The PAQ considers the whole work process, from inputs through outputs. The first step in task analysis is to Given the company's structure, which of the following qualities will be important for the new vice president to possess? Common bases for modern pay structures include all BUT which of the following? He has developed well thought-out flowcharts and process documents so that if and when he moves on to another job, anyone can be trained to do his job. C) Identifying the outcomes Which of the following best defines a competency? Next year, the position of vice president of research will be vacant, so the executive team is working with the HR department to define selection criteria for a new vice president. Name the model that was developed by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham to describe ways to make jobs more motivating. They want to be sure that all the employees have a wide scope of decision-making authority. A. to make jobs less repetitive and more interesting A) It involves determining the cause for performance deficiency-lack of skill or a training issue. The last step in an effective onboarding process is A) improve customer service. A set of identical positions makes a _____. It is the set of duties performed by a particular team. E. KSAOs detail the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job. D. It is a work option that enlarges jobs by combining several relatively simple jobs to form a job with a wider range of tasks. A) Anyone with an Internet connection can participate in them. Alex, the HR manager, has been asked to help plan for the creation of the new unit. E) enhancing communication and developing a peer network. D. the degree to which a job requires completing a "whole" piece of work from beginning to end Job Description Universal Advisor (Phone, Chat, Email - Customer Service for Luxury Automotive Tier 1 OEM) Pay Rate: $20-22 Schedule: Between 8am and 8pm. A. KSAOs are characteristics of people and are not directly observable. Following its successful implementation, which of the following outcomes should he expect? D. work redesign B) compliance. When cooperation is important for successful organization performance, which of the following pay structures is most suitable? He lets the staff decide whether to issue refunds or replace merchandise in case of consumer grievances. Show that if a satellite orbits very near the surface of a planet with period T, the density (mass/volume) of the planet is =m/V=3/GT2\rho=m / V=3 \pi / G T^{2}=m/V=3/GT2. D. Job descriptions contain detailed specifications of the tasks involved in carrying out each duty. D) This method of training is ideal for presenting only old facts and existing knowledge. D) attitude surveys. It helps in evaluation of specific human resources activities. Many companies are exploring the use of distance learning to provide training. Rodney explains that in order to decide on the human resource needs for the unit, they should conduct a work flow analysis. C. People imagine jobs to be unstable, whereas jobs actually do not change or evolve over time. A. This saves the cashier from the physical strain of bending forward and reaching into the carts to retrieve the items. E) Unlike interns, apprentices cannot earn until the period of apprenticeship is complete. A) developing specific skills or dealing with interpersonal issues on the job. B. career planning B) time series It applies exclusively to similar job profiles. Simplifying work is especially beneficial when jobs are challenging and the costs of error are severe. E. working with organizations to design workspaces in such a manner that they meet, C. enforcing violations of its requirement that employers have a general duty to protect workers from hazards, including ergonomic hazards, Anthony, an HR manager at Synergy Inc., wishes to design jobs that do not exceed the mental capabilities and limitations of employees. E. job rotation, A list of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that a job entails is called a _____. More recently, hospitals have begun asking surgical teams to use pre-surgical checklists aimed at avoiding miscommunications and oversights. Medium View solution > Explain the following: Which of the following is true of telework arrangements? D) grow in the global market. A. subject-matter experts Simplifying work is especially beneficial when jobs are challenging and the costs of error are severe. Chap 4 Flashcards | which of the following is a disadvantage of the point method? In this case, Gina is most likely to be working in a job that requires her to: Elliot Aronson, Robin M. Akert, Timothy D. Wilson. B. D. train employees to multitask and self-manage teams This is true. The firm has a team of interior designers working closely with manufacturers to create home dcor products. D. external analysts E. the creation of comprehensive and detailed job descriptions, C. fixed and unchanging job descriptions for various jobs. E. job standardization. C) pretest/posttest comparison group B) company payoffs. Among the available job positions are those of system administrators and chief technology officer. D) communicate the need for learning. The advertisement exclusively highlights requirements such as strong communications skills, excellent teamwork abilities, and leadership skills. D. A telework arrangement is easy to set up for manufacturing workers. He considers developing a policy to allow telecommuting at his company. They are the easiest to set up for manufacturing workers. The PAQ is more effective than the task-oriented approach. B. Incumbents provide accurate estimates of the importance of job duties, whereas supervisors provide accurate information about the time spent on safety-related risk factors. E. Steve's argument is incorrect because new jobs do not have job descriptions. E) hands-on training. C. Organizations cannot combine industrial engineering with other approaches to job design. In the context of job evaluation methods, which of the following is a common way of ranking? E) culture. B) Organizational A. zero-hour contract -statements regarding job analysis is true. B) to gain insights by working on the job directly. E. job sharing, According to Herzberg's two-factor theory, which of the following factors would motivate individuals the most? Which of the following is true about the use of massive open online courses? Job Analysis B. D) Ensuring that employees have opportunities to develop Job analysis defines the organization of jobs within a job family. E. selection, Aaron, an HR manager, observes that the number of employees quitting their jobs has been steadily increasing over the last six months. C. It represents the first attempt made by the U.S. Department of Labor to match the demand and supply of labor. Next Tech applies research into physics and biochemistry to create advanced surgical instruments and implants. Sam was just promoted to be the administrative assistant to the chief executive officer. Maxwin Infomatics Corp., a nationwide logistics company, has announced the opening of a new unit for the manufacturing division. C. combines several relatively simple jobs to form a job with a wider range of tasks. As the company weighs the pros and cons of distance learning, which of the following should they keep in mind? C) expatriate It is a work option in which two part-time employees carry out the tasks associated with a single job. E. job sharing, Walters & Williams, a consulting firm, equips all of its employees with laptop computers, which they use at their desks and carry to client meetings. Mark should take care to avoid including the titles of the jobs while formulating new job descriptions. Which of the following job analysis methods requires subject-matter experts to evaluate a job in terms of abilities required to perform the job? E. It is an area of personal capability that enables employees to perform successfully. The ________ step is necessary for employees to understand where they work and their role in the success of the company. D) holding managers accountable E) Strategic, Collin was hired to work on data analytics, but once he started, the job quickly changed to project management. B. penalizing companies that allow employee participation in ergonomic redesign ALTS Infosystems is a software consulting firm based in Redmond. E) to share feedback about employees' performance. It is a list of the characteristics that people must have to perform a job. D) pretest only with comparison group E. Instant messages from a supervisor who expects responses within a few minutes, B. E) Market, _______ analysis involves identifying who needs training and determining employees' readiness for training. Team members usually share work assignments. D. a conjoint analysis E. Applying industrial engineering to a job increases its complexity. Senior Renewable Electrical Engineer - DLR Group Careers Does it seem reasonable to disregard this defense, however, if any assertion of fact within a statement of opinion is false? Information cannot be considered to be an input because it is not tangible. D. job enlargement D) pretest only with comparison group It is a necessary condition for validity. B) recruitment All of the following are true of an organization with a loyal soldier HR strategy except: Will focus on developing skills needed for high level service and innovation. His supervisor noticed that his performance was declining. A. B. incumbents C. Industrial engineering will make jobs less specialized and less repetitive. B) compliance D. The descriptions in the PAQ reports are very clear and specific. HR Management Ch. 4 Quiz E) identify the equipment and working conditions required for the tasks. While evaluating training programs, return on investment can be used to measure ________ looks at how an organization does its work: activities pursued to accomplish specific objectives for specific customers. The results indicated that a majority of its support staff considered their jobs to be monotonous. Which of the following statements best supports Josh's recommendation? Job Analysis Which of the following most likely corresponds to the task undertaken by Jenny? ActiFlow Reviews Prostate Capsules: Use, Dose -