While some original buildings have been demolished, the veterans home still operates on a portion of the grounds, which are also home to a golf course and a residential treatment center for youths. Robinson Woods is the burial ground for both Alexander Robinson and his family. Do you think these are the scariest places in Illinois? Unfortunately, that was not the case. Address: W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60706, United States. Excalibur/The Castle - Chicago, IL Often referred to as Excalibur, the building definitely looks like it's haunted just from the outside alone. Next up on the most haunted places in Illinois is Lebanon Road that is home to seven bridges collectively referred to as The Seven Gates of Hell. These bridges are said to be entrances to the underworld, with vicious hellhounds, jowls oozing with rabid fury, guarding each one. Come one, come all to this section of Woodlawn Cemetery that was once the site of a 1918 circus-train wreck. It's famous as the rumored site of the "White Lady" or "Madonna of Bachelor's Grove," who, according to legend, was buried next to her child and whose apparition can sometimes be seen holding a baby in her arms. Though the mansion is one of the most haunted places in Illinois, visitors are no more allowed inside as the structure has become unsafe and requires urgent repairs. The community lashed at a woman in each of these, accusing her of consorting with the devil and practicing black magic. Restaurant Famous for the ghost of a wailing woman killed on the railroad tracks, the 7th Avenue Dead End is truly a haunted road in Illinois in every sense. If you visit the site you may hear screams and moans resonating from the crash site. With a list this extensive, your paranormal adventure trip might get more exciting and terrifying while searching for the most haunted places in Illinois. Among them is Old Book, a gravedigger known for crying under an elm tree each time someone died. The road is tucked between the Trail of Tears and Brown Barrens in Southern Illinois. As reported in the Rock Island Argus on September 30, 1905, Mrs. I hope you liked my post on the most haunted places in Wisconsin. Greenwood Cemetery is located in Decatur in Illinois and it has had a long history. Once called the Illinois Asylum for the Incurably Insane, little remains of the massive Peoria State Hospital. Location. The fifth floor of the inn is said to be especially haunted and is where most of the eerie things have been reported. But the Rialto is far from the only haunt in Joliet, home to the Scutt mansion which as seen several deaths over the years as well as the Frank Shaver Allen House, Patrick C. Haley Mansion and more. Check out some of these sites for yourself and experience the fright firsthand. Bar Today only twelve of the 63 original buildings on the campus remain standing, including Pollack Hospital, which once served as a tuberculosis ward. Delicious breakfasts are also complimentary during the weekdays and if you are looking for a delectable grilled spread, visit their on-site restaurant, the ROX City Grill, for some luscious fare. Neighbors found her horrifically burnt after she crawled out of the informal funeral pyre and died later that day. John Wayne Gacy, who brutally ended the lives of thirty-three men, called Chicago his home. While going out for a hike is great year-round, there is something about the crisp air and colorful leaves that make fall destinations in Illinois such great experiences. The stone building and the farm near the Poplar Creek Forest preserve are both believed to be haunted. Dont say we didnt warn you. Its been a hub for ghostly activity since the '50s. When you consider some of Illinois residents, though, its no surprise that its long been a favorite location for paranormal enthusiasts. This Illinois haunted location was turned into a factory and has the story of a schoolgirl named Mary associated with it. Hear about more weird stuff that has happened at, Ridge Cemetery, Tower Hill, IL 62571, USA, Also known as Hickory Hill, this home is one of the most diabolical and now most haunted places in Illinois. Of all the roads in Illinois, the Bloods Point Road is the most active when it comes to paranormal activity. The saddest story, though, is that of Esmerelda. Kennedy Hill Road, IL, United States. Shes even been known to move props and scenery around. Brown Rd, Minooka, IL 60447, United States. Its terrible. The mansion was left untouched for almost 50 years. But perhaps the creepiest apparition is the Farmer. Couple the drowning of a local farmer with a dumping ground for the mobs latest hits and you have a hunchbacked spirit that slithers out from this very pond. Ghost Hunts in Illinois Ashmore Estates Overnight Ghost Hunt, Ashmore, IL $ 89.00 - $ 109.00 If you're looking to take your thrill-seeking levels higher than a local Chicago haunted house or haunted attraction, then spending the night in one of Chicago's most haunted hotels is a must. Please Let Us know. Follow Google Maps. An argument ensued between the lovers and she stormed out hoping to find a ride home. There is much to do in this 2,500-acre park, including 15 miles of hiking trails, swimming, and boating. Although some of those places are known to be haunted, they are still really attractive to a lot of travelers who want to experience the haunted history of those places. The Phantom lady wearing different stages of clothing and sometimes nothing while roaming the cornfields where earlier there was an ancient cemetery. 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If you drive past the empty lot flanked by a post office and train tracks on either side at 611 W. 63rd Street in downtown Chicago, you would never know that the location was once the home of Americas first known serial killer, H.H. The most talked about is that of a young girl who went missing and was later found walking down the road that leads to the cemetery. Address: Lebanon Road, Collinsville, IL 62234. You can visit this haunted Illinois location between 10 am to 5 pm. A satanic trail where cult practices were allegedly carried out in the 80s. The resident ghost Elvira for whom the DD113 seat in the balcony is always kept empty for Elvira to sit. A female apparition may be seen sobbing and asking visitors if theyve seen her baby. Home/Yard Haunts: 11. The mansion was built in the Pseudo-Greek revival architecture, typical for that time. Mississippi Palisades State Park is located in Savanna. Hotel Baker is another historic hotel located in St Charles, about 56 kilometers (35 miles) from the City of Chicago. Follow Google Maps. It stands as one of the most haunted places in Illinois. Orbs can be seen floating along the grounds. Address: N. Co Rd 425E, Chesterville, IL 61911. Read about nine of the most haunted places in Illinois. Haunted Places in Illinois. She is buried in Resurrection Cemetery and those who have seen her have reported an apparition of a woman in a white dress and dancing shoes. Spirits of dead kids whose school bus fell off the bridge might push your car off the bridge if you put it in neutral. Location Hinton, Williamsburg Hill, IL 62571, United States. John Crenshaw, who made his living kidnapping freed African Americans and selling them back into slavery, built this family residence in the 1830s. All of them died. If you visit you may just hear the cries of elephants echoing in the night sky. Richard Crowe documented dozens of sightings of hitchhiking ghost Resurrection Mary, took up residence at Oprah Winfrey's now-demolished Harpo Studios, alley behind the present-day Oriental Theater, infamous "Devil in the White City" serial killer H.H. Among them are Sturtevant Hall and Beecher Hall, where folks have reported apparitions, footsteps, and other noises. Haunted Places in Illinois: Tour the Galena Hotspots. Ghostly shadows, strange noises, lavender and violet scent in the dead of winter, ectoplasm mist, and red or white orbs. Instead, so-called medical professionals delighted in their research into the effects of injecting people with malaria, performing oft-botched lobotomies, and any other experiments that caught their fancy. In a revengeful attack, they killed the Marshal in cold blood. It was most previously a nightclub until it closed down a few years ago. Paranormal investigators and those interested in the otherworldly flock to this mansion every year in the hopes of seeing a ghost. In no particular order, here are 13 of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois, according to hauntedplaces.org. And there are quite a few places for apple picking in Illinois. Marshal Welch an officer was ambushed and brutally shot dead by Union Army deserters on Dug Hill Road in 1865. No one really knows what the building used to house so there are a lot of myths spreading around. Learn more about, Illinois 1, IL-1, Equality Township, IL, USA, One of the strangest things to have ever happened in Illinois is something not everyone believes. Shoe Factory Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL, United States. Illinois College was founded in 1829 and is believed to have several haunted buildings on campus. But haunted stories aside, this hotel is really classic and beautiful. He was not found out until after he started kidnapping people from the Underground Railroad operation. 2018 Alby St, Alton, IL 62002, United States. Today, guests of the hotel can enjoy the lavish Victorian-style rooms while enjoying stories of the spirits who seemingly never checked out. Located 20 minutes from St. Louis, the Drury Inn is said to have paranormal occurrences. He was only one of the many African Americans who found themselves shackled in Crenshaws attic, outfitted as a dungeon of horrors. 2023 Guide, 12 Best Airbnbs in Sagres You Need To Stay At. Elephant statues can also be found surrounding the burial ground with their trunks lowered to symbolize mourning. You can also pick berries and pumpkins. Another haunted road in Illinois that makes our list is the Bloods Point Road in Boone County. Close Search Plan Your Visit Things to Do Activities Nightlife Arts & Culture Tours Sports Shopping Places to Go 10. The third floor has the most reported activity, including phantom footsteps, eerie noises from empty rooms, and an ominous presence keeping guests company from the foot of their beds. Everyone from staff members, to patrons of the . Accommodates: 10, Parking At the end of the seventh year, the Devil comes to claim your soul. It's long been an attraction for local paranormal investigators, and the cast of the recently resurrected show "Ghost Hunters" visited the site more than once and called it a "holy grail" for paranormal investigating. Three-hour ghost tours are now available here at the cottage. A woman in white haunts one of the rooms and even the hallway. Perhaps most haunting are the outlines of human figures that appear only in photos. Flashlights dying out without no reason, flickering of the lights, and a strong smell of lilac in the attic (a perfume Sarah wore). Golf course (within 3 km). You can read our complete privacy policy here. Electric windows of your car might automatically roll down and the doors might get unlocked automatically. It involves two young women who suffered from severe mental health conditions. He used to be the chief of several American-Indian tribes including the Pottawatomies, Ottawa, and Chippewa nations. Just dont flub up a line or you may hear her sighing from her number 113 seat. Witness the mysterious beauty of a phantom woman who has been on the Kennedy Hill Road for decades. The school building is not in use and it is unclear if access is allowed to the floor where she had died. There are a lot of ghost sightings that have been reported by visitors, including a lady carrying an infant dressed in white who only appears during the full moon, and a two-headed ghost who is always sighted near the slough. Regularly ranked as one of the top haunted houses in Illinois by Halloween connoisseurs, Basement of the Dead has been providing seasonal . Hinton, Williamsburg Hill, IL 62571, United States. The past and current owners have all claimed to experience orbs, footsteps, strange mists, objects that move on their own, and chilling voices cut through the stale air of the dilapidated building. 7th Avenue, Sterling, Illinois 61081, United States. Congress Plaza Hotel (from USD 161) Show all photos Congress Plaza Hotel is a 124-year-old historic, grand hotel located in the City of Chicago. Holmes. The sight of Elvira roaming in the hallways and looking out the windows of the upper stall. Built in 1869 by Henry Guest McPike, paranormal investigation reports have found that the house is haunted by the ghost of the former owner Paul Laichnger and his domestic help Sarah Wells. If you are vaccinated and have the certification, you can visit this haunted Illinois town from early May to late June and from late July to early October. What makes all this even weirder is that Inez Clarke isnt even buried in Graceland Cemetery. Address: Ashmore, IL 61912, USA Address: Damen Grain Silos, 2860 S Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, USA Address: Old Shawneetown, IL 62984, USA Address: Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Collinsville, IL, USA Address: Cairo, IL 62914, USA Room service Follow Google Maps. Congress Plaza Hotel is a 124-year-old historic, grand hotel located in the City of Chicago. Locals blame accidents on Timber Ridge road on her ghost, who is said to wander the fields with her hair billowing behind her like smoke. Ghost lights that appear on the southern edge of the cemetery are said to be of the spirits of lost souls searching for where their bodies are now buried. See our privacy policy for more information on how we use your data. Follow Google Maps. Resurrection Cemetery in Justice: Late Chicago ghosthunter Richard Crowe documented dozens of sightings of hitchhiking ghost Resurrection Mary, most often seen by men driving along Archer Avenue near the Willowbrook Ballroom (which, sadly, burned down in 2016), where legend has it Mary danced her last dance before her tragic death. There were misfortunes in equal measure for every celebrated politician and celebrity guest. Do you know whats most interesting about abandoned factories? Located at 5520 W 111th Street in Oak Lawn, featuring two terrifying haunted houses with over 60+ rooms and 100+ actors directly from your worst nightmares. With a total population of 2,000, Cairo has become a ghost town that still has traces of White Supremacy at its worst. Some have even heard weeping nearby. No one knows exactly when this site began being used for housing the deceased, but graves began appearing as early as the 1820s. He commissioned the building in 1889 and hired hands completed it just in time for thousands of visitors to pour into the Windy City for the Worlds Fair in 1893. People have reported seeing a ghost child running up and down the stairs and a prankster ghost that likes to mess with the projection booth. Its no wonder that the post office and grassy knoll where his pet project once stood is alight with paranormal activity. The family-owned and operated Honey Hill Orchard is located in Waterman. Follow Google Maps. Then this is the go-to list of 18 bone-chilling, spooky destinations around The Prairie State that will keep you awake days after you visit them. The Red Lion. A girl who went missing and was later found walking toward the Ridge Cemetery told her mother that people living in the cemetery had told her to stay with them. The Woodstock Opera House Best Haunted Places in Northern Illinois Woodstock Opera House, Woodstock John Morton/Flickr 2. This cemetery was created back in 1913 and remains a burial site for many Eastern European immigrants who settled in Illinois. This cemetery is open to the public so anyone is free to take a tour if they are brave enough. The Old Milton School was built in 1904 and formally closed in 1986. Family, Hearts Grow, Community Supports Mom: Good News, Illinois, New Limits On Toxic Forever Chemicals Coming: What It Means In IL, Thundersnow, Heavy Snow Possible For Some In IL, 1-4 Inches For Others, Boeing Worker Claims $754.6M Powerball Jackpot, Barrier-Breaking Black Army Officer Finally Awarded Medal Of Honor, FL Blogging Bill Says Political Writers Should Register With State, The Poop On Free-Range Cats And Your Lawn And Garden [Block Talk], 7 Good News Stories: Sense Of Belonging; Secrets To 70-Year Marriage, Mom Slain, Toddler Left In Car For Hours | Illinois PatchPM, Eat Local: Illinois Farmers Market Guide 2022. Unsubscribe in one click. 606 S Church St, Decatur, IL 62522, United States. Follow Google Maps.