This information is for students who are able to communicate with their teachers. English can be spoken globally or internationally. First of all, Earl is a Texan by choice; and it took some time for him to get here. 7.16. New Lectures areRegularlyAdded(Example: Market trends or law changes). No matter where you are in your financial journey, you can use the principles in this course to create a substantial net worth, generate passive income and achieve the ability to retire early and enjoy life. Another reason you should consider joining soon is because the price youre seeing for the course right now wont be around for long. 3.3:How $1 of Debt Affects Qualifying / Investing(DTI/Front-end/Back-end). Even before my YouTube income, I grew my net worth into the millions through some hard work and good financial decision-making. You Speak English(Useful Globally / Internationally). Eventually, the two settled out of court, though Paffrath did take down the videos criticizing Rasmey's company. 9.6: Loan Fees VERY IMPORTANT ASK ALL LENDERS THIS QUESTION. How does lifetime access sound? 10.5: I want to Move a Wall & Engineers AND BONUS TRICK. At the age of 19, Meet Kevin Paffrath became a realtor and went ahead to purchase his first home. Eventually we will likely charge monthly for these livestreams as a subscription. There are currently no snippets from How Do You Build Out Remodel Plans To Convert Slumlord To Pride of Ownership. This is my ONLY course dedicated to income generation and entrepreneurship! Are there Discounts on Getting These? I'd read a few books on the topic, follow a podcast or two and spend your money actually acquiring real estate. We'll also cover my clues to run after an inspection. This means knowing more than "cap rate," "ROI," and some other basic real estate textbook topics and spreadsheets. Ever wonder how @Meet Kevin built his Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Empire? There, he met his future wife, Lauren. Investing in your own knowledge and skills is something that pays you back many, many times over For life. However, as the channel got more traffic, he expanded his content range and started including investment advice and market news. 7.21: What happens if prices fall? It's no surprise that Kevin Paffrath has had some run-ins with the legal system throughout his rise to fame. 5.6: Associations Should you invest in one? Trust me. Meet Kevins net worth will also be impacted by the channels popularity which seems to increase with each passing day. I saved what I could and invested every penny. Keep the Channel Going Buy Me a Coffee: Support on Pat. Lock-in lifetime access to my most popular course and get my buy and sell alerts before the price increases! (Real Get the Sample, 6.32: Whats a? 6.16: USA: Most Common Loans & Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Tips and Tricks. The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF (PP), with $500,000 in assets, fell 10 cents to $19.88 in its first day of trading on NYSE Arca. Snippets are an easy way to highlight your favorite soundbite from any piece of. Meet Kevin's Guide to Real Wealth. They currently own 22 properties in southern California, per CNBC. 2.2. Meet Kevin's Guide to Real Wealth (From Nothing). - Yep we'll cover if you should create one. Meet Kevin (Kevin Paffrath) is a real estate and finance guru that offers a bunch of other courses. This is a way to know more than just cap rate, ROI, These are just a few of the basic properties that you will find in real estateTextbookTopics and spreadsheets. This way, you can build a base where you're controlling hundreds of thousands of dollars of net worth.Or maybe youre already well on your way to growing your real estate investments, but you want to learn ways to accelerate them and build more passive income?Would it be nice if You could use the real estate strategies that have helped me grow my wealth even if you: You're Looking forPassive Income and Cashflow. to change your mindset and let you become alife-style real estate investor. Appraiser eLearning's Real Estate Appraiser Courses Source: .4. 7.2: What is a Property? Everything you need to know about managing real estate yourself and maximizing your passive income. Everything you need to know to manage real estate yourself & maximize your passive income. Plus , Elite Hustler's University: Grow Your Income and Build Your Cash War Chest. Thanks so much and I hope to see you inside! Single family? He helps viewers learn about personal finance, stocks, taxes, real estate, investing, and building wealth. So when you go through this program, and you go through building this new life, and you start succeeding, I'm confident you will -- keep in mind that the real goal is not a number in your bank account. 6.91:Assignments (Including Wholesalers Assignments). Heck, this entire course may even be something you can write off entirely from your taxes. Kevin also fancies himself as a teacher. Trends. January 6, 2023 Entrepreneurship Kevin Paffrath, famously known as Meet Kevin is an American landlord, and financial analyst, who shares his vast real estate knowledge on YouTube. 9.1: Title Insurance & Appurtenances. Also in this section remember to review the BLAME rule and how to close a successful deal. Meet Kevin started in real estate. But just who is the popular YouTuber? (Meet Kevin Course Review)In this video I show you exactly what you can expect if you purchase the Meet Kevin real estate course. As of May 2021, Paffrath and his wife owned 22 properties, including one in which they live. Worker's-Comp Insured. Everyone in the sub seems to hate Meet Kevin, so I thought I'd kick off a thread where everyone shares how much they lost in the stock market following Kevin's "advice", and then explains why it's Kevin's fault and not their own for being stupid. Copyright 2020 Brainlearns, Inc. All rights reserved. 6.68: Mello-Roos Assessments (Important For Potential Wedge Deals). 5.8: What happens if I go? What about advertising your unit? Copy my system and you'll be saved a ton of $, time, and bad tenant problems. original sound - Meet Kevin. (Section 17, Video 6). Linked items may create a financial benefit for Meet Kevin. The course starts now and never ends! $1,701 Original Price: $3,744 Your Instructor Meet Kevin. Just one of the lessons in this course could help you earn back your investment or save that amount in taxes for years to come. The Reddit Sub for Meet Kevin, Kevin Paffrath, the real estate investing, stocks, and news channel of In this video, we'll be discussing how . The couple has two children together, Jack and Max, and they told CNBC that "the hardest part of their success has been balancing work and family." Trademarked Slogans (NO Use Without Written Permission): Meet Kevin , No-Pressure Agent , Providing More . 6.11: Whats the deal? This section also covers Appraisals, Assessments, and Market Value. Multi? Thats what gets the views. He has gone to sell over $130,000,000 in real estate and transact over 200 individual deals. Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue? MLS# 171065. In one instance, Paffrath flew to Miami and dressed up as an elf to "allegedly [run] through the office of a prominent real estate investor," reported Inman. 6.54: Organizing Pre-Approval Documents are IMPORTANT in order to speedy deal acceptances, Cross at 6.55-Qualifying and switching lenders. >> Kevin MacArthur: Lawyer, father of two, suburbanite >> Jenny MacArthur: Kevin's wife, real estate agent >> Rodney Ruxin: Lawyer, married father of one . 6.44: Lease option (Rent). 6.86: Should You Refinance? Meet Kevin Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond, Meet Kevin The fundamentals and principles behind real estate investing are taught in this course to Take it with you. However, later one of the officers told him about his side gig as a realtor. Kevin Paffrath, a popular YouTube star known for his Meet Kevin channel, . (This course is available immediately for delivery) Small deals Big deals. Everything in-between. Bottom Line: Me. The channel fetches him $150,000 easily each month. 6.43: Lease Option (Rent) to Own): Pros & Cons. I want to give you the most value I possibly can. If any of this is interesting, then this course is for you. Section 15 we get into the different principles behind land, passive income, partnerships, AirBnBs and even employees and finder fees. If youre not sure youre ready yet, I encourage you to leap. For agents & brokers who want to find more clients & service them better by Providing More. Are these also suitable for international investors (outside United States)? When is it possible to quit your job? Section 19 - Tenants and Property Management. Like most real estate investing training courses, you'll likely be exposed to the "Big 3" investing types: Flipping Wholesaling Long-term buy-and-hold Regardless of which path you go down, there is a lot of potential with real estate investing. Meet Kevin - The Real Estate Investing. By 2015, Kevin Paffrath was a top 3 agent in Ventura County - outselling teams of agents by himself. We'll also share exactly how to hide your name from public records. The real cost of this program to you could be far less than the price on this page. Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond 2 Votes Follow 5 Replies Jump to Last Reply Log In or Sign Up to Reply Do you ask for repairs upfront or just mention that you'll need to make them? During that meeting, Paffrath mentioned he was making content once a week, at which point Stephan told him to up that to multiple videos a day and to put most of his effort into content creation. Still, it's safe to say that Paffrath's YouTube channel and its affiliate links bring in a significant amount of cash for him. I used a strategy that allowed me to put far less down than typically is required and jump into an undervalued property. Don't forget to favourite it by clicking the heart icon at the top of the page contact the agent via phone or email form. to These principles can be applied worldwide. $39.99 Contact Email: When you finish this program and begin to implement these things, and you start growing your wealth, and you actually create the ability for you to retire early with passive income and free cash flow Every day the market is open we'll go LIVE to discuss the most crucial things going on right now and how I'll be investing that day. In total, his channel has more than ten videos with more than 1 million views. When Kevin was around 16 years old, he went on a high school trip to Paris. 7.29: Cash on Cash Returns The Truer ROI. I see people my age and decades older struggling to make ends meet, stuck throwing their money away paying rent because they dont know how they can afford a downpayment, and not really seeing a way out. ALSO extremely useful for: Agents, brokers, lenders, CPAs, & industry members (clients expect you know this; why not make it easy for you to Do you want to do it?). Paffrath has a course in real estate, which promises to teach "the principles and fundamentals of real estate sales to take you to the next level of sales no matter what your experience is." By 2015, Kevin Paffrath was a top 3 agent in Ventura County - outselling teams of agents by himself. Livestream schedules are subject to change.). Even if the market is super heated, there are always deals to be found. You are looking for a side-Hustle to Build wealth. Kevin is young and doing great with real estate from several angles! How To Start From $0, or $20k, or $150k, or $500k, Special Notes for investing at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old, Different Investing methods (AirBnBs, Flips, Wholesaling, and more), Finding Deals, Financing, Negotiation and Closing. 2.1: The Mentality and the Mindfulness of a Millionaire Investor. ChatGPT is a feature for speed.AI screening is a feature for speech in health / safety AI analysis of finance / real estate is a feature for speed as a toolAI is not the end. This can be a HUGE headache if you don't have a system for this. In 2018, Kevin began sharing his knowledge on Youtube, and by 2022, had over 1.85 million subscribers with over 353 MILLION views on social media. to You will understand the United States, and youll be able to communicate with them. search. When he grew up, he wanted to work in law enforcement. 5.11: Climate & Location & more on Cheap Homes. He sells courses that are centered around his real estate expertise on Teachable. Earl Price. Start your FREE 30-day trial of Epidemic Sound by clicking on our ambassador link: Business InquiriesEmail: "Youre not just getting my knowledge and perspective, but youre getting the ability to do what I did right and know how to avoid the things Ive done wrong.". During that time, he "spent over 3,000 hours riding along with local police" and learned what it took to become a police officer. 7.30 to What to look for in a Tour Oder Walk Deal. We'll talk about HOAs - Should you buy into one? 6.57: Loan level price adjustments and WHY You Care. As of 2023, Meet Kevins Net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. Continue to add content to be addedFOR FREEas time goes on. Thats what youre really getting when you join. FLASH SALE: $2,043 $633(SAVE $1,410 BEFORE THE SALE ENDS), **JOIN BEFORE THE PRICE INCREASES AGAIN**, **BONUS: Get access to my private livestreams and members-only Discord channel when you join today.**.