This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licencors. By adding this mod to our game, our sims will save money, time, and fun! For example, the ability to safely edit your hybrids in CAS without the fear of the game crushing is amazing! And they all have their own opinions on vampirekind based on their traits and past experiences. Have your sims choose various classes to attend! Improved spellcaster charge for spellcaster-vampire hybrids. Because with this Celebration Spell by Kuttoe we can just spawn cakes onto the ground or countertops! Your newly turned vampires will be rewarded with vampire goodies depending on how well they do in the event. If youre one of those people that just cant get enough of the mysterious bloodsucking creatures, well then this gallery is for you. His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely playing games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon. TwistedMexi All Scenarios 3.0 Rebuilt from the 1.91-1.94 Nisas Wicked Perversions 2.2.6i 25.01.2023, Sims 4 Extreme Violence MOD German translation, Aliens to be Vampires [I hope it works now], Mermaids to be Vampires [Same for this one], Eating the Kelp and Going Into Water to be a Mermaid. Created by SWEETTACOPLUMBOB, this modular portal is a mesh edit of the Realm of Magic portal. Additionally, the Sims 4 hybrid mod has a couple of new and handy tools that you can use. This is the official Sims Community News & Media Platform, running for almost a decade! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But, to be honest we do not care about that. Normal Gives the first of three buff (Strangely Hungry) and turns in 36 hours, Charged Gives the last buff (Appetite Lost) and turns immediately or in 12 hours, Outcome Instantly turns the sim into a Vampire, Outcome Gives the Strange Sensations Buff and lasts 24 hours. Feel free to. I am guessing the kids of Vampire-Spellcasters don't have any magical bloodline traits, though. I?d recommend that the all 3 sages should know of the Rite of Ascension spell as Maxis did not let the sages have it in their spellbook (If the sages know the spell, any sim can walk up to them, say hello and ask for the Rite of Ascension; that?s cheating and skips the fetch quest). Click here for the best Custom Content for The Sims 4! Things like always being out of vampire energy, and the fact that several traits related to hunger or energy do not affect them. And to write their essay, your sims will use a school book. That is right, you can now sell your potions! After you have placed the portals, you will be able to see their work in live mode after a few seconds. Anyone else have hybrid spellcasters? Yes, you read that right For free! All of this despite not being bloodsuckers themselves. But, if the wands do not show up, make sure you have bb.showhiddenobjects enabled. Second, make sure to have at least one occult Sim in your game. Why? (7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E07) testSet_NoOccult_Target, (7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E00) testSet_NoOccult_Actor, (7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E09) testSet_NoOccult_Actor_Tooltip, (7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E0A) testSet_NoOccult_Target_Tooltip, (7DF2169C-00000011-0000000000025F60) testset_Vampires_CanTurn, (7DF2169C-00000011-0000000000025F62) testset_Vampires_CanAskToTurn, (E882D22F-00000015-00000000000348A5) social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension, (E882D22F-00000015-00000000000368C2) mixer_Social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension_Offer, (E882D22F-00000015-00000000000348A6) social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension_Target, (E882D22F-00000015-00000000000368C0) mixer_Social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension_Request, (E882D22F-00000015-000000000003686B) Social_WitchOccult_AskHowToUseMagic, (E882D22F-00000011-000000000002486A) mixer_Social_VampireCreation_OfferToTurn, (E882D22F-00000011-00000000000247D8) mixer_Social_VampireCreation_AskToTurn. But it will make them immune to the suns UV rays. This mod even comes with a tray file for a Sage of Vampiric Magic at Magic HQ. On another note I've turning a peep into a Spellcaster/mermaid hybrid but it doesn't work. However not all Sims will react the same. Aliens and Mermaids cannot become a Vampire without the Addon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We found it on ModTheSims, published there by the creator Iced Cream. Copyright 2023 Sims Community | All Rights Reserved. Its pretty awesome that a modder thought of this clever way to use careers. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Well, dont worry! We all loved the wands that came with Realm of Magic. Requires at least 2 or more EP/GPs. Vampires have been part of our collective for hundreds of years, at least in one way or another. I'm really digging "VAMPIRE MAGIC!" Calling all fans of Realm of Magic! Yes, this is a spell that allows our sims to poof cakes into existence out of nowhere, and we are here for it! Potion of Perk Purging300( 600, 900, 1500, 3000)15. Occult Sims are no different. How cute is thatThey can practice their magic together! But at some point Well, we just grew tired of the small selection. This is a mod about werewolves, not vampires but dont be so quick to dismiss it! Turn your sims into portal travelers now. Based on Vampires Dont Sleep Alone: Your Guide to Meeting, Dating, and Seducing a Vampire by Elizabeth Barrial, this mod by creator Sresla introduces a new aspiration for vampire sims bent on discovering the truth about their ancestry. So lets get to installing this mod, shall we? Another somewhat cheaty but useful addition to your Sims 4 mod library is this freebie by modder Baibaihe. Spellcaster Tweaks by Kuttoe Last updated: March 20th, 2020 Working for The Sims 4 v1.72 / Bunk Bed Patch This mod is a series of changes that tweaks several aspects of casting spells and learning them in Realm of Magic. 51 5 comments Best [Issue] (Those without RoM) Aliens and Mermaids Are Unable to Become Vampires The Turn Into Vampire interaction will not work for Aliens and Mermaids is probably due to Maxis not downright showing the Option for the 2 occults. Awesome! 10. How fun, yet tragic. The Magic they use is also different from the Spellcasters for variation. Yeah, so are we. Dont place it deeper, and dont hide it in other smaller folders because the mod may not work. This wicked mod includes 5 dcor pieces and 7 versions of the tarot table. Its ideal both for outright cheating, or just softening the difficulties of vampirism by getting stuff like Tamed Thirst so you dont need to kill. Contemporary Paradise House by Iam4ever at MTS . Mermaids cannot cast the Mermadic Transformation Spell on themselves. Just imagine it witchcraft as a career. Best Sims 4 Realm of Magic Mods (2021) Spellcaster Perks for Free Instead of inputting cheat codes one at a time, or god forbid actually acquiring the perks without cheats one at a time like an. Welcome to Bonehildas Magic School, where potions, spells, and mysteries lurk around every corner! For example, spellcaster charges and curses for spellcaster-vampire hybrids are properly rendered with . Accept Read More, Copyright @2023 The Sims Game - All Right Reserved, Sims 4 Occult Hybrid Unlocker Hybrid Mod, The Sims 4 Better BuildBuy Organized Debug TwistedMexi, BetterExceptions v2.05: Outfit CC Tracker. Which provides a mood boost that lasts 2 days. October 2019. Because you'll be unable to access the Vampire Perks screen once you go hybrid. I made a new spell, called Instant Vampiric Transformation. Fun content on everything pop culture. Subscribe the SnootySims Newsletter to receive a list of the 100 Best Sims 4 Mods! Meaning more than one occult at a time. These spells are helpful if you don?t want to find Vlad, Caleb and the Mermadic Kelp and would be essential for Aliens and Mermaids trying to become a Vampire. We are just thrilled that we finally can have our beloved Henry Puffer attend magic school in the Sims 4! [Partial Conflict & Issue] Zer0s Vampire Witches Mod The end result for Ask How To Use Magic and the rest of the interactions leads Vampires to be Zer0s form of Vampire-Spellcaster (not the actual hybrid that we are talking about)[Workaround] Use the interaction Ask for Rite of Ascension on any spellcaster that knows the Rite of Ascension spell to become an actual Vampire-Spellcaster hybrid. I also just made them and played a tiny bit, but so far as I can tell from the very limited time I have played them, I don't think they are as mixed up as yours (probably becaue they were made in CAS, though I might just have not played them enough so far).. Potion of Magical Aura100(200, 300, 500, 1000)10. 2023 FandomSpot Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your Sim will also come with a "Vampire-Spellcaster" trait. Potion of the Nimble Mind200( 400, 600, 1000, 2000). You first need to make a download, then copy the contents into your Mods folder, and then enable Script Mods and CC in your game settings. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Fantasy and supernatural players have no shortage of fun and immersive gameplay for their vampires, spellcasters, werewolves, and more. Whether you want to become the vampires plaything, turn into a denizen of the night yourself, or devote your life to hunt them its up to you. We love this mod, as it just makes familiars be of more use than just simply a visual sidekick. There are way more valuable things in the mod, but we leave them all to you to discover! Trademarks mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners. One of the few ways for a vampire to avoid having to feed off another Sim is to make Plasma Packs by processing frogs or fish into bootleg blood bags. Also do not worry about your child sims passing away from using magic. Another minor inconvenience that vampire Sims may run into from time to time is wanting to turn someone into a vampire and failing in the process. Better than McDonalds, at least. Another nice twist to this mod is that spellcaster kids can join a club with other child spellcasters! Well, you have to buy them But they are free, so we consider that as doing nothing. And third, only the base game is required for the Sims 4 hybrid mod to work. Anyways, this cool lot trait works in the following manner There is a 20% chance your sim baby inherits the occult from either parent. All Rights Reserved. We do not know about you, but we are incredibly excited to add this wicked mod to our game! Youll go through several stages, learning about vampires and completing tasks that little by little reveal the truth about your Vampiric Caste. Download for patch 1.67/69/70 Documentation Discussions Release Notes When they are in water their tail disappears there's just nothing below their waist. The Sims Custom Content is a place to share, request, & discuss custom content for The Sims! Technically, this mod is for spellcasters but players who want more interaction between different occults are going to love this! We just love the idea of having our spellcasters use their crystal orbs as computers. Yes, quite mysterious isnt it? SNOOTYSIMS covers mod and custom content guides, howto's and everything else you need for your sims. Youll spot the .ts4script file once you download the hybrid mod! No. Not only does it allow you to mix different races and create unique Sims, but it also helps you maintain them. Just like The Sims 2, The Sims 3 does contain some forms of hybrid such as ghost-vampires. Packs: Get to Work, Vampires, Island LivingParents: Alien + VampireBabies: Human 40%, Mermaid 40%, Alien 10%, Vampire 10%, Packs: Get to Work, VampiresParents: Human + HumanBabies: Alien 40%, Vampire 40%, Human 20%, Packs: Island LivingParents: Mermaid + MermaidBabies: Human 80%, Mermaid 20%, Packs: Get to Work, Vampires, Island Living, Realm of MagicParents: Vampire + SpellcasterBabies: Human 26.667%, Alien 26.667%, Mermaid 26.667%, Vampire 10%, Spellcaster 10%. Among the most unique are a couple that turn the sclera (the white of the eye) completely black, which creates a great contrast with bright iris colors. But, do not fear There is actual schoolwork too. Choose from three different branches that focus on different aspects of vampire life and follow a story about a clan called the Corvinus clan as you rise in the ranks and earn promotions. Sims 4 Updates - Daily finds from custom content sites and blogs since 2009! This is kind of a bummer because we are missing out on the whole Henry Puffer storyline But luckily for us, FERDIANASIMS has recognized this unfortunate element, and developed a mod to fix it! Thats got to be at least as important as a wedding! Your email address will not be published. @neuroticnelly, I did make a family of them with one parent of each and 2 teens in CAS, but I haven't had any born in-game yet. Nope? So, what are you waiting for? Normal Gives the first of three buff (Strangely Hungry) and turns in 36 hours, Charged Gives the last buff (Appetite Lost) and turns immediately or in 12 hours, Outcome Instantly turns the sim into a Vampire, Outcome Gives the Strange Sensations Buff and lasts 24 hours. And we are just itching to start gameplay so we can develop our Henry Puffer storyline! [All in One] Includes Main Version + Addon. This file only includes the three untamed spells changed by this mod for witches, to make vampire spells work the same. How sweet. :D This should be Perfect for my Kuja Sim! The spells can be cast onto your sim as well as other sims. This spell can only be learned by building the Vampire Lore skill as a spellcaster and there are many different potential outcomes. Potion of Plentiful Needs50(100, 150, 250, 500)4. Admit it, we all have sims who hate baking Well, now they do not have to anymore! Reward traits like Hardly Hungry and Seldom Sleepy will now affect vampires, too. Female teen is stuck in mermaid form. Playing with spellcasters in the Sims 4 Realm of Magic is great and all But how cool wouldnt it be if we could have our sims work with witchcraft! A hybrid is a Sim who has more than one life state for example a vampire-alien. Copyright 2023 | The Sims Book | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy, Sims 4 Hybrid Mod Occult Hybrid Unlocker. We all know The Sims 4 has many different occult types; aliens, vampires, mermaids, spellcasters, and servos have all made their way into the game. We just seek magic around every corner, we really can not help it! The Sims 4 Better BuildBuy Organized Debug TwistedMexi, simandys summer aikoi hair bg long straight bangs, Aliens to be Vampires [I hope it works now], Mermaids to be Vampires [Same for this one], Eating the Kelp and Going Into Water to be a Mermaid. Cattle Sims are only happy when theyre serving their master. Thanks to this simple tweak by modder Couch, trying to turn another Sim into a denizen of the night will never fail. This is a new nightclub with a secret its actually a hub for vampire operations and entertainment. Occult Hybrid Unlocker by TwelfthDoctor1 at Mod The Sims Mod The Sims - Mods / Traits : Occult Hybrid Unlocker by TwelfthDoctor1 This mod allows the following through Normal Means: Aliens to be Spellcasters, Vampires to be Spellcasters, Spellcasters to be Vampires, Mermaids to be Spellcasters, Servos to be Spellcasters, Aliens to be Mermaids, Advertising: Playwire | Comments: OpenWeb. Instead of simply installing a mod that cheats your way out of avoiding the sun or having to drink human blood, consider this immersive alternative by modder LittleMsSam. Spellcasters and Vampire are both types of an occult so you can't be both. The best part? This one is pretty fleshed out. The Sims 4 Growing Together: San Sequoia World Map. This will give you the best career options, as well as the highest salary. These hearts grow from a very special tree that you can plant and nurture yourself, and it may grow different kinds of heart fruit that not only glows different colors, but will give you moodlets like Flirty or Happy. So lets explain how it works! You can be a ghost and spellcaster as the game doesn't consider ghosts as an occult. The spells can be cast onto your sim as well as other sims. The available subjects will be unlocked at level 3. Your occult sims can become certain hybrids by normal means, which refers to: We cannot wait to play around with these occult hybrid! Weve got you covered! Here are the best Sims 4 Vampires mods you can download for your game. Has anyone else had success with other hybrid mods? They include regular price, 2x price, 3x price, 5x price, and 10x price. All-in-One Occult Hybrid Stabilizer by Iced Cream at Mod The Sims. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Well this mod by creator RevyRei wont make your vampires sparkle. From The Sims 2 to the Sims 4, weve got you covered! October 2019 the bloodline traits do work (although i'm not sure if you have to cheat the first one) but the children will get them from their parents. But, an 80% chance they inherit another random occult. It allows players to access perks and abilities that would otherwise be unavailable for hybrid Sims. If anyone unintentionally winds up with hybrids the devs are looking for save files in the following link, () :3. Also, you cant cast the 3 spells on the Grim Reaper. When the Sims 4 Realm of Magic was released, we only got the option to make our teen and adult sims practice magic. Copyright @2023 The Sims Game - All Right Reserved Privacy Policy, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I mean sure, you could make some plasma packs. Even though the Sims 4 Realm of Magic, Vampires, and Island Living packs came with a bunch of magical stuff like spellcasters, mermaids, and vampires, we keep wanting more. This career track for vampires is incredible! Requires RoM, IL and Spellbook Injector. Read all about them in our mod walkthrough! [Separated Addon] Adds the Vampiric Transformation Spell. [Workaround] Mermaids can turn themselves back into regular Sims by eating 2 Kelps and then turning themselves into Vampires (1.5 days) and once transformed, eat a kelp and walk into water to turn into a Mermaid.Aliens, No sadly, you will have to use console to do so. So, if you want to give this magical computer a try, download it here! Subscribe the SnootySims Newsletter to receive a list of the 100 Best Sims 4 Mods! My witch has 37 children and recently died. It's easy to create hybrids: Have your sim in playmode, press Ctrl Shift C. Type in TestingCheats On, press Enter key, type TestingCheats True, press Enter key.