of the Stamford Police Department, The Political Life of a Connecticut Town 1868-1893, Police Department 1909 (The Daily Advocate), The Police Department As It Was And As It Is 1894-1917, A History of the Stamford Police Department, April 1946. Stefanie Sanabria, 50, of Danbury, Norwalk Police Department/Contributed Show More Show Less 2 of 3. Access to the Engineering Department's downloadable forms, including: Granite Block Waiver, House Number Information Sheet, Night/Noise Waiver Work Permit, Street Use (Obstruction) and Street Opening (Excavation) Permit, Storm Sewer Connection Waiver, Street Opening Permit Application, Instructions, and Restoration Details - (PRINTED - Bring to Engineering Dept. Report a vehicle that is parking in a residential parking permit area illegally, a vehicle in a residential area that has not moved in 5 days, or an abandoned vehicle. All illegal dumping at private residence will be reported to the City citation officer. Assault, Breach of Peace (BoP) not listed This helps the city and the planet keep textiles out of landfills. Garbage/trash was not picked up on regularly schedule day. Access to information regarding motor vehicle tax bills. Report crosswalks, center lines that are faded or non-existent. For all other traffic signal issues (timing, walk buttons, etc.) To obtain a permit, bring your Stamford registered passenger vehicle registration to the Scale House. For additional information on Lyme Disease, visit the Health Laboratory Department website. Inform us of any concerns regarding your City Parks. Website Design By . Report concerns of someone selling without a license. Apply for a permit for any structure, internal renovation, replacing, electrical work, plumbing work, heating and cooling work, demolishing or building. This request form is for Non-Emergency Concerns. A three-step process to obtain a temporary outdoor dining permit for your restaurant or caf'. STAMFORD, CT Police arrested Ian Evans and charged him on a warrant with murder in connection to the homicide of Shernetta Dunmore, 35, which occurred in September 2020, police said. Results of well water testing, including a map providing the test results for Chlordane and Dieldrin (city and private). Deborah Ann Montanaro, 56, of 521 Shippan Ave., was charged Thursday with failure to appear at court. Debris that does not fit the parameters established by the City will not be picked up. Report bridges and overpass structural concerns. Online access to the Assessor's database, including property assessments. It is Mayor Martin's personal priority that Citizenconcerns orcomplaints be heard and handled. Report a possible illegal business being operated from a residential family home. Report inoperable or damaged parking meters for repair. nearest street address, near the driveway, intersection of Washington Blvd and Bell St., etc.). Request a garbage / trash toter for your residence. CT insurance firm defrauded clients of $40M to buy luxury items. CT proposal causes confusion, concern. - Quadirrah Barber, 23, of 235 Connecticut Ave., Stamford, was charged Friday with second-degree assault and first-degree breach of peace. Richard Conklin of the SPD said a concerned . Police: Men linked to series of phone thefts at Trader Joe's. Request a garbage / trash toter for your residence. This can be done online or by telephone. Flood prone area regulations, coastal area management regulations, and sediment and erosion control regulations. Iris Rivera-Santos was arraigned Monday on charges related to the death of 2-year-old son who Stamford police say was found buried in Cummings Park. City Ordinances, other Violations Submit driving feedback concerning use of a city vehicle by city employees. Report suspected construction without a permit. An online application for the Subdivision of Property. It does not indicate convictions. Stamford, CT 06901, Website Design By Granicus - Connecting People and Government. R.I.P. An immigration toolkit and Family Preparedness Plan provided by the State. Get a permit for the use of the pavilion at Cummings Park, the pavilion at Edward Hunt & Chestnut Hill Parks, the pavilion at Scalzi Park, Barrett Park Picnic and Park, Cove Island Park, John Boccuzzi Park Picnic, and Kosciuszko Park. Information on winter storm weather and City snow emergencies. Stamford police said they seized a quarter of a kilogram of cocaine and a stolen handgun during an early morning raid. Murder Charges, Attempted Suicide, etc. The steps below ensure that residents are within 3 or 4 blocks of a treated roadway during the course of the storm and that complete vehicle access is available as soon as possible when the storm is over. Insanity etc. Desk Sergeant 203-977-4921. Emergency 9-1-1. Access to the materials needed for the Renters Rebate Program. An interactive map of the City of Stamford's growing development, indicating the location of completed, in-progress, approved, and proposed developments. If you have disabled JavaScript, you must re-enable it to use, Common Police blotter. All illegal dumping at private residence will be reported to the City citation officer. Your concerns or complaints about the acts of an employee or practices of City Departments allows us to evaluate both our organizations practices and the effectiveness of our employees. Report untreated swimming pools; construction sites; planters; or fish ponds that could be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Report a tree that is obstructing the right of way or causing obstruction of signs or road ways. You can email them at info@simplecrecycling.com or call them at (866) 835-5068 them for bags. The Share the Fare program is for Stamford residents over the age of 62 and for disabled individuals. Terry Conners Ice Rink, located in beautiful Cove Island Park in Stamford, has served the skaters of Stamford and its surrounding neighbors since 1973. An online application to apply for a change in the Stamford zoning map. Report any inhumane killing of animals both wild and domestic. Report damage to curbs in residential areas on City owned streets. You may also enter your VIN number to see all open citations. Search Property Assessment's Real Estate Database. Simple Recycling is a company that will pick up your textiles curb side. Internal Request type that directs community policing concerns to the assigned Captain. Until the federal government takes its regulatory role seriously and uses the big stick that it has, corporations will attempt to self-regulate Guide to Legal Cannabis Dispensaries in CT, 'Candlewood' horror movie drops trailer inspired by local urban legends, CT's best breakfast restaurants for 2023, according to Connecticut Magazine, Four Fairfield businesses fail February health inspections, Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo mourning the death of Sedge the river otter, Warrant: Ex-New Fairfield 'lunch lady' sent nude images to student on Snapchat for months before sex assault, The Best Private High Schools Near Stamford, The Best Private Preschools Near New Haven, Why CT waits for $95 million from OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma. Report a pothole, request missed garbage or recycling pickup, report an obstruction for removal, report speeding issues and light outages, report housing concerns, submit citizen feedback and claims (including filing a public health complaint), make requests to WPCA sewers, and report any violations of the City Plastic Bag Ordinance. Report any housing concerns not otherwise identified. Tweets. Rest in Peace Officer Stella. When it is determined that a storm is approaching, trucks will be geared up, plows will be mounted, and plow crews will go on alert. Why CT waits for $95 million from OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma. A CT bill would expand it. Gerson Veliz-Veliz, 20, of 70 Lockwood Ave. Stamford, was charged Sunday with second-degree assault and conspiracy to commit second-degree assault. Report concerns or potential threat of lead poisoning in public, private, or commercial establishments. Stamford Police Department - Stamford, Texas. To obtain a permit, bring your Stamford registered passenger vehicle registration to the Scale House. Email townclerk@StamfordCT.gov Phone (203) 977-4054 . Heroes Memorial Page. Access to various downloadable forms within the Department of Property Assessment, including: M59A Additional Veterans Application - State, M-65 MV Application, Motor Vehicle Address Change Request, Real Estate Address Change Request, Request For Data Mailer, SCRA Non-Resident Active Duty MV Exemption, CT Resident Active Duty MV Exemption - SITUS, Tax Exempt Organization Application and Quadrennial Renewal, and Wheelchair MV Exemption. Ensures that eligible uninsured and underinsured children, families and single adults have access to affordable health coverage through Access Health Connecticut. Internal Request type that directs community policing concerns to the assigned Captain. Access to the FEMA Map Service Center, the official public source for flood hazard information produced in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Westport man denied pretrial program in sexual assault case, Warrant: video shows sexual assault in Central Greenwich home, Warrant: Bridgeport man broke into occupied Norwalk homes, NJ man faces more charges in alleged money laundering scheme, Norwalk man accused of trafficking guns, selling drugs, Stamford PD: Quarter kilo of cocaine, stolen gun seized in raid, Police: N.J. woman stole $20K of clothing from Greenwich Saks. If your street has not been plowed 10 hours after a major snow storm, please submit a request here. Access to Assessor's Tax Maps, Tax Maps with 2' Contours, and an Assessor's Historic Aerials (1959 & 1979) Map. and Drugs Report a leaf pile that was not picked up during the established City-wide pick up. Posted Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 5:05 pm ET. MPT guidelines are meant to give anyone working on roadways a clear understanding of how to develop and implement safe, efficient, and effective maintenance and protection of traffic plans. IF ATRAFFIC SIGNALIS OUT OF SERVICE PLEASE CALL POLICE NON-EMERGENCY (203-977-4444). Report any leaking substances or environmentally unsafe garbage vehicles both commercial or public. File a formal complaint to the Board of Ethics. Police said the two allegedly cashed more than $224,000 in stolen treasury checks, using the money to purchase gold coins, according to arrest warrants. Report erratic driving by City of Stamford employees. Report concerns of bed bugs at private or commercial properties. Report a case of sidewalks not being cleared of snow 12 hours after a storm. Email townclerk@StamfordCT.gov Phone (203) 977-4054. David Roper, 32, of 38 Fairgate Dr., Stamford, was charged Friday with possession of a controlled substance, sale of certain illegal drugs and driving an unregistered motor vehicle. Garbage/trash was not picked up on regularly scheduled day. Able to file in English and Spanish. Gary Hughes (Retired) Passaic County Sheriff's Office New Jersey October 24, 2020. free per day. Some haulers caught, Arming guidance counselors? Leaves intentionally placed or stockpiled on roadways. Members of the Mayor's staff and the Citizen's Service Center are often on hand to help address citizen concerns. Christian Xavier . For more information on open city jobs, seasonal jobs, and promotional opportunities, visit the Human Resources Department website. Information on the Elderly Tax Credit Program for Seniors. A rain garden is an area dug slightly below the surrounding area that can catch and collect rainfall and keep it from carrying pollutants downstream. Sec. Information on bids & request for proposals notices, including current RFPs/RFQs and Bid Opportunities. Interested programs should either be currently accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or able to earn accreditation within three years from their date of funding. Describe whether the manhole cover is loose, off, or broken. Vincent Mulvey, 54, of 259 Prospect St., Torrington, was arrested at 9:40 a.m. on March 7 was arrested and charged with making/offering to make home improvements without current certificate of registration. The Apron is the first four feet of a driveway from the edge of the City Road. Thank you for your service. Krist Pepaj, 26, of 30 Dora St., Stamford, was arrested at 9:10 p.m. on March 7 and charged with violation of probation. Request athletic field lights be repaired. Find lost animals and report animal sightings. Information on Stamford's recreational programs, leagues, and employment opportunities (including registration). This includes inland wetland and watercourse regulations. List of all parks, golf courses, beaches and other recreation sites. Andrew Mullarkey, 31, of 21 Elizabeth St., Stamford, was charged Sunday with third-degree assault. Report litter or debris in a park that needs to be cleaned up. Request pick up of pets or wild animals that are found dead in the road. Please file a claim with town clerk. Report a large patch in road with straight line cuts that is sinking or dangerous. About. Results of well water testing, including a map providing the test results for Chlordane and Dieldrin (city and private).