Office of the Registrar, [emailprotected], 502.863.8024. Georgetown University's online Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program transforms today's best professionals into rising industry leaders. Learn more about double course counting and taking multiple minors and certificates. The pursuit of any other combination of multiple majors and/or minors is not permitted. Students may complete any combination of three programs such as: One major and two minors One major, one minor, and one certificate One major and two certificates GU-Q students may not double major Available Minors The following minors are available at GU-Q: Africana Stu dies Arabic Indian Ocean Studies Other minors Brandeis offers 44 majors and 51 minors across the full spectrum of academic disciplines plus a constantly evolving curriculum of interdisciplinary and pre-professional programs. Click here to review our Privacy Policy. There can be no double counting of courses between or among the programs. Sports and Entertainment, Human Behavior, Career Areas: The minor consists of a minimum of six course (or 18 credits). This course meets entirely online during the Cross Session, June 5-July 28, 2023. . Once youve received approval, complete and submit anAcademic Program Changes Formto be reviewed by your Advising Dean or Academic Counselor in the College Deans Office. The School of Foreign Service and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences sponsor several accelerated bachelors/masters programs for those qualified students who plan to continue their professional education in international affairs at the graduate level and desire to complete the two degrees in approximately five years. Through a hybrid blend of asynchronous didactic content, synchronous class sessions, and In-person on-campus intensives (OCIs), the Online Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AG-ACNP) program from the School of Nursing & Health Studies prepares registered nurses (RNs) to manage the care of patients with acute and chronic conditions. Analyze markets and economic relationships among countries, and to evaluate the effects of policy on the economic welfare of individuals, firms, and countries. Majors & Minors | Art, Art History & Visual Studies Majors & Minors * Double Counting Courses: The department of AAHVS does not allow double counting of courses between majors and minors in our department. The department offers both a music major and two different options for minoring in music. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. However, its suggested that students declare during their sophomore year. In the Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management, youll have the opportunity to engage with leaders in technology and business strategy while exploring how applications of AI can be leveraged for competitive advantage. Welcome to the Global Medieval Studies Program! Students seeking a degree or academic programs related to environmental sustainability may be interested in the following programs offered at Georgetown. It exposes students to the fields of international affairs, health science, and global public health. In a three-year sequence of core courses, students gain familiarity with the basic areas of the field: inorganic, organic, physical, analytical, and biological chemistry. A corollary major requires a minimum of 24 credit hours with at least 12 of those hours being upper-level credits. A student with a degree from another institution may be awarded a degree by meeting the same minimum criteria (with the exception that none of the hours for the first degree need be earned at Georgetown College); all Georgetown College Foundations & Core program and Nexus requirements must be met, as well as the residency requirement (30 of the last 36 hours). If a student wishes to transfer substantial credit toward the major from another college, the chair of the department involved shall evaluate the students previous coursework in terms of the Georgetown College major requirements. 20057-1063, Degree Requirements in Theater & Performance Studies (TPST). Business and Marketing, Visual and Performing Arts, Computers and Technology, Education, History and Literature, Career Areas: Failure to declare a major before this time will result in the student being locked out of the Portal. Areas of study that lead to lucrative career opportunities attract many students. Majors & Minors. The Advanced Biomedical Sciences (ABS) certificate program, in partnership with George Mason University, is offered through our GeorgeSquared Program. Business and Marketing, Math and Science, Political and Legal Systems, Career Areas: To fulfill the mission of the comprehensive curriculum, the department offers the core components of traditional disciplines painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, and has expanded into the realms of photography and electronic media. Georgetown Center for Economic Research (GCER) Read More About GCER Publications and Working Papers Learn More Contact General Inquiries: Economics Department 37th and O Streets ICC Building, Room 580 Washington DC 20007 Phone: 202-687-5601 Email: Program Inquiries: Ph.D. For transfer credit within a minor (e.g. The department offers an interdisciplinary minor with a concentration in any of its constituent arts. The common framework for honors is designed to ensure that students in various majors achieve uniformly high standards, enjoy uniformly committed mentoring, and are subject to the same requirements and deadlines. ECON 387: Money and Banking. Topics span many niches, including Music, Chemistry, Economics, Government, Computer Science, and others. Discover the structure of the international system and how state and non-state actors compete and cooperate with one another. Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors. Add your minor(s) to the same Academic Program Changes Form you are using to declare your major. The Certificate in African Studies is designed to facilitate a fuller understanding of the continent, beyond narrow disciplinary lenses and various crisis narratives. The African Studies Certificate is open to undergraduate students in all schools of Georgetown University, regardless of major. *These minors are by application only. This website uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit our website. Below are some recently offered elective courses: ECON 211: Economic Development. Some of our most lasting modern ideas, institutions, and technologies have their points of origin in medieval cultures: the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, Islam, Korean and Japanese Buddhism, religious war, religious orders, extended fictional narrative, gunpowder, printing, eyeglasses, the chromatic keyboard, craft guilds, Thisminorwill provide students with an understanding of the variety of contributing factors tohealthful functioning and is appropriate for those students interested in fields such as health science education, healthscience policy and public health. Visual and Performing Arts, Education, Career Areas: 20057, Undergraduate Education in the Jesuit Tradition, Engineering (dual-degree offered through Columbia), International Business, Language, and Culture, Russian Literature and Culture (in Translation), Science, Technology, and International Affairs. Earning honors at GU-Q requires writing a thesis that the faculty recognizes as exceptional. The A.B. Students may complete any combination of three programs such as: The following minors are available at GU-Q: To declare the minor, review the requirements, ensure that you can complete the requirements for the minor in time for graduation, then complete the Arabic Minor Declaration Form, or the Minor Declaration Form for all other minors. The focus of the program is on using English in everyday life while learning about American culture. Africana Studies Program. Each senior is required to pass a comprehensive examination in the major field of study. It serves as home to two of the College's most deeply interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs in American Musical Culture and Theater & Performance Studies both innovative in their fields [] On-Campus Tours & Information Sessions provide prospective undergraduate students and their families with an opportunity to learn more about Georgetown University. staff collectively advise 1300 undergraduates pursuing six different majors and a variety of minors, fellowships, and joint programs in the Bachelor of Science . The liberal arts degree in American Musical Culture integrates the Universitys strengths in film/media, public policy, politics and social justice within the cultural sphere and is designed for students interested in pursuing careers and/or graduate study in arts management, entertainment law, media studies, music business, music journalism or musicology/ethnomusicology. This website uses cookies to optimize your experience as a user. For Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) majors, science requirements can be co-requisites to the major and may be used to meetminorrequirements. For a Bachelor of Arts degree, a department may require no fewer than 24 hours nor more than 36 in the major field, with a maximum total requirement of 42 hours if allied courses are also required for that major. Registrar and Academic Success. A. This course is highly recommended for first-year students and sophomores interested in pursuing the JUPS major or minor. Undeclared, first-year students may declare a minor(s) for the first time in their sophomore year. This department focuses on teaching Arabic in its wider, more authentic contexts and in the principles of discourse and meaning. Students will be able to double count University Core requirement Political and Social Thought (PHIL-099), and SFS Core requirements International Relations (GOVT-1600) and Comparative Political Systems (GOVT-1400). GU-Q students are eligible to pursue some of the minors offered by the College of Arts and Sciences on main campus. Students are free to double count our courses with other departments and vice-versa. African American Studies' fundamental investment in theory and practice also supports Georgetown's ongoing process of imagining the future of the university. SFS students who choose to minor in Government are strongly encouraged to take GOVT coursesrooted in Political Science subfields and topics that SFS major courses do not cover. When you decide on amajor, email theDirector of Undergraduate Studies (new window)in themajordepartment to request to declare themajorand receive a faculty advisor assignment. Accessibility at Georgetown 2023 Georgetown University School of . students who take ECON 001 and 002 (or fulfill either or both by AP or other credits) will double-count these with the Minor and will not be able to double-count ECON 242/243/244. For example, students who have declared a CULP major who are also pursuing a Media and Politics certificate may only double-count two courses for both CULP and the certificate. The nine majors are: Business and Global Affairs International Political Economy, Culture and Politics International Politics, Global Business Regional and Comparative Studies, International Economics Science, Technology and International Affairs. Washington, D.C. 20057 Math and Science, Medicine and Healthcare, Career Areas: Explore the world, both past and present, through the comparative, transitional study of historical events and phenomena. The minor will provide students with a solid introduction to the multidisciplinary field of global health and teach them the necessary skills to begin to build their own unique global health careers. Sports and Entertainment, Medicine and Healthcare, Career Areas: completing an interdisciplinary major (which satisfies both major and minor requirements), a statement providing the rationale for the proposed curriculum, a concentration of at least 24 hours in one discipline, at least 50 percent of the proposed coursework at or above the 300-level. Welcome to Undergraduate Physics at Georgetown! By clicking on the Georgetown College website pages, you are agreeing to the current terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Those who are admitted to the Ph.D. program without an earned masters degree in a related field will complete one Major concentration and two Minor concentrations. Minors typically require 18 credit hours of course work. Some certificates also have specific language requirements. Professor of the Practice (Marketing and Business Analytics) and Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs Karthik Easwar Associate Teaching Professor and Faculty Director for the Business Scholars Program in the MSB Ronald Goodstein Associate Professor Rebecca Hamilton With 43 majors, 55 minors, and seven certificates available, students can create their own custom educational experience. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics, planning, and operations pertinent to the success of multi-million-dollar athletes, businesses, brands, and events that make up the $75 billion-dollar, rapidly changing sports market. Once youve secured this information, complete and submit anAcademic Program Changes Formto be reviewed by your Advising Dean or Academic Counselor in the College Deans Office. Georgetown College offers both a major and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, and the School of Foreign Service offers a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. CC's breadth of educational options distinguishes us from many other schools. All minors must include at least nine (9) unique credit hours. Washington For most minors, the declaration process is simple. All majors/minors in the same department require the approval of the Department Chair. Georgetown University Core Courses. For the minor, up to one course may be fulfilled via transfer credits, study abroad, or cognate courses, if approved by the Program Director. Such cases require a detailed description of the plan of study and approval by at least two faculty members and the Director of the Undergraduate Program before they may be considered by the Standards Committee, which makes the final decision on the proposal. students will complete one Major concentration and one Minor concentration towards the degree. You can also follow [] Please note that if you are planning on majoring in Government or Psychology, you must attend a department major information session before declaring the major. Each of the majors offered through the Department of Biology provides students with a strong foundation in science and a significant overlap with the pre-health program requirements. The American Studies Program at Georgetown University offers an interdisciplinary Major that encourages students to ask critical questions about power, identity, and American culture. At least 12 additional elective credit hours within TPST including. The Program has rapidly attracted significant national attention for its distinctive curriculum, which integrates the political and international character of Georgetown, a commitment to social justice, and high-quality, cutting-edge production seasons, including world premieres. Youll engage with a faculty of leading scholars and practitioners, and be exposed to the latest technologies and best practices. Majors, Minors & Certificates. The Catalog lists the majors and minors offered by each department, and the degrees conferred, under the department headings; it also presents specific requirements for each major and minor. Majors and Minors. Students with appropriate undergraduate course work maycount graduate level courses toward the undergraduate degree. The Science, Technology and International Affairs major aims to equip students with the tools needed to understand the complex problems at the intersection of scientific and technical issues and international affairs. Georgetown University now offers two online courses that are often required for various health disciplines. The major in Classics offers four tracks Latin, Greek, classics (combined Latin and Greek emphases) and classical civilization. in Applied Economics program has a key objective to provide students with a solid foundation in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, as well as coursework that provides students with the ability to comprehend empirical analyses pertinent to the discussion of economic issues and equip them with the skills to undertake original research projects and data analysis. Georgetown degree students may also be eligible; for questions, please contact Jennifer Ericson. The Misty Dailey Awards were created for graduating majors and minors in the arts and were first awarded in 1993. The sessions will last about 45 minutes and the tour takes about an hour. Georgetown Universitys new Masters in Aging & Health goes beyond geriatrics to the study of aging well in todays society. Undergraduate Programs. 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324 Applicants must contact their advising dean in the in the Undergraduate Program Office prior to submitting an application to the Accelerated Programs. For transfer credit within a minor (e.g. On-Campus Visits. The major in Biochemistry is designed to educate students in both the breadth of subject matter encompassed by the chemical sciences and the rapidly advancing knowledge at the forefront of this discipline. ECON 342: Multinational Corporations. For questions on this major, consult your academic advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Diana Glick ( glickdc@georgetown . Advising for Majors and Minors. Public HealthInterested students should schedule an appointment with Professor Laura Anderko. Today, this department plays a leading role in teaching Arabic beyond grammatical analysis to a wider scope of teaching Arabic in the realms of both linguistic and cultural proficiencies. It is possible for students who wish to pursue a modified version of one of the eight major fieldsto petition for permission to do so. Safety: 502-863-8111, Completing Your FAFSA: What You Need to Know, Outside Scholarships and Work-Study: Where to Look for More Aid, Preparing for Your Future: The Graves Center for Calling and Career, Center for Christian Discernment and Academic Leadership. As with a joint concentration, students must formally apply to complete a secondary field by the stated deadline. Notes: For the major, up to two courses may be fulfilled via transfer credits, study abroad, or cognate courses, if approved by the Program Director. This distinctive degree program engages with theater and performance as it intersects with social justice, cultural politics, criticism, American and world cultures, arts management, education, and more. The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies is the only academic center in the United States focusing exclusively on the Arab world. AP, study abroad, or non-GU credit) please consult the Bulletin. major is designed for students planning graduate study or employment outside mathematics (medicine, law, business, finance, journalism, government service, or precollege teaching). Such hours may count towards a major/minor and the Foundations and Core. Registration for Online Courses (Opened February 7), 3700 Reservoir Road, N.W., Washington At least 18 additional elective credit hours within TPST including: At least 1 out of 3 Core Methods Courses: Play Analysis (TPST-130), Improvisation for Social Change (TPST-125), Adaptation and Performance of Literature (TPST-200), At Least 1 of the following: Cross-Cultural Performance Studies (TPST-105), World Theater History (TPST-240), At least 1 Credit Hour of TPST 100Production Practicum. The School of Health offers several minors and extra courses. Successful applicants matriculate fully into the graduate program in the fourth year and graduate with the Bachelors Degree upon completion of all undergraduate degree requirements. Human Behavior, Education, History and Literature, Career Areas: The M.A. The minor requirement ensures that students pursue some advanced study in more than one discipline. Biology A comprehensive perspective on all aspects of our biological world. A minor is not required. The Georgetown University Department of Performing Arts offers academic and artistic courses in four distinct disciplines (Music, Theater & Performance Studies, Dance, and Public Speaking). keyboard_arrow_left back. Our program prepares you to navigate todays complex intelligence landscape. Any other science courses taken as part of the major cannot be applied to a minor. In addition to coursework in each of the fundamental areas of Chemistry/Biochemistry, our majors have abundant opportunities to participate in undergraduate research. . Majors, Minors, and Certificates Majors, Minors, and Certificates Overview Georgetown University in Qatar prepares students for a variety of careers in international service by providing a four year liberal arts education focused upon the multidisciplinary study of international affairs. Graduates in these areas can make over $75,000 per year early on in their careers. The Arabic and Islamic Studies Department offers graduate level courses in Arabic linguistics, Islamic studies, and literature of the classical and modern eras. As a result, STIA majors in the Class of 2022 forward who decide to concurrently pursue a minor in Georgetown College in either biology, chemistry, physics or computer science can count the STIA science fundamentals requirement listed above as a co-requirement to the major so that they can be applied toward the completion of the minor. A concentration appears on the official transcript and should have at least 12 hours of unique work to define the concentration. Students who consider majoring or minoring in Art should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Art to discuss requirements, plan their program, and determine a faculty advisor.Art majors are assigned a faculty advisor in the department, and the Director of Undergraduate Studies advises Art minors. Requirements for the interdisciplinary major: Requirements for the interdisciplinary minor: Note: Courses in which the student earns a grade below "C" do not count toward the interdisciplinary major or minor requirements (including required allied courses). We are also offering tour-only options for visitors who have already attended a virtual . . Undergraduate students have the opportunity to choose from more than two dozen majors taught by leading experts and practitioners in their fields, as well as more than 30 minors designed to augment and enhance your primary course of study. The Public Health minor is open to students in Georgetown College, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Foreign Service, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health. In general, a student may count no more than 9 credits (typically 3 courses) from outside Georgetown towards the minor and generally only 3 credits (typically 1 course) from study abroad. Requirements for the degree include a total of 31 credit hours as follows: Academic Requirements for the Major (31 credit hours; 11 courses including TPST-410). DC Georgetown University in Qatar prepares students for a variety of careers in international service by providing a four year liberal arts education focused upon the multidisciplinary study of international affairs.