Open your new controller and click on Import Site in the top bar. Complete Pi Hole Tutorial Network-wide whole home Ad blocker, install UniFi controller on Docker with Traefik Reverse Proxy, Ubiquiti has an article on the various adoption methods, Roborock S5 vs S6 Roborock S6 review, multi-floor support, 12 Best websites to watch college football online for free in 2021, My Smart Home setup All gadgets and apps I use in my automated home, Gluetun Docker Guide Easy VPN Killswitch for Docker Containers, [Video] Install Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu Dont Do It WRONG, 3 Simple ChatGPT Examples to Make Your Homelab Better, Ultimate Traefik Docker Compose Guide [2022] with LetsEncrypt. Migrating the Unifi Controller will only take a couple of minutes. It does not have to match the original site name. Reply to Todd: * Export the current site, under your Migrate Unifi Controller to New Server section. Shutdown the old one, DONE! Once completed, the UniFi devices will appear in the new UniFi controller along with their configurations. Add a new repository to manage the Unifi package with apt. I hope this helps others. Locate Legacy Interface and click Enable. Before you start you must upgrade controller to version 3.2.1 (which supports multiple sites) as well as upgrade all WAP's firmware, Make sure you use port 8080 not the default port for the controller. For these steps you have two choices: Download and install directly the official Debian package from the website. Browse to the file you downloaded and click open. See our guide for how to change between the user interface versions. 1 Log in to the UniFi Network Controller. I haven't needed this functionality, but it is good to know that it can be done so easily. It comes with one downside, you will have 2 sites in the new controller, the default site (which will be empty) and your migrated site. 8. Option A. The UniFi controller uses a port on your router. The access points that are connected to the same network should automatically re-associate to the new controller software auto-magically.. How can I import the old site to 6.1.71 controller? I have just created a new container and intend to revert to the version 5 of Unifi Controller to rid myself of the issues that came with the upgrade to V6 but, clearly, this method of migrating will not work for me. It would be like trying to convince the controller itself doesn't exist. for UserID - see below for explanation. Understand that you may need to issue the command multiple times to complete the re-association. Enter your email & click on that subscribe button. If you have multiple UniFi servers, the only way to migrate them into the one HostiFi server is to use the site migration wizard. It looked like everything worked, but now at the log in screen on the new controller it wont let me log in. Earlier, it would list the hardware appliance, the controller, and Protect (which I had turned on) as disparate entires in the controller. I then powered off the Pi, changed the UCK IP to match the static IP of the Pi and was amazed when all the devices just reconnected. Any returning/redoing/resolving possible? UniFi Controller Setup. I just run these steps: You can still SSH into each device and set-inform it to manually adopt to the new server. What is a smart home and what can smart home automation do for you? Click the Confirm button once download of backup is complete. I do want to keep a controller alive and active though, as I would like to be able to monitor my APs, switches and the whatnot. SSH Keys. 5.5.24 -> 5.6.26. 3. Theoretically Correct vs Practical Notation. run a Restore From Backup on the new controller (6.1.71 running on Cloud-Key Gen 2) It did not give me any indication that a device is missing or that a device is offline, nothing. 10 Best Emby Client Devices [2023] 4k, Hardware Transcoding, etc. Follow these steps to automatically migrate. Navigate toSettings,Maintenance,Restoreand click theChoose Filebutton. Before migrating devices, you have to change the controller hostname/ip on new controller Migrating UniFi APs to another controller Steve Parkinson 5 hours ago Updated You can easily adopt your access points to a new controller. If you want to do everything remotely, you will first need to factory reset all devices. Optionally change the Java memory limit (in Megabytes). Open settings3. What an awful design. If you are using the new settings screen, then make sure you disable it first: Prepare the new controller by walking through the initial setup wizard. Under Migrate devices you will need to enter Inform address for the new UniFi Controller. Start up a new controller (on a different IP!) The version is now displayed directly on the Settings menu at the bottom. Try again. This process will create a file with a UNF extension. Your devices will start to move over to the new controller, but it may take 5-10 minutes. Thanks for your reply! Do you think it will wig out if it doesn't see the UDM Pro anymore? 4. In 7.1.66, there doesnt seem to be the option to disable New Settings. Thanks for asking Mark. I also have another controller spun up with Controller 7.1.68. 6. Make sure to use the Legacy User Interface only. Verify that all devices are connected to the new controller and are visible on the devices page. You want to migrate a self-hosted Network application to a UniFi OS Console. The following steps will migrate the devices. Change the INFORM address on the OLD controller (Settings ==> Controller hostname/ip) to the NEW controller IP/hostname (set the checkbox Overwrite INFORM host with . Ive failed at this before on a PC move and had hours of troubleshooting and reconfiguration to get operational again, Hi Rudy Was hoping that you could clarify how to change the inform url using the backup/restore procedure for 6.4. 3. Any help appreciated:, I know this is an old post, but here is the updated version of this task:, How To Move a Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point to a New Controller,, Thanks again. Based on my research so far, a backup of the old system and restore to the new UDM (after initial setup and update to latest firmware and Network v7.0.23) looks like the way to go. Note the .unf file that will be downloaded. Username: This is the device authentication username from step 1. :). Thanks for the share. I have tried everything suggested in the documentation, to no avail. Are there any other differences I should look for when restoring the backup on the cloud key / UDM Pro? Password: This is the device authentication password from step 1. I'd love to hear from the reddit hivemind on this topic. If you dont want this, then your only option is to use the backup and restore method. Was hoping that somone could clarify how to change the inform url using the backup/restore procedure for 6.4. IP Address: Check your New UniFi Controller and make sure they are showing up. You acknowledge that Sikich shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by you or any person who relies on this publication. Sometimes you need to migrate your Unifi Controller to a new server, because your current one is getting too slow or when its time for simply something new. In case you don't want to use the UniFi cloud, there is. take a backup on the old controller (6.0.41 running on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS) Mar 2021 #1 So I'm still struggling to iron out a couple of network issues. Settings -> Maintenance -> Backup is the right backup to take. I didnt think I needed to do anything on the CK-Gen2 (mainly just adjust the UniFi OS settings via Portal on the UDM-Pro), but Im guessing to pick up the settings for Protect, I will need to restore the backup to the UDM-Pro/Protect to get all of my settings/config/users, etc? Move the devices to your hosted controller. The configuration was otherwise accepted by all the devices on my network, and the Cloud Key itself seems happy as a lark. Since the default site cannot be deleted, the Controller would have two sites (as minimum). How do I specify the new ip. Thanks for the instructions, I made my way through it with no problems, and am running cloud controller now! What about changing the inform url? Unifi OS of UDM Pro; Network Application; Protect Application; to the latest available update (in my case 6.5.55) Preparing the Unifi Cloud Key. Wait for all your devices to show up on the NEW controller. Note: Backups do not include data stored on an HDD, such as recorded Protect camera footage. UNIFI supports SP and IDP initiated SSO. Hostname: Office-AP You need to back up a self-hosted Network application. By clicking Post Your Answer, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Option 1: head to with Chrome Browser and Log-In to the UniFi Cloud. Job done smoothly. In the new popup window, enter a descriptive name, then click 'Choose File'. If you dont see the Import Site option, then turn of the new User Interface first under Settings -> System Settings -> New UI -> Deactivate.See the import method below for versions 6.4 and higherGive your site a name and select the backup file that we have just downloaded with the export site wizard. Have any of you done this? this means you can. The utilities that are built in to the controller software can easily migrate the configuration and inventory of associated devices, such as access points, greatly simplifying migrations. The UniFi Controller is a wireless network management software solution developed by Ubiquiti Networks. Version: This is the easiest method to migrate your Unifi network to a new controller. My questions were in preparation for the next time, which hasnt happened yet! Hopefully I won't take two weeks to get to them. First, we are going to export the site in the old controller.1. THANK YOU! Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, and our products. I notice it does not do this anymore. For Option A, contact our support team to update the TLS certificate on your controller with your custom domain name. You can also subscribe without commenting. Scroll all the way down and click on Export Site. thanks for this guide, it was a great help but i had 1 issue when migrating my raspberry pi controller to docker, i had to change the network setting of the docker to use host and not bridged, Model: UAP-AC-Pro-Gen2 Replacing broken pins/legs on a DIP IC package. You can also upload the backup file during the Setup Wizard. I am a little confused still though. Press J to jump to the feed. Migrate Ubiquiti UniFi Controller to a New Server, Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance, How the Right Technology Makes Inventory Management More Efficient for Distributors, Changes to the Required Minimum Distribution Under SECURE 2.0. On the Ubiquiti downloads page you can find the Debian package to install the controller. The UniFi controller requires a minimum of 1 GB of memory, which is fine for a home network or small business. Im thinking just do a fresh config, but I do have an old backup of 5.12.xx from about 2 years agoany advice? Alas, no issues! > By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. You will need to wait until all the devices are connected before we can continue. It worked and it was much easier than expected. Use the controller to complete the adopt process. There is a nice wizard for this process under the site page, Export Site. First, log into your existing UniFi controller and click on the 'Settings' wheel. A backup file is necessary, if you don't have need to make it. This process is surprisingly simple for sure. He holds several certifications from industry leaders including Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, and SonicWall. I am interesting in switching to a pfsense box. Make sure you enter the IP Address or URL of your new controller. At this time, unless the site was a default site, it should be safe to remove the site from the previous controller.