Call me crazy, but I miss everyone. I was 6 or 7. Stump deployed in August 1996 for a Middle Eastern Force cruise to conduct maritime interception operations and act as ready strike destroyer in the Persian Gulf. FOURTEEN to USS STUMP, all ships fired on the Afloat Training Group roboski for the SUW-5 Exercise. As a kid, I used to sit at the old Point on Beach Boulevard and watch these sleek 563-foot long greyhounds birthed for Poseidons fox hunts. Leadership. 0 When ours blew, I remember the tedious process of flipping this very heavy unit between two dollies in the radar room vestibule to get it out onto the main passageway, then wheeling it through the hangar and out to the flight deck, where a pier-based crane took it away while my chief (ETC Ronald Pyle) looked on. A great ship and really hated to see her sunk. NAVAL STATION NORFOLK - Capt. Im not sure what upgrades they received, but they were originally designed and built for a foreign country, so I am sure their technology wasnt/isnt up to the Sprucans levels. He graduated and was commissioned an Ensign in March 1917. He retired off of her in June 1981. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website? Shellback Initiation - 17 DEC 1980 - Atlantic Ocean, Shellback Initiation - 17 JUL 1985 - Pacific Ocean, Shellback Initiation - 22 SEP 1996 - Indian Ocean, Shellback Initiation - 16 NOV 2003 - Atlantic Ocean. They proved the backbone of fleet operations throughout the last decade of the Cold War, the sordid engagements in the Persian Gulf, and the Navys part in the war on drugs. USS Montgomery blue crew CO and XO fired By Geoff Ziezulewicz Dec 30, 2021 The commanding officer of the littoral combat ship Montgomery's blue crew, Cmdr. I have learned a lot about ATM @ sea in such a short time, that I was able to work at fiscal section too easy. Pingback: Dragging out that Navy Naming Conventions Soapbox | laststandonzombieisland, Your email address will not be published. Sir, while I respect your overall conclusion that Spru-cans combat systems were their downfall, I disagree that they should have been scrapped at that point. Boy Jerry looks like we are the few who commented for Elliot, too bad. There are designs out that show the sprucans with an aegis up- grade. A native of Parkersburg, West Virginia, Felix Budwell Stump was appointed to the United States Naval Academy in 1913. The career politicians let us down again, surprise surprise. Admiral Stump's navy career, his noted boldness, and his service aboard six aircraft carriers are presented by the griffin holding an anchor. Stump relieved USSLaboon on 28 September as the maritime interception operations/strike platform in the northern Persian Gulf. Too Bad she's gone, Didi's record would have gone down but now we'll never know. the USS David R. Ray (DD-971) back in 1977 Greatest ship I ever served on I also commissioned the USS Vincennes (CG-49) based on the Sprucan hull. | I also sailed in AW Radford DD968 89-94. Words fail me. I also was on the Proud Pet for commissioning. I wont go any farther than that. Talk about packing a lot of guys in a tin can. During this deployment, STUMP was extremely successful in conducting anti-submarine warfare exercises and was once again presented the "Hookem" award for excellence in the area of USW. I reminded he that we had offloaded all ammunition at Seal Beach, CA before departing. roster of the magnanimous Deck Department: 1st Div In cooperation with a Colombian Coast Guard cutter, Stump located and recovered a survivor of a wrecked Colombian vessel. One thing that did fascinate me is the level of vertical integration practiced by Litton Industries in the outfitting of the ship: Numerous other subsidiaries participated along with Ingalls: There were Clifton Precision SPA-25 radar scopes in CIC, Amecom communication gear in the radio room, Frigitemp chillers in the galley, and Royal typewriters (along with Monroe calculators) in the office. I felt my ship was too young. About the Ship's Coat of Arms: Capt. How come it shows the Orleck with white railings? You are truely a great man. ADM W.L. Commander Bryce Benson, the commanding officer of the USS Fitzgerald, has waived a right to a preliminary hearing, no date has been set for a potential court martial. Captain Charles J. Smith, center, talks with guests attending a ceremony aboard the USS STUMP (DD 978) to adopt the destroyer as the flagship for the state of West Virginia. Plankowner DD-963, Thank you for saying what needed to be said Captain. The majority of ships already had been upgraded to vertical launch, and as far as the rest of the electronics upgrades go well, thats the easiest and cheapest of the bunch. | Access denial was expected to be the focus of any potential adversary's strategy. Capt. [2] Stump returned to Norfolk, Virginia, in August. The reason the Navy dumped the Spruance Class was because of the hull In the end, it is always money. Capt. STUMP's 1980 maiden deployment was to the Mediterranean, serving as flagship for COMDESRON FOURTEEN. The Spruances, unlike the Burkes, was dedicated to ASW, ASuW, and land strike with both naval gunfire and cruise missiles. USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) and two destroyer escorts making smoke at the start of the battle off Samar, 25 October 1944. The USS Orleck, shown here in 1964, a WWII veteran still going strong, by the 1970s needed to be replaced. Loved every minute of it. In their defense, most were funded by the bankrupt Carter military and their armament suite was superior to the destroyers they were supposed to replace. I was on DD-981 John Hancock from 91-95, a great class ship. One of the first non-plank owners to board the ship, talking about feeling like an outsider. I think they were sunk so that the Navy wouldnt have to slow down Burke production or Zumwalt development. Back in the early 1970s, the US Navy needed a replacement for the old FRAMd WWII era Sumner and Gearing leftovers from the 1940s and 50s in the fleet. U.S. Navy photo by PH1 D.E. Good ship great crew. The Dealey-class destroyer escort USS Evans (DE-1023) was named in honor of Lt. Cmdr. Alexa Jenkins, commanding officer of the guided-missile destroyer Carney, assumed. I boarded her for the first time 3 days before we bombed Libya. Highlights of the deployment included rendering assistance to the sailboat OKIVA which STUMP provided assistance in the form of fuel and 75 pounds of fresh food to get the boat to port. Welcome aboard and congratulations on your orders to USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), the best amphibious assault ship in the fleet! More on this ship below. In Commission 1978 to 2004 DD-978 Deployments - Major Events. Following the return from her Middle Eastern Force deployment in February 1997, Stump conducted an extensive dry-docking selected restricted availability and immediately commenced a training cycle which culminated in a final evaluation period. I was a Nicholson Plankowner, 1979-1984. Stump provided safe passage back to Norfolk, Virginia. JPME I, U.S. I hope all is well. Good article about a great class of DDs. them go. On June 10, 2022, Capt. you can look it up. Register and add yourself to the Crew List of the USS Stump (DD 978), Report an offensive or inappropriate entry, Stump..What more can a guy say.livin it up in S. America with the rest of CA was awesome. The 40B rotor had a two-speed motor, slow for long-range mode (LRM) and faster for Low Flyer Detection Mode (LFDM). Also, they had a twin helicopter hangar that could support a pair of sub-busting choppers, a battle implement WWII destroyers never dreamed of. They have actually served as long in the RCN as they did in the USN. NAVAL STATION NORFOLK, Va. -- The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Albany (SSN 753) conducted a change of command at Naval Station Norfolk, Oct. 30. I served onboard the US John Young DD973 from 92-96. Later served aboard Leftwich till her move to Pearl.. Hey Guys, found this site VIA Pinterest, Read thorough the replies tonight 06/14/2021 I worked on the Eastbank as a welder on these ships in Pascagoula, MS 1977-1980. I hope everyone is doing good. Who would think. Michael D. Nordeen, commanding officer of the amphibious transport dock Mesa Verde, and Cmdr. However, the Ticonderoga-class cruisers are roughly the same age. The namesake of the destroyer, Admiral Felix Budwell Stump, was a native of West Virginia. Besides various staff and afloat assignments, he commanded: USS Ready (PG-87), USS Stump (DD-978) and USS Normandy (CG-60). KAUFFMAN spent a week underway in the VCOA with USS STUMP (DD 978) for a series of operational tests on R17 and WDS integration, one of the combat systems Old ships simply dont have as many fans as new ones, and their billion dollar contracts, divided among 20 states or so. There is this thing call Stress Corrosion Cracking (This is also a significant problem with the CGs as well). In November 1992, STUMP deployed to the Arabian Gulf and North Red Sea as part of MEF (1-93) to serve as a ready strike platform. %%EOF A year later STUMP deployed as USCOMSOLANT Flagship for UNITAS XXII. What were the major differences (other than between a DDG and DD)? The Ticos were early decommed tooand Valley Forge sunk as a target. We had several fires onboard due to shipyard trash being stored in electrical junction boxes. Same base platform, different mission package, I object to your use of the term, bankrupt Carter military.. At the bottom of every email sent by HullNumber is an UNSUBSCRIBE link. Aaron Anderson, the deputy commodore of Naval Surface Squadron 14, will temporarily serve as commanding officer until a permanent replacement is brought in. The US Coast Guard retrieved the drugs that the small boat had jettisoned. The many decorations received by Admiral Stump for his exemplary service in the Pacific Theater during World War II are represented in the shield. Gregory Baker, ESG-2 chief of staff, will temporarily take over commanding officer responsibilities until a permanent replacement is found. Saw Al Aumacks name listed It was a definite difference from GGL and CGs. to all the bm's that went to japan, i told you so. Peace Yet another Conolly DD 979 plankowner here. While I really liked the ship and its crewthe ship itself was a piece of crap! Im not sure any newer ships are museums, I visited a Coast Guard Ice Breaker in Michigan, brought back some memories, but it was 1940s 2005 or so. Yes, of course, the SPRUANCE hulls are the same as the TICOs, thus showing their retirement was early. . In January 1998 STUMP commenced work-ups for its upcoming Sixth Fleet deployment by participating in COMPTUEX and JTFEX as part of the USS EISENHOWER Battle Group. STUMP deployed to the Mediterranean as part of Sixth Fleet in June 1998. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are 695 crew members registered for the USS Stump (DD 978). Watched the video of her being used for target practice and just thought, what a waste The Spruance was the best of the best. She received the Vertical Launch System (VLS) which is designed to carry, among other things, the battle-proven Tomahawk missile. We were a Gearing Class Fram II with the ASROC setup. The ONLY real mates that matter are Gunner's Mates!!! Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Navy Cryptology, Official site for National Guard marksmanship training & competitions. We held a swim call instead. I was also on a Spru Can the USS Sperry DD697 it had 5 /38 from what I can remember. Upcoming Events. 1998 1999 True, the newer Burks have the firepower and technology, but those old hulls (both the Spruences/Ticos, and the OHP) could take a pounding.