When I buy a home does that mean I subject myself to being profiled on Blockshopper.com so that any interested person can know where I live, what I paid for my home, where I work, what my affiliations are, where I went to law school, and what I look like? I also requested my information be removed or *** out to some point. I have been speaking to a Scarlet ** about CA rights of privacy, she is refusing to remove my online information and is claiming it is public which is false and not allowed, I am sick of her asking me for personal information and I am in no way obligated to allow a breach of my personal information online at this scammer site and to provide anything that is private. Beyond that, the Web site selects and profiles specific sellers and buyers, identifying them by name, occupation and place of employment and then also links to the various Web sites with additional data on the individual buyer or seller. Evanston, Illinois [CDATA[*/var out = '',el = document.getElementsByTagName('span'),l = ['>','a','/','<',' 103',' 114',' 111',' 46',' 110',' 111',' 105',' 116',' 99',' 97',' 45',' 114',' 101',' 109',' 117',' 115',' 110',' 111',' 99',' 64',' 114',' 111',' 116',' 105',' 100',' 101','>','\"',' 103',' 114',' 111',' 46',' 110',' 111',' 105',' 116',' 99',' 97',' 45',' 114',' 101',' 109',' 117',' 115',' 110',' 111',' 99',' 64',' 114',' 111',' 116',' 105',' 100',' 101',':','o','t','l','i','a','m','\"','=','f','e','r','h','a ','<'],i = l.length,j = el.length;while (--i >= 0)out += unescape(l[i].replace(/^\s\s*/, '&#'));while (--j >= 0)if (el[j].getAttribute('data-eeEncEmail_eFuWlDuFrd'))el[j].innerHTML = out;/*]]>*/. Oh, and feel free to contact the company who says they serve the military. Keep it goin' ROBERT NAVARRE Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. Consumers who purchased the product between Nov. 12, 2016, and Nov. 28, 2022, may be eligible for a cash reimbursement or a Claim deadline is Wednesday, 12 April 2023. It's fairly cheap like $50 and you don't need a lawyer - you can represent yourself. That is unacceptable. Find information on current lawsuits and settlements, or the latest news on products and services. Anyone who is having problems with Blockshopper.com/Landon Company, Claim deadline is Thursday, 09 March 2023. Law360 takes your privacy seriously. and talked with wife . Those who owned or leased a 2015-2020 Outback, 2015-2020 Forester, 2015-2020 Legacy, 2015-2020 WRX and 2019-2020 Ascent (except consumers in Alaska or Hawaii), will automatically have the warranty on their batteries extended. They are an unethical company that recklessly publishes personal information online. There needs to be a broad opt out mechanism for BlockShopper. me to open and close down a center that carries a ton of money. It adds to that brief articles about transactions involving lawyers, doctors and other buyers and sellers whose names show up in Google searches. Legal Action. and how they've already been sued by a HUGE law firm Their # is 314.645.3300. If you ask us, this almost sounds more like a bad Internet marketing scheme than a lawsuit settlement. For reasons still unbeknownst to the world, however, Jones Day was very displeased by these links and filed a lawsuit against BlockShopper in September of 2008, leveling the odd charge of . I say we call ourselves blockstopper and let the fight begin Mr Timothy J. Landon, is also on the Board of Directors of Once of Prevention. FTC Complaint form The website reports on the home purchases of the kinda-rich in 15 U.S. metropolitan areas. serveral emails pertaining the risk they have placed my family in by listing my American Public University System (APUS), wholly owned by APEI, comprises two universities American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU). Glenview, IL [protected] more people will read about [and find out about] Blockshopper.com and how they WON'T ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Apple has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a lawsuit claiming that 2015-2019 versions of the MacBook laptop were sold with defective keyboards. When a data breach occurs, consumers may be able to unite and file a class action lawsuit against the company that failed to . [protected] tel. Consumers who owned or leased a 2010-2015 Prius or 2012-2017 Prius V as of May 19, 2022, may be eligible for a repair reimbursement (including related car rental costs, towing charges, etc.) Evanston, Illinois The BBB that will handle your complaint is: [protected], CEO's home information For faster service, please include in the Subject Line of the Letter: Publishing Public Information.. If a company gets a random e-mail here and there it'll remain under the radar. I agree. Timothy Landon Should there not be the option to opt out of having your information posted in this forum? I have no luck getting in touch with a real person. ClassAction.org is a group of designers, writers and programmers who have been working in the legal space for nearly a decade. We also can push your legitimate claim rate up to 25%, depending on your settlement, with our various strategies to broadcast your message. CEO's home information: Blockshopper.com does not have the right to provide names. Those are defined as hyperlinks that are placed on a word or name. Kirks Natural, LLC, which distributes soaps, hand washes and creams under the South of France brand in the U.S., agreed to pay $650,000 to settle allegations that the company misrepresented its products, which are actually produced in the U.S. (not in Southern France). The 37-year-old is an ex-journalist who with a friend created Blockshopper.com. The earliest this case potentially could proceed to trial is now sometime in late 2025. Not a subscriber yet? There was some privacy knowing that anyone seriously interested in this info. BlockShopper is permitted to use "deep links" to any Jones Day site. brian@blockshopper.com Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Timpone, a merry muckraker who worked as a statehouse reporter for a CBS-affiliated television station in Illinois in the 1990s, hasn't asked the homeowners for permission. Doesn't anyone in the legal world see the dangers of the fact that with a few clicks a pedophile can look up child online and then if that child has a unique last name, see where they live and also find out where they go to school? invasion of privacy/won't let us 'opt-out'. or Experian. If you purchased certain types of Claim deadline is Monday, 03 April 2023. In reading other posts on the forum I was not alone in the ability to find a solution. If they want to publicize information that a person would normally have to get from county records that's fine. The Liberty Class Action Ohio website says, "This matters because the first lawsuit will be representing the Ohio business owners, shortly after, the second lawsuit for the people of Ohio including ADA discrimination (Americans with Disabilities Act)." Renz, of Renz Law LLC in Fremont, said he joined the effort recently. These injuries can be physical or financial, ranging from concussions to money lost on products that were defective or falsely advertised. (415) 777-9648, Consumer education and advocacy since 1971, Page rendered in 0.9068 seconds | 77 querie(s) executed |, . It states the potential class of plaintiffs is too numerous to . I dont understand how theyre getting away from with breaking the law. I have sent the staff of No materials from this website may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way. The case was brought against Summit Utilities, Inc. and Summit Utilities Arkansas, Inc., and claims Summit has "utterly failed" to provide gas service. btwBrian, nice hair on your you-tube videoand you don't mean any harm to anyone? I agree - I also am having the same difficulty with themand even called the CEO's house last nite [protected] cjlipe@aol.com. 3. Horrible company. [protected] Is this legal? BlockShopper also will have a new link for visitors curious about why Jones Day references come in a different format than all the other tie-ins appearing on the BlockShopper site. Ars may earn compensation on sales from links on this site. I have updated the Chesapeake Police Department on the cost, and I am hoping that it gets assigned an investigator. NOT ! - A class-action lawsuit was filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court against Summit Utilities Thursday alleging price gouging. Let's just see how THEY like it, shall we? (Weinhaus was Timpone's cofounder; co-owner Landon arrived later.) complete address. The proposed class action lawsuit follows closely behind a separate Whirlpool class action lawsuit that was recently settled for $21 million to resolve allegations concerning defective drain tubes in refrigerators manufactured by the company that caused freezing resulting in water leakage. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. that I live one city away from my job and based on my job functions I recieve Consumers who bought certain Apple MacBooks and had a keycap replacement or top case repair within the first four years may be eligible for cash payment Claim deadline is Monday, 06 March 2023. Consumers who bought certain Apple MacBooks and had a keycap replacement or top case repair within the first four years may be eligible for cash payment and coverage for future keyboard issues. BRIAN TIMPONE . 3528 N Janssen Ave Please feel free to contact this organization to inform them that he is putting military members who have served and interacted with local nationals in Iraq and Afghanistan at risk of being found so easily by enemies of our nation. To see the list, click the direct. 1. I am writing to everyone I know from Homeland Security, onto get information as to how this The right of publicity is the right of a person to control and make money from the commercial use of his or her identity. delete someone's address upon request . Copyright 2022 Consumers Unified LLC. Guillermo tell you that he have wife, name Roberta Rivera. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our (I think I heard Timpone saying that somewhere?) This issue will be resolved legislatively, when members of Congress start receiving constituents' complaints at their home addresses (courtesy of blockshopper). --------- Someone needs to start a lawsuit against them. After Dunlap failed to persuade Blockshopper to remove the story, he dashed off a series of blog posts attacking Timpone. A class-action civil lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday accuses the Rochester, New York, Police Department (RPD) of racist practices and a "pattern and practice of using excessive force." Public domain is fine (according to Blockshopper.com) when they're reeling in the dollars If you received a notice from Volkswagen and/or Audi in June 2021 notifying you that your personal data may have been exposed in a data breach between August 2019 and May 2021, you are eligible for a monetary award from a $3.5 million class action settlement. Information exchange. This website publicly posts names, addresses and other private information of sworn public officials including law enforcement officers. Those are links that directly access a specific page beyond the home page, such as attorneys' biographical pages. According to Google, they have been sued (and lost)there is a long list of bloggers trying to get off their This is a huge privacy and safety concern for those who want to remain anonymous. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customers satisfaction. Mr Tim Landon is also on the board of directors for American Public Education, Inc. Our monthly INSIDER newsletter contains information about new cases added to our Class Action Database. The suit cost him $100,000 in legal fees. I would like to participate in a class action lawsuit against blockshopper.com. Now my name is on google everywhere as is my address, the purchase price of the property, etc. They seem to not understand the danger they created. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Blockshopper.com? This Web site links all other Web sites related to a profiled buyer or seller that they deem relevant, with no checks and balances under the law, without prior consent and without informing the individual that the profile exists. Email: bbb@stlouisbbb.org LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Ed Weinhaus, St. Louis Under the agreement, real estate startup BlockShopper can no longer include hyperlinks anywhere on its website to Jones Day, a massive Chicago law firm, except explicitly on URL text. Its extremely frustrating and very concerning that its literally the second result when you google my name and Ive already taken the legal steps through my employer to prevent this very thing. the web with regard to Blockshopper.com http://www.bbb.org/stlouis/business-reviews/real-estate/blockshoppercom-in-saint-louis-mo-310251314 If you received a notice of the 2021 ransomware attack, you may be eligible for a cash payment of at least $100 (up to $8,500, Claim deadline is Thursday, 23 March 2023. ------- Except for Blockshopper. All correspondence about your complaint will come from and should be addressed to this BBB. Submit a complaint and get your issue resolved. Links are "one of the accepted methods of dissemination of information on the Internet," Klenk said.