31. Where this law exists: South Carolina (among other states). Final verdict: At first read, this weird law seems like it should come with a hilarious reason. The weirdest laws on the planet: Its a crime to Prague history: There was another bridge before Charles Bridge, Ancient stone camels in Saudi Arabia older than Pyramids. In Colorado it is illegal to collect rainwater. 40 Weird Laws in the U.S By Brittany Alexandra Sulc, updated on July 15, 2021 Candice Lane / Facebook At Far & Wide, we try to be law-abiding citizens. Specifically, they dont want kids to be teased because of their names. You'd better take it as a fun read instead of a history lesson! However, while it's no longer officially illegal for anyone to use vulgar or obscene language in the presence of two or more people, people still can't display obscene stickers, paintings, decals, or emblems in public on motor vehicles or clothing. At Far & Wide, we try to be law-abiding citizens. Even though the country doesnt have a large obesity problem, Japan decided to take a proactive approach to the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. You may not spot moose from a plane and hunt them on the same day. :) Most public pools have vending machines that sell microscopic swimwear in any color you want.[5]. In the city of Baltimore, it is against the law for any person to operate, conduct or maintain a body studio. FALSE! Top 10 Most Ridiculous Alcohol Laws In USA. To ascertain the legal status of Eastern Greenland, the PCJ relied on the following premises: The continuous and peaceful exercise of sovereignty over Greenland resulted in the title towards Denmark. The purpose of most legislation is to promote acceptable behavior and to prevent or punish unacceptable behavior. Section 365 of the Criminal Code provided that " [e]very one who fraudulently pretends to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration is guilty of an offense punishable on summary conviction." They decided that Winnie the Pooh, a beloved childrens character, was an inappropriate hermaphrodite because of its lack of identifying genitalia. And yes, it is as vague and arbitrary as it sounds. Imago, Weird Laws. No "Bat Signals" (or any other beacon) allowed in the sky. Among native New Hampshire mammals are the white-tailed deer, muskrat, beaver, porcupine, and snowshoe hare. "Renovated butter" must also be labeled as such, according to Iowa State Legislature. Any form of the "occult arts" is illegal to practice in Yamhill, including "fortune-telling, astrology, phrenology, palmistry, clairvoyance, mesmerism, spiritualism or any other practice or practices generally recognized to be unsound and unscientific whereby an attempt or pretense is made.". Final verdict: This is one of those weird laws that has no clear explanation. Sadly, its not. Erin McDowell. One common Netflix habit is illegal in Tennessee but might be hard to actually enforce on the minor level. Any products made in whole or in part from the hair say, a coat made of 101 dalmatians may result in a fine of $2,500 and a ban on owning a dog or cat for 15 years after conviction, according to the State of Delaware. One of the by-laws for the city says, "No person shall interfere with a tree or part of a tree located on municipal property, including but not limited to attaching, affixing or placing upon in any manner any object or thing to a tree or part of a tree, and climbing the tree." However, in 1966, Victoria, Australia, proved 20 th -century people could be just as miserable as their ancestors by passing anti-kite legislation. Steven Depolo/Flickr (Be honest: Have you ever caught a mouse without a hunting license?) According to the Wisconsin State Legislature, non-tasty cheese is technically punishable by law. But not names. There, even whispering in church is considered a disturbance of worship and can result in an annoying fine. In Alaska, a person. You might even recognize this legendary street from the movies. It can be viewed clearly during the nights throughout the year when the skies are clear. That begs the question: Who had tires so muddy that people took the issue to city hall? Pipe alone, or not at all! Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. In public swimming pools in France, men are only allowed to wear extremely tight-fitting swimming trunks in the swimming pool. However, her spokesman suggested that the police concentrate on more serious crimes. Final verdict: According tothis Louisiana law, if you steal someone's crawfish, it's a big deal. The second one constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by fines or jail time. Similarly, bars can be fined for allowing bingo. This ban includes any DIY projects or household cleaning that produces loud noises. On a great big beach. In Mobile, Alabama, it is against the law to throw confetti or spray silly string. These are the weirdest U.S. laws in cities and states across the country. 17. Who stole enough seafood for this to be worth making a weird law about? Local officials decided that bouncy pickles were fresher than those that just flopped onto the ground when dropped, and so the law was born. 41. Three town residents must attest in writing that the animal is loose, and its owner must fail to reclaim or confine the beast after notice is given, according to Missouri State Legislature. Below are a few samples of strange laws from Denmark: "It is legal to attempt to escape from prison." "It is against the law to eat raw bacon, when there is a full moon." "It is illegal for women to wear wigs." Show more 4 pages, Kindle Edition First published May 28, 2011 Book details & editions About the author Jeffrey Fisher 899 books7 followers 57. It is a thrilling natural phenomenon that can be experienced only when there is no midnight sun. Final verdict: Idiotic college students are to blame for this one. They dont like that, either. This is one weird law that Europeans would definitely laugh at. Mount Washington features rare alpine plants such as Greenland sandwort, Labrador tea, alpine bearberry, dwarf cinquefoil, dwarf birch, willow, and balsam fir. The law has withstood legal challenges since 1845 and included exceptions for parties, according to the New York Times and Find Law. View the Best Chili in Austin. 2023 This City Knows | All rights reserved. However, if you want to use one in Cambodia, you are likely to be disappointed or get into trouble. Supposedly, its a threat to public safety. Good to know. Some even consider the animal a modern-day unicorn. If you own more than two in your house, you can be subject to criminal possession. So far, the metabo scheme has cut obesity by 3.5 percent, which certainly seems impressive in a country with already low obesity rates. Amongst our favourite of the weird and strange laws in Ireland is the Tippling Act of 1735. It is a thrilling natural phenomenon that can be experienced only when there is no midnight sun. In Victoria, Australia, it's been illegal to fly a kite since 1966. New public buildings that cost over $100,000 have to allocate 1 percent of funds for art displays, thanks to the National Assembly of State Art Agencies. Operated since 1924. Colorado ski resorts pay private companies to burn silver iodide on the slopes. One councillor said, The problem with that bear is it doesnt have a complete wardrobe. The bears lack of pants was an issue as it was half naked., The meeting, which was taped in secret and leaked to the media, began to get out of hand when someone mentioned that the author was over 60 and [had] cut Poohs testicles off with a razor blade because he had a problem with his identity., In the end, the council decided to go with a Polish childrens character that was fully dressed from head to toe. Just to be on the safe side.[1]. Final verdict: Technically, it was Wisconsins downright war against margarine that began in 1895. How ancient Romans went to conquer Britain? 44. 9. 34. Longyearbyen was first inhabited by miners. In Skamania County, they were worried enough to pass a law stating that the "slaying of Bigfoot to be a felony and punishable by five years in prison.". Also illegal in England is flying a kite to the annoyance of locals, getting drunk in a pub, ringing a doorbell without lawful excuse, or keeping pigs outside your house. Many elements of Hawaiian culture were repressed, so understandably, native Hawaiians didnt want their coins stuck in peoples ears. So, in 2008, Japan banned its citizens from being fat. This place also has some more features counted as per the northernmost, such as the local church, museum, radio station, airport, university, etc. Kissing is an incredible experience and the most natural way to show affection. It is a step toward full independence from Danish rule. Everywhere in the world, you can find weird laws and Texas is no exception. Here are 13 weird laws in Ohio that we are willing to bet you didn't know about. And it seems every state has at least a few of them. Supposedly, the reason for the rule is hygiene. Although the tight swimsuits may not always be flattering, they are unlikely to have been worn outside on the streets. And, yes, two men were fined for having woefully floppy pickles. 1. Height, weight, glasses, funny haircuts, okay. No Shoes in Public. That's why you need to know about some of the weirdest laws that you might break completely by accident. A barn? Like most governments, the Germans were anxious to ensure that children were not bullied at school. The ruling has been challenged by nature lovers, but the Swiss high court agreed that the government had the right to uphold public decency.. 49. A device called ashoe-fitting fluoroscope, also known as a pedoscope or foot-o-scope, could expose the patient to radiation. Fremont Street, also known playfully as 'Glitter Gulch', is one of the most famous streets in Las Vegas. The Different Types of Stupid Laws The Dumbest Laws of California The Silliest English Laws You Won't Believe these Funny Laws America's Short Mistake of Prohibition In these states, sodomy is only illegal for homosexuals: Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. He has been a guest speaker on numerous national radio and television stations and is a five time published author. Florida outlawed tossing little people in 1989 after the bar activity caught on in southern parts of the state. "Fornication" or sex is completed banned, except for married couples. In Honolulu, Hawaii it is illegal to sing loudly after sunset. Not So Crazy Eboli is a small town in Italy, and kissing in a moving vehicle is banned here. Perhaps one of Canada's weirdest laws states that if you see the big guy in all of his hairiness in B.C., don't shoot! 32. One of the most popular and widely believed bizarre "laws" in the country, is that it is illegal to smoke any form of tobacco on Grafton Street. Maybe people were tired of being interrupted by noise while trying to enjoy a sub after a long day? 1. 26. Sidewalk Sitting. 52. 24. 10. And remember: having a criminal record is definitely not cool if you're a man over 40. 37. If you don't know how this series works it's where I give 15 unique facts and a couple of weird laws about certain country of my choosing in this case Greenland. He could choose to reincarnate far away from Tibet. An extremely stunning phenomenon is the midnight Sun which means that the day does not end with a setting sun. Location of Cities: ithas a lot to do with water, Seattle: the most extensive terrain alteration in city building history, Radio tudent, one of Europes strongest alternative stations, struggling with funding cuts, Rebellious Rog: Ljubljanas shameful shutting down of its former bike factory turned culture center, Traveling pill #1: Dont do yoga on Holocaust monuments. Unfortunately, when a local dam broke, the house flooded, and the bathtub floated away, donkey and all. 2. It is not clear why this ever became a law or a rumoured law in the first place. Weird laws in the world's northernmost town: no funerals allowed, and no cats please! This includes a selection of both past and current laws. Michigan has a large Christian population, and in their faith, its believed that Sunday should be reserved for rest, family time and church. No pun intended. For example, the New York law against people wearing masks in public places is to prevent a mass crime or a riot, since you don't know the assailant's identity undercover. When it refers to "ugly" people, it's really referring to those with disfiguring disabilities, particularly minorities. Right now, its illegal for them to vote too. Attempts to jump into the pool in shorts may lead to you being rescued by a lifeguard or hauled out by a large hook. The metabo law requires all citizens over age 40 to have their waist measurements taken once a year. Someone may pursue legal action if they were simply watching from an authorized area. There may be individual rental contracts or house rules which include this regulation, but there is in fact no national German law about this. No horse shall be driven or ridden on any street in the city at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour, and every horse shall be kept under control at all times by the person in charge thereof. Someone, at some point, did something so nutty that people felt compelled to make it illegal. 1. In Saudi Arabia, there is no minimum age for marriage. Thus, the forms of transport available for travelling long distances are boats and air. No spitting (it's a public nuisance) Donkeys may not sleep in bathtubs. It is popular due to the fact that it has the fastest moving glacier in the entire Northern hemisphere. There is some debate over this one. Driving a dirty car in Chelyabinsk, Russia can get you fined up to 2,000 rubles (about 62 USD). In essence, it bans the launching of any dangerous object, from stones to missiles to just about anything in between, within the bounds of Cumberland parks and playgrounds. Also, an ancient Norwegian law still exists that obliges all Norwegians to go out on expeditions to rape and plunder at least once every five years. Final verdict: Nevada takes itself a little too seriously sometimes. Greenlandic became the sole official language of Greenland at the historic ceremony . 23. Hello everybody this is Ethan welcome back to another episode of Unique Facts And Weird Laws. A popular law passed in England prohibits people to die in the House of Parliament. In Victoria, B.C., it's illegal for a bagpiper to play at the same time as another street performer. on Weird laws in the worlds northernmost town: no funerals allowed, and no cats please! 11. Below are 51 absurdly ridiculous laws to keep in mind next time you travel to Europe. Of course, there are a few rules. . B Rosen via Flickr In Russia, Vladimir Putin just recently made it illegal to tell kids that gay people exist. However, these weird or outlandish laws are actually on the books, whether they're enforced or not. This law is weird, but its a very reasonable response to a very unreasonable, unethical practice. The law applies also to trout, eels, lampreys, smelt, freshwater fish, and any other fish "specified for the purpose." Where this law exists: Gainesville, Georgia. So, as long as youre gifting the pizza to someone and its paid in full, it should be fine. Where this law exists: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Follow me on Twitter. This is a photo of Mine 2b where work was ongoing from 1938 until 1969. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider In England it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament, but something tells me that if someone did do this, they wouldnt face many repercussions? In Kansas, individual counties may by resolution or petition prohibit the sale of alcohol in public places where 30% or less of their gross revenue comes from the sale of food, according to Kansas State Legislatureand TIME. 2) In California, i.e. 1. Final verdict: Don't go to Yamhill to get your fortune told. Laws against fun are most common in centuries-old legislation. However, nothing saved the lovely little houses as an avalanche took momentum back in 2015 and wiped out almost the entire center of the settlement. 7. Apparently, two pickle farmers were caught selling pickles that werent fit for human consumption back in the 1940s. Did you know it's considered one of the world's first democracies? Few peculiarities are associated with this urban area, such as the fact that almost for a third of the year round, there isnt any sun around, because of the geographical position of the islands. There are so many things wrong with this, but Mississippi lawmakers viewed it as an issue of morality. 2. Why not outlaw idiotic drivers, while youre at it, New Mexico? Have you been wondering recently how to take better care of your SO? 50 dumb laws in America. This is a not so surprising fact about Canada. Were not sure what prompted the law to be made in the first place, but its not the worst law written. In 2007, the Chinese government banned Buddhists from reincarnating without prior written authorization in an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation., However, the law would allow the Chinese a say in the next reincarnation of the most important Living Buddha when the current Dalai Lama dies. (River would be out, as would North.) Finally, it must make the sex of the baby clear. It's illegal to hang the laundry on Sunday. The poor bears were also subjected to inhumane practices, like removing their claws and teeth, to prevent them from killing their human opponents. Top 10 Crazy Laws in Nevada and Las Vegas. 1. If you do, youre at risk of paying $350 fine. The man was neither fined nor imprisoned, suggesting Michigan doesn't take the law too seriously. Its fine for them to take a bath in one, though. This one confounds me. This murder is canceled," said no murderer ever. Greenland is called Greenland because that's what famous viking Erik the Red decided to call it when he started the first European settlement there in 982 AD. Most Recent Stupid Laws It is illegal to ask about a job It is illegal to die in town It's illegal to idle your car in your own driveway 1,000 Hours of training is required to braid hair. "Dumb Laws" Across the United States It Is Prohibited To Harass Big Foot (Washington) In the US state of Washington, it is a crime punishable by either a fine or a jail term to harass big foot, Sasquatch, or any other undiscovered species. 67. To preserve rare species of Arctic birds, locals are not allowed to bring cats in town as well, hence none feral friend can be spotted nearby. Admittedly, most of these weird laws are either unlikely to be enforced or unlikely to come up in the first place. In Iowa, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public. It joined the European Community (now the EU) with Denmark in 1973 but withdrew in 1985 over a . Make sure you don't ride a taxi in this one weird way or you will spend some time in the clink. To translate, you cant have so much stuff in your car that it blocks your view. Skamania County, Washington, was the first county to draft the law in 1964 which states that "any . You can't drive a car in reverse in public roads in Arizona. Ruled by the king, the people of medieval England lived under a feudal system heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.. During the Middle Ages, both laws and the penalties for breaking them were very different from the ones we are familiar with today. 19. The law specifies that a beer and wine store should be in the exclusive business of selling adult beverages and that any water or soda sold needs to be room temperature, according to Find Law. Nevertheless, the strange assortment for burial is not the only weird law active in Longyearbyen. One of our favourites on the list of strange laws in Ireland is the Tippling Act of 1735. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest stories in hedge funds, PE, fintech, and banking delivered daily to your inbox. The term Greenland means the land of people and the name is contradictory due to fact that 85% of the land of this country is covered in ice. He said, If the police are fair dinkum about protecting people in pubs and clubs, why dont they target the real issues instead?. See if it bounces. 63. 3) (rescinded obviously after the 1930's) In certain Southern states, sodomy punishable, but lynching blacks permissible, indeed photographed and applauded. Ordinarily, naked hiking might not be at the top of the political agenda, but a sudden influx of naked hikers from Germany brought the issue to the fore. Unbelievable Belgian laws. Consider this law a sign. In parts of India, a man who is in debt can offer up his wife until the debt is paid. Its considered harassment, as it should be. 25. While it's nearly impossible to enforce this law, and no blood test or medical history is required to get a marriage license, this health code could have prevented marital bliss for more than 9,700 Nebraskans who reported cases of chlamydia or gonorrhea to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services in 2015.