Please enter the password you already have. The website will automatically change to fit the size of the screen on your mobile device. The Scentsy Pay app is also available on the Scentsy Workstation for affiliates and consultants. Any device that can connect to the internet and has a working web browser is compatible. A 25% commission is equivalent to $500 for a Scentsy Consultant who sells a $2,000 product. 0000031802 00000 n These reports are invaluable, and I appreciate all the work put into them. If you already have that information in hand, you can proceed to the workstation sign-in page to access your Scentsy dashboard using your credentials. ScentsyAugust 25, 2020 at 7:32 am Hi Katalyn. You can view your commissions and load your commissions on your NEWScentsy card(visa). Pink Coconut Scentsy Scent of the Month February 2023, February Warmer of the Month Twine to Unwind. The elements that make it so useful for managing your funds are easily accessible via its user-friendly layout. This sale is only available online so visit my website to check out these amazing. Consultant Care Team 1-800-852-3728 Hours available Mon-Fri 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST Scentsy Dashboard provides hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind items that excel at creating a relaxing space and inspiring positive emotions. Do you have a scent called "Burned Con-sultant" cuz I would order a dozen or 2. Its a pleasure to train my team; Im not going to lie. (You can be one, if you want.) Now lets look at what you need to do to log in. 0000003374 00000 n If you cancel the website with Scentsy you will no longer have an ecommerce (online store) site for your customers to purchase your products. (You can be one, if you want.) To make things easier, the timeline shows all of the transactions and transfers. 0000031686 00000 n Commit to an hour or two daily. Scentsy offers a variety of training programs to help new consultants and consultants who want to learn more about fundraising, parties, or anything else Scentsy-related. 0000005847 00000 n You can create a landing page for your website which asks visitors to complete a short form to obtain their name and email address. In the first blank field, enter your Scentsy Consultant ID. It is now exciting to read and informative. You can also contact Scentsy directly or refer to the FAQ section on the Scentsy Website. Besides flexibility, there are other great benefits to becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Scentsy Pay Portal password recovery works similarly to the Scentsy account recovery framework. Once the activation process has started, you will get an email with a link to activate your account. This is a secure way to get product-related information. Scentsy offers a variety of reporting tools that will help you determine the achievements and ranks of your group/team. At Scentsy, you will be trained to start your very own business if you dont have a background in business. Scentsy is sold in about 11 different countries. 2. You can login to Scentsy Workstation using the same process described in this post. Contact Consultant Support if you are still unable to reset your password. The user-friendly layout and straightforward menus make it possible to tailor your Scentsy experience to your own needs at any time of day or night. Posts: 1. Scentsy Pay Portal offers a global online payment system. We also carry body care, laundry, cleaning products, kids products, pet products, Scentsy Oil Diffusers, Essential & Natural oils, Waterless Fan Diffusers and The new Scentsy Air Purifier with Scent Pods. To log in to the portal, you must have. Lets now go over the steps for the Scentsy. Type in your Consultant ID and password in the right places. 0000011190 00000 n I have been a hairstylist for nearly 4 years now. If you've forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by following the link sent to your inbox. You can place an order or buy things for your business. It's also simple to create a list of recommended items and store them for later use, or to buy the things you like with just a click. Scentsy participates in direct selling. You are now a Scentsy consultant looking for the right tools to help your business grow. You can access myScentsy workstationandScentsyDashboard by following these three easy steps. You can also place orders, organize parties, track sales and orders, and get information. If you have trouble with the Scentsy Workstation login platform, you can contact Scentsy customer service. Trouble signing up for scentsy! Your first goals as a new Scentsy Consultant should be to become familiar with the new awards and benefits of joining Scentsy. US/CAN:1-877-855-0617 or email 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (MST)Monday through Friday UK/IE/GER: 080 0917 6204 or email Isnt this very important? junho 16, 2022. electrode placement for shoulder . Receive bonuses of up to 9% on the sales of your entire downline (People who start a business with you) Earn Hostess Rewards and get Free or Half-Priced Products that you can resale for 100% Profit. Scentsy Dashboard Login Portal at Workstation.Scentsy.Com, Sign In Scentsy Dashboard Via Mobile Workstation App, URL to the Workstation Scentsy website and the official Scentsy Dashboard, Workstation Scentsy login using credentials, A modern web browser Laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet, Continuous and uninterrupted high-speed Internet access, You should not have any problems logging in if you have provided all the required login information. Our new way to take orders is very cool and very quick. Go to the official website of Scentsy dashboard login portal at, Enter your username (consultant ID) and password, Click the on the Login button to complete Scentsy Consultant login, Select the I forgot my password link on the login portal, Check your email to receive a link of password reset instruction, Follow the prompts received reset Scentsy Workstation login password, Click on the white Create an account button on the right side, Enter your account information, including first name, last name, email address and confirm, Click on the pink Sign Up button to finish your enrollment, Enter your login information and password. You can find the most recent updates on your business newsletters right here. Your money will be sent in the mail shortly after you open your Scentsy business. You can now visit our site and read up on how to login. If you cant remember your password, click I forgot my password, and it will be sent to your email address. Our workstation allows us to view order history. Share the Scentsy love with inspiring fragrances and new ways to show off your style. Today, I will show you how tolog in to your Scentsy Workstation. When you sign in to, you might have some trouble. Here are the main steps you need to take to get into your Scentsy Workstation account: 1. The Scentsy Starter Kit** contains the following items: *Special Offer Available only for consultants who have been canceled for 6 months or longer. In this article, I will help you to understand the step-by-step process of login, password reset, and all the other relevant help to your Scentsy business. Scentsy life. The number to call for customer service in Canada and the US is 1-866-277-1790. You must first add customers to your list. The customer support number for Canadian and US customers is 1-866-277-1790. We are grateful to Scentsy, who provided us with many excellent tools that will help us grow our business. In some situations, you may be asked to answer security questions. Scentsy customer service can be reached if you have any problems with the Scentsy Workstation login platform. The user-friendly layout and straightforward menus make it possible to tailor your Scentsy experience to your own needs at any time of day or night. Scentsy consultants, on the other hand, have access to a portal via which they can make orders, calculate discounts, manage shipments, and execute other administrative chores. You can log in to your account again after activation by following the Scentsy Pay login steps outlined above. Reset Scentsy Workstation Password. Our products are sold all over the world by the best people ever: Scentsy Consultants. Congratulations! ScentsyDashboard by following these three easy steps. Scentsy Pay Portal is a way for people all over the world to pay online. Wow so happy that Scentsy has revamped the newsletter from its drab colors to the vibrant purple and green to make it exciting to read and informative. This is a safe way to get information about a product. When hosting a Scentsy party, your Consultant handles all the logistics so you can focus on having a good time and choosing your goodies. Wax is used to make scented candles without wicks, and warming them up makes them smell great. If you cant get into Scentsy Workstation, you might have forgotten your password. You can get to the Scentsy Pay portal by going to This area allows you to email customers and send them Scentsy specials. without any problems by following these steps. When you click the purple "Sign In" button, you will be taken to your Scentsy Pay Portal account. Our new ordering system is super cool and super fast. These features are not the only ones. 0000032685 00000 n With the holidays in the past, Im ready for some spring & summer type, A Twine to Unwind Scentsy Warmer Shop Omigosh, its time to bring on the boho! 0000025467 00000 n Whether you want to keep your Scentsy Consultant Account open to: Put in the hard yards and take it to the top. If youre considering becoming an expert consultant but arent sure how to register to become a consultant, you can sign up by clicking here. You can only log in to if you have the right login credentials. Scentsy workstation|scentsy workstation not working|scentsy workstation pay portal Scentsy can be found in approximately 11 countries. Enter Address, City, and/or ZIP . This is important, right? Scentsy employees offer training sessions once or twice a year. Youre now aScentsy consultantlooking to find the right tools to help your business grow. Any internet-connected device that has a functioning web browser is compatible. In one central location, you will get instantaneous access to all the latest updates and information about the business, its offerings, and targeted communications and resources. How to Reset Scentsy Workstation Login Password on How do I change the password for my Scentsy account? Anyone who has ever ordered something online. We will provide the Pay Portal Scentsy advantages, Portal features, Scentsy Pay Portal Login procedure Forgot Password Scentsy Workstation customer service information and other details. Based on reviews posted by employees on the jobs website Glassdoor, the majority of Scentsy workers (76%) are happy with their jobs and would recommend them to a friend. Fill up your consultant ID and password. Please let us know if you have any questions about starting your Scentsy journey again. Click the Reset Password link. You can also call Scentsy or look at the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Scentsy website. 0000013631 00000 n hinsdale golf club membership cost; hoover smartwash brushes not spinning; advantages of plum pudding model; it's a hard life if you don't weaken meaning 0000003488 00000 n 0000031994 00000 n About Scentsy Scentsy Generosity; Our leaders . What are the Login Requirements for Workstation Scentsy US? You must follow these instructions to log into Scentsy. Probably the first thing youll want to know. You can also load your commission to your ScentsyPay Card or transfer it directly to your bank account. can be claimed as a deduction (on a . You can get this app for your Android or Apple device from the app store. You have to start by putting customers on your list. Login using your username and password. If you cant remember your ID, you can check with your Scentsy sponsor or call Scentsy support, theyre ready to help you start your journey. Register for any upcoming events by the consultant. Scentsy also has a special offer* for consultants who reactivate their accounts between August 18, 2014 and September 30, 2014. A report is a tool that you and your team can use to look at your results and where you stand. You can now register for any upcoming events you wish to attend. kentucky fire commission areas; which country eats the most pizza You can manage your account, make orders, and get special discounts all from your mobile device using this app. If you sell $1,000 worth of products or more, you make a 25% commission. login page. A great new added feature! If you have forgotten your password, click on I forgot my password and it will be emailed to you. Under Scentsy Workstation, you can find Scentsy Pay Portal. You must be a legal resident of the country where you want to enroll and have a valid Personal Identification Number (like a Social Security number or Employee Identification Number). The Scentsy Workstation Login detail includes your password and username. You can quickly check your commissions because its a new feature.