are youll have to open the camera up for prodding/adjusting/cleaning etc. is it something that i can fix by opening the camera up? at the best online prices at eBay! I went to go shoot the shutter and it wouldn't fire, the auto focus only went to the first icon in the viewfinder but . I just got a very nice condition Nikon L35AF for $1 at an estate sale with the original case. What are the problems youre experiencing? All the major manufacturers were selling them. Looking forward on how to clean a foggy viewfinder too! Even the later, improved models will do. Today i noticed I left the "On" switch turn on. That could be stuck half way through its cycle. Money isnt my prime motivation for this blog and I believe that I have enough to run this but you can help me make this site (and the companion facebookpage) grow. Technically this was not suited for this focal length, but Mr. Wakamiya was able to adapt it to great success. Loading film is easy, you simply put the leader above the spool and close it and let the camera do its job winding to the 1st frame. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Top 10 Last-Minute Gifts for Photographers - 2022 Edition. Thank you very much for your continued support! All our Contributors have an ad-free experience for life.Sign uphere. More than Canons, Olys or Ricohs of the same vintage I think. But when last time I was shooting it it was working! The only reliable way to get a working capacitor is to salvage one from another camera. Stick a toothpick to the hole described earlier. Rubbing the battery with vinegar really worked. In this Panasonic GH6 review, youll learn about the essential specs and features that make it a high-quality option for photo and video work, including superb image quality and a great price! It is a matter of preference as some people prefer the small form factor, or like me, others prefer something a little substantial to hold. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. See which one is the best in this guide! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I got the Nikon L35AF as a bonus when I bought another camera. The 5-elements-in-4-groups design is tiny and bright, achieving a maximum aperture of f/2.8 when most compacts of its time only get to f/3.5 or smaller. It is great for the times when I want to shoot with a small, simple, inexpensive, easy to operate camera that takes decent quality photos. Its possible that Nikon didnt fit a proper voltage regulator, maybe they didnt have the technical experience or opportunity to field test before release. With the flash, compacts from the 1980s well into the 2000s had flash auto on as standard, which while annoying, you cannot point to one specific camera and say it is a build issue. Privacy Policy. That, along with the Nikon & a Minolta AFZ, are probably my favourite point and shoots. Never attempt to do any of the steps here if you dont have any experience fixing cameras. The two issues I seem to be having with the L35AF are that it will pop the flash up when focusing regardless of whether or not the exposure calls for it and then refuse to press the rest of the way down and take the photo. Cheers Wyatt. Your L35AF can probably be fixed, it depends how much money and time you want to apply to the problem. Its fantastic 35mm f/3.5 Zeiss Tessar lens is far and away better than the lenses found on many of today's top-end digital compact cameras. Change). I just got a very nice condition Nikon L35AF for $1 at an estate sale with the original case. You can choose from a large selection of Sony compact cameras, but not all are made alike. That is why even though it is not broken, I do use some tape on the battery cover to ensure it stays ok. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. I was expecting that this will be underexposed due to the lamp but it handled it well. Its slow, winding takes about a second or so and rewinding is a lot slower compared to a Nikon F4. Thanks again. Its reliable in most cases so you could predict what youll get to see once the roll has been processed. On the front right top corner is the self timer lever. The only way to get it to fully depress and take a shot is if you hold the flash down and press it. The L35AF offers more of the same at a fraction of the price and (ignoring the noise factor), with much greater convenience. Most of the original L35s are very persnickety about power supply. Need a quick gift to give your loved one this holiday season? Its always hit-or-miss when it comes to repairing compacts because youll never know if it will work unless it has been tested in real-world use. Its sturdy, certainly well-made compared to other cheaper compacts of its time made by other companies. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. I took it apart and didn't see anything off inside. Got a broken l35af and thought i can fix it (have done a few repairs before) but in this case i don't really know how i can fix this camera. I have the same problem, if you find a way to solve it I would really appreciate it if you shared it. 5 out of 5 . The lens is super sharp, too, especially for a camera that's nearly 4 decades old. Also, the flash has a 30% accuracy of going off when I press the shutter. I just got a very nice condition Nikon L35AF for $1 at an estate sale with the original case. Thanks for the article, its very helpful. Sometimes theres a built-in battery that can give quite a shock. Its a handsome camera, the body shell was designed by no other than Giorgetto Giugiaro himself so it incorporated some of his design philosophies that you could see in a Nikon F3. Its this version Im referring to and is identical to the original camera including the Sonnar lens and the ability to take filters. Will post here if I remember the site name or have a link saved somewhere. Does it just involve carefully resoldering it? If you like Photo Thinking please support us on Ko-fi. I came across this copy online where the seller was selling a Nikon F65 (N65 in North America) with a kit lens for the ridiculously low price these sell for now. Despite that, I still think that its one of the best compacts in its time. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. It appears that the camera will retain what it saw at the time you half-press the button, locking focus and exposure settings. It was released in 1983, a few years after Nikon's competitors had opened up the point and shoot market. Thank you so much for this article. Some other automatic compacts which have been reviewed here include theNikon Lite.Touch 140 Zoom, theCanon Sure Shot 70 Zoom, and theCanon Sure Shot A1. The entire apparatus is powered by two AA alkaline batteries. This was shot with ISO400, I was surprised that the flash didnt pop-up and the camera allowed me to shoot this with available-light. Wonderful article. Loading the film was quite easy. The Nikon FE has a nice set of features, it has automatic exposure and speeds from B up to 1/1000s, the flash sync's at 1/125s which is decent compared to the Nikon F3's 1/80s. Theres no information about the shutters range but its assumed that it wont go very-fast and it doesnt support long-exposures either. Cheers again and I hope you have some luck with your camera. More generally if you have the flash up it always wants to fire and wont let you shoot till its charged. The first results with that film reinforced what I had read. I found mine in the junk section of Shinjukus Chuko Camera Box. The front cover is a bit more tricky to remove since thee left-side is has 2 clips that has to be disengaged first. I've had to do research to figure out what the heck my camera was, as the camera body itself simply says 'Nikon One Touch.'. In my camera shop, there's a rather sad rack of broken cameras that we use for parts, occasional repairs, and to remind us of the temporaneous nature of our mortal existence. The meter appears to be center-weighted and heavily-biased towards the center, too. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The battery door is a bit flimsy on most plastic-bodied cameras from the 1980s and the L35 is no exception if your shutter is temperamental even with new and powerful alkaline batteries try pressing on the battery door and retesting if that makes a difference either shim the batteries with a bit of folded tinfoil or build up the contacts themselves with a few drops of solder . Enter 1979's Nikon EM, Nikon's very first attempt at a truly consumer-grade 35mm SLR. <p>I subsequently bought an 50mm AI-S Series E, figuring that the program mode problem was due to the 35-135mm zoom included with the camera not being an AI-S lens, but while dry firing the camera before loading a roll of film it seemed to ignore my shutter speed setting in all modes but manual, just like the zoom.</p> The Nikon L35AF is a compact 35mm camera. F.A.Q. Thanks Frank and yes, it is a noisy one. The film-advance is the noisiest part of the whole cycle thanks to its loud motor. . Your safety is also at risk, you may get shocked and cause something fatal if you have a condition may not be aware of. Spherical aberration can be observed in this photo around the overblown areas of the scene despite this being shot at a smaller aperture. It has to supply enough current to keep the shutter open, and can't do it. Its not bad but it looks rather cheap if you ask me. . But I do have to disagree with you. I found out that the power switch is pretty loose but I don't think that's the error because i opened it up and bridget the switch. Bas, you are correct that they moved to a tessar, but like Ed I understood there was a run of L35AF2s with the Sonnar. Got a broken l35af and thought i can fix it (have done a few repairs before) but in this case i don't really know how i can fix this camera. with an aperture of f/17.5 respectively, with the ISO set to 100. Also, if you're in a dark area the flash will pop up.</p>. You should discharge the capacitor with a multimeter and make sure that the voltage is less than 8v before you work on the camera. As well as I understand it, the battery test for these cameras is, if it works the battery is good. Nikon L35AF ; Nikon Categories. Loosening the screws of the lens will enable you to adjust its focus. Check what the lens actually sees by using. Nikon produces camera, camera lenses, microscopes, binoculars, measurement instruments, spotting scopes, and rifle scopes. It doesnt have a sleep-function so turn it off when youre not using it or the batteries will get exhausted easily. Here is a link to its user manual. There was even a waterproof version in 1986, the L35AWAF. Does anyone know of any places that can fix this type of issue or any . I started getting these "shutter error, press shutter release" messages. This makes Nikons a lot easier to switch-on because the position is so intuitive. The Nikon L35AF is a perfect example. I was nervous because I didnt know if I could trust the camera since it has no display to show you which settings its going to be using but it did the trick, most of the time. Going back to its conception, this was made in order to give Nikon something to sell in this part of the market. Key Features. with f/2.8 through to 1/430 sec. When I press the shutter down, the self-timer light turns on and the camera freezes. Press the film rewind button and rewind the film back into the cassette. Disengage the flash by its lock, it should charge the capacitor if its exhausted. If youre in the market for a rangefinder camera, there is no better choice than Leica. Nikon L35 AF 2 35mm Film Compact Camera Working Flash Issues In Black Case 29.99 1 bid 4.99 postage 5d 22h Click & Collect FILM TESTED Nikon L35AF2 OneTouch Film Compact Camera 35mm 265.00 Click & Collect Film Tested Nikon L35AF Compact Camera 1000 ISO 310.00 Click & Collect Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Theres a small spring at the bottom-right corner that is connected to the lever for rewind. The name Pikaichi means Top Notch in Japanese according to the Nikon website. This is not to say that it is bad, its just not at the same level as what we are used to seeing in this website. Unfortunately it wont be as accurate specially when youre shooting through glass or other things that dont have a distinct form or is tinier than the AF-point inside the viewfinder. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Pressing down (very) hard on the flash for every shot worked (and gave me a hint about root cause) but was a total pain. It has 85% coverage with 0.52x magnification. Can the Nikon D3100 charge through the computer? That's some serious engineering for a point and shoot. Yes, suddenly there was automatic operation in what felt like tiny cameras! Loosen the screws of the lens and adjust its focus. I might go and do some refreshed detective work and look at clarifying in the article. Their supply of Nikon L35AF has been depleted because youngsters all want them. Exposure has been very consistent. Hi Richard, thanks for the in depth review. (Free 3-day trial)Subscribe here. The lenses are 55-200mm,70-300mm,35mm,18-55mm. And if you do decide that you need to open one up make sure you pause to admire the innards. And while its a few years old, it still has excellent capabilities, especially for entry-level and enthusiast photographers. Theyre cheaper not because many people desire the Nikon L35AF more due to name-value. If my ISO is at 100 and I'm in a dark room, it won't go off. The latter is presented as a person, two people, a group of people and a mountain for infinity. Landscape photography requires certain gear to get the best results. Id appreciate it more if the display shows numbers instead because the icons could mean anything. Im actually impressed by it, the results remind me of older Nikons or maybe a bit better in some cases. I opened up the battery compartment and allowed the battery to come out slightly and put it back in a gain and hey-presto! Other manufacturers made early-advances with their all-automatic cameras and Nikon had to join the race in order to show them who was the boss back then. The side-effect to this is prices of used gear is on the rise, even cameras that used to be less-desirable now cost more than they should. Thankfully, theres nothing wrong or at least it doesnt seem to exhibit any major problems. When I clicked the shutter button down, the shutter clicked but the button. It does seem to have a shallow distortion-profile, a lot less than I was expecting. It is capable of exposures from EV 6 to EV 17. but do give these simple things a try firstif(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'35mmc_com-box-3','ezslot_0',179,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-35mmc_com-box-3-0'); A stuck or unreliable shutter could be caused by any number of mechanical or electronic problems, especially if theres any evidence of past moisture damage, but it is worth a quick check of the battery contacts first. batteries are hard to get." Ok, so grab your TV remote, pull out the two AA's in there and plug'em into your Nikon . I knew of the forums where there is a following due to the rendering of the lens by being a wide angle Sonnar design. HOW TO SOLVE NIKON D3100 SHUTTER PROBLEM | NIKON D3100 REPAIRING | ADNAN CAMERA INFO How to solve Canon 600D Card Problem | Card slot repair | Canon EOS 6. I dont know what GN the little pop-up flash has but it doesnt seem to be powerful. Interestingly, rather than the usual Tessar style design this lens has a Sonnar design. Remove the circlip to free the button. but do give these simple things a try first, Contribute to 35mmc for an Ad-Free Experience-, frustrating experience with a Nikon L35-AF, How I Removed a Cracked, Stuck-On Lens Filter By Frank H. Wu, Fixing an Ailing Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super B SLR By Dave Powell, Fixing a detached rewind lever on a Petri Color 35,, Discovering the professional scan - Guest post by Frank Lehnen, Ricoh R1 Review (Rollei Prego Micron) An overlooked achiever - by Benn, Camera, Lens, Film and Peripheral Kit Reviews.