This mod is based on the Su-27 from Flaming Cliffs 3. While not as realistic as the mods shown on my main mod page, they still provide a way to expand the number of in-game aircraft. A flyable mod of the Su-17M4 AI aircraft, using the stock 3D model and Su-25T cockpit. This also allows Rafael to focus on the coding part. The C-17A, C-130J, F-5E, F-14A, F-16A, F/A-18C, and Mirage 2000-5 require Flaming Cliffs 3 to function. Unzip archive content inside "aircraft" folder. (BETA version). Q: What about the AGM-12 Bullpup or AGM-62 Walleye? Updated carrier launch procedures to support more carriers (DCS:Supercarrier workarounds included), More catapult launch options. First i looked into the DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft\VSN_F105 dir, and did not see a Weapons dir. DCS World has a dedicated modding community, and there are several free aircraft mods that are available for download. All of the mods listed below are completely free to use, and unless. From the creators: "Work in progress to revive the Su-30MK Combatace model, MOD. *Disclaimer: Install at your own risk - Biohaz will not be held responsible for any harm done due to use of these, This replaces the Blue Angels Flyable pack with the jets numbered 1 through 6as well as 2 'Spare' jets 7 and 8. Install it with LOMAN. [MP Compatible] Hey DCS folks, I found this guy who is modding planes to make them flyable. Delete the contents of your old A-4E-C installation folder: Delete your A-4E-C input settings by opening the following folder: Delete the joystick, keyboard, mouse and trackir folders. And also the plane you chose even if its a non-flyable one will have the same engine sound as the plane you chose and not one of the originals. You must delete the currently installed A-4E-C files before installing the new version, as some important files have been removed for this release, and your input binding must be reset and rebound in order to accommodate this releases enhanced control scheme. Users may then download whatever skin they desire. The download file is 584 MB. Lets face it, whats not to like in that sleek-looking menacing flying machine? By independent it is meant that it does not require any other modules to work. "F18::avKneeboard_F18", Mexico's second largest airline, serving domestic and international destinations in the Americas. A great tutorial on JSGME installation and set up can be found here. Can you please point me to the right link please? Sadly, there is no good 3d-model aroundthe ones that are available arewellhhhyes, To mod creators: DCS crashes in Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\device_init.lua due to old script used in mod. p.s Unrar, copy and paste the containing folder to ( C:\Saved Games\DCS(yourversion)\Liveries\F-16C_50 ) if you have already created such a Liveries folder. sign in Well be looking at things in the next patch, but without access to the SDK, additional functionality with the Supercarrier should be thought of as anything but guaranteed. You wont be able to fly the helicopters but you will be able to fly all other aircraft except 1. Thanks in advance for your support and congratulations again for your excellent work. There will also be a free T45 Goshawk trainer mod after DCS 2.7 comes out, which means we will be able to train using turbo props for basic ground attack and air to air and move onto the jet for carrier and high speed practice (unarmed). My attempt at a F/A-18D skin. dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."KNEEBOARD/declare_kneeboard_device.lua") , . Galvanized Iron livery for a fantastic JAS-39 Gripen Community Mod! Just an re-upload to preserve the MOD because LockOnFiles (dot)com is dying many download links are dead. None of these planes are equipped with ejection seats and will cause a game crash if used. Requires FC3 or at a minimum the F-15C module. VSN_FA18F (Modell VNAO) seems to be stopping DCS from starting after the latest update. PL-MOD2 "PAF 1990-2006" is continuation of previous PL-MOD's. It keeps the flight model and interior of the F-15Loman compatibleDisclaimer: Install at your own risk - Biohaz will not be held responsible for any harm done due to use of these files, Kneeboard for LOMAC F-15 and A-10 pilotsVersion 1.5June 18, 2004*Contains a clipboard depicting flight chart and threat legend/data that attaches to pilot leg, and a map of Saki.Changes over V1.00: - Fixed problem with alpha channel transparency, which caused a black box around the legs - there's only one texture now, to reduce size. As for why this is every time, I don't have an answer on that. Check out his repaints on DCS User Files B737 (Civil Aircraft Mod) No. Flight Sims dcs EightBall November 4, 2020, 3:29am #1 I've been wanting to share this with you since yesterday but I was celebrating Micronesia ID. There is a new version available on the downloads It has the weapons sub folder and the fixed LUA is already included. 2022-04-29 02:16:49.481 INFO APP: Application revision: 203362 I've been working on an old Thunderbirds livery used from 1953-1955 before they transitioned to the F-84F Thunderstreaks. We made more skins: 23 skins of Polish MiG-29's - based on real planes and new Polish F-16 skins based on photos from Lockheed. Antivirus scanners will ensure that it contains no viruses. I've de-installed and re-installed the mod several times (even repairing my DCS copy) and this issue is always persistent. Version 1.6 now includes AIM-9X on the outer wing stations, a new double wing launcher, a brand new Kadena AFB skin from Geschirre, and other improvements! As nice as everything looks in pictures, it really isn't. DCS Modifications that change aircraft behavior, make AI planes flyable, etc. English Digital Combat Simulator DCS World Topics DCS Modding DCS Mods VSN flyable aircraft mods VSN flyable aircraft mods By razo+r September 27, 2016 in DCS Mods Share Followers 56 Prev 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 Next Page 43 of 52 CarloVecchi Members 311 Posted January 27, 2022 On 1/26/2022 at 6:47 AM, Zdzich said: 2022-04-29 02:17:01.776 INFO APP: application shutdown stealthgunner385 8 yr. ago All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. There are so many good causes out there. That includes weapons for the non flyable aircraft. DCS World or Digital Combat Simulatorhas been created by Eagle Dynamics. The fuel tanks are fictional but I thought they looked cool. PC: I7 4790K 4.6ghz | 32GB RAM | Zotac GTX 1080Ti 11Gb DDR5x | Water cooler NZXT AIO Kraken x53 | 3.5TB (x4 SSDs) | Valve Index| Andres JeatSeat. They can also be used as AI aircraft even if you don't own Flaming Cliffs 3. As always, feel free to send feedback! You can enjoy a small clip with Rafael and Patricks AH-1G at the top of this article and the screenshots he sent us too. :0: attempt to concatenate field 'CLSID' (a nil value) Based on F-15C flight model and cockpit. Now in other files that tell you that you can fly this aircraft by copying that skin somewhere else well this is so much easier. 2022-04-29 02:16:49.481 INFO APP: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19044) This is not a flyable mod. dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."PADLOCK/PADLOCK_declare.lua") Aircraft included in this pack: Will upload the mission to User Files, but I will try first to expand on it by adding a take-off and landi, Hi Guys! If youre using the release branch of DCS World, the folder is DCS instead of DCS.openbeta. The aircraft is placeable like other aircrafts as well and for use as AI. _________________________________________________________________________________________, i7 9700K, MSI RTX 2080, 32GB RAM (3200 MHz), SSD m.2 1TB, Monitor 32'' WQHD 2560x1440, Windows 10 Pro, You must unbind the cannons from the F-117A, B-1B, B-52H, C-17A, and C-130J. The entry from entry.lua in their mods should also be removed. 15lbbass Dec 22, 2018 @ 12:00pm. This mod adds some Military Planes as AI to DCS. Hope you fellas enjoy and please send feedback! Consider donating to one of those instead! From the Sinai Desert to the Jungles of Vietnam, the A-4 was a common sight above cold war battlefields. He has done a basic 3D model, created a framework for the project (folders, files, etc), and is currently working on the logic behind the helicopter systems, the 20mm canon, and the XM157 rocket pod. creators[devices.KNEEBOARD] = { Neo Desert livery for a fantastic JAS-39 Gripen Community Mod! With Version 1.5 the F-15EX now has the AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM, AGM-88F, Legion IRST pod, limited air to ground capability, and AMBER racks. If you have installed other DCS World mods, you might already have the Mods and aircraft folders indicated in the file path. Flyable C130 for DCS World! This is a simple mod that uses the stock F-15EX external model and F-15C cockpit/avionics + custom .LUA files to create a stand-in flyable F-15EX Eagle II. All these mods in here are coming from: cdpkobra and his friends. Note: the upgraded weapons variant is not compatible with the base version, so you cannot have them installed at the same time! At the moment, most of the active A-4E-C developers dont own the Supercarrier module, and it is still extremely new. you can't interact with simplified system aircraft ( you can t click on switches.) ED original, --------------------------------------------- there are always scripts that no longer work. but it is still a 6 DOF cockpit. If you don't have that folder, create it. WestJet Airlines - Daily flights from Canada to Las Vegas. Other then that there were no problems. ---------------------------------------------. If this is the case, merge the A-4E-C folder into any existing folders, so as to avoid overwriting any other DCS modules you might have installed in these folders. Please Failure to perform these steps will result in DCS World not recognizing the module, inability to use the module, input errors when using the module, or client integrity check failures on multiplayer servers that require them. September 27, 2016 in DCS Mods, Hi i have problems with VSN i have steam edition DCS and dont know what to do with vsn can i put it in newest versions? AGM-88E is also implemented. Su-24M, Su-34, B-1B, MiG-31, MQ-1A Predator, MQ-9 Reaper, Tu-22M3. F-20 Tigershark would be just great. This is SU-39 Flyable Mod Add-on for LoMan2.1, Flyable : F-4E,F-14A,F-15(E),F-16C(US),F-18C,F-117A,Tornado IDS(GER),Mirage 2000-5,B-52H,S-3A, PL-MOD_1.1 add Poland as country to LOFC 1.1 with some new skins of MiG-29A & G, F-16C, Su-22M4, An-26, C-130, Mi-24W and Mi-8MT, F-15EX Eagle II Mod for DCS World (Updated), 3GO-MW Su-27 Flanker model for DCS-World / FC3, SIMMOD A10/Gys-Valery F-15/3Go Su-27 Flanker, Fly all non-flyable aircraft except 1 For Lock On Flaming Cliffs 1.10-1.12a, A10 and Su33 Real-World Weapons Loadout Mod. Many individual mods exist out there for DCS for individual aircraft (Su-34, Su-35, B-1B, etc.) You have to correct this script according to actual (i.e. If you have installed other DCS World mods, you might already have the. When you are confident your files are correctly installed, launch DCS World. The best part about this is that when your controlling the plane with this file then you'll still have the same cockpit as that 1 plane that you could originaly fly in the game but now when you go outside your cockpit you'll notice that the plane is the same one you chose and not just that but you also get the exact charateristics of that plane. Mod was made by US_Marine, compliant with LOMAC v1.02. DCS Modifications that change aircraft behavior, make AI planes flyable, etc. If you have multiple DCS-related folders in your C:\Users\username\Saved Games, for example, DCS, DCS.openbeta or DCS.openalpha, locate your DCS World installation folder and locate the dcs_variant.txt file. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. "Gunfighter06" Custom MAIN_1_Normal File for display of the structural reinforcements on the top side of the aircraft. The only rule is green Integrity Check for the master branch. Next i looked at some other mods and tried the Weapons.lua file directly in the VSN_F105 dir, but still crash. Once he was comfortable with all that, he gathered all the material he could on the AH-1G and applied everything he learned about the helicopter by tweaking a flight model made by Nibbylot. There's no estimated date of release but you can join their Discord server, find out what's new and hang out with the guys. If this file is present, its contents determines the folder structure your DCS World installation is using. The loading thing will still load and it will return to normal when the flying mission comes up. Description. This new F-105 version fixes the grey rectangle below the G plane? The Flying Dutchman - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Freeware mods available in DCS for Heli simmers.0:00 Intro0:20 AH-6J Little bird2:01 Bell 475:16 CH-53E Super stallion7:50 UH-1M short body Huey 10:11 CH-47 . I had to remove all of my VSN mods to get dcs to start without crashing out.. thanks for these great mods F-105 is my workhorse. again after an update of ED which doesn't work. This A-6 mod has a decent external model and is available in 2 versions (flyable and AI-only). We cannot accept donations, but we appreciate your words of support! Landings are mandatory. U NEED LOMAN 4 FOR THIS MOD TO WORK,WE TESTED IT WITH THE OLDER VERSION AND IT DOSENT WORK. . --------------------------------------------- This mod has come a long way since I first took it over from KNNZubr, and now includes a limited air to ground capability with unguided bombs, rockets, and the AGM-88F HSCM (HARM Control Section Modification). use loman to open the zip file,compatible with v1.01 n v1.02. The Cuesta Brothers' Rafale mod updated for DCS 2.7! Powered by Invision Community. Since changing the directory for mods in DCS 2.1, this mod isn't JSGME-ready, so you have to install it manually. A must have for my carrier ops and i hope it can be fixed. http://LINK here DCS World- What's Included? A flyable mod of the defunct VEAO Hawk T1A for DCS World. Install with Modman 7.3 or better. the newer version has that strange block always under aircraft. Simply back up the meinit.xml file in your me folder then copy my edited one in the me folder to overwrite the original and there you have it. I just fixed the problem of DCS crashing because of the 105 (hopefully and for a longer time). Q: Can I get involved with the A-4E-C project? === Log closed. Fly the F-16 and with his payload but in the A-10 cockpit! Powered by Invision Community. Click on the green Code button, download .ZIP. Downloads Digital Combat Simulator Series DCS Aircraft Mods DCS Aircraft Mods Sign in to follow this Followers 2 DCS Modifications that change aircraft behavior, make AI planes flyable, etc. Do not download directly from the Github repository. Drop bomblets in lower release settings via the kneeboard (RShift+K by default), mission editor, or the Automatic Weapons Release System (AWRS). This weird shape follows my plane wherever it goes like if it was part of the ground where it was standing. Waiting on the official F-100 module? LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."KNEEBOARD/device/init.lua", Yup same here. Here's a stand-in from the VSN mod team! SO enjoy. Edit: For those without a dropbox an alternative link can be found here. DCS World A-29B Super Tucano. Never install the A-4E-C files directly into your DCS World installation files! Zeno~SPARTA~ 1-Gerousia 9k Gender:Male Author Posted March 15, 2021 Daily flights to Las Vegas from Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. Download the latest official A-4E-C release package. The VSN_LAU127.lua made it possible to carry two rockets on each pylon. Even just to taxi/take off. Men may keep a sort of level of good, but no man has ever been able to keep on one level of evil. We're thrilled to share our most comprehensive DCS World module to date in this 2.0 "Forever Free" update, featuring a realistic flight model, improved systems simulations, increased functionality across all DCS World's available maps, full carrier compatibility, radios, air refueling, and improvements to the ground radar, sound feedback, You'd better believe it! This variant of the F-15E can have an optional second crew member and mounts up to 22 air-to-air missiles (20 in this case). From the developers: "DCS WW1 Flying Circus, A selection of 6 Player flyable WW 1 aircraft (4 fighters, 2 bombers) and numerous AI targets, including: 15 AI aircraft, an AI Zeppelin, 6 AI ships, 4 AI tanks, 5 AI Infantry & Machine Gun nests, and various other vehicles. - Motto: Takeoffs are optional. The development is in a very early stage, but the author has decided on releasing it in hopes it will help others on the implementation of modern aircraft systems . And it only appears in the double seater model. I created Weapons dir and placed the Weapons.lua file in it and DCS still crashed on start. Hey everyone! By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Were proud to present the most comprehensive DCS World module to date, boasting such capabilities as air-to-ground radar and carrier operations. The community behind DCS is amazing and Rafael is very grateful for all the input and feedback as well as all the work made by other members, that will allow him to take this project a bit further. With the start of work on an EFM from PeeJott17, there are a few things, Is anyone else having difficulty with launching the F-4B from a Carrier? That road goes down and down. Installation size is 606 MB. 2016-2023, All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: Install at your own risk - Biohaz will not be held responsible for any harm done due to use of these files. Digital Combat Simulator is downloadable in two distinct versions being the stable and open beta releases. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Gospadin, gyrovague, kryb / Archimaede, plusnine, Merker, Jones, Farlander, Heclak, Nero, Dr. Manius, Joshua Nelson, SkateZilla, uboats, The Original HoggitDev Team, LevelPulse, Cubeboy, Luciano, Malamem, Eric Haugen. Some weapons are also referenced from my F-15EX mod. Additionally, the specific airframe/cockpit that we have modelled is not equipped to accommodate the AGM-62 Walleye. Removes these from the entire VSN mods folders. It is a flight simulator aimed at single player and online combat. This DCS mod allows pilots to relive this fine aircraft as it was in its heyday. As of what I saw, he can make ANY plane flyable. And also note that if you pick a plane that used to be a non-flyable aircraft that you couldnt control then when you hit the fly button the loading screen will turn blue. (Link to download inside 1.6Gb) License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution Language: English Size: 252.07 Kb All 3D models are from and are free to use. We use cookies to provide you with a better onsite experience. Especially that model. Uses the Su-25T or F-15 cockpit. The SDK is only available to official 3rd-party DCS developers, so the likelihood this functionality can be added in the future is slim. All AI aircraft made flyable as mods using already available flight models and cockpits. If anyone has any info that'd be awesome, preferably big planes (An, IL, Yak etc.) 29 files Sort By Prev 1 2 Page 2 of 2 PL-MOD 1.11 By Razorblade67 Because of the fact that LOFC Patch 1.11 was released. Thanks to u/djtoothdecay and please join us on the oorah server. This F-15E mod requires Flaming Cliffs 3 to work. 2022-04-29 02:17:02.087 INFO TERRAIN: lSystem::exit() ED original. Unfortunately, any meaningful aerial refuelling scenario of any kind involving the A-4E-C would also require access to the SDK. This A-6 mod is a work in progress (flight model anyway), but is free to download. This is modification of PL-MOD, we added new countries Iraq, Iran and Syria. Q: Can I do aerial refuelling? We made more skins - skin for planes which have flown in Polish Air Force since 1990 (for example old skins of MiG-29's and MiG-23's). By I have fully tested this and only found 1 bug and thats where if you control a plane that has a propeller on it you'll notice that the propeller doesnt want to animate altough you will still be flying the plane cause the engines are still going. You signed in with another tab or window. This is normal. DCS Modifications that change aircraft behavior, make AI planes flyable, etc. It also allows TER's for the fueslage stations of the Su-33 which will enable the small bombs only(100 and 250 kilo) to be carried on these racks.It also includes many new custom weapon loads for the A-10, Su-33 and Mig-29A/C which includes long range 3 external tank loads(Fulcrums).I had hoped to have these files included in the v1.01 patch but at this time it looks like that won't happen so here they are.A BIG thanks to UCLANUPE for providing the MEInit.xml file with the adjusted pylons in which I modified to allow for realworld loads rather then the fictional ones. Windows 7 Home Premium-Intel 2500K OC 4.6-SSD Samsung EVO 860- MSI GTX 1080 - 16G RAM - 1920x1080 27, Hotas Rhino X-55-MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals -Track IR 4, 1991-2022, Eagle Dynamics SA With 3D clickable cockpit and more! Hi There, as variation on the excellent F-5 VSN mod, would it be possible to create also a F-20 Tigershark mod eventually? *Loman compatible. Copyright 2021 I'll try to attach the weapons.lua which works. Just copy it into the weapons-folder in your F-105 directory and everything should work again. "All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Program and any and all copies thereof (including but not limited to any titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, narrative, locations, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audiovisual effects, methods of operation, any related documentation, and add-ons incorporated into the Program now or in the future) are owned by Eagle Dynamics SA, affiliates of Eagle Dynamics SA or Eagle Dynamics SA's licensors". 2022-04-29 02:16:49.481 INFO APP: Renderer revision: 22994 The maximum carrier takeoff weight for the F/A-18C is 43,500lbs. This tends only to happen in single player games. This is a bit of a missile truck, with up to 14 AMRAAMs and 2 AIM-9s. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our, Flyable VSN_Tornado v2.5.6.04 Italian Air Force Skinpack (+update), Italian Air Force skin pack for VSN flyable series (#ISTAYATHOME), JAS-39 Gripen Galvanized Iron Livery by Cerealex, JAS-39 Gripen Neo Grey Livery by Cerealex, JAS-39 Gripen Neo Desert Livery by Cerealex. B-1B Lancer Air to Ground /w functioning swept wings, F-5E Tiger II Air to Air / Simple Air to Ground, F-14A Tomcat Air to Air /w functioning swept wings and tailhook, F-16A Fighting Falcon Air to Air / Simple Air to Ground, F/A-18C Hornet Air to Air / Simple Air to Ground /w functioning folding wings and tailhook, Mirage 2000-5 Air to Air / Simple Air to Ground, Tornado GR4 Simple Air to Air / Air to Ground. Flyable Chinook with multiple skins and loadouts. I had full burner, half flaps and raised gear as soon as I cleared the deck and still sank to almost kissing the water, holding it at almost stalling out to get it to climb, I dont have super carrier dlc and idk how to shoot it from free carriers, also arresting hook doesnt work. The DCS World NATO Flyables Pack v1.02 is finished! Middle East Mod is inspired Desert textures for LO (you must download them separately). We're American Airlines. Configuration for catapult behavior added to module options in the DCS main menu. Free mission pack for the DCS Huey, I love this job updated, brings new missions, Eagle Dynamics teases CH-47 Chinook for DCS, I love this job new mission pack for DCS to be released soon, Eagle Dynamics released DCS: Black Shark 3 upgrade, Low Level Heaven offering training and test for the community, Community team is developing an AH-1G mod for DCS. That road goes down and down. We are unable to implement fully functioning radios, as we do not have access to DCS Software Development Kit (SDK). A full fidelity carrier trainer aircraft, the Goshawk is a highly modified version of the British BAE Hawk land-based training jet DOWNLOAD AERMACCHI MB-339 A military jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed and manufactured by Italian aviation company Aermacchi in the 1970's. DOWNLOAD A-4E-C SKYHAWK According to Rafael, it will be possible to make a very faithful reproduction of the AH-1 but the problem is: how far can he go? I highly recommend using JSGME to install this mod as the program makes mods very easy and safe to install. Neo Grey livery for a fantastic JAS-39 Gripen Community Mod! Take part in Operation Rolling Thunder and fly low-level to avoid SAMs before popping up to engage your target. passing the integrity check. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Canada's preferred ultra-low cost airline. Includes two versions, one with names and one with out. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our, Royal Australian Air Force B737 Pack Civil Aircraft Mod, United Airlines Boeing 757 (Retro Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), American Airlines Boeing 757 (Classic Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), Swoop Airlines Boeing 737 (Modern Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), Volaris Airbus A320 (Modern Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), Virgin Atlantic "Ruby Tuesday" 747 (Modern Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 747 (Modern Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), FedEx Boeing 757 (Modern Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod), British Airways 747 (Modern Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod) v 1.1, WestJet Airlines Boeing 737 (Retro Paint for Civil Aircraft Mod). For those not familiar with who I am, I'm the guy who can't stop making non-flyable planes in DCS World flyable. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. You are giving us a very good opportunity to recreate the Vietnam era in DCS (F104, F105, A6). By the way, the 3D model is being currently revamped by another person that joined Rafael in this project (Patrick) so the screenshots and video you see here are a placeholder right now. DCS WW1 Flying Circus, A selection of 13 Player flyable WW 1 aircraft and numerous AI targets, including: 11 AI aircraft, an AI Zeppelin, 4 AI ships, 4 AI tanks, 5 AI Infantry & Machine Gun nests, and various other vehicles. This mod has recently been updated to work with DCS 2.7. 2 SQN No.11 SQN DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION Due to the size and complexity of the package, a Google Drive link has been provided within the user files download. Q: Is there a user manual or tutorials available? Take off from the USS Saratoga on a dawn strike against Viet Cong positions early in the Vietnam War. Installation: Simply place the folders into your DCS World/Mods/aircraft folder and you're done! There are basically two options for mods: The goal of this project is to add all AI aircraft as flyable and with selectable cockpits (Su-25T/FC3/Viggen/Ka50 etc.) You have to correct this script according to actual (i.e. The AH-1 is one of those helicopters that you either love Or love, really. A tag already exists with the provided branch name. For LO v1.11. Well now you can do that along with other non-flyable aicraft execpt 1 cause I ran out of time to do it. If you install mods into main DCS folder instead of Saved Games, you will get Authorization Failed error for the new mods. All AI aircraft made flyable as mods using already available flight models and cockpits. - Thanks to Combatace got external 3D model. This will cause your DCS World to not locate the module, create conflicts with other modules, and other problems. DCS WW1 Flying Circus, A selection of 13 Player flyable WW 1 aircraft and numerous AI targets, including: 11 AI aircraft, an AI Zeppelin, 4 AI ships, 4 AI tanks, 5 AI Infantry & Machine Gun nests, and various other vehicles. 2022-04-29 02:17:02.020 WARNING EDOBJECTS: lTypeObjectManager::Create() doesn't exist. For every mod you can chose the avionics of the Su-27/25T, A-10A, F-15C (but of course if you want another typ of avionic, you can change that) -Normal Aircrafts will use the AFM of the F-15C -Carrier-based Aircrafts are using the SFM