On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. In Kasso's I was afraid I didnt know what to think, cause no ones normal enough to do that. fifteen and perhaps thirty teenagers and young adults were told of the They asked me to go to the deli to get orange juice. Looking for Albert Quinones online? known as the "Acid King". I got them the biggest orange juice I could find, and they were so happy. I don't think anybody but God knows what happened that night.''. Thinking it was a sign The thing that bugs me out, man, is all of them were pushing me, especially Gary and Ricky, to take a hit of mescaline. Thats just the way it works with drugs. that some of the area's missing children were his victims. A teen-ager has gone on trial in a murder case that brought worldwide publicity to Northport last summer when the community was erroneously depicted as the home of a killer cult of chanting satanists. Hes always in my mind. S&M Gary! Stab! It was sick, it was torture. On at least one occasion, Ricky's parents admitted him to the South Oaks Psychiatric Hospital (formerly known as the Amityville Asylum) in Amityville, New York for drug rehabilitation and psychiatric care. of violated the code. They were all tripping. satanic ritual in which they tried to call forth the devil. They wanted to know the truth. Fair Use/New York Daily NewsJames Troianos arraignment in 1984. They put around graffiti, RICKY LIVES, DEAD OR ALIVE. Mr. Troiano watched the murder but did not participate, Mr. Quinones said. (http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=307491) After Gary made a fire with his socks, he didnt want to make it bigger. All three of them chugged it down. He ran and dealt and dusted with Ricky. was something like "A Child of the Devil." Ricky was sweet. It was like, every time it would hit after twelve, Id start bugging out. While there, they sought to Al Capone in Amityville - Sinks into insanity. I was massively depressed. arrest, was a list of the Dignitaries in Hell. And he was sorta worried that a person would go on a wood hunt and grab a stick, but it would be a hand or a bone. He started complaining he was getting flashbacks. Ricky is the acid king. >>. Kinda ironic that he ends up worshiping Satan and starts by stealing from the church. Kasso was acquainted with the members of a loosely organized group of friends who sold marijuana and referred to themselves as the "Knights of the Black Circle". Howling and sniffing, he found enough flesh for a fingerprint and a pile of bones wearing denim vest, running pants, white undershorts, Nikes. satanic ritual in which they tried to call forth the devil. The names are changed but it might have Thats where he was wrong. He called this girl a slut, and she freaked out and stabbed him. middle. Tissue had darkened and blood had drained. Satanists?' Amityville Insane He was I just stood there in my place, like all bugged out. His mother burst into sobs and clutched the arm of her husband, who sat impassively next to her in the front row. Northport, Long Island of the iceberg, most of what they did we will never know about. It was cute, though, the way he did it. On Tuesday he testified that Mr. Lauwers had taken off only one sock. Howling and sniffing, he found enough flesh for a fingerprint Quinones gave witness account that Troiano helped Kasso during the murder, but later denied this during his testimony at Troiano's trial. If you do that, man, you gotta have losed it, you know. MARK FISHER: Another night Albert and two girls held a seance at my house, a Bible, "In the following Jimmy Troiano signed two confessions that he later recanted. school and doesn't believe in Satan anymore, and he bullshit the doctor so At one point Mr. Naiburg asked Mr. Quinones whether seeing Mr. Kasso stab the victim had been ''real or a trip.''. Alex Quinones - @Dominicano1 Aeronautical Engineer with minors in Aircraft Maintenance, Technical Education, and Occupational Education. After the attack, Kasso and Troiano covered Lauwers' body with leaves and small branches and left it in the woods. I heard they went up to Aztakea and any girls who wanted to get fucked should go up there. Several days before Mr. Lauwers's body was discovered, Linda said, she heard friends say he had been stabbed to death, but she hadn't taken them seriously. Walpurgisnacht, so Ricky knocked together an altar and they all shouted Yearbooks 1984 Yearbook Northport High School NORTHPORT, NY Reunions Jan 31, 2010 Albert was invited to the 3rd Annual Winter Bar-B-Q 6945 invitees Jan 31, 2010 Welcome!. . MARK FISHER: Ricky was of the devil. PREPSTER GIRL: Jimmy, he was always kind of wild, always doing strange animals to the Devil. He said he did not know how long the stabbing had lasted. Other cult members never materialized and many elements of the initial news stories were eventually proven to be false. cheerleader was killed by young witch in a [digipak bonus] was acquitted of second-degree murder" (http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/4077/kasso.html, Then another friend got hit by a truck, riding his Rikki Kasso of Northport. incident was it "lowered property values. The jury acquitted Troiano since his lawyer argued that the teen was so high the night of the murder he was incapable of distinguishing reality from the effects of the drugs. RANDY KORWAN, Vietnam vet, 33: I honor Kasso. Complete hallucinations. And Ricky made Gary get on his knees and say, I love Satan. Then Ricky just started hacking away from him, man. They told the doctors of his grave digging, daily use of hallucinogens and other drugs, suicide attempts and jokes, threatening behavior. Doesnt say nothing. He had a lot of jokes about Kasso. DAN PETTY: Hed be into Hendrix, Joplin, the Woodstock stuff, then rap for a while. They came running out of the woods after they just threw leaves on him and shit. Lauwers used his socks, as well as the sleeves from his denim jacket, as kindling to start the fire. "Another night Albert and two girls held a seance at my house, a ''I mean, I used to walk through there with no fears, and like through the woods and everything. Ricky treated us to doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts. And he said it was okay. worshiped Satan and shit, and he told the doctors that he was fine, that he was gonna go back to People have no morals. PEACENIK GIRL: Jimmy told my boyfriend a week after they did it, laughing, Hey, you know Gary Lauwers? Kasso went from a budding sports star to drug addict while a high school student. ", Ricky Kasso a resident of Amityville. Why does anybody fight? RICH BARTON: The dust high was great, but the aftereffects make your brain feel like a pile of shit. See the article in its original context from. Theyd wreck fences, rip down signs, beat people up. After court, he left him off in front of the Midway store. ''It's scary, but I think it was a freak. Gary put on her leather jacket, the biker jacket and shit, and I was wearing one of the black-leather belts with the studs. coat of arms of netherlands. Thats all. SOFTHEARTED GIRL, 14: I was the closest person to Ricky. The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time Richard Kasso, 17, on July 6, 1984 at an arraignment in the murder of Northport, New York resident . I said, Rick, Im getting the hell out here. Everybody knew that. It was shut and locked tight, and it slammed open and banged against the wall. Poltergeist Movie Immediately after the verdict was delivered, court officers rushed the jurors from the courthouse. A close friend was killed at a New Years Eve party two years ago. First in the gut and then in the heart. View the Guest Book. JURY ACQUITS DEFENDANT IN KILLING OF YOUTH IN WOODS, https://www.nytimes.com/1985/04/26/nyregion/li-jury-acquits-defendant-in-killing-of-youth-in-woods.html. SOFTHEARTED GIRL: Ricky gave Gary hits of mesc and bought him jelly doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts. He wouldnt think about the next day, what was gonna happen to him. Long live the new flesh! To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. by Al Hidell "Satan Rules" and 666 written at the crime scene. So I went up to Aztakea, but I didnt quite make it, cause it was so dark, I was bumping into trees and falling down. But Kasso began boasting about the murder, telling multiple classmates about it and even taking several of them to see the body. But he denied that his perceptions were distorted because he was ''tripping'' on mescaline when Mr. Lauwers was killed. skeleton, at least a teenager was stabbed to death by a friend; -----------------------------------------------------------. SLAYING WITNESS GIVES CONFLICTING TESTIMONY, https://www.nytimes.com/1985/04/11/nyregion/li-slaying-witness-gives-conflicting-testimony.html. I didnt want to, but finally I just said, What the hell, so I took a hit. ''They were asking us, you know, if we believe in Christ,'' he said. And then I saw Gary come out from behind the white church; he walks up and his jacket was ripped; he had a cut on the side of his face blood dripping down. ", Satanic teen killer Ricky Kasso was a long time patient at the Editors picks TERRIE ALTO: This is the first time somebody I know died, other than people who send me checks on Christmas. And they grabbed him by the legs and dragged him in the woods, Ricky and Jimmy, dragged him in the woods. LSD-fueled murders of two self-professed Satanists in an empty Georgia woods, Anton Lavey, the man who made Satanism trendy. It was just his way of coming to my house, saying, Hey, man, look at this shit.. He was also arrested for digging into a colonial-era grave to steal bones. He was always wasted. couple of minutes, started going of paper in there. Acid King and Teen Satanism. Hed pull Midnight Auto, which is like ripping stereos off and stuff. Kasso's mother, Yvonne, said she doesn't believe TEEN DUSTHEAD 2: You dont feel anything. And I said, "Oh, yeah, you're so coll you can pull a gun TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Lauwers was so well known for running away from home that his parents hadnt even bothered to call the police when he went missing. One night he came back to my house. Hes the kid that climbed up the tree very high . . Theyd say, Lets go up there and watch him rot. Man, its no big deal. And they were just fighting, punching each other and shit, and I didnt think anything was going to happen. He didnt feel good. ''It's something to do - it relaxes me,'' said the youth, Eric Byrom, 19, who said he lived across the harbor in Centerport and attended Suffolk Community College. Welcome! I was just tripping out, man. MARK FISHER: In about a year, it will be back to normal. I tried killing myself. I dont know. much, they finally believed him and they let him go." being dramatized on a Chicago stage. While there, they sought to have him involuntarily committed. happened wherever there are teenagers and drugs. Ill meet you back downtown. I just fucking booked out of there. Case Is Given Details of Ritual Death" by Lindsey Gruson (April 9, 1985), "Trial Makes Young Visitors Uneasy" by Lindsey Gruson (April 11, 1985), "L.I. In this area kids follow "The Code" whereby they do not tell. They just got carried away. Mr. Naiburg argued that Mr. Kasso had acted alone. Thats why people go to museums. A history of music censorship is given in: Deflem, Mathieu. Gary was a faggot that got tough. ''We never hang out here anymore,'' she added, watching the cars go by. Kasso even brought several disbelieving teens to view Lauwers' body before he and Troiano returned to the woods to bury the decomposing remains in a shallow grave. They brought me up to this room, and they started questioning me and shit, and they were beating the shit out of me. Stabbed him in the woods Trial Loves a Good Murder Case" by Lindsey Gruson (April 18, 1985), "Story of Murder May Be Illusion, Expert Testifies" by Lindsey Gruson (April 19, 1985), "Closing Arguments Made in Trial of Youth Accused in Drug-Induced Slaying on L.I." Ricky Kasso was the killer. Mr. Mancini and the others recalled Mr. Kasso and Mr. Troiano as two friends who were good at football and who used a lot of drugs. 2020. After, he just came up to me and said, I buried the body. I said, Thank God., Then this other guy asked me about Gary, up at the loading docks. Cookie Duracin Descripcin; cookielawinfo-checkbox-analytics: 11 months: This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The version later presented by authorities in Suffolk County was not nearly so widely disseminated. I mean, you see them kill once, you just dont think, like, theyre not going to kill you. The other five could not be reached. About six months ago, he started going to the South Bronx with a friend of mine. I thought it was a nightmare. People were shocked that teenagers from the picket-fence suburbs could have committed such a brutal crime. I killed Gary. I went, Bullshit! death by a friend; 4) Newsday cover photo by Jim Peppler-inset, a scene from The most lurid stories described a youthful throng chanting satanic oaths by a bonfire as the sacrificial victim was slaughtered before their eyes. Sociopathic means robbing graves. He was on dust. (Gary Lauwers was among those who watched.) Government-Sponsored Alien Id like to be back in Woodstock. It was wet. decent kids that fought for what was good and decent. Easily, it answers. Amityville - Mass suicide and Murder, Bram Stoker who wrote "Dracula": His link to Amityville. We want to hear it. The press came howling and sniffing. Indeed, the sinister reality was Kasso acted on his own, not in the name of some larger, formidable cult. he could use the skull for a ceremony. MIKE LION MENTON, 17: Everybody was fucked up that night. As part of a satanic rite, Taking the name A steady flow of vehicles cruise Main Street. She told me someone with this eerie voice called her and said, You will never see your son again, because I just killed him. Neither of us believed it. Hed write 666 on steam mirrors when hed take a bath, and hed leave at 12:30 in the afternoon, before my mom came home. and glowed." STOCK BOY: It was the dust, man. Mr. Troiano, who acknowledged taking several doses of a powerful hallucinogen a few hours before the killing, confessed at the prompting of his police interrogators, Mr. Naiburg contended. and Cults: Legends We Live by Bill Ellis, The Conspiracy Reader: From the Deaths of JFK and John Lennon to I said, Do you have any future plans? He goes, We just break the rules. He goes, People make rules, we break them. He broke into houses. Naked in a leather mask The one bright spot in this area was a group of kids known as the Hed sleep on the floor of my room and use his leather jacket as a blanket. rivel athletics gloves albert quinones northport. motorcycle. Where evil dwells Click Here, Sign the Guest Book They were really happy and everything. Just put it down that it was the dust. DAN PETTY, 17: Fuzzy Legs would do things for the moment. Do-de-do, do-de-do. LaVey's real name was http://www.holysmoke.org/wb/wb0161.htm Kids in the dark; there were no rules It gave him a big scar on his face. Finally a girl overheard other girls http://www.rumourmachine.com/Reviews/Mysweetsatan.htm Kasso stabbed him over and