It wont make sense if you get a good quality legging and then the sizing is off. Butter. Very disappointed. We create and share resources, products, and experiences that help them live a more confident, convenient, and joyful lifestyle. Function. These Nordstrom brand Go-To High Waist Leggingchecked all the boxes, but still wasnt enough to be our faves. Even a lace thong is horrible. There is a size chart available where you can check for your size before ordering. Most people buy these leggings because of the nice colors they have to offer and not their quality. Good basic legging. 6. Results for "tna leggings a" in All Categories in Alberta Showing 1 - 16 of 16 results. Lululemon Align Pant 25" - $98. Theyre made with TnaBUTTER a barely-there, buttery soft sweat-wicking fabric that shapes to your body. Will be purchasing more! Home; Categories. I would recommend and they are comfortable, Super comfy fabric, material is pretty supportive and the length is perfect. They lifted our butts more like an athletic pair, and definitely didnt feel like they were going to continually need to be readjusted. Im sure that you will notice the price tag on any of the leggings youre considering buying. I find the threads on these leggings come loose easily. The pricing here varies even if they are of the same mother brand. The concierge was not friendly too. Opt to get texts or calls with insider info, offers, invites and other fun surprises from Aritzia through your phone number below. If youre using it for any high-impact activity, I am sure you will be comfortable while at that. My daughter and I like these better than others and better priced than others! Overall these are amazing. A community for all things Aritzia clothing & accessories. I prefer Lululemon leggings but I have older leggings from Aritzia . I worry these will be prone to pilling but I haven't worn them yet so we'll see. I felt like pointing at the Lululemon within view of the Artizia and telling them a) I wouldn't have had this issue in the first place with lulu and b) wouldn't be treated like a trash for wanting a quality issue fixed. Both leggings have a buttery soft feel, they are sweat-wicking, snug, and high-waisted. Text HELP for help or STOP to opt out. Best Leggings for Lounging. For a jumpsuit that is over $100 Im shocked at the price point and pilling day 1. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. That can speak to it? Fabletics The Training Day Long Sleeve Tee: 506 reviews with 4.6/5 stars. Its a very thin cotton fabric. Regular people normally didnt baby their leggings as we do I guess. Your consent is not required as a condition of any purchase. Spanx Look At Me Now Seamless Legging. 6 #1 - Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie. First impressions are that the fabric is very brushed and soft like the ~*old*~ nulu. Sale items can only be exchanged for store credit within 14 days of the shipping date. Also, the silhouette of TnaLIFE leggings is such that you can wear them out for work or dinner, or even a picnic. So, the legging is stretchy and soft. They are sold mostly for $45 on the official website of Aritzia. TnaBUTTER leggings are made to be more comfortable, while TnaLIFE leggings are made to be more durable. Just like they call them.butter! These. Last but not least is SmoothCover, which is a combination of Nulu and . Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It was my first time visiting Vegas since Ive been of legal drinking age (Ill [], I found myself with a quiet house this morning for the first time in over a week. I dont like where the seam sits. They collect it every little piece of lint and hair, which looks horrible. We are gonna focus on the pants, long and short. Both are true to size but, TnaLIFE are better fitting. Our only complaint was that there was a bit of extra material for both girls at the knees, and Claire wasnt sold on them staying up [but she may have had a size too big]. I find the threads on these leggings come loose easily. I am curvy, 5'2" 130 pounds and size small fits me perfectly. Im a 2-4 in aligns, 28 in jeans, and got a size medium and these fit perfectly. Which leaves us all wondering which ones are worth spending our hard earned money on! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This looks great on you! They have so many options of colors you can pick from. These pants are so soft and stretchy! Literally feels like butter on your skin and shapes you so nicely. As soon as the weatherman drops those first few words crisp, fall, cool, brisk, or 60s, I run straight to my closet and bust out my scarves, sweaters, vest, and you know it- leggings. However this time they pilled up. S The leggings have stitched marking, so you can cut them to your desired length if its too long for you. Best Color . They seem to made out of the same material too so idk which ones the better option? It can pill easily and would not last for years like the Lululemon would because the material is quite thin and very soft. I am so shocked. The TNAbutter material is thinner and looses some elasticity (ie smoothing ability) But still, a comparible option. These leggings are super long [probably the longest ones we tried on], which are great for the taller ladies in the group, but can leave us shorter girls with a bit of extra material! But the interesting thing is that once you get it, youre sure you got something of high quality. I agree with the comment of the material being softer and less yoga-like. Because let me tell you, if there is a magical clothing item that will allow me to eat at multiple Thanksgivings in one day, sleep comfortably, workout without showing butt sweat [its real, we all know its real], and suck me in in all the right places, were going to go ahead and count them as pants. TNA Gray Camo Crop Leggings. So, even while you are exercising and sweating, you can have your sweats dry up before you are ready to go home. *. The quality and price per wear on lulu is way worth it IMO. They pilled SO BADLY though, the worst Ive ever seen (and Ive never had a problem with my aligns pillingeven the ones with the old nulu, so thats saying something). Free returns on this item when you sign in. Babies. The leggings are available in different lengths ranging from 25 to 31 inches. anne boleyn ghost photo; serie a predictions windrawwin. Has light compression that will hug your body. These are high-rise leggings with a curved waistband specially designed to emphasize you know what. What are your thoughts on the Artizia TNA Butter leggings? I have the same leggings in black and different colours from a year ago and they look brand new compared to these. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); 2023 | A Part of DDM | All Rights Reserved. 11 #6 - Vuori Laguna Lounge Pant 2.0. Wouldnt recommend the super high rise. So, the first thing youll notice is that you have a choice of picking either the shorts or the long pants. |, Don't worry, you can opt out any time. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. I bought these leggings to wear with dresses and boots in the fall and winter. The last pair I ordered was in the Cyclone Teal colour, sadly they arrived to me brand new but horribly pilled and fuzzy! They fit so comfortably & the fabric is so soft but they have already started to pile on the upper thighs after only 2 wears which is really disappointing given the price tag of them. I love these leggings for work, I'm 5'1 and the short length is perfect! TNA legging is not so expensive, it is some dollars cheaper than the Lululemon legging. They look like the kind of leggings you can just wear around the house or occasionally wear for outdoor activities. Dont sleep on these forreal!!! Length: Ankle Intended to hit at the ankle, Inseam: Size S is 25" Inseam varies by size, Height: Regular Designed for heights around 5'4" to 5'6". They're designed for low to medium-impact activities. TnaBUTTER leggings are made very soft and they have a buttery feel. They are made to feel like cotton and they last. Cross1946 High Waist Ruched Workout . Great maternity leggings. This fabric has a four-way stretch and has a cool and sleek feel inside. Total let down, Don't worry, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. Im curious on if any are similar to any lululemon fabrics or which of the leggings you recommend. Like I said, we gave them a PERFECT score in every category. Would love to get my money back if possible. tna butter leggings vs lululemonmoen caldwell kitchen faucet reviews. I think Aligns last longer and retain their shape through the years, whereas you will get 1 year out of butters. Comfortable and fitted, these leggings make working out feel more fun and effortless. So, it was time to put them head-to-head, TnaBUTTE. And I think both TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE are comfortable. High Stretch. The only thing I wish I could change is that they tend to shed between the tighs over time. betterhalfmama. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Thanks for sharing! You can order your leggings and expect a perfect fit. Lululemon leggings have thick cotton. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. I love the butter material, much more than the vitessia fabric for reference which pills a lot and doesn't last very long. Bright-Garden-4347 2 yr. ago. I'd say similar to the Aligns but not quite as good. #6. These leggings provide textured patterns throughout. hand washing works best then line dry. The tna butter feels so much like old nulu to me! The short has an interior drawcord for an adjustable fit. Obsessed with the turner taupe colour- that aside, I love these leggings. Please make them thicker and I might buy in all colors lol. xo,Tiana Honestly there's leggings from amazon that wear better and look nicer than these after years of constant wear. Even though, to some people, this is not an expensive price. Yes! I love the TNA butter leggings from aritzia! In both TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE, there are no side seams just to enhance the silhouette of the leggings.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'waistmade_com-leader-3','ezslot_17',116,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-waistmade_com-leader-3-0'); TnaBUTTER leggings are flattering and they are available in a high-rise style. Below are some examples of TnaBUTTER leggings to consider. I was so surprised to learn that I have a new favorite legging. Get brilliantly crafted emails from Aritzia on sales, new arrivals and all things Everyday Luxury. So, if you have a big or normal butt and you need a legging that will properly hug your butt, I think TnaLIFE will do the job well. The major difference between the TNA leggings and the Lululemon leggings is that the TNA leggings are best for light workouts due to their very soft feel while Lululemon is best for intense workouts as they can wick sweat and keep you comfortable for hours. Im a faithful lulu align fan but these take the cake! Founder and creator of LIY, Erin turned her dream of a hobby blog into a full-time career which she now runs alongside the LIY team! If you need long-lasting leggings or something you can wear more for yoga practice, then Lululemon is your best bet. When feeling nothing is everything. I contacted concierge today and I can't seem to send the photos via email coz it's too big of a file. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These NordstromGo-To High Waist Leggingswere a great middle of the road legging. ], these would be a great pair to keep on hand! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Doesnt come with matching tops. Features a hidden pocket at the waist. Personally, my tna luon version lasted longer than my old school luon leggings. As a short girl who often buys ankle length jeans just for them to fit in the leg, I used the same thought when ordering these leggings. TnaBUTTER, just as the name implies has a buttery feel when you touch them. TNA leggings are not durable enough to withstand intense workouts. Im 6ft and the taller size is the perfect length. The quality didnt feel the greatest, and we sort of felt like they would be a major lint magnet. Length: Ankle Intended to hit at the ankle, Inseam: Size S is 25" Inseam varies by size, Height: Regular Designed for heights around 53" to 57", Model is Some people think that TnaBUTTER is more like the Align style of Lululemon and I couldn't agree less. The TNA leggings are cheap while Lululemon leggings are very expensive. Style & Co Tummy Control Legging. I love the feeling of this fabric. It has a very flattering fit and is made out of soft cotton. I bought them on sale, not in a favorable color but I wanted to try them before I paid full price. TnAction Spring 23 just launched. TNA leggings have no pockets while Lululemon features waist-hidden pockets, mostly for your cellphone. It is perfect for light activities and it makes working out fun. tna butter leggings vs lululemon +1 (760) 205-9936. Our mission is to be a positive light to our community and connect with women both online and in-person. Regular people normally didn't baby their leggings as we do I guess. However, it doesn't hold you in as much as the aligns. That means that other activities that are too much for the leggings to contain will cause the leggings to start peeling.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'waistmade_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_11',113,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-waistmade_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0'); So, they have a great soft and comfortable feel but they get bad when they are overused. TnaLIFE is thicker and hugs the body when worn. That means that it is very flexible as you can move in all directions. They are also performance fabrics. We actually gave these babies a PERFECT score. It is comfortable enough for several hours of workout. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly. They are actually worth the price even though they are more expensive than some other legging brands. Sweat Wicking. I wear a 4 in aligns and wunder unders. I am considering buying a pair or TNA leggings but Im curious about the different makes/ fabrics. she ahs 7 of them to wear for the whole week. Today I decided to wear them and Im shocked at how they are holding up. The silhouette is what ensures how the leggings look on your body. They are made to hug the body in a comfortable way and they are also stretchy. if these are tossed in with your regular wash and go through the dryer then yes, they will start to pill immediately. TnaLIFE are also sweat-wicking, that is, they dry up sweat easily while you wear them. Lululemon does not have colors like espresso or grey, they mostly have black, khaki, Neon, and a few other neutral colors. Perfect for training, yoga, or lounging, these leggings do it all. I love my align leggings from lululemon but I'm looking for a cheaper equivalent and stumbled upon TNA Butter. They are quite affordable and I think you should go for them if you have a budget and you are not willing to pay more than $50 for a pair of leggings. Wrong. Free shipping on all orders when you sign in. Armani Jeans Brand Review: What You Need To Know In 2023, 10 Jeans That Wont Show My Crack: Best Jeans for Guys With Crack, 10 Jeans Similar To Topshop Joni (in 2023), Difference between Converse and Chuck Taylors, TNA Butter vs TNA Life: Comparison Proper, 12 Most Popular True Religion Jeans Reviewed in 2023, 12 Best Stylish Jeans With Elastic Waist (in 2023). Hi, I found this thread while searching for the most comparable TNA to lululemon leggings, and I wanted to ask you about the current ones they have now. Lulu lemon align dupe for sure, 10/10 recommend! We purchased nine different brands and styles of leggings and put them through the ringer. See, Click to View our Accessibility Statement. The only lulu item I owned similar is graphite grey, but the aritzia leggings might be more closer to melanite (which I don't own just seen in stores in like 2019). I havent even washed them yet too. Better fit than my align leggings abd the dont roll down. The color is also very nice purple. TNAChill, I would only wear at home. The softest material Ive ever touched. It has a high stretch and a high rise. going to buy all the colors. They are made with 4-layer waterproof and they are made of nylon fabric. It is made with a very fast drying fabric which is the Everlux fabric. However, they don't look great worn without a long top because they are thiner. These brands are really unique, especially in their legging pants. Soft, comfortable and has support. The company was founded in 1998 and is domiciled in Vancouver. Unfortunately I do not the front seam near the crotch gives you the absolute worst camel toe because it is so short. I havent worn them too much yet, but the fabric is nice and quality seems decent. When you decide to buy the Atmosphere model, you will first of all notice the signature wide waistband on the leggings or shorts of the Tna brand. 5 Top 8 Picks. It is a technical and stylish leggings. These buttery-soft dupes come in 32 different colors. They are also soft, and sweat-wicking and they are made for high-impact activities. This fabric is very thick, cozy, and warm. Butter: smooth, soft, kind of a microfibre feel, Life: thicker, compression (my fave), Chill: basic cotton, can be sheer. It's just a no brainer, I never even pick up the tna ones unless I'm going to do actual house work or something. Message frequency varies. I cant recommend these enough. #7. It has no side seam and the waist is elastic. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check Price. One thing we didnt love about these was the seam. These leggings are thick enough to offer maximum support while you work out. Id say similar to the Aligns but not quite as good. These leggings would be best for everyday wear, and they do NOT have an exposed seam. They are not just soft, they dry out sweat quickly. They also do not stay up at al they slide down all day. At first glance, Fabletics is obviously going to beat Lululemon at price point. Im 511 and they were too high. For each pair of leggings were showing them to you on Erin, who typically wears an extra-small or small, and Claire, who typically wears a medium. I brought both XS and S and I find that XS really shows the hooha and S is kinda flappy at the waist so I had to sacrifice the hooha for flappy waist. I still prefer my lulu wunder train, base pace and fast and free for workouts as these in the butter fabric pill so much if used in workouts (kinda like the lulu aligns) but for work and everyday activities they're so comfy and you can't beat the price compared to lulu. Description: Laser cut high support black sport bra 38D in Excellent condition. So, if youre looking to use your leggings for hiking, running, and these high-impact activities, then get TnaLIFE leggings. Want good news asap? The differences are in the fabric and the feel of their clothings. They are not as thick as the atmosphere leggings and since I purchased yellow and light blue you have to wear nude underwear or can see through the legging. Great, I only own one pair of aligns from 2019 because the pilling drove me bananas. Love them, but had to send back because were very tight and not very high waisted. However, with the TNA Chill design, there are more disadvantages than advantages and this is because; They are great quality and so comfortable! softer and more durable, Super comfortable leggings, comparable with Lululemon. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. :( I love the colour but was sad to see how fragile this particular colour was, unless I got a faulty pair. $30 at Old Navy. I love these leggings for how unbelievably soft they are! Hands down my favorite leggings! They are mostly high-rise in style and you will probably notice that. Well, maybe thats a bit of a stretch, but its possible! The waist band did seem quite tight, but I guess that helps with the staying power! They are the thinnest pair of the more expensive leggings Ive bought, but theyve held up since I got them at the spring clientele sale. These were a replacement for a pair I got that had loose thread after wearing once and washing in cold water once. Body:69% Nylon, 31% Lycra elastane. My leggings from Aritzia before they revamped all their leggings were all XS, these felt pretty snug. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Rag and Bone Nina vs Cate: Which Is Better? I look down today and I see several little pulls. Our curiosity tends to get the best []. :) This is t. Though they really expensive, I still see it as the better choice. Its officially legging season, and were bringing you the full rundown on nine pairs of leggings and whether you need them in your closet or not. This Fabletics vs Lululemon review has gathered a few of their best-selling products for a more in-depth read on ratings: Fabletics Define High-Waisted Legging: 81k reviews with 4.5/5 stars. Bought a pair of these leggings 2 weeks ago as I thought comfort and style wise they were comparable to lulu aligns, possibly better. There is the presence of a curved or wide waistband on the leggings and you can go for anyone that catches your fancy. I'm worried about pilling, got rid of most of my old aligns because i couldn't stand the pilling. No pockets :(. AMAZON. This is my daughter 's favorite legging. TNAButter is similar to the Aligns but I think they are softer. Want good news asap? The high waist was SUPER high. TnaBUTTER is specifically designed for low-impact activities. The majority of TNA leggings run really small. When it comes to quality, TnaLIFE are better. TNALife feels like a thicker version or double layer of TNAButter with some compression. The Groove is made with Lululemon's lightweight Nulu fabric, and is ideal for a low-impact workout or just lounging around the house. Fully recommend!!!! Ive spent so much money on aligns over the years and they always pill so I get rid of them after 1 season. This legging is budget-friendly and quite similar to the Lululemon. Though, some may feel different depending on the cotton blend. I swear Aritzia changed the material but Im not mad at it at all. For those of you who have / has experience with this legging, how would you rate it? Wunder Under: Luon Fabric. Ive worn this new pair twice and theres pilling on the left butt and between my thighs. My skin is also very sensitive and the seams didnt bother me - a real bonus! They are NOT SAFE for public squatting; theyre completely see through in the light Colors. They're made with TnaBUTTER a barely-there, buttery soft sweat-wicking fabric that shapes to your body. These leggings feel like Im wearing nothing, theyre that comfortable! Next up, Assets by Spanx Womens Ponte Shaping Leggings. Any feedback here? But go for it! Perfect, I say! But the one's im looking at are 68 if I'm not mistaken. I bought a size M in Tall. I dont think youd be disappointed. Because it is made of TnaLIFE fabric, it is cottony and it is thick. Not comparable to Lulu align at all really, constantly having to pull them up. And, in general, TnaBUTTER is true to size, and they have a good fit. If you're headed out, go purse-free, thanks to the legging's . Also, they are actually long enough for me. I was worried about the lines not coming out, but they did wash out.