Solution: Check for the proper settings on the computer board. The initial setting is 120F, but you're in control after installation. Solution: Check if there is a loose or breakage in the wire connection or debris on the thermistor. Again, this is an issue for a professional but you can check that the proper settings are in place on the computer board. For example, a bad thermostat, a bad computer board, and burn-out connectors that lead to the computer module are responsible for producing too much hot water. Release the gas control knob once the status light starts flashing and set the temperature to your desired setting. Regarding this, follow the instructions I broke down in the Status light flashing 4 times. Gas water heater using too much gas. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. And like other electric water heaters, AO Smith also features a high-limit switch or electric-cut-off button. Check for hidden leaks in hot water system . We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. When the heating element shorts out, it will cause a short circuit, which will allow it to continue heating, causing the water to become too hot. Using Rheem error codes to troubleshoot Rheem tankless water heaters. Dont forget to use Teflon tape on the gas piping connections and fitting on the back of the gas valve that screws into the tank. Check if there is a gas leak. Legal provides and shares information on plumbing, heating & air quality, home improvement, and other DIY projects. It also causes the heater to shut down completely and display the E05 code on the Pentair heater. Error Code 61, 611, Four times Problem: Fan motor fault. Go along with the following steps to light up your water heater: Secondly, the status light wont flash a single time until the thermopile reaches its normal operating temperature. AFR rods monitor the air fuel ratio of your water heaters internal combustion engine, which is a massively important part of your water heaters function. I dont recommend you perform this workflow by yourself. AO Smith Water Heater will throw an error code or make a beeping noise if the unit is not working properly. CODE: 72, 721, Six timesPROBLEM: False flame detection. Below, I will explain the meaning of status light codes and what steps you should take to stop the blinking light. Yesterday morning my water heater was beeping but no error code. Learn more, Facebook II Twitter II Pinterest II Linkedin. If there is a problem with the water heater, an installed remote will make a sound, and the error code will display on the screen. Problem: Miscommunication in an Easy-Link system. CODE: 711, One timePROBLEM: Gas solenoid valve drive circuit failure. You should keep depressing the igniter button for 90 seconds. Also, you should check the computer board for any sign of burn marks too. However, we often suggest professional help if the issue is complex. Related Price Pages:A.O. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. You may type any combination of product name, family, size, model number, etc. to control or estimate. Then, leave the unit for 10 minutes to let the thermopile cool down. Alarm reads E05 and a lot of water is going thru the overflow drain pipe It's still under warranty. Get information and support for all A. O. Smith models. How to use a diagnostic system to repair a faulty heater. It usually means that there is a problem with the bypass valve. Through constant innovation, at production level and application level, A.O. Now there are quite a few reasons why this error code appears, including a faulty stack flue sensor, damaged thermal regulator, and improper gas pressure. Second, the thermopile of your gas water heater has not reached its operating temperature yet. AO Smith Water Heater Error Code E02 [5 Easy Fixes] 1. To solve this, you will need to unblock your vents and also check for any grease or dirt found within the gas burner or fan motor. So, keep reading. This error code pops up whenever there is a fault with the fan motor of your tankless water heater. However, damage and soot can sometimes prevent the AFR rod from doing its job properly and it requires attention. I Secondly, you must replace the gas control valve if the pilot valve gets stuck in an open position. Though resetting the unit will fix and clear the error code, you must figure out whats overheating the water. Detach the thermistor and reattach it again. Find the right water heater for your needs. The solution for this problem is by checking the Hi-limit switch. Otherwise, the status light wont blink. The thin flow of water is typically a result of scaled-up pipes or improper water pressure. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. You must log in or register to reply here. Power vented gas models with hot surface ignition & 2"/3"/4" pvc vent capability (21 pages) Water Heater A.O. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Generally, the water heater will display this faulty code if the outlet thermistor (TH-4) remains open. install thermostatic mixing valves at each point of use. Install a new gas control valve and tighten it up using the 4 gas pipe by turning it clockwise. Gas Tank; Electric Tank; Hybrid Tank; Expansion Tanks; Tankless . Now, remove the ground joint union in the gas piping and disconnect the remaining piping from the gas control valve. Examine the water pipes and make sure that they are clean. Smith Water Heater error code guide will explain comm. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Leak Watch Smart technologyimmediately alerts you of a leak for yourpeace of mind. Besides, I will also walk you through the troubleshooting steps to clear those error messages. The water heater is surely essential to support modern households, and we can make sure that people will look for the best water heater which can be used for their household needs. Smith Water Heater error code guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and show you how to read your model's error codes. Common symptoms, problems, and fixing tips. In contrast, 4 consecutive flashes with a 3-second pause indicates the temperature sensor of the unit senses the water temperature is too high. Products. Its super important that you keep your AFR rod in the best condition so you can keep using your water heater safely. Tankless Water Heater Problems | Troubleshooting and Repair Tips, John Wood Tankless Error Codes | Troubleshooting Tips, Rheem Tankless Error Codes | Problems | Troubleshooting Guide, Takagi Error Codes | Troubleshooting Guide and Repair Tips, Rinnai Error Codes | Troubleshooting Rinnai Water Heaters, Noritz Error Codes Guide | Troubleshooting Noritz Water Heaters, How to Replace a Water Heater Dip Tube - DIY Installation Tips, How to Fix Water Hammer Problem | Troubleshooting Guide, Navien Water Heaters | Review and Buying Tips for 2023. The showers in homes built after 1992 typically have a flow rate of 2.1 Gallons Per Minute. They have to make sure that the wire connection does not break or lose. Start with turning off the gas control valve to the off position. In other words, the thermopile itself gets defective or the wire connectors come loose. c. The computer checks for any problems with the unit before startup. Need sanity check to make sure I troubleshoot the device properly: Problem: No ignition. Is the surrounding air contaminated? This error code indicates that there is a problem with the flow sensor on your AO smith tankless water heater. In one of the other places I manage, the owner -- for reasons known best to herself -- had a State Electric Hybrid water heater installed. } They should be able to tell you the correct dipswitch settings for your model so you can correct it yourself. This chapter will discuss everything you need to know about the flashing light codes on AO Smith Water Heater. A.O. Use the pipe wrench to tighten the fittings. Make sure that there are no parts of the sensor that require work. This thermistor should be found attached to your water heaters exhaust. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Related Parts Pages:A.O. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. This problem occurs because of two reasons. Disconnect every connection like the igniter wire, thermopile wire, pilot tube, and manifold tube from the gas control valve. Yes, you can fix the error codes on the Pentair heater by identifying the issue and its solution. Fix or replace the faulty parts, wires, or pipes as soon as you notice them. You can easily detect the exact problem of your water heater if you know the meaning of the flashing light code. on: function(evt, cb) { FIX: Check for connection and wire breakage or computer board failure (burn marks). These factors prevent the gas from reaching the heater and performing properly. And this tutorial will help in replacing the thermocouple on the AO Smith Water Heater: Secondly, inspect the wire connectors for loose. If the error code returns, I bet the sensor is at fault. Take out the thermal regulator and replace it with a new one. And this guide on AO Smith Water Heater Troubleshooting Lights broke down everything you need to know. Yes, the heater heater light should blink as the flashing light will help you to understand whether the heater is working properly or not. Ask a customer care specialist Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area. Smith Water Heater, look no further! Smith Signature 100 50-Gallons Tall 6-year Limited Warranty 4500-Watt Double Element Electric Water Heater Model # E6-50H45DV Find My Store for pricing and availability 2930 A.O. I have verified that I have water pressure at the back of the unit, both hot and cold, which was my first thought with the pressure switch and waterfill faults. CODE: 03 (031), One timePROBLEM: Incorrect dipswitch settings. Copyright 2020 - 2022 | All rights reserved. This error code may appear when you power up the unit. These features are included with all Signature 500 Series water heaters. Generally, the water gets too hot if the gas control valve/thermostat is at fault. Troubleshooting AO Smith condensing water heaters is similar to troubleshooting other brands and models. You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Once thats one, the error code should vanish. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University Of Texas at El Paso. Wait for ten minutes to allow all the gas to clear out. Note: You can also read how to fix the Pentair heater error codes problem. CODE: 441, Two timesPROBLEM: Problem with the flow sensor. The national average is 67.5. The Pentair error code E05 indicates an open stack flue sensor. For example, a model 510 will display the numerical code on the 7-Seg LED on the computer board, while the 110 and 310 models only a blinking red LED that can flash one time or more. Years of experience in the HVAC field have taught him many lessons, not the least of which is that the value of quality and knowledge far exceeds any promised initial savings. Legal provides and shares information on plumbing, heating & air quality, home improvement, and other DIY projects. Most of the time, this error occurs when there is a wire connection issue or a breakage, which can easily be fixed or replaced. Find the right water heater for your needs. All rights reservedDisclaimer:The content published on is not professional advice. It does not store any personal data. What does flashing light mean on AO Smith Water Heater? If there are any burn marks on the computer board then this is a sign that your water heaters computer board is overheating and cutting out. Thermistors are an important component of any water heater as it helps your water heater heat your water to the correct temperature. Smith maintains its leading position in the market. Afterward, install a new thermistor. I am still getting the error code. The average US household uses 64.3 gallons of hot water each day. This error code signifies that there is a problem with your outlet thermistor. To solve this issue, there is no way except replacing the gas control valve. This chapter will describe the meaning of a specific error message your AO Smith Electric Tankless Water Heater throws. See how to troubleshoot the flame failure, not enough, no hot water . Than ks anyway Appliance Technician: Chester Just ignore the pop-up call request. Summary of Contents for A.O. Error Code 51, 55, 510, 551, Six times Problem: Abnormal gas solenoid valve. If you install the unit professionally and maintain it according to the manual, it will support you for up to 10 years. Can you hear a buzzing spark ignition from the burner or two clunk sounds from the gas valve? A Appliance Helpers representative is available for you 7 days-a-week including Holidays!! There could be an issue with the power supply of your water heater and thus it could be failing. It will be best to consult with a certified professional or the technical support team. Smith A.O. Replace everything back into its place. Solution: Is the water heater set for the right elevation? Replacing the gas control valve/thermostat will be a simple fix to this issue. The solution for this problem is by checking the Hi-limit switch. Several reasons are to blame if the water heater keeps beeping. GCVL40-200 GCVL40-201 GNR40100 GNR50100 GPS-75 GPVH40100. Tanks, iCOMM Smart Connectivity allows you to get notifications and manage your water heater from your smartphone. CODE: 51, 55, 510, 551, Six timesPROBLEM: Abnormal gas solenoid valve. The tools needed to solve the problems from below are mainly the screwdriver, manometer, and multi-meter. Next, check the heating element for damage. {{INUSING}}, Water Heater Expansion The owner is not there much in the spring and fall, like now, but the water heater is left running. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. FIX: Check if the condensate drain is installed on the vent collar of the heater. An Easy Guide on How to Fix A Squeaky Door Without Taking It Apart, How to Remove A Broken Drill Bit from Wood? Smith Signature 100 50-Gallon Tall 6-year Limited 40000-BTU Natural Gas Water Heater Model # G6N-UT5040NVR Find My Store When the water leaks out of any place from the water heater, the leak sensor senses it and notifies you by throwing the fault code E04. smith gas water heater installation user and service manual (102 pages) Water Heater A.O.Smith GPSX-50L Owner's Manual. And secondly, loose wiring connections can also cause this symptom. Higher temperatures increase the risk of scalding, but even at 120F, hot water can Just connect a garden hose to the drain plug at the bottom of the unit and place the other end of the hose to the nearest floor drain. We don't tend to provide any plumbing advice or any advice that should come from a certified professional. If this error code has appeared on your AO Smith tankless water heaters LED screen, then this is a sign that you have set the incorrect settings for the dipswitch. 113 Flame On Should be Off Fail They have to make sure that the wire connection does not break or lose. The gas pressure to the Pentair pool heater often gets obstructed due to clogged gas pipes, incorrect pressure settings, and turned off gas valves. Register now, spots are limited! Fix the loose wiring and replace the damaged wires.