On 21 November 2020, she got married to the Surat based Maulana Mufti Anas Sayied a few months . Her weekends were taken up by jewelry and allocating enough time to it was challenging. In May 2011 in a press conference, he expressed his support for Pakistan and its institutions, particularly military and expressed confidence in the abilities of Pakistanis. SM: We are excellent multi-taskers. Now its a new world, and hundreds of designs and motifs come off the internet. If a customer buys one of our products from another store, there is no guarantee they will refund your money. She was considering getting a Masters degree but decided to test the waters out here in Pakistan. However, she is quick in dealing with them. She adds that when a woman decides to have children, she is responsible for them and their needs but at times, it is important for her to put herself first. When you have that kind of commitment, your product is naturally much better. Sana and Safinaz are the most non-political and pleasant people in the field. I am what I am because of the unrelenting love and tolerance shown towards me by my mother. It is not healthy for anyone in any kind of setting to be the one to make the sacrifices while everyone else walks all over you but any relationship is a give and take so sometimes you put yourself first and at other times, your partner, child or a parent. To maintain her own health, she practices yoga and makes sure she cleanses and moisturizes her skin to keep it fresh and young. Sana Safinaz is part of SSFR (PVT.) SH: The entirely on our own is no longer something to take pride in. Nishat Hotel is however, closer to my heart and since it was my first project, it taught me a lot, from brand building to how people think and function, says the multi faceted Iqraa. Personally, shes always had the drive to contribute something to the world, and feels everyone else should also. I am learning how to turn every obstacle into a non-obstacle and every defeat a learning ground. Being human, she obviously gets tired and drained out. She feels that today, everyone is in rat race, trying to beat the rest and are oblivious to their surroundings. For example, our new muslin line is only distributed through our stores. With a heart of gold and a cheerful demeanor, Miracle Woman Sehr Kazmi knows well how to juggle motherhood and work. Looking after 2 babies is difficult and sometimes weak moments take over when I want to give up, explains Sehr. "If you want to grow, no. "When youre being humble and moving from point A to point B and youre not jealous of others and concentrating on what youre good at, I think thats the reason for our success, too.". You can never rest with retail. We started retail, not knowing a thing about it. Confidence matters. Join Facebook to connect with Sana Hashwani and others you may know. @F. Shah I guess they design for the niche, not for general public. Prt accounts for only 10% of the market, but what it offers is convenience; it makes the brand accessible and opens up new avenues. This is about two Pakistani women designing for Pakistani women, and when you get that instinct down to a pat, there is very little that can throw you off track. SH: Unlike other fields there are no professionals, so people learn with you on the job and then someone else poaches them because retail is such a small field. Your time is not necessarily your own and having the support of your family is imperative. Hashwani took to Instagram to confirm that she had tested negative for the virus. But after becoming a mother my perception of life has changed. SH: The growth is so tremendous, you cant think about any other business. A: What are the main challenges for fashion as an industry? "Were changing the concept of bridal clothing in Pakistan, were trying to add more stuff to it and weve even started our own couture page for it. March 23, 2020. No one is going to order an expensive bridal outfit without talking to me; if I am not available, people come back another time. The soft spoken and the very beautiful Sadaf believes that in todays fast paced life, it does not make any sense for a woman to be dependent on her male counterpart for monetary support. Cheerful and bubbly by nature, Mehr has the conviction and foresight to look at the bigger picture and after discussion with her partner they decided to go for it. But while striving to make her own mark in the world, she never forgets her responsibility as a mother. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer were in conversation with Mariam Ali Baig. She was much older and that allowed her to become calmer and wiser. She is someone who values the lessons life has to teach. Amin A. Hashwani is Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director at Landmark Spinning Industries Ltd. SH: This happens. Retail is new here and it is not a business that will grow by leaps and bounds, because it is linked to the economy. I had a lot of issues with the pregnancy. hard work and inspiration for others.Ladies of my country please come forward to do great jobs unlike the men who have miserably failed in every field. News Desk. A lot of what Salina has, she owes it to her mother and thanks her for all the guidance. Today India looks at our industry; their prt market is not as organised as ours. Summary. Today we own 14 shops 15 if you include our online retail this in just two and a half years; I dont think anyone has had that spurt. He is the founder and chairman of Hashoo Group, a conglomerate best known for Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts. But we know we have to be resilient and go for it. She started working when she turned 19 and married her high school sweetheart 15 years ago. It took a lot of time and patience to align a way of working. Now its all about routines and time management for Sana. So, you know, everything excites you.". In the beginning people told us we were going about it the wrong way, but it was our idea and we stuck to it. "Weve outgrown different phases. Abroad retail is massive. An amalgamation of the ideas put forward by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, the brand, which is now 27 years old, revolutionized the market time and again, and has been a constant pathbreaker in what couture and fast fashion means in Pakistan. She feels the younger generation today is too narcissist in this age of social media and they need to accept when they are at fault. He is also Chairman at Karachi Cotton Association and on the board of 11 other companies. In the general populous there still isnt acceptance. She admits surgery is a difficult field to be in and balancing professional and personal life is not an easy task for a woman who decides to pursue it. Sana handles prt entirely on her own. We outgrew them. View the profiles of people named Sana Hashwani. What is the use of it? In those days, if you worked, you were sad. A: How organised is the fashion industry? We did it purely out of choice. It was a hair show and we did the clothes for Tariq Amin and people said what are you doing? "We just love what we do," says Sana Hashwani, as she sits down with a cup of black coffee. By 1970s, it had become Pakistan's largest cotton trading company. You should just focus on yourself and your work. There are no tried and tested processes, and unlike other fields where once the formula is worked out, you can keep doing it 24/7/365, we have to reinvent ourselves five times a day. SAFINAZ MUNEER: SANA SAFINAZ is a powerhouse, although a lot of people still havent really picked up on this. This is how fashion creates jobs. ", "A lot of people dont have the kind of liquid cash, of 2 lacs or more, that a customized bridal costs these days," Safinaz explains further. Working for them has been one of the best decisions I ever made.. Then 18 years ago we went into lawn and five years ago we started doing lawn totally on our own. You cant make this work alone; its not possible. I am loving every bit of it at the moment, she says with contentment. Best is to accept, go with the flow and breathe. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. When the mother works, it reflects in the mindset of her children.. She remembers once she spent the whole day working and setting up the juice bar with her partner without having eaten at all, which made her literally black out. Achievements taste the sweetest when they are shared with your loved ones, she says with a smile. Sana Hashwani has recently returned from the United Kingdom. Years ago I would go to a wedding and would think about how good the bride looks, the groom could probably have been better and whether or not the decor is nice. The onus is on us. Looking back, this is the only thing Shagufta would change if she had the chance to create room for herself. Here one has to nurture and build teams which understand the brand. A: How did you start? There is no doubt that this talented artist has many more feathers to put in her cap in the years to come. For example, if there is a bleed on a shirt, customers can return it to one of our stores and if the complaint is legitimate, their money will be refunded. After performing poorly in her intermediate exams, she saw her dream of becoming an engineer shatter. A: How much are you affected by the small players who copy your designs? We have done some of the biggest homes in Pakistan. Facebook gives people the power to. Therefore, to create work-life balance, she quit her demanding job at Sana Safinaz and decided to pursue her passion in arts through teaching just after she got married. This is standard practice. I know how to strike the balance between being their teacher and also their friend. But its not just their achievements which make them so inspirational, its their attitude. You will all grow. When you get to this level you have to rely on professionals; there is only so far the two of us can take our vision. SH: And a very exciting one. @thuglife No. It was her fault she was in this situation and it was time to make amends. The day they published their 100th issue was a major miracle moment for her. From designing, printing, production, campaign planning and even marketing, it is all done in-house. When lawn started getting pricey, they introduced the lighter version - Muzlin - for younger women who didnt necessarily want to dress up daily wear. "What are you going to do? She had learnt her lesson. I am really excited by design because right now you have these tremendous school of kids coming out. Salih Kalangan Umat Dunia. I still remember the first few luxury collections that swept the nations women away and caused major hysteria at exhibitions and sales. The fine-line comes when the design is copyrighted or if you use the design of a living artist. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer shared their challenges, innovations and marketing strategies. In an industry of veterans that love to ride on the coattails of past laurels, Sana Safinaz are trailblazers. quite shameful designs that 99% people in the country cannot wear, and cannot afford. With prt, Shamoon (Sultan) has created millions of jobs, and with more and more companies following the trend, a massive amount of employment has been generated. What helps them retain their sanity, other than having solid and well-rooted personal lives, is the fact that - as a corporation - Sana Safinaz has become very independent. Looking back at moments like these, Shagufta feels indebted to her mother for everything she did for her during this time. "We came in as two very young girls," smiles Sana, "set up a business and we sort of led the path. According to an American-business magazine' Forbes, ' 2020 he is 7th richest Pakistani with a net worth of 1.5 billion US dollars. Safinaz laughs when I mention that; she says she has to buy her own designs and then wait forever for the indispensable master sahib to find the time to tailor them. The same goes for interiors; people are not interested in our team designing their house, they want to talk to us; they want our vision. It wouldn't be wrong to call Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer revolutionaries when it comes to their . I want to build on the strong foundation laid by them, bringing innovation and fresh outlooks to the designs. Happy with the choices she has made in life, Seveen is a firm believer of the fact that if a woman puts her family first, they also give her the space and freedom to be who she wants to be. SM: When we worked for Lakhany Mills there was only one collection a year and we got paid for it. It was truly amazing seeing the response the audience gave to both shows and I felt exhilarated. In Pakistan, there is no proper system but Bina also sees this as a great learning experience. Theyve broken the glass ceiling, to say the least. The clothes are beautiful. As far as emotional independence is concerned, she says everybody should be emotionally independent, whether male or female. Very admirable ladies.have created millions of jobs. Two very extraordinary ladies. She has chosen the CEO of an upcoming hotel brand in Pakistan, the Editor of Paperazzi, a Yogi turned entrepreneur, a highly dedicated surgeon, a PR Guru, a fashion designer, a versatile professor of Art at IVS, a Chartered Accountant who is the COO of AKU facilities and last of all Karachis most well known Makeup Artists and Entrepreneur, Bina Khan. Trying out something new may not be easy, but it may open doors to a world which is unknown, but is beautiful and rewarding. When I am counselling young medical students or young trainees I say that look if you decide to have a family, all the success of your life becomes moot if your children dont do well. It was crass. By the time her results came, she had gotten married and soon had a child. ""One of the recipes for success is failure as well," Sana is honest to admit. But Im not. Theyre going to trust Mohsin.