YOU JUST THOUGHT IT WAS BAD? After he allegedly hit back, he thenreally had a motive to kill. I'm sure he got it the worst from Terry, too. The most likely answer is that Stevie, Chris and Michael were playing behind Jamie Ballards home probably right around 5:00 as they headed on there way to Stevies house. And the family even admitted that he was making Stevie participate in these acts of abuse against his sister. Basically, he believes that Stevie was a sexualized child. Peretti believed that and the Echols defense team, although claiming that Chris must have drowned, all admitted that Chris died while he was being tied up. WE NEED TO GO TO THE CLUB HOUSE. This too, may have further contributed to the injuries on the left side of his face. Turtles would be most attracted to areas that were soft and already leeching blood, according to experts and that is why it appears as though Chris groin had both stab wounds before death and animal predation wounds after death. In part, I blame paradise lost for the graphic images. WHAT DID YOU ALL HIDE AND WAIT FOR THEM?AARON: YEAH (YES) WILL WE ALWAYS. He had a history of crime and domestic violence, and he shot his brother-in-law, allegedly in self-defense. This lends credibilty to the theory that Stevie did in fact go home, and even ate some dinner. In addition to the Ballard sighting, there is more evidence that supports the boys were with Terry around 5pm. That night and the next morning, families of the missing children with the help of neighbors and police, searched the Robin Hood Hill woods, the Blue Beacon woods and the surrounding areas. VICKIE: HE STAYED. I think its likely that Terry took the board with him as well to dispose of later or had it thrown in the bayou. And finally, if Terry claims he never saw Stevie that day (despite statements from Jacoby, Jamie Ballard and her sister and mother) there is one extremely significant question Terry has to answer: why did Stevie have partially digested vegetables in his stomach? Terry Hobbs would later state that he shot Jackie Jr. in self-defense. What people forget is that we dont knowwhosaid that Terry propositioned Jacoby. This is a big deal. Terry is an absolute sadist, psychopath and was never properly investigated, and I know The Hobbs Family Secret is true, possibly The Puzzle. hobbs is high on my list, but with what we know (or lack thereof,) there's simply no way to say anyone is "for sure" guilty in this case. When questioned later by police, he claims that on the day of the murders he was heading out to meet up with Jesse Misskelley at his Lakeshore trailer but never met up with him. I allege that Terry came home right after 5pm and Stevie was headed to the house at this time. During a special presentation at CrimeCon 2022 Las Vegas, former New York State prosecutor Jim Clemente joined Truth & Justice podcast host, Bob Ruff, and investigative journalist, George Jared, to take a deep dive into a conversation Jared previously had with Terry Hobbs. I also believe that at some point during the attack, Stevie was hit on his leg by the edge/side of the board, and also possibly in his face, which I will discuss in a moment. The ME examiner again supports this alleged statement, as Stevie, although probably the most conscious during the attack had little to no defensive wounds. According to Terrys ex wife, Terry Hobbs first wife had claimed in their divorce papers that he molested their son. West Memphis Police Officer, Bryn Ridge found Michael Moore first, just south of the crooked tree that juts out from the ground in the photo on the far left. VICKIE: YES. AARON: MICHAEL AND CHRIS SAID NOT TO TELL NOBODY. He dropped by the other parents home at the first chance he got, made an appearance and a statement that implied hed been out looking for the kids. I am not scared of that boy. Based on the reports made available to the public pertaining to Damien's mental health issues, this is a flat out lie. I have a very strong suspicion that Narlene lied about dropping LG off at home and there is ample evidence to support this. Why was shesosure, in her mind, that Damiens mother was lying about being with him all night? VICKIE: IN MIDDLE AFTERNOONRIDGE: OKAY, AND WHAT DID YOU FIND WHEN YOU CAME TO THE AREA? She described all three of on them on bicycles although they were only on two. Hair found at . It is clear to many experts that the left side of Stevies face had been bitten by turtles. I learned about this case 3 years ago. We can assume this because of the 6:00/6:30 sighting from the service road. This theory supportsbothsides of the debate. According to Mark, Terry told him that the boys had been seen heading to the woods and that he was going to head down that way to look. I still think about it regularly. RIDGE: DID YOU EVER SMELL THE SMOKE? Terry and David are not the only ones with suspicions and allegations of homosexuality surrounding them, though. This is just more evidence to support the statements from Stevies family that he was being abused by Terry.). NARLENE: He (Lg) said, if you start saying that about Damian, youre going to get in trouble, I said, well, the mommy is up there saying stating that he was, Damian was with her all the time. Sorry in advance to those of you who are tired of reading about this case! Pam Hobbs, with husband, Terry, hopes people will remember the life . WHAT DID IT SMELL LIKE DID IT STINK? In fact, Richard and his roommate both admitted that they didnt even see LG that night. The type of DNA testing utilized pertains to mtDNA. The Blue Beacon Woods was connected to the Robin Hood Hills which was the last place the three boys had been spotted on the night of the 5th. Richard took another polygraph saying that LG was not with him the night of the 5th and he passed. If you're into dick as an adult, you're gonna find your community. Twenty years later, in 2013, two parents of the murdered boys, Mark Byers and Pam Hicks, hired a lawyer to help them look at any evidence in the prosecutions possession. What reasons could there possibly be for not being honest about the night a horrific murder of children took place? Additionally, approximately a month before the murders, a friend of Chris Byers brother claimed to have seen Michael and Chris with their pants down, simulating a sex act in the exact way that homosexual men preform sex; one boy was standing up and bent over and the other boy was standing behind him and they both had their pants down. Join Nancy Grace for her new online video series designed to help you protect what you love most your children. Hobbs is . Square knots are used by farmers to subdue hogs because the more they struggle, the tighter the knot becomes. A few pages prior, he writes "Damien and Jason had no indicative violence in their pasts, and while Jessie was known for a hot temper, he channeled his aggression into pursuits such as wrestling." According to Gary Gitchell, there was rainfall on at least one or two of those nights. At the end of the conversation LG apparently told Narlene, Dont put yourself in that kind of trouble and Narlene says, Well, Im going to take care of LG. To me, that means that she is willing to lie to help protect LG. Here are two statements made by Narlene to police about LG. David Jacoby claimed that Terry said that Stevie was out riding his bike and that he told them to be back before dark. According to Michaels autopsy report, the injuries to his head support the belief that he was hit with something that had a relatively sharp edge that caused three lacerations to the left side of his head. Even Peretti agrees that there was injury to the groin area AFTER death. RIDGE: IS THE WOODS HAVE THEY GOT A NAME THEY CALL THEM ROBIN HOOD IS THAT RIGHT? This would be something he could rationalize and also something that would anger him. Even worse, Terry claims that he had arrived at Jacobys already searching for the boys, while David claimed that Terry arrived with the boys behind him in the street and apparently told David that he was allowing them to play until dark. I allege that all three men returned to Terrys home and cleaned themselves up, which most likely involved washing mud off their shoes. Coincidence? 9pm at night, and according to her, he was wearing a white shirt and tie. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Damien Echols, along with friends Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelly, were convicted of murder in 1994, in connection with the murders of Chris Byers, Michael Moore, and Steven. [2] Judge Brian S. Miller dismissed the case and subsequently ordered Hobbs to pay legal fees incurred by the singer in the amount of $17,590. well, Im going to take care of L. G. I find Narlenes comments very telling. On the night of the 5th LGs aunt Dixie told police and her sister, Narlene, that LG was dropped off at the Laundromat where she worked in a small, light colored car. RIDGE YOU DIDNT GO OVER THERE THAT DAY? The three men ran after the boys, caught them and dragged them back to Terry. What really stands out to me, is that farmers and hunters use this method of tying a hog arm to leg in a method called hobbling. In accordance with the alleged confessions and as stated previously, I believe this kick would have sent Terry into a rage and he would have instantly punched Michael in response. Would they have admitted there were car tracks found and helped the defense win their case? The teens wouldnt have minded being asked to wrestle initially and its even likely they would have removed their shirts to do so (especially if LG was wearing a shirt and tie at this time). He told police that he and his friends often played in the Blue Beacon Woods. When police were searching for the boys on the fifth, they were not inspecting a crime scene, they were simply trying to find three boys. Now newly released evidence implicating Terry Hobbs has Pam Hobbs raising her own doubts about the man she once trusted. Pam walked past him to the car and had to find out from her 4 year old daughter, Amanda, that they couldnt find Stevie. In other words, a bite on Stevies face would likely mean that his perpetrator was a parent or step-parent. thirty minutes to clean up the crime scene before it got dark. Terry Hobbs, however, was not without his defenders. RIDGE: DID YOU EVER TELL ANYDODY ABOUT IT? Is it merely a coincidence that Terry Hobbs was a former butcher and that he grew up working on his familys pig farm? It breaks my heart and I thought about it for 3 weeks straight after I got into the case. This suggests that Terry Hobbs was the person who tied up Michael Moore and it is further supported by the manner in which Michael was tied up. David Jacoby also claimed to have seen the three boys in the street at this time; one on a skateboard and the others on bikes. But again, why would turtles only be drawn to the left side of Stevies face and none of the other boys faces? (1) Strangely, Buddy first says that he has a man who will testify that he worked with Buddy all that day and then later on in the conversation, Buddy claims that his boss will testify that he was at work on the 5th. The new evidence establishes that the last person who had custody of the three boys before they vanished and died was Terry Hobbs. CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO ME WHERE THE CLUB IS?AARON: ITS, ITS IN UH, ITS IN THOSE WOODS WHERE UH, WHERE THAT STOP SIGN IS AND ITSRIDGE: IS THE WOODS HAVE THEY GOT A NAME THEY CALL THEM ROBIN HOOD IS THAT RIGHT?AARON: UH-HUH (YES)RIDGE: IT IS OKAY, YOUVE BEEN DOWN THERE BEFORE?AARON: YES SIRRIDGE: DO YOU GO DOWN THERE A LOT?AARON: (inaudible)RIDGE: OKAY, WHEN YOU WENT DOWN THERE WHO ALL WENT WITH YOU MOST THE TIME?AARON: MICHAEL AND CHRISRIDGE: OKAY, AND WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN YOU WENT DOWN THERE?AARON: WE PLAYEDRIDGE: OKAY, DID YOU EVERAARON: AND THEN SOMETIMES WE WATCHED THESE MENRIDGE: THESE MEN. West Memphis 3 murders Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Even Terry said they usually ate dinner before Pam left for work (2). I will support each theory with known public evidence. All experts agreed that Perettis autopsy reports were written exquisitely. RIDGE OKAY, SO WHEN BUDDY TELLS US THAT HE BELIEVES THAT THE DATE ON THE 5TH THAT HE WENT OVER THERE WITH YOU, HE DID GO OVER THERE WITH YOU, BUT IT WASNT ON THAT DATE? As Bennies statements suggest, as well the MEs position on Michaels injuries, there is good evidence to suggest that Michael was violently attacked first and then lay unconscious for the rest of the crime. RIDGE: ALRIGHT. Her relay of the conversation seems to reveal that Narlene is talking to LG as if they both know that Damien is guilty. "He would have been a heart breaker if. Lastly, even David Jacoby, friend to Terry Hobbs, testified that when Terry arrived at his home at 5:30, he asked Terry where Stevie was. A narcissistic ego injury (Stevie talking back or what the fuck ever - remember the neighbor who saw Terry and Stevie together for the last time?) I just find it amazing that she let this slip out and the police never even caught on. In the autopsy reports, it was concluded that Michael was swiftly and violently attacked and was likely unconscious for almost the entire assault on the boys. VICKIE: SO THEN UM, II JUST GOT AARON OUT OF THERE BECAUSE YOU KNOW. Dixie stated that she knew Richards car and that it was not his. After yelling and threatening Michael, I believe he took the board from David and violently hit Michael on the top of the head 2 or 3 times. YOUVE SEEN THE CLUB HOUSEVICKIE: UH-HUH (YES) I HAVE SEEN IT SEVERAL TIMESRIDGE: ALRIGHT, AND HES BEEN FOUND THERE BY YOU SEVERAL TIMES? (1) When Stevies autopsy was performed, a partially digested green-vegetable like substance was found in his belly. And in keep in mind that Terry grew up working as a butcher. Clemente emphasized that someone who wants to know why the children were killed would likely encourage any and all evidence testing, as its one step closer to understanding the heinous murder. I allege that Terry tied up one side of Stevie and then told either Buddy or LG to finish doing the other side. He flipped flopped between being at home with his mother and being at his friend Richards house from 5:30-9pm. I highly doubt it. I think Michelle died of a broken heart, possibly organ failure due to drug abuse. I do believe that some of the injuries on Stevies penis came from himself, from excessive masturbatory play. Terry told me at that time (sometime after 9:00 p.m.), that he had called the police to report that Stevie was missing. David claims a little black girl told them the boys were heading to the woods. I really wonder if Aaron did see something, at a previous date. Back to the timeline. And, allegedly, David was the one who caught Christopher, so I believe the first person who was attacked was Michael. After some time, they pulled up beside the Blue Beacon Woods. There is more evidence, also, that LG never went home that afternoon. And, allegedly, David was the one who caught Christopher, so I believe the first person who was attacked was Michael. The 4perp claims that Chris was very quickly held down so Terry could stab and bite him. WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY WHEN YOU GOT OUT OF SCHOOL WHAT WAS IT THEY WERE GOING TO DO THAT DAY?AARON: BEFORE THEY DID ANYTHING THEY WENT UP TO MY MAMAS TRUCK AND THEY ASKED HER IF I COULD GO OVER TO MICHAELS HOUSE TO GO UH, GO, GO WITH, GO WITH THEM TO PLAY SOME WHERE THAT WAS WHERE OUR CLUB WASRIDGE: ALRIGHT, YOUVE BEEN TO YOUR CLUB BEFORE WITH THEM?AARON: (inaudible)RIDGE: ALRIGHT. In late 2008, Hobbs entered into litigation with Natalie Maines Pasdar over alleged libelous comments. In my opinion, it shows that this theory is actually exactly what happened. Sex always wins and a casual look through history will show that people are gonna get off to what they need to get off to. In the second statement, Narlene describes to police a conversation she had with LG outside of the police station right before a police interview. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Its likely that Terry was already heading to Billy Stewarts home since, according to Billy, he was Terrys drug dealer at this time. A month later three teens, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were arrested for the murders of the three eight year old boys. Ok, now kiss. However, therearesuspects and there is an abundance of evidence open to the public. To me, this shows that Michael was not conscious or struggling when he was stripped naked and because of that, his clothes were more gently removed. If we want to understand why those boys might have gotten killed in those woods we need not look further than Aarons own statements made to police shortly after the murders. Perhaps. Jamie and her sister believe that this occurred at 6:30, while their mother believes that the boys were playing in her backyard somewhere between 5:30-6:30pm. Hobbs was sentenced to six months in prison for aggravated assault. When his friend Richard failed a polygraph, he admitted that LG had asked him to lie. I learned through my connection in the drug-trade that Mr. Hobbs preferred sexwith young boys. For whatever reason, if this all is the truth, something went wrong, and that was the day that the boys tragically got caught spying. RIDGE: FIVE TIMES YOU SAW IT HAPPEN FIVE TIMES? Additionally, his cousin, Charlotte claims that he was at Lakeshore before the murders, left and did not come back till the next day. Doesn't make sense how they disappeared, then got back in there without a soul seeing them. ~Even Peretti agrees that Chris had post mortem wounds in his groin area as well as pre mortem. My opinion is that Terry wanted to humiliate the boys becausehefelt humiliated when the boys caught him involved in a sex act with other men. It remains unsolved in the minds of those who feel the West Memphis Three defendants are innocent. Misskelly, who has a low IQ, reportedly gave detectives a false confession which helped a jury convict the three of murder. The second that Terry would have hit Michael in the face or head, would also be the split second he knew all three had to die. Not only did they not ever contact the Echols defense team in search of a deal for their help, Buddy Guy didnt send his letter to the prosecutor till the WM3 were out of prison. So, here is my theory of what happened. Really?? There is an easy explanation for that, though, if its true. Allegedly, David Jacoby fell in his effort to catch the third child and in doing so, scraped his knee. Yet, when Jared asked about the evidence possibly being tested in the future, Hobbs said he was against testing anything else and as far as he was concerned, the case was solved when Echols, Misskelly, and Baldwin were arrested. SO THIS FRIGHTENED ME, SO I GOT AARON OUT OF THERE AND WE WENT HOME. What Buddy said was shocking. Again, Ill let you decide. If Terry was truly involved in a homosexual act directly before this attack took place, it makes sense why he would carry out an attack of this nature on Chris genitals. (Mountain Home, Arkansas - January 20, 2012) Terry Hobbs' nephew, Michael Hobbs Jr., allegedly told his friends "my uncle Terry murdered those three little boys," according to declarations under penalty of perjury recently given to Damien Echols' defense team. They also could have used them to dry and clean their feet after entering the ditch. Aaron Hutchinson also stated that the clubhouse consisted of some old boards: AARON: IN ROBIN HOOD UH, THE PLACE WHERE THE BOARDS ARERIDGE: WAS IT THERE WHERE YOUR CLUB IS OR WAS IT SOME WHERE ELSE IN THOSE WOODS?AARON: IT WAS RIGHT BESIDE OUR UM, TREE HOUSE, And in 2011, pleadings for further DNA testing of the boards that were found next to the clubhouse: With all that in mind, I allege that Terry and Amanda returned home a little after 5pm. For some reason, unknown to the public at least, Terry Hobbs was never questioned. AH I SAID ARRON YOU KNOW THAT THEY TOOK THEIR CLOTHES OFF WHY DIDNT YOU LEAVE? Terry Hobbs was born in 1958 in Northern Arkansas, one of four children, son of Edith Raylean McLeod Hobbs and Joe Dean Hobbs, Sr. Hobbs, Sr. learned his trade as a butcher while in the military and went on to open thirty restaurants. French reported that prior to the incident she had gone to the Hobbs' home after hearing what she believed to be a domestic dispute. If Stevie had disobeyed and never returned home or even waited a full two hours before doing so, he would have lost his bicycle privleges for two weeks, and probably would have gotten a pretty severe whipping from Terry. AARON: ITS, ITS IN UH, ITS IN THOSE WOODS WHERE UH, WHERE THAT STOP SIGN IS AND ITS. It is likely that you will come away from this with a clear understanding of who murdered Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Chris Byers and why. HES NEVER SEEN THEM, AARON: CAUSE IT WAS ON A FRIDAY WHENEVER HE WENT DOWN THERE WITH US. That is your motive right there. The truth of what really occurred on May 5th, 1993 has not been completely solved and no suspects have been arrested. New DNA testing by the defense shows that none of the genetic material recovered from the murder scene links Echols, Baldwin, or Misskelley to the scene. The DNA used for comparison purposes was taken from cigarette butts obtained from an ashtray. By 7:05 the three boys may have been spotted by Terry or one of the others. Currently, Hobbs has not been charged with anything related to the murders. I went back and read all the autopsy reports and attempted to interpret them. Two of the childrens clothes were found inside out, implying that they were very quickly ripped off, and most likely ripped off of boys who were still moving. The crime scene, as well as the clubhouse were both located somewhat close to each other on the east side of the drainage ditch. When Dixie told her of him coming in to the laundry in the small car she asked if she was sure that it wasnt Richard Simpsons car. He isn't going to sway me to their innocence because I've done my own research outside of his book. They lived only a few blocks from each other after all and LG already had a suspicious relationship with an older man. It would take another 14 years before he was even interviewed about his whereabouts that night. In fact, the very first place that he and Pam looked before Pam went to work was Michaels house. Indicating that, just like the 4perp indicates, Stevie was alive the longest. If LG had been dropped off at home at 4:30, surely he would have changed out of his shirt and tie by 9pm. Terrys own daughter allegedly told family members, including her mother, grandmother, cousin and aunt that she had been abused by her dad and two family members even claimed to have walked in on Terry abusing his daughter. Mark Byers stated that Terry arrived at his home sometime after Meeks left. was terry hobbs ever found. Furthermore, in the alleged confessions, Terry states: The bodies cant be found, at least not yet.. Whats more suspicious, is that Buddy originally told police that he was with his family barbecuing on the 5th but when his mother spoke to Fogelman, she never mentions anything about Buddy being home with her that night. Apparently, Terry then viciously attacked Chris genitals. The fact that David Jacoby said that he saw all three boys and one was riding on a skateboard, means that Davidreally didsee the boys at some point that day. The bathroom window over my tub was partially open and my yelling could be heard outside. Instead, he must have gotten back in his car, driven to the Jacobys to pick up Amanda and then arrived at Pams work, which he did at 9:18pm. D, J, and J's DNA was not. Three boys were seen riding their bikes around the neighborhood of West Memphis, last seen heading to the Robin Hood Hill woods at 6:30. Mark took Chris home, spanked him for being in the middle of the street and not waiting at home, told him to clean the carport and left him there cleaning at 5:30. Two private investigators looking into the case on their behalf eventually turned their sights on Terry Hobbs, Steve's stepfather, because his story did not add up -- he had claimed that he had begun searching for the boys at 6 pm on the day they had disappeared when in reality, they had only been reported missing at 9 pm. The question is, why? However,wehave the ability to read all the information and evidence that is available to the public, and its not difficult to see that itallsupports that this theory is more than just a theory. LG, as well, had raised some suspicions himself by carrying on an unusual relationship with a much older man. OKAY WHAT WERE THESE MAN DOING? NARLENE: She meant the mommy, the daddy and the son,(LG) she said I dont know whats going on over there and she said, they are making me nervous, shes a christian girl, she said and I got out of there, I said yeah, I get bad feelings around them too. The only reason one could think that someone would make the concerted, and possibly dangerous, effort to take the bikes up to the bayou to be submerged, was to give themselves time to create an alibi. Why would either of these men lie about who they talked to that night unless they both were lying and couldnt get their stories straight? Clemente said the first place a child would likely return to is home. I met Terry Hobbs through a mutual friend, Roy Taylor. As the men submerged the boys, I believe the two teens took the bicycles to the bayou where they dumped them on the north side of the pipe bridge. UNLESS YOU KNOW NOT GETTING UP THERE AND LOOKING AT IT ALL. Thats four hours. This is supported by evidence as well. OKAY AND AH I SAID SO YAWL WENT THERE EVERYDAY. . Additionally, the act of biting the scrotum and stabbing the groin area speaks volumes about the identity of the killer. When they returned the four men continued to submerge the boys clothes with sticks and, finally, hastily threw the last items of clothing in the water as it grew dark. When the boys were eventually discovered the next day, not only were they discovered hidden under water, but their clothes and bicycles had all been submerged as well. Its my personal opinion that the evidence presented here should put all debates to rest because both sides have at least some truth in their corner. At the time of the murders, LG was only 19 and spent most of his time with an unmarried man who was in his 50s. A bitemark on Stevies face would lend credibility to the statement that another bite occurred on Chris genital area. The day when they finally made a grid to cover the entire woods and nearby field, was on either the 7th or 8th of May, a full two or three days after the murder. SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Even the autopsy report shows that. If Stevie was going to go inside and eat dinner, this might have lead Chris Byers to decide to go home and eat, too, knowing that he would also get in trouble if he didnt show up. And also bit him in his penis perhaps once or twice. This is significant because no one else has ever theorized that Chris was actually bitten in his scrotum; its a completely new allegation. It was only then that Jacoby publicly admitted that Hobbs had left for two hours that night.