During all of my warm-up sets on the squat, Chuck is running the Monolift and giving me advice. Free Shipping with a $69 qualifying order. As we came into the lifting, all we heard my name called. Reply . Chuck: [At this point, Chuck breaks out some kind of Harley Davidson do-rag and starts laughing]. This was the foundation of using a high volume and high-intensity training to reach the top. Report. George Leonard a psychologist and martial artist has written extensively on the elements necessary for mastery of a discipline. Lifting in the 242-pound class, I set the world record at 1,140 pounds. Chuck Vogelpohl of Westside Barbell totals 2562 lbs. For a while, I did some tough man fights and won a couple of tournaments, but got the power bug. 25, The Benefits of High Rep Bodyweight Training, Grease The Groove (GTG) For Greater Strength, 7 Tips on Developing Superior Physical Conditioning, 5 Garage Gym Workouts For Strength, Size &, We Need MORE People Getting Farm Boy STRONG. team. I find as much info as I can and apply it to my training. Chuck fully takes this teaching to heart, and in doing so has one of the best eyes for dissecting and improving another lifters technique. [/quote] In some cases, the hype would even stand to detract from his technique. Yes that would be awesome. there is really no set numbers. That, and all his lifters really trust and respect his judgements to allow him to dictate the protocols.. plus things can change if your just a pound or two heavy in canvas. The judge kept tapping Lou so that Lou could call him up and Lou never did, thus Chuck getting injured. I became only the third to do it with two-hour weigh-ins. He set the weight up and pulled his chest and torso with all the air he could. Doc, how've you been? Does anyone know if he left on good terms? Ask Halbert, he trains early in the morning to avoid Lou. Maybe this is why Chuck left. 8 years ago. Maybe this is why Chuck left. Believe it or not omaha has tons of jobs for just about anything. This was 1986. Rick took me from a raw bench of 375 to a first meet 520, then to a 633 at carps meet in Dubuque. Some lifters are too stupid to know when they cant lift a weight. You cutting that much weight finally caught up to you. In this 135th episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast, Dave Tate sits down with several of his old training partners from Westside, known as the OG AM crew from Demorest Road. As a coach and educator I believe the greatest thing you can show someone is how to teach themselves. I personally wouldn't enjoy training if I had someone telling me what to do every step of the way. Part of my job for the day was to judge as well as run the meet. Vogelpohl would continue setting new records and turning heads throughout his lifting career. I have a version of it in crayon with pictures attached for the rest of the B.I.G. Szatmary has amassed a large following on his Youtube where he shares fitness tips, speaks with some expert lifters and does some intense workouts. I recall showing up early, and you would always be waiting for me at the gym a half-hour or three-quarters of an hour before anyone else got there. But no, Chuck is alive and well in another undeground gym in Columbus. Or was there some tension? I am a psychiatrist and an professor. Its not like I count the number of carbs and fat. I would gladly go to BIG and train and I would learn as much as I could. I know you won some cash, but when everyone showed up at 5 am, no one showed up to pay. I do not train at BIG but I have been there to receive help Rick does not hide anything from his lifters nor anyone else. Simply put, Dave said that he is the most dependable, hardest working, most competitive lifter hes ever seen. Vogelpohl ist der Familienname von: Alfons Vogelpohl (* 1932), deutscher Chemieingenieur; Georg Vogelpohl (1900-1975), deutscher Physiker und Reibungsforscher; Heinrich Vogelpohl, deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologe; Dies ist eine Begriffsklrungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe. Best of luck to him. I personally wouldn't enjoy training if I had someone telling me what to do every step of the way. If you cant lift correctly than you are going to get hurt. Confused, I flagged down Louie Simmons to ask him what the hell Chuck was doing. Follow. And you would do Reverse Hypers or pull a weight sled for your warm-up. Well, is it time now to eat again? https://DrinkLMNT.com/TABLETALK for a FREE 8-flavor sample pack with any purchase! Shop these items: https://www.elitefts.com/content/table-talk/elitefts Shop: https://www.elitefts.com/elitefts IG: https://www.instagram.com/elitefts/Support Dave Tate's Table Talk podcast by joining the crew. A week later, Dick Hartzell came to town with the bands at a basketball clinic. Walter Klock Smoking with Schwarzenegger, Art Labare A Powerlifting Legend You Need to Know, Jeff King: An update on a Bodybuilding Legend, Consent Management Platform by Real Cookie Banner. At that point, we had gone a year and a half to check the progress we had made before you would write about it. I'm not saying I don't take advice or learn from others. I asked him how he felt, and he said, Real good. Look I'm a infant powerlifter, and all I know is what I see. John Grimek Workout + Strength Training in Your 40s. Now dont get me wrong, this doesnt mean Chuck likes everyone to come up to him and pat him on the back. People sure do like to talk crap about things they don't know anything about. Louie, I knew you kept track of all our training, and you were always trying to get me to taper back for a meet and not squat all the time and pull a weight sled, but I would not listen. Jim says: Chuck was serial killer intense and he had a reverence for that place (Westside Barbell).. [quote=docjim] Das Internet hat fr den Mythos von Chuck Vogelpohl Wunder vollbracht. Combined, they share 60+ years' worth of Westside experience (at Westside) dating back to when Westside existed out of Louie Simmons' garage to its current location on Industry Drive. Thats the nature of the sport. The first time Vogelpohl hit a 1,000 lb squat during a competition that was at IPA (International Powerlifting Association) Nationals in 2001 in his home state of Ohio. EFS: Everyone has heard stories about you and some of the insane weights youve used in training, especially in regards to bands and weight. Chuck V: A lot of lat work, low back work on the 45 degree back raise, Reverse Hyperextensions, Back Attack, glute ham raises. Over around a 15-year stretch and through some serious injuries, Chuck Vogelpohl set the standard for many powerlifters that came after him. He now owns and operates EliteFTS, a website dedicated to all things strengths. and alot of our top guys started on what rick calls the turd team. There is NO WAY I would of could of done that without his help. OK, give a football team some drills to run and let them go out and make their own calls. EFS: At meets, you get a little worked up before you lift. He is a very humble and gracious person. Chuck V: A lot of good mornings, different kinds of squats and a deadlifts. Anyone is welcome to come to big iron to train and learn what we do. Simple. If you have seen the amazing documentary Westside vs the World, you know that Chuck returns home to train again with Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell.Powerlifting entrepreneur Mark Bell posted a great tribute video to a 1260 lb reverse band squat that Chuck did in preparation for another world record breaking meet shortly after this overloaded training lift. 3. Rick also listens to input from his lifters I saw that first hand this weekend. Not there long after, Chuck stepped into the bare-bones Westside gym. I think that is very important to overload the top end. For example, on Wednesdays Chuck will bench before J.L and I. Here's a brief look at some of the personalities involved in this insane squat challenge of over 40 sets! I love experimenting and trying to find a better way to do things, but in the end I like coming up my my own final plan so to speak. Louie:At that time, you were always calling people out in the gym for some kind of a contest in some lift or exercise. [/quote] In an interview we came across with Louie and Vogelpohl, Louie asks him how he got started on his series of world record-breaking lifts. That was nothing to you, and I knew then that you had what it would take to be great. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. so rather than fall victim to the stricter judging he put his trust in his coach. Blut & Kreide Vol. However, the point of this post is to highlight the insane squat workout inspired by Chuck Vogelpohl. He passed on his third attempt saving himself for the other two lifts, but his focus was so intense it could light up a city. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. working with @henry_cejudo on some powerpohl movements great tool for all athletes especially MMA get yours today at lexenironworkz.company.site fighters #mma #mmafighter #mmaworkout #mmatraining #mmalifestyle #mmaworld #powerlifting #strongman #fitness. I would rather find out as fast as I can how to hit 650 then make mistakes on my own that could be avoided under someones watchful eye. Crew to P.M. Crew1:51:03 - I Told Ya/Louies Way2:05:00 - You Cant Be A Star Forever 2:14:45 - Vogephol Busting Straps 2:24:00 - Fear and Loathing in Columbus 2:33:40 - Learning From Chuck2:40:15 - Best Lifts2:47:03 - Raw 2:52:15 - Max Effort Days 2:55:58 - Most Impressive 3:03:19 - Would You Do It Again? Chuck Vogelpohl is an American powerlifter that set numerous world records and was known for his unmatched tenacity. As Tate prepares to respond to the question, he acknowledges that in all his years of conducting seminars, he probably receives more questions about Chuck than anybody else. Chuck Vogelpohl, one of powerlifting's favorite personalities and longtime team cornerstone, has left Westside Barbell Club. I need to pull something heavier than I will pull in a competition. I have been wearing the same squat suit for years now and Dave has been helping me design a Metal squat suit. All Rights Reserved. George Leonard a psychologist and martial artist has written extensively on the elements necessary for mastery of a discipline. Let us know if you give the Chuck Vogelpohl squat challenge try! People get wrapped up about how we train, as far as numbers and exercises, but they dont know, and will never know HOW we train. Take your time big dawg! EFS: The major reason why we wanted to do this interview was to clear things up on your new video, Vogelpohl XXX. What happened was I broke my neck and had a lot of injuries that occurred outside of the weight room and I had to make a lot of adjustments. I learn as much as I can. 23.7k Followers, 125 Following, 17 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chuck Vogelpohl (@chuckvogelpohl) Chuck Vogelpohl (@chuckvogelpohl) Instagram photos and videos chuckvogelpohl New meets were coming up, and new records would fall. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of all the staff! WATCH:Chuck Vogelpohl's 1100-Pound Squat. The is from the article Dave Tate wrote for the Lift Strong Cancer CD-Manual. Brandon Lilly. All he knew was that he had to do what he had to do. He should have a good day tomorrow. Man I'm getting old.I first started talking to my wife at Chuck's 40th birthday party. EFS: How about the rack deadlifts? We have had some awesome lifters come out and train, including jason fry, al caslow, rob kolberer, paul childress, jill mills, rob luyando thats just a few. You dont do many interviews and dont get involved with the internet. He had to do what he had to do. Chuck V: When you and Dave told me that beginners were using bands; high school kids and below I couldnt believe it. NOV 2002 The gym had just a power rack, a lat pulldown, a calf-ham glute bench, a back-raise bench, and lots of weights, but most of all, lots of attitude. What do you think from the man who just had to do what he had to do? Count me in! he tells me that the only reason i have any records is because only women and infants weigh 181. Vogelpohl was a force to be reckoned with and well respected by the elites of the powerlifting world. That ought to be required reading for all athletes. Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises Making You a TRUE Beast! The look in his eye told me that it didnt matter what I said. I'm sure if I went to BIG and Rick trained me that 610 would be 650, but personally the 610 would be more rewarding. Louie:We needed a boost to our training, but how? We returned from vacation, and a couple days later, I was back in the gym. These are not easy workouts though. Chuck V.: Well I should point out that I did perform a max effort day and dynamic effort day for almost twenty years. It shows in how he takes immense pride in caring for his training environment and for his fellow lifters. I had no warm-ups and bombed out. Chuck V: When I started training at Westside, I think in 1986, I was just another lifter, another member of the team. Log in or register to post comments On Sunday, I walked into the warm-up room, nervous and green. When he lifts, he has something that Ive only seen in a couple other lifters. [quote=Paul][quote=Anonymous]Westside has alot of great lifters. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. And this leads us to the final point. EFS: How much protein do you get per day? EFS: So do you still do your speed stuff before you work up to a heavy single or double on the squat? Was this in Tampa? Probably more than people are willing to invest. You guys are being too hard on Lou. [quote=Anonymous]my question though is what would happen if someone came to BIG and decided they didn't want to train that way anymore, but still wanted to train at BIG? It was in NO way my intension to distract, people from Chuck leaving Westside. Your email address will not be published. Intentionality; and, Louie has done more for powerlifting across the world, the United States, Columbus, Ohio and has yet to always been able to give 1000 times more to his lifters in the gym. its more for grouping people together that are similar strength. [/quote] The internet has done wonders for "The Myth of Chuck Vogelpohl". All right reserved. Matt always speaks extremely highly of Chuck, the viewer of any of these videos can tell how much reverence Matt has for Chuck. Chuck Vogelpohl with The PowerPohl at Lexen Xtreme, working lower back with plates and heavy dragging chains About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy . 1,481 Likes, 35 Comments - Chuck Vogelpohl (@chuckvogelpohl) on Instagram: "Came up with these shrugs about a year ago, they work great to strengthen the upper and middle" Although Vogelpohl isnt breaking world records these days, you can find him showcasing some of his wisdom on his Instagram page, with his latest post showing hamstring glute sit backs using the belt squat and of course a box. Lou doesn't care for shit like that. Oh, yes, I remember you told me not to mess with him; that he was too big and too fast. They are Chuck went on to call for 970 lbs on his third attempt, which would make the highest squat for his weight class of all time. The decisions that most athletes focus on are what theyve done in the past or what will affect their future. EFS: You have a reputation for being intense and hardcore. I still do weighted sit-ups. For me the enjoyment is planning and organizing the training for myself. This was the last time I lifted in a USPF meet. This was done on a Saturday. OK, give a football team some drills to run and let them go out and make their own calls. Actually I believe chuck is over at lexen extreme, with danny and the boys. They also don't put up recruitment letters and write articles to try and get already elite lifters to come train with them. Now you have one lifter pulling others away from the main focus and as a coach you can't have that. Chuck:Oh, yes. Chuck screamed out for his opening attempt, and I mean SCREAMED. like i said- any level of lifters are welcome. From my experience in life and in the gym none are truly possible without submitting the wisdom and authority of a master. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You take a man fishing and they eat for a day, you TEACH a man to fish and they eat for the rest of their life. Once again, I called Louie over and asked him what the hell was going on. jason.nuttall.5201. Copyright 2023 elitefts. How about GRIP!?! Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases, killer workouts, actionable fitness content and more. I said you would have to take over and help lead the guys for a while. Hes known as one of the most intense lifters to ever step on the platform, and while he may not be loud, his intensity is contagious. [quote=docjim]I have been training at BIG for 3 years and am a proud and probably lifelong member of the Turd team there. You later opened a gym on Demorest Road, and I joined up. As youll see in the video, Dave Tate, another powerlifting great from Westside Barbell, details how this squat workout with Chuck Vogelpohl came into existence. The workout session consisted of dynamic speed work of back squats with a bar loaded to 405lbs. I then came to your garage gym on Larcomb on the Westside. They also don't put up recruitment letters and write articles to try and get already elite lifters to come train with them. He made a world record squat at 966.7lbs in the 220 . Rick's methods work, plain and simple and they carry over from the gym into everday life. Show more Hide chat. The flame hat you wore should be in its own Hall of Fame! I need to put that weight in my hands. Most people are very weak at the bottom. For me the enjoyment is planning and organizing the training for myself. https://gripgenie.comEdited by Brian Brian Youtube | http://youtube.com/tryingbrianBrian Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/brianistrying/ Follow Juji! Chuck V: This depends. Louie:I thought you were done, but the WPO was about to come on the scene with money. Not for the beginner. [/quote] He said he showed Halbert how to bench and then George took the info and expanded and experimented and now he teaches Lou how to bench. Even with my untrained eye for talent in this sport, the numbers don't lie. What separates the two? He was going to do what he had to do. he tells me that the only reason i have any records is because only women and infants weigh 181. Why is this? While in high school, Chuck crossed paths with the Louie Simmons of world-famous Westside Barbell based in Colombus, Ohio. A lot of what I do is based on how I feel; something I cant put down on paper. And dont be offended if he doesnt sit down and bullshit with you for an hour. Your thoughts on Rick are completely wrong Paul. Hes also a huge crowd favorite, so as he approaches, the crowd stands to their feet. So, what started your run of world records? It was the original IPF, the father of the USPF. I'm a school teacher and a high school coach. A coach can find weaknesses and strengthen them, a coach can tell you to hang it up for the day if you are weak that day. Just 2 months ago he wrote in PLUSA praising Chuck for his continued success. Alle Mr. Olympia 2022 ERGEBNISSE vom Freitag, Mr. Olympia 2022: Die Men's Bodybuilding-Prognose, Mr. Olympia 2022: Die Classic Physique-Prognose, 5 Debtanten, die beim Mr. Olympia 2022 ganz vorne landen knnten, Fabian Mayr: die sterreichische Olympia-Hoffnung, Vom Amateur zum IFBB Profi | Formcheck im Body Power Studio. He will help coach and spot any lifter in the gym. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Powered by Shopify, 5 Best Lower Lat Exercises To Build A Wider Back, What is Collagen? Note: Rests shouldnt be longer than 30 seconds; this is rapid-fire! Lou is actually more tolerant of other training ideas and allows the lifter to initiate what he or she wants to do.