Hence, Troy Bilt falls on our list of the 6 best 30-inch riding mowers. Most of them also have suction ability. A 159 cubic centimeter (cc) engine drives the rig. Shop today! This one cylinder is a power and a complete saver of fuel and energy by operating as needed. Check Order Status; Check . When compared to other alternatives, it takes up less room. Financial Calculator. Just turn the key, and its ready to go. If there are barren patches in your lawn, they can be reversed with a freshly cut discharge. Mower Attachments Shop All. Usually the ones we left out were comparable to the ones we did include, but didnt have the same level of reputation, they were missing one of two features or they were slightly over the budget of $1500. For Sale Price: Call . It gives its maximum start and runs in all conditions. This awesome machine has a powerful 547 cc engine, so it will cut through just about anything that you put in front of it. Heavy-duty applications are better suited to garden tractors. It can also manage rough terrains and obstacles that other types of mowers cant handle. Your lawnmower cant cut grass efficiently if you have a damaged or unsharpened blade. It helps us change the tempo levels or how rapidly or slowly we could mow across the field or garden. Troy Bilt Zero Turn Mustang 50 Mower $1,000.00 1 bid 2d 10h Local Pickup When we started working on these reviews we noticed that most riding lawn mowers under $1500 had a number of shortcomings which is to be expected at this price point. It also collects those clippings of Bermuda grass if you do not want them scattered on the lawn. The durable turf saver wheels allow for simple and long-lasting lawn maneuverability. The other common complaint about this machine is that its not the most durable on the market. Bronco 42 in. Theyll have a level cut and production compared to more expensive riding mowers. 56 V Battery Zero Turn Riding Mower Kit (Battery & Charger) W/ FOUR 10.0 AH BATTERIES 609 Reviews $5,499.00 $4,999.00 Free Store Pickup Today Compare EGO Power+ Z6 ZT5207L 52 in. We also like that Troy-Bilt has added a rear hitch to this model, so you could actually use it for pulling a small yard trailer as well. It can be readily moved over any sort of grass because of its storm-fighting capabilities. Coupled with a high-power Lion engine it can cut through the roughest and densest of the grass. MZ61 has demonstrated all of these characteristics. What really impressed us with this mower though was the warranty. The cutting deck has three release options, and the transmission guarantees a quick and engaging cutting experience. . As a result, it is entirely up to us to obtain complete information before purchasing a lawnmower. It ultimately depends on the type of mower youre using, but remember to change the oil every 50 hours of run time and avoid adding too much to the machine. Both types have specific perks, but its crucial to note that gas mowers offer more cutting capacity and run time to cover your extensive mowing needs. On top of that, its hydrostatic transmission provides better variable speed control than typical mowers on the market. It allows us to work on patterns, forms, or symmetry in our gardens or lawns. Mellcom lawnmowers are known for their extensive directions and best customer service. However, its also crucial to note that these units can restrict your movements during lawn tasks. Adding 20 to 24 liquid ounces of oil should be enough if a small engine powers your mower. For the most part, Lawnmowers leave a tire pattern or cut the grass off as they pass. You will finally mow the lawn without scalping the grass or getting dirt on your clothes. Another benefits wheels dont tear off the grass while rotating. It can quickly sweep over large areas. For users aiming for affordability and longevity, Capacity may vary depending on lawn conditions, It must be fully charged for maximum efficiency, Given that robotic mowers are configured via an app. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337) Customer Service. This is thanks to the rust-resistant 21-inch cutting deck, which features a TriAction cutting mechanism with a rake bumper to raise grass upright. A reliable 23 HP/725 cc Kohler engine delivers high-performance power to tackle your yard. Theyre usually lighter in construction, so these units dont require extra torque when used. It is simple to store on the lawn, porch, or garage. I quickly get rid of undesired grass in one sweep. These variables help the cutter to operate at its best if you have a medium to large yard. With this feature, youll have no problem using this mower on a 4-acre wide land with several obstacles. Its cutting deck is a little too large to work in tight spaces and it would benefit from a larger gas tank, but overall this is a great machine if you have a budget of around $1500. A more expansive cutting deck, on the other hand, means more area, which makes maneuvering around corners, pavements, and obstacles more challenging. Robert Johnson is a woodworker who takes joy in sharing his passion for creating to the rest of the world. If proper care is taken, the deck lasts for ten years. To be honest, its easier to maneuver the lawn with a smaller mower. Whereas the seat is cushioned well and gives support or holds our legs so, we stay fixed on the seat while mowing over the grass. All is contingent on how well the lawnmower does on your lawn or garden. Plastic, rubber, and steel are used to make them. It is particularly constructed to reduce more or less 2 sections of land. Its ones choice if he wants to mulch the grass. If we specifically talk about mulching and discharging for giant lawnmowers, it comes along but for small lawnmowers. 80-Volt HP Electric Brushless Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Tractor with (3) 80-Volt 10Ah Batteries and Charger, 46 in. The S100 also features a hydrostatic transmission, and side-by-side foot pedals for easy operation. For users aiming for affordability and longevity, Snapper XDs 90-minute cutting duration will surely impress you. The Poulan Capable 960420164 PB145G42 Briggs Riding Cutter is enticing and dependable, with a slightly wider cutting deck and better turning clearance than most riding cutters. If youre patient you will find this model does sometimes go on sale for under the $1500 price tag. Built in Greeneville, TN, The John Deere S100 Riding Lawn Tractor is the most affordable 42 in. Fortunately for you, our team tested products near this range so you dont have to waste your budget on a poorly constructed mower. However, we can obtain a variety of high-quality power and time-saving devices at a lower cost. Its sufficient for a bit of lawnmower like this. Many of the lawnmowers weve discussed so far are experts at Maneuverability. 18-inch turning radius & strong wheels. 1407. Stamped steel is used for the deck (which is a good ore of steel). It has a robust, heavy-duty steel body that provides it with the strength of a lion! New dealer stock, factory direct pricing, in stock service, full factory warranty, no tax and free shipping! Overall, this is a fantastic trimmer from a well-known brand. With an 18-inch turning radius, this is also a great machine for small yards with lots of tight spaces to navigate. We can adjust the height accordingly as desired (medium, small, and, long). Furthermore, the innerspring mattress has analgesic properties. The traction is quite well and is an easy press. It also includes a foam-padded grip that is great for weary, wrinkled hands. An AGM battery delivers reliable starting with a slower discharge so you won't have to worry about it going dead during the offseason. This feature is enough to mow a small to a slightly larger yard without failing to give its best performance. Its simple to remove and replace. Check Lowes. It is a gas-powered lawnmower. The Z515E is equipped . CRAFTSMAN. So if youre looking for a budget-friendly electric mower, you may end up with models that are not as powerful as gas lawnmowers. LawnMaster has poured special attention to the safety of users as well as the lawns. The large deck is simple to use and modify. There is one liver side adjustment with a cutting height of 0.98-2.95, 8 grades variation. An AGM battery delivers reliable starting with a slower discharge so you won't have to worry about it going dead during the offseason. The blades are thick at the back and thin up at the front to provide the best and authorized cut to grass. Despite its smaller structure than riding mowers, this unit can run up to 60 minutes, thanks to its 7.5 Ah ARC Lithium Battery. If you dont have a large storage space, one of the best options you can consider is a walk-behind mower like EGO Power+ LM2102SP. It comes with top forward speeds of 4.25 MPH and 6-speed transmission, making Maneuverability efficient. When it comes to lawnmowers, the cutting deck is the most critical feature. Cons: Manual transmission can be tricky to operate for some. Check Home Depot, Another great mower that fell just outside of the $1500 price line is the Husqvarna YTH18542. As our seasoned community has complaints about muscle pull, it is easy to handle as they know how to drive. The technology of Ariens Edge ball bearings is unrivaled. First of all, it doesnt have the largest gas tank capacity and that can be a pain if youre cutting a large property and have to stop to refill the tank frequently. 23 HP V-Twin Kohler 7000 Series Engine Hydrostatic Drive Gas Riding Lawn Tractor, Bronco 42 in. It is an easy and quick start, which means that our seasoned community can efficiently work with it. Youll essentially move between your chosen heights. Mow with optimized command and control at every turn with a hydrostatic transmission that eliminates shifting, just push the pedal and go. deck model of the 100 series line up. It does, however, run on gasoline and engine oil with a viscosity of 10w30. The wheel radius has been carefully calculated to ensure that the mower remains balanced when mowing. Thats why we decided to include a best of the rest section. This makes it easy to manage the seasonal problems of grass cutting! The mower has a strong body and is built for pros. Directing through barriers such as trees, blossom beds, and bushes can be challenging. The oil capacity is limited because it can lead to spraying which can shorten the efficiency of the lawnmower. Mulching the grass or storing the clippings in a bag by hand or suction system are two options. At the same time, you may mow very huge grass fields. It ultimately depends on the type of mower youre using, but remember to change the oil every 50 hours of run time and avoid, How to Apply Thompsons Water Sealer With a Sprayer, Staining Oak Wood How-to Guide + Coats Needed, Can You Paint Teak Wood? 19.5 HP Kohler 5400 Series Engine Hydrostatic Drive Gas Riding Lawn Tractor, S100 42 in. The first thing that caught our attention was that the mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine theres a reason why you find these engines in many of the best riding lawn mowers, theyre powerful and reliable. RIDING LAWN MOWERS BY TYPE Zero Turn Mowers Great for yards with obstacles. Instead of taking breaks, you can complete your task in time. Mower Parts Shop All. The ergonomic steering wheel has a well-calibrated top that allows for easy development. Its a smooth riding machine with a tight 16 inch turning radius for working around small spaces. Outdoor & Indoor Furniture. They are suitable for wide yards and lawns and should be ordered. Check Lowes, John Deere has been one of the most trusted names in lawn equipment for decades and they have a great machine slightly more than our $1500 budget. We were impressed by the sheer number of lawn mowers that we were able to find that were under $1500 or, as in the case of our best of the rest section just a bit more than that price point. If you buy something through our posts, we may get a small commission. PowerSmart Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower, 22-Inch 200cc Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower, 3-in-1 Gas Mower with Bag, 5 Cutting Heights Adjustable (1.2''-3.5'') 361 $39999 FREE delivery Jan 24 - 27 Small Business Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included, MO80L410 1,185 $54999 We were also impressed with the tight 18-inch turning radius of this machine. MELLCOM Gas Lawn Mower (4-Cycle Trimming Mower), LawnMaster CLMF 4016 (Cordless easy to go), Troy Bilt TB130 Gas ( Push Walk Behind Lawn Mower). Weve done the research for you and reviewed the best riding lawn mowers under $1500. Cheapest riding lawn mower with 7-speed manual transmission. No washout port. The automatic choke adjusts the engines temperature by blowing in the air and regulating the fuel to bring it to the usual ratio. high-back seat. We could easily have chosen any of the products reviewed here, because there isnt much to choose between them. This increases the effort and energy you have to invest in moving the mower over a rocky path. The manual 6-speed transmission makes it nice and easy to change speeds as well. Ultima ZT1 50 in. In my experience of mowing big or small lawns, I have found many lawnmowers worth consideration. The Poulan Ace 960420164 PB145G42 Briggs riding cutter has many of the same features as other Poulan Stars, including a Briggs & Stratton engine and a 6-speed transmission, but it also has a 42-inch cutting deck and an improved turning clear. The components of the Ariens Edge mower are double coated and welded to increase its life. for pricing and availability. It narrows around the corner, where large mowers wouldnt fit. Check Lowes, We had to include the Craftsman T140 in our honorable mention category. The hand was beautifully delivered. A muscular 46 in. If your lawn has many obstacles, you wont have any problem moving around them with this mower. The mulches of clippings can either be discharged in the field, which further acts as fertilizers in the field. Save the Husqvarna MZ61s excellent lift and V twin engine. In general, the more efficient the motor, the faster your lawn will be mowed. The hour meter reminds us of when our machine has to be fixed. The Ariens edge outperforms the competition while being a basic lawn mower. It foresees extreme weariness and creates a soothing atmosphere for your muscles. The 0-degree turn sweep is used to provide the devices required surface area and grip. Best Lawn Tractor: Husqvarna YTH24V54. Due to automatic transmission, the ride feels smooth ad goes easy on uneven terrains. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The term could be a little longer than the 3-years they offer, but it is a full bumper-to-bumper warranty. Shop Now Lawn Tractors These mowers have larger engines and stronger frames to take on heavy-duty work on both flat and uneven terrain. The large cutting deck is another potential issue if you have a property with some tight spaces you may have to revert to a push mower to handle any tight spots. The automatic choke with Triaction adjusts the engines temperature by blowing in the air and regulating the fuel to bring it to the usual ratio. Also, the engine lacks the horse power youll find on more expensive models at 10.5 HP and that will reduce its effectiveness if you have a yard with some steep hills. Yardening Pulse is a participant in the Amazon.com Services LLC Associates Program. The rest of the majority of space is for gasoline. And since it has a load sensor, the unit automatically delivers optimum power according to the lawn condition and your needs. Ride in comfort with a 15-in. Extreme friction is created by a superior hydraulic mechanism that uses pistons. Instead of the classic 3-in-1 facility mallcom provides 4-in-1 cutting and discharge features. The tires sizes are 20-Inch rear and 15-inch front tires. It prevents grass blades from being trapped between the tires and being yanked out. The 6 adjustable height system means we can get 6 adjustable heights to cut the grass well. It makes the mower the most dependable and long-lasting on the market. A large cutting deck entails a high expense. 42 inches. To save your time, I have assembled a list that will be within your budget. It is entirely dependent on the individuals needs. Good thing is that if there is a thick and dense patch that needs quick action then mellcom will solve the matter in no time and up to the desired grass height. If you dont want to collect grass clippings using the Husqvarna MZ61s 9-bushel triple bag collecting structure, you may release, mulch, or sack them. Youve come to the correct spot if the Husqvarna MZ61 is exactly what youre searching for. Edge Cutting System is time-tested, proven to offer superior cut quality and can easily be equipped to bag or mulch. If you're eager to find the best riding lawn mower under $1000, all you need to do is add a few hundred bucks to buy Weed Eater WE-ONE 26-inch Riding Lawnmower. Another plus is that the tires should not rip the turf when spinning. This helps the cutter split a wide range of grasses, some of which need a little extra length to keep solid. After compaction, the size reduces to 31.1 x 16.93 x 21.26. Coupled with a high-power Lion engine it can cut through the roughest and densest of the grass. How To Know When To Mow Newly Seeded Grass, The 4 Best Lawn Fertilizers (Organic & Synthetic) 2023, Top 10 Tips For Making Your Lawn Greener This Year, Self-Propelled vs. Push Mowers How to Choose The Right For You, The 15 Must-Have Snow Removal Tools for 2022/2023 Winter, The 5 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners to Buy in 2023, 20 Most Essential Gardening Tools You Should Have: The Complete List, 13 Actionable Lawn Mowing Tips and Tricks You Can Use Right Now, Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips and Techniques for Your Yard. The 420cc power engine gives it an electric easy spark start. Although the recommended oil type is 15W-40. . If it was a little more durable over the long term we wouldnt have much negative to say about it, but this common issue experienced by a number of buyers does give us concerns. If you are tired or the height is not proportional to your arm length you easily adjust it with a single side twist. Side-by-side foot pedals for ease of use and its made to last with a 12-gauge steel body. It allows you to save a lot of money on petrol for your community. Cutting Width (in.) The ride is comfortable, with an ergonomic design, adjustable controls and a 11 in. This means it uses additional fuel and requests more airflow than a customary gas engine. We also added a few alternatives that could equally elevate your mowing experience without breaking the bank. To start this engine, no priming is required. By separating the extension circles on the frame, the balls extend their life. The baggage service sometimes we buy along with the lawnmower, sometimes separately. You get fantastic exercise while cutting, and its going to take much less time to wrap up! Looking for a low-cost multipurpose lawn mower to help you show off your 1-acre lawn? You'll experience more power and smoother operation with a John Deere branded 22 HP V-Twin engine. We do not have to go over the patches again to mow by disturbing the grass already mowed. Edge mower deck is time-tested and, with its deep deck design, proven to offer superior cut quality. The 6-speed transmission is operated by a lever and is simple to control. The biggest surprise was its massive 46-inch cutting deck that far outclasses the main competitors of this mower. We all desire a lawnmower that can adapt to our grass and its circumstances. You cant go wrong with a John Deere lawn tractor. The Cub Cadet XT1 LT46 lawn tactor was engineered with elite strength and reliable control. The batteries should however be durable. If your lawn is extensive and isnt shaped oddly, a lawn tractor should suffice for your regular mowing needs. As a result, it became a comprehensive package offer that covered all events. The lawnmower has headlights. All rights reserved. 1.5 inches, the shortest we can cut the grass. However, if you want to switch to bigger lawns then consider changing the engine power. You cant beat the price at under $1400 and it does have a reliable Briggs & Stratton engine. It is a 40V lithium-ion cordless lawnmower with a 4.0Ah battery & charger. It has the power to brush through wide areas with ease. You may only compare up to four items at a time. It has the flattest coat and doesnt choke or stop while working on fields. Top Alternatives for Riding Lawn Mowers Under $800 or $900 Best Walk-Behind Lawnmower EGO Power+ LM2102SP Best Robotic Lawnmower GARDENA SILENO Minimo Best Cordless Lawnmower Snapper XD 82V MAX Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 60 min run time Battery-powered Cutting Height Adjustments: Six Cutting Width: 21-inch Bluetooth Connectivity The ergonomically built seat back is comfortable to sit on when mowing. Our U.S. and Canadian customers will find this search tool very useful. This is a significant aspect that cannot be underestimated. Push and Self-propelled mowers available for regular mowing of your lawn, Read this Home Depot guide and learn how to safely sharpen your mower blade to keep your lawn looking neat and fabulous. However, the wide width of 1.97 is their specialty. The seat, high backrest, and capacity to lock or swivel, on the other hand, make the task a breeze. The total tank volume of mellcom is 1.3 liters and you can add 0.4L four-stroke engine oil (10W-40) to the engine oil tank. 22 HP V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Tractor, XT1 Enduro LT 42 in. It comes with a commercial review water-driven framework if you want to take your cutting experience to the next level. Each engine has its own set of controls for mowing the lawn. The machine works well and for a long time without needing to be replenished thanks to the nine-tank gasoline gallon. It gives ten times more than average speed so you can save extra time to appreciate your freshly cut lawns. The deck is made of stamped steel (which is a good ore of steel). It may vary, depending on the company we are buying from. With an 18-inch turning radius, this is also a great machine for small yards with lots of tight spaces to navigate. There are 9 essential settings at the lawn mowers double stage adjustment alongside the front. Youll ride in comfort as you cut as well and the full-sized steering wheel makes it easy to make a turn. Other than its unique color and aesthetics, (If you have a smaller land to take care of, try to check out these, It has comfortable and easy-to-use lap bars, Provides high-level user comfort and control, 50-inch cutting deck made with tubular steel frame, High-back seat and polymer seat suspension, Zero-turning radius and twin-cylinder engine, Not everyone has the time to tend to their lawns, so buying a reliable robotic lawn mower like, Limited mowing durations due to battery levels, Bluetooth connectivity with mobile app controls, Mulching functions and automatic charging, If you dont have a large storage space, one of the best options you can consider is a walk-behind mower like. Due to his strong steel physique, he has elephant-like characteristics. Cordless batteries are not only less hassle but also run faster for medium yards without a break. The addition of numerous styles to lawn mowers has bought new evolutions like riding lawn mowers that have made grooming simpler. This is a great machine for just a bit more than the $1500 budget.