Using the Bitnami Virtual Machine image requires hypervisor software such as VMware Player or VirtualBox . Ill add my vote for Laragon. Many times when migrating between local and remote copies, my URLs would get messed up. It has a bit of a load time, but after loading, it is the fastest local wordpress server of the various methods Ive tested. XAMPP stands for X-platform Apache MariaDB, PHP and Perl Its definitely the only local server that still touts Perl support as a major feature, so if you like to keep it TMTOWTDI, then this is definitely the one for you. Its just tough when something breaks, but they do have a really good community of people who can help. Blogs and articles and infographics, oh my! Mexicans dont pronounce the X letter as sh though. Any one else have the same issue with Flywheel? Here we have such tools as not mentioned OpenServer ( and Winginx ( When done, click the Next button; Then select which folder you want to install it in, or leave it at the default (Programs). I have used Xampp but find the method to add Virtual servers (more than one web site) "interesting" it sometimes works. Keep both PHPMyAdmin and WordPress marked Weve tried DesktopServer and it was ok, but Im very curious to try Local. I also tested "Local", but I like Bitnami better. Launch applications to the cloud with one click. Ive been putting it off because I dread once again going through all the Homebrew scripts, conf file edits, virtual host setup, etc. Just saying. Longtime Laravel user and didnt know about that, thanks for sharing! I too use MAMP Pro myself, as well as Local for quick playgrounds. Good info. It just tried forever to start its server. Then, youll be setting up your database, etcyou know the drill (and if you dont, refer to that tutorial link I gave you at the beginning of this section). For all the freelance writers out there who use WordPress to make a living, there are very few who relish developing the kind of knowledge it takes to do all this. Also, were big fans of Migrate DB Pro and recommend it to our customers all the time. been hearing this for over a year Ive lost faith in the product, more importantly DS word. Nice group of people. ;;;;, (4.5/5 semicolons) Ive always found using a Vagrant box to be the best option for an as close as possible to an actual server set up. Updates to all sites can be pushed at once, ensuring . It is the most complete UI-based local development solution for WordPress developers on the market, and its mind-bogglingly free. Do you want to configure email support? AIO does it in a couple of clicks. From there, it offers links to download bitnami modules for WordPress and other applications. Because its built for WordPress development specifically, the DesktopServer app is primarily a wizard that lets you install new WordPress installs under their own domain names. Windows is and always will be poorly supported for PHP development, because hardly anyone deploys PHP projects to Windows servers. If you do, youll getport conflicts as well as some MySQL errors. I first tried installing XAMPP under a new user on my Mac laptop. This time the server started up as expected. I dont have much choice, just bought this new Win 10 machine. I wrote an article a little while ago about integrating Laravel tools into WP development that should help anybody get up and running with Valet. This (Windoze & 3rd party workarounds) are probably exactly the reason that there are "some kind of Linux users". Umm, and are pretty good. Beyond that, there are other advantages to the Premium Membership. As mentioned before, Local offers a variety of server environment options and automatically sets up WordPress (including both variations of multisite) for you. Just hopped onto the Bitnami community and found out how to create multiple sites. For awhile, All-In-One worked great for this, but as our site has become more complex, it has failed. Im the author of Pilothouse (, which is a free/open source CLI app for managing a Docker-based local development environment, with a focus on WordPress and Laravel development. Both the Bitnami WordPress installer and XAMPP come bundled with these three software to make it easy to get a WordPress site running on your local computer. Reading your MAMP Pro "slow as molasses" aside as well as the comments here, Im half way inclined to try Laravel Valet again, despite the ridiculously incontrollable amount of stuff that gets installed by Homebrew and Composer, and some rather mysterious errors and white screens I had when last testing it. Sorted by: 3. These software listings are packaged by Bitnami. XAMPP is a little challenging to get started with (and I admittedly have never used it on a Mac) but once youre comfortable with it I find its extremely flexible. If you were to Bing installing a local WordPress, the results would most likely direct you to an XAMPP tutorial. Again with the acronyms here, MAMP stands for Mac Apache MySQL and PHP. The ini files are easily accessible inside each sites working directly. So its really designed for making a few big changes like copying, moving, and removing sites. and then edit the wp-config.php in xampp copied wordpress. Its great for tinkerers as you can create little auto-installers and scripts and mess with a lot of the defaults and config files. I also wanted to clear up what the "3 site" limit really is. Sign up for my newsletter and get your free copy. The respective trademarks mentioned in the offerings are owned by the respective companies, and use of them does not imply any affiliation or endorsement. You alsohave to name things like databases, and answer questions relating to those names. Beats the rest by a long margin because it is so easy to do. Ignore this recommendation. All good. Local is the fastest and most intuitive and well designed application among all. Neat stuff here. With BitNami for XAMPP you can do one once-click install of WordPress. Valet is something Im looking forward to trying in near future too, been hearing nice things about it. Another option I am using is devilbox (docker): WordPress is the world's most popular blogging and content management platform. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Another really useful article Many thanks! Installing the Bitnami WordPress stack, on the other hand, is cake. We heard that Flywheel is working on a paid Pro version unless its 5k a copy, we shal definitely buy it By the way, have you ever tried Kalabox? Not really, Ive been using Local myself recently and dont have any issues running the plugin. Get rid of your existing XAMPP installation and start fresh with the one Bitnami will install for you. Bitnami - The App Store for Server Software. You cant use anything above PHP 8.0.0 (they have been promising an update for a long time), if on windows using Apache you must have it installed on drive C, and any sites you add must be on Drive C for it to work. XAMPP doesnt allow you to switch between different versions of PHP, instead it has different download packages with different PHP versions included. Once the install was complete and I found the app that I needed to run (hint for users of Alfred/Spotlight as app launchers: its not called XAMPP, it is intuitively called Application Manager), I couldnt get the server to start up. Will Laravel Valet work on MacOS High Sierra? WordPress packaged by Bitnami for Microsoft Azure. Ive been a long time user of MAMP Pro, but have had issues using it on Windows and clashing with antivirus software, so have set up Xampp on our PCs. Then it launches the stack and you get five options, the first of which will be the one you want. Timely post as currently looking at different options. I started using Local (By Flywheel) a few months ago and like being able to easily match my local PHP version to my live one. I first tried VVV but I found it to complicated for my requirements so I ended up creating a customised version of Scotch Box that suits my needs. He builds free and premium WordPress themes and plugins for and Ive used XAMP, WAMP, Local, VVV, Vagrant, and even Bitnami standalone servers, and Docker, but Laragon stands out for minimalism, simplicity, and solid automatic features. Get rid of your existing XAMPP installation and start fresh with the one Bitnami will install for you. Its actually slower than working on my website online. Thanks for this article. Thats why the XAMPP tutorial is so darned long. Hey! Maybe its because Im used to a more app-based approach but it took me a bit to realize that most of XAMPPs interface exists as a web app on localhost. However rotten communication and a whole lot of hollow promises forced me to find alternatives. Believe Local by Flywheel uses Docker, so started reading about that and Vagrant and Valet. The local by fly wheel site looks new and fresh, you know, flat design and all of that. Day-to-day I still use MAMP Pro for most of my local development. Linux users, making the world a better place, on repo at a time. Then it launches the stack and you get five options, the first of which will be the one you want. 3- copy the wordpress files from the installation. So many choices! As a non masochist Ubuntu Linux user (#imwithian) I fart in your general direction! Id love to see Pilothouse included in your next round of CLI-based local environments. Bitnami WordPress Stack. Honestly, just keep mashing that next button. Thats OK, so hit next. Same as Mamp Pro, Local also allows you to switch between different versions of PHP but you cannot install a custom PHP version. Simply allow Apache HTTP Server to communicate on these networks. and the default is that your private home network is checked. I was so happy with DesktopServer and got so disappointed when their promised new version just never released. Add your name, email and login info you want for the blog. Moved from DesktopServer to Local by Flywheel to Valet+. DS keeps promising a patch, even an update. To. I like to use WAMP Server for Windows because its easy to configure the advanced settings for the applications. In my research the main advice is SSD (of course) and Not Windows 10 because of bloatness and notorious for background services. MAMP Pro also allows you to create your own SSL certificates during site creation, though youll need to add the certificate to your macOS keychain to avoid showing SSL errors in browsers. Ive recently started using Laragon for Windows. I only use Windows at Home and use Mac at the Office. You can find me on twitter (@marcbenzak) or on our contact page. The default is to install phpMyAdmin, which is the admin panel you would use if you were going to go in an monkey with your WordPress database. i have installed xampp-win32-7..1--VC14-installer but before that there's a massage that UAC will interrupt my installation but i ignore this warning and then i try to install bitnami-wordpress-4.4.1--module-windows-installer in the end of installing i got a massage "Problem running post-install step. Ive since moved to Valet which is perfect for my needs (I do a lot of Laravel and Craft in addition to WordPress). Full disclosure: MAMP Pro is my daily driver. The other tab is Server Events. kkkk. The latest version (as of April 2018) uses PHP v.7. Ive run sfc scan now and dism.exe. I decided to try Local, but ended up frustrated. I write highly researched content in a conversational toneview my samples here: Easy to set it up and you can develop just in a few minutes. I dont want to create a new website, I want to work on an existing one, that has a Git repository. Thx. I have installed the XAMPP folder in Applications. If we dont support OS, how can we justifiably use WP? Are there other GUI-based tools that you think I should have covered on this list? Local does make this very easy, just right click the site name in the sidebar and select Open Site Shell. This is useful for developers but for writers not so much. Is checking this box all you need to do to get FollowSymLink working or is there more? 17 related questions found. Bitnami tutorials simply dont seem to exist in droves, probably because theyre not very necessary. Take a look here at the ridiculously long, drawn-out process for installing XAMPP plus Wordpress on your machine. This helps to avoid issues when uploading files to the stack. If you've ever manually installed WordPress, the rest of the process should feel pretty familiar. With several command lines, I installed LV and successfully cloned a website alive to local using Duplicator. An easy-to-use local testing server is one of the most important tools in a WordPress developers utility belt. ;;; ; ; (3/5 semicolons) The WordPress installer seems to work well and intuitively enough. If I read this right, you are incorrect MAMP Pro offers an automated install of WordPress. You can probably chalk this up to MAMPs focus on the Mac platform because the installer looks and feels at home on MacOS. MAMP (which comes with no pronunciation guide and so Im assuming its pronounced potato) is the second most tenured local server that I know of. Learn more about the benefits of the Bitnami Application Catalog. For all the freelance writers out there who use WordPress to make a living, there are very few who relish developing the kind of knowledge it takes to do all this. Its available for both Windows as well as Mac. . DesktopServer is super easy to use and gets you up and running with WordPress in a snap, but might be a little too basic for developers who need to test in different server environments. After wasted several days of trying, found this review. To you is odd to say Shamp, to me is odd to say zamp, because Shamp is the natural sound of XAmp in Portuguese. I use it on Windows and Mac. I fired up Local By Flywheel and within an hour had a new site up and running on my Windows 10 laptop. WAMP provides support for MySQL and PHP. Notice how wonderfully short it is. Just by adding a new folder to the web root, the app will detect it and automatically set up your local hosts file domain for it. Following the same suite as XAMPP, DesktopServer doesnt allow you to switch between different PHP versions which makes it less interesting for me. Thanks again for the great article! Within about 15 minutes, I had Error: /usr/local/opt/php71 is not a valid keg Error: /usr/local/opt/php70 is not a valid keg (( delete some obscure stuff )) Error: The brew link step did not complete successfully The formula built, but is not symlinked into /usr/local Could not symlink . I chalked this up to the fact that I already had MAMP and Local installed on that machine and there was probably some conflict. XAMPP also has SSL feature while WAMP doesnt. I used to use XAMPP and found the Windows version of Local never installed as easily as it should have. cPanel, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, phpMyAdmin, Perl, Python etc. I did have to restart it a couple of times before figuring out that I also needed to go back to the Application Manager and turn on MySQL. Click to install the bitnami-wordpress-4.1.1--module-windows-installer.exe file which you've downloaded. Instant WordPress. They have been brilliant in my book. It automatically creates virtual hosts, allows you to send & catch test emails, and switch versions of PHP / Apache / MySQL easily. Im not super impressed with XAMPP for this reason alone. Windows and WSL, or a Linux setup is my preference for development now days. My Bitnami WordPress Stack Installation Tutorial. This entry was posted in WP Migrate DB Pro, Workflow and tagged WordPress, Development, Hosting, local, MAMP, xampp, desktop server. Auto installer for the stack, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and others. Googled the issues I was having and realized I was FAR from the only one. On Windows I found Laragon to be exceptional. Next I tried just setting up a LAMP stack and ran into never ending MySql errors, regardless of how I installed MySql or MariaDB. Setting up a site in Local usually takes 60-90 seconds for me, and using the site feels fast too. You can also configure different MySQL/PHP versions per site while creating it, with the option to download different versions. I also prefer vagrant because it just works across any platform, including you poor souls who are forced to use Mac. If you know of any advantages to installing a local version of WP via XAMPP over Bitnami, please chime in and straighten me out. It will automatically set up SSL for your sites, open source MailHog integration to catch outbound emails the list goes on. If you've been scared off in the past by the lengthy process for installing XAMPP and WordPress locally, there's very good news. Ive been using MAMP Pro for a number of years and have found it to be reliable, adequately configurable, and a bit slower than Local. This tutorial uses a Mac OS X native installer, but similar steps apply on Windows and Linux platforms. Its like I am driving an easily controlled manual car now. One may work well with AWS plugins and services and the other just needs a searchable database. Advantages of XAMPP: It is cross-platform software It possesses many other essential modules such as phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL, MediaWiki, WordPress, Joomla and more. Duplicator Pro still needs a pile of other actions and knowledge to get the job done. No more cowboy coding . It sits there and does the work of installing, which takes a few minutes. Certainly none of the options are perfect. On the Bitnami WordPress Stack page- click on Next. Its a Docker environment working on Mac, Linux & Windows. Error: The brew link step did not complete successfully The formula built, but is not symlinked into /usr/local Error: Failed to create /usr/local/opt/gettext Things that depend on gettext will probably not build. Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. What is Bitnami? As a free Vagrant option Id mention Trellis ( which helps you to build WordPress sites in a modern environment. As the one of the principles of ServerPress, I wanted to just pop in and let you and your readers know that theres a bit more to the Premium membership beyond the 3 site limitation. With PHPStorms built-in terminal, its really easy to run a CLI command on the fly without having to go through the apps UI and opening terminal separately as seen in Local. If youve been scared off in the past by the lengthy processfor installing XAMPP and WordPress locally, theres very good news. After fighting with Xampp, Mamp (for Windows!) Ready? I use DS, and I like it enough to speak well of it, but it irks me that you boast that the Premium version facilitates easy migration when a free plugin like All In One Migration does this brilliantly already so well, I cant imagine that any other method could better it lest they get it down to like 1 or 2 clicks or something. If you do, youll get port conflicts as well as some MySQL errors. You'll need to install XAMPP-VM for Mac to be able to install XAMPP addons separately. You can do this via phpMyAdmin (easily accessible from MAMPs webstart page http://localhost), and then follow the normal WordPress install instructions. All the others listed are open source. I stand corrected. When Local came around I jumped and I have been very happy. Until it collided with Windoze 10 and refused to update the "hosts" file. Its really not a limit in that you can actually create as many sites as you want, but you ARE limited to the number of sites you can manage at one time. Let us know in the comments! WAMP is significantly better solution than XAMP. Bitnami tutorials simply dont seem to exist in droves, probably because theyre not very necessary. As a long-time MAMP Pro user, I do wish that DesktopServer had a better site management UI. So we need something thats easy to use and will do most of the heavy lifting for us. The latest version of MAMP Pro even comes with installers for various applications including WordPress. Getting back to the core discussion by the author, does anyone know which one of these Dev Environements is the fastest??? Flywheel was also recently acquired by WP Engine, so Local is now a WP Engine product. Desktop Server is great too! I would have given it a perfect 5 if WP-CLI was somehow accessible directly. It can be customized via a wide selection of themes, extensions and plug-ins. Advantages of WAMP: It is easy to Use. Ive tried Local by Flywheel and I loved it. Installing WordPress on XAMPP is an easy task with Bitnami. It sits there and does the work of installing, which takes a few minutes. It is the one thing I miss about moving back to a Mac. - DiMithras Nov 29, 2022 at 22:27 MAMP, like XAMPP, doesnt give you much help in creating virtual hosts.