In a message to Charles, Britain's new king, Putin said the queen "rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects, as well as authority on the world stage", adding: Latest Updates He was an inspiration for those who dared to dream that a new human order could be created in the world, based on mutual respect and partnership. Many write an excellent condolence message, but words fail them. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of such a fantastic person. We lost a real gem. Arun Jaitley's demise triggered a wave of shock and grief with leaders cutting across political spectrum . I don't remember when was the last time I cried this much. Your mother was the best matron we ever had. Her understanding of the link between human poverty and the quality of the natural environment undoubtedly influenced a generation of environmentalists and policymakers. He changed a lot in this organization. The loss of a boss like you is something that can never be recovered. He will be missed for his goodness in life. We just lost a vote. Professor Maathai further advanced these objectives through her service in the Kenyan government, the African Union, and the United Nations. Still, his conclusion is applicable to a wide range of circumstances: Pretty much any time an election doesnt go your way, it can be taken as proof that everyone else must doing something wrong. May the love of family and friends comfort you during these difficult days, our/my most heartfelt condolences. What a great leader he was. You are already subscribed to our newsletter! Messages of condolences from world leaders, also began to pour into Guyana, immediately following his death. Africa has lost one of her most emblematic and captivating figures. It may be challenging to find the appropriate condolences for an email, note, or text message. That precedent may make this quote seem like a dangerous response to an election, but muttered in the safety of home, or on the Internet, its a concise yet generally applicable response to anything and everything that doesnt seem to be working out. The news of Shinzo Abe's assassination has prompted messages of shock and condolences from foreign leaders, many of whom worked with Abe during the former Prime Minister's long tenure. Truly sorry for your loss. I express my earnest commiseration to you and your siblings on the demise of your brother, you and your family are in my heart. re: condolence message on the passing on of former president benjamin william mkapa It is with shock and regret that we at the East African Community have received the sad news of the untimely demise of retired President Benjamin William Mkapa, the 3 rd President of the United Republic of Tanzania and a Founding Father of the EAC, in the wee . The Third Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture, Inaugural World Food Law Distinguished Lecture, Condolences from World Leaders and Friends, The Wangari Muta Maathai House - a legacy project. Wangari was a warm and devoted mother and I send my condolences to her family. I know your aunt/uncle was always there for you. The venue was full of young people and I watched in awe as she conveyed to them her extraordinary passion about the environment in general and the need for climate fairness and justice in particular. His life was characterized by an incalculable breath and depth and height of devotion and service to his country and to his countrymen and women. Cheddi Jagan was a great Guyanese; indeed the greatest that has ever walked this land of ours. He went on to say he had "very close bonds of friendship" with Cheddi Jagan. 4. His message starts off by referring to Mr Nelson Mandela as the "great leader of the struggle for freedom and a hero to millions around the world." He goes on to say "that the late leader inspired the South African people with patriotism by courageously leading them to achieve independence with ethnic harmony". Throughout her career she blazed a trail for the environment, women's equality and human rights. Silas Muriuki Rutere MP North Imenti Constituency under Mazingira Green Party of KenyaYou were a true inspiration to me. Use this sample to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. We are always there to support you; take care. We cannot tire or give up. Worthy advice for those who will carry on her work. Death and grief are part of human experiences. It uses the seven components that should be part of a condolence letter; however, there is no need to follow this template. Lastly, a letter of condolence to the parents of the deceased is always difficult. Rachel A. Arungah Commissioner Public Service Commission of KenyaVice Chairperson, Commissioners and members of the Public service commission join the family and friends of our great daughter, mother and friend in mourning her passing on when there was still too much for her to do. Now if youll excuse me, I have to cancel a photo op with a goat. C.J. The issue of presidential condolences has come to the forefront in the past week as President Donald Trump incorrectly claimed that his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, failed to write. Gowda wrote: "We in India have always had the highest regard for Dr. Jagan. (Its a two-party system, after all, and no ones going to vote for a third-party candidate.) Our condolences! He will stay with you forever. Wangari Maathai understood and acted on the inextricable links between poverty, rights and environmental sustainability. We shall always pray for you. Sad to hear about the loss of a great leader. Here are some examples of condolence messages you can send to a colleague who has recently lost their parent: Extending my deepest sympathies for the loss of your [mother/father]. Wishing you peace during this difficult time. So sorry to hear of the passing of a great boss. Your father was one of the nicest people I know, and I know that he was a great director too. Her energy and life-long dedication to improve the lives and livelihoods of people will continue to inspire generations of young people around the world. In an earlier exchange in a back room, Mr Maskey brought a smile to the King . Cuba paid tribute to Cheddi Jagan by declaring March 7-9, as three official days of mourning for him. His presence would have been a stabilizing anchor in whatever storms might blow. You will never die. Her work with the Green Belt Movement in Kenya and as an activist for civil and womens rights in Kenya and beyond received worthy recognition internationally when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2004. Thank you!! Patel (71) passed away on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020, at a Delhi hospital due to multiple organ failure more than a month after he was tested positive for COVID-19. No matter wherever he is, hell always be watching over you. This will never be forgotten. I, like so many others, will miss her more than it is possible to describe and send my most heartfelt condolences to her children and to everyone who knew her, loved her and depended upon her. Condolence messages for loss of a great leader The world has lost a powerful force for peace, democracy and women's rights. It also will leave a particularly broad void in the ranks of world class leadership among the English-speaking Caricom Nations ,as well as the rest of the hemisphere. Dr. Jagan can rest comfortably in the secure knowledge that he fulfilled for his country and the region much more than could be expected from a single human being even one as exceptional as he. Joseph Munyao Party leader of Democratic Party and former ministerProf, Kenya will miss you but the world will miss you most for your good deeds and the reasons shall ever be with the lord. Madeleine Albright, who in 1997 became the first woman to serve as U.S. secretary of state, died of cancer on Wednesday. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. What a true leader we had in your son. From early on, Dr. Maathai was a tireless advocate for the environment, for women and for all those in the developing world who are unable to realize their potential. So this is how libertydies: with thunderous applause. Padme Amidala, Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The SithWhen the villainous Chancellor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) finally brings his plans to fruition in the Star Wars prequels, dissolving the Republic and forming the Empire, hes done such a good job of manipulating the masses with trumped-up threats that they cheer him on. You fought for me, for my children, for the mothers and children of the future. Senior Congress Leader and party's top strategist Ahmed Patel passed away on Wednesday due to multiple organs failure. Club ran a piece called SimpsonsQuotes For Everyday Use, illustrating how Simpsons lines could comfortably stand in as the reaction to many ordinary events in our lives. I was honored to meet Professor Wangari Maathai in Nairobi just over a year ago, and like millions of others was saddened to learn today of her passing. Professor, the youth who you inspired say Hongera for the great achievement you made, Rest in Peace. Your legacy will live with WCK! People share messages of sympathy with the family and people the deceased touched. They illustrate the kind of man, Cheddi Jagan was to his supporters, his peers and to his opponents: The people of Guyana: "He was the Mahatma Gandhi of Guyana." I was privileged to have known and worked with her. And in my own personal experience, I know no other Caribbean leader with whom sharp and wide disagreement could also be the occasion for warm and fraternal embrace. Nothing is more painful in this world than losing someone you love so dearly. Sharing in your sorrow. Janet Jagan (former President of Guyana and Cheddi Jagan's wife) said: "I can testify to his goodness, to his honesty and integrity, to the lack of concern for the material things in life, to his remarkable intellect, always seeking answers, always examining all aspects of a matter, always seeking the truth. She was a true African heroine. A globally recognized champion for human rights and women's empowerment, Professor Maathai was a pioneer in articulating the links between human rights, poverty, environmental protection and securityfor which she was awarded the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. Dont blame me, I voted for Kodos. Homer Simpson, The SimpsonsPerhaps the only upside to landing on the losing side of an election is the ability to claim you knew better all along when things inevitably go to shit. You accomplished so much and we are proud of you. My sincere condolences. Sample Condolence & Sympathy Letter. NEW DELHI, 25/04/2016: BJP MP Anil Madhav Dave arriving on a bicycle to attend second half of the Budget session of Parliament, following odd even scheme of Delhi government, in New . He had another dream, that came true, to bring unity to the land, RIP. May God give them the peace that you seek. Her tart summation has a vaguely noble, above-it-all ring that might come in handy for anyone looking for a more elegant way of saying, Yall is stupid.. People grieve in different ways, and one way is sharing messages of condolences and celebration of the life of the departed. Your friend was a force to reckon with. May God rewards you with a peaceful afterlife! What an exceptional person the chairman was. Condolence messages for loss of a great leader start pouring in immediately after the famous person's death is announced. Barack Obama, President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2009 It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Professor Wangari Maathai. We are saddened to hear of your loss. I am genuinely sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Please know that your father was a leader held in high regard by everyone. She will remain standing as tall as Mount Kenya. Forever. You have accomplished many good things in life. We will miss her great shining smile and her indomitable spirit but all those she has inspired will keep her vision alive through each small action we take toward a better world. On lookers, lined the more than four-mile route to watch the sombre workers, some carrying black flags. In these difficult circumstances, I would like to express my sincere condolences which I kindly ask you to transmit to her family, as well as to the government and the people of Kenya. You have left some beautiful memories that will never fade from my heart. A mother is the most valued being on earth. My condolences to you and your family. His/her absence will always be felt, but your memories will comfort you in times of grief. I am always thinking of you and your family. The sudden departure of your father is making my heart cry. Charlotte Beauvoisin Director of Uganda Conservation FoundationOur condolences to the late great Professor, her family and conservationists worldwide. My condolences, and please know that my thoughts are with friends and family. You brought the power of your presence, your compassion and your position to some of the most vital humanitarian issues of our time. Today we lost a leader, role model and father figure. I dont know how to console my grieving heart at your departure. We only wish you are still here to help Ugandans fight to protect Mabira forest! No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religious and charitable institutions may become, the music will still be wonderful.Kurt Vonnegut,A Man Without A CountryOn the other hand, though, theres Kurt Vonneguts look-on-the-bright-side positivism, probably most appropriate for readers on a pop-culture site. As she told the world, we must not tire, we must not give up, we must persist. Her legacy will stand as an example to all of us to persist in our pursuit of progress. I was inspired by her story and proud to call her my friend. I knew her for many years as a good person who has done a lot for this country Kenya. In the category of Latin American presidents, he was as indisputable giant among pygmiesIt is no overstatement to say that Jagan was one of Latin Americas towering figures of the twentieth century, and one of the regions few authentic contemporary democratic figures, both in deed and in exhortation.A philosophical Marxist (as distinct from the Stalinist form, which he came to abhor), he was one of the few world leaders (and maybe the only one) of the political belief that fusing democracy with a distinct public role is a practical basis for policy. Dr. Ayub Macharia Acting Director General, NEMAWe have lost a key pillar for the environment but the seeds she sowed will live forever. We will miss the laughter and warmth your brother brought to work. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. We loved you and admired your leadership. Here is a list of comforting short condolence messages: Please accept my deepest condolences. Our thoughts are with you. All Rights Reserved. The soldiers/warriors of this country would not have gone far like we have gone if the Profs shoulders were not there to stand on in their environmental soldier program (ESP). For the full statement, click here. And that Guyanese and Caribbean People have lost "one of their most outstanding figures. It is not how long a man lives, but how deep that life is. Dr. Willy Mutunga Chief Justice of KenyaAluta Continua Comrade Wangari Mpendwa, R.I.P. The Greenbelt movement, which she founded in 1977 and which she lead for more than 30 years, thus combined the war against poverty, the fight against corruption, teaching as well as reforestation and the fight against desertification. "He left us with hope and inspiration." Sorry to hear about the loss. ", Barbadian author, George Lamming wrote: "The name Cheddi Jagan has acquired for more than one generation, the feel of permanence and awe which time confers on certain historical monuments; and there was something monumental in the consistence of purpose and the unique kind of dedication which he brought to the public life of the people of Guyana. May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Her charisma was remarkable and she literally held hundreds of young people in her hand, and I have no doubt but she was a formative influence on them. Consider the person you are writing to, the deceased, and the thoughts you want . To restate Wangari Maathais words we do not have the rights to either tire or give up. For the full statement from French Authorities, click here. Please accept my condolences. And it was to help other people and the animals on the land. I can understand your pain, but the soul that is no more with us shall see peace and rest. I pray that God rest his soul in peace. Today the pain of losing you is difficult to bear because this world needed you for some more years. Please accept our deepest condolences. We were saddened to hear of your loss. Fare thee well Heroine. Your fight for the protection of our forests will be left to us to soldier on. Margaret Otieno Chief Executive Officer, Wildlife Clubs of KenyaThe governing council, members and staff of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) in the spirit of conservation, pay tribute to a great lady in honour of her care and passion for our environment and concern for the future generations. May [Name] memories comfort you. Our love goes out to you. The people of Berbice (the birthplace of Cheddi Jagan) reacted with shock as the news was announced early Thursday morning. Regular protagonist Stan Marsh, realizing the whole election is a sham and objecting to both candidates, attempts to register a protest by not voting, but the whole town vilifies him, then exiles him. It is also this constant and untiring engagement which led to her being the first woman from Africa to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. Environmentalists everywhere are the poorer but the good lord will provide and prosper Wangaris dreams and aspirations. Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel for the passing of your mother. The greatest son and patriot that has ever walked this dear land has departed.. President Jagan has left us a proud legacy and has placed our country irreversibly on the road to progress. ", Cubas President Fidel Castro said in his message that he was "deeply grieved by the sad news." Find up to date information on visitors and their tributes below. She will remain a source of inspiration for all those who, on the African continent and beyond, fight for the same values and the same causes. Hell be missed. Your father was an outstanding man, and it seems that he has left us too soon. Prof Wangari Maathais keynote address during the 2nd World Congress of Agroforestry, Sustained Development, Democracy, and Peace in Africa, Rise Up and Walk!